Ayia Napa mayor is married to the resort

first_imgIn the mayor of the island’s liveliest resort THEO PANAYIDES finds a smooth-talking dynamo with a different vision of Ayia Napa, determined to turn it into a destination offering a Complete Tourism ExperienceAyias Mavris street in the centre of Ayia Napa is a street full of bars (though also, incidentally, the street where the Town Hall is located). There they are, the signs and shopfronts and enticements to drunken youth which have stood the town in good stead for several decades now. ‘12 Jagerbombs, 12 Spirits + Mixer: €20.’ ‘Special offers for hen and stag parties.’ Here’s a pub festooned with the inarguably true ‘It is better to be full of beer than full of shit’. There’s Pirates Inn at the top of the road, with its punning, pirate-themed plaques – ‘To err is human, to arr is pirate’ – which will surely mean nothing to Russian visitors, a reminder that Napa has built its reputation on UK tourism: Craig’s Bar, just before the Town Hall, has a Scottish theme, Taffy’s sports the Welsh flag, Paddy’s… well, you get the idea.Also on the street, tacked up on a shop window, is an advertisement for ‘Karousos Beach Restaurant, Est. 1973’, located near the harbour and offering deals like a ‘Mediterranean platter for two persons’ at €34. The Karousos family have been prominent in the region for many years – they also own hotels, notably the Aeneas Resort – and Yiannis Karousos, mayor of Ayia Napa since 2013, admits as much, sitting in his office in the aforementioned Town Hall: “My background is tourism. I was born and raised in tourism”.Yiannis is 38, burly and bearded with a receding hairline and what look like permanent bags under his eyes – and he’s also quite informal in his manner, refusing to stand on ceremony (he’s notorious for never wearing a tie). “Hello, Mr. Mayor –” I begin, but he waves me in briskly, switching straight to the familiar Greek form in addressing me. I suppose it’s hard to be pompous when your building is directly opposite Senior [sic] Frog’s Dance Bar & Restaurant, and a giant plastic frog eyeballs you from across the street every time you go to the window.His desk is piled high with papers, so much so that we head to a narrow conference table for the interview. Half-hidden behind his In and Out trays, he could pass for a harried corporate accountant at a medium-sized firm – but don’t be fooled, he’s a powerful player. Napa punches well above its weight, contributing about 5 per cent of the total GDP of Cyprus (€700-800 million), and is currently being revamped to the tune of around €10 million in government funding. Party politics helps, the south-east being traditionally pro-Disy – “All previous governments, with the exception of this one, totally ignored Ayia Napa,” he fumes – but his own “assertive policy” and dogged personality also play a role. The phone rings often, though he mostly ignores it while we’re talking. “I’m going to send a letter to Town Planning, saying I’m against it!” he tells one interlocutor. “Get me a meeting with the president,” he tells another.Yiannis talks fast, and mostly about Ayia Napa. Personal info is sparse: he studied Hospitality and Tourism at Surrey, followed by a joint MBA (jointly awarded by the French ESSEC and Cornell University), but always planned to come back to Napa. He’s been married since 2006 – though his wife likes to say he’s married to the Municipality, given how ceaselessly he worries away at the job – and has two children. He plays drums and guitar for fun, and used to play in a rock band of sorts, but doesn’t get time nowadays. He became a local councillor in 2007, then ran for mayor when his predecessor passed away unexpectedly; he’s since been re-elected with a hefty 65 per cent of the vote, his current term expiring in December 2021.He also has a taste for the spotlight, or at least doesn’t shy away from public pronouncements. Just last month, in a Facebook post, he censured a local club-owner who’d made light of noise pollution by sending an angry neighbour a pair of earmuffs. (Noise pollution is no laughing matter, he chides, vividly comparing its effect to milking a cow – i.e. doing so much to improve Napa – then kicking away the bucket of milk instead of drinking it.) Back in March, he made headlines by sending a letter to tour operators abroad – the letter was published in The Telegraph – warning that “low-quality youth” tourism, meaning organised lads’ holidays for young men who want to get drunk and make trouble, was no longer welcome in Ayia Napa. Does he really think he can manage without them?In response, he launches into his spiel – and indeed I know it’s a spiel, because halfway through we happen to switch from English to Greek and he repeats the exact same speech in a new language, word for word. “In 2013, when I was elected mayor, the first thing I did was to establish a vision for Ayia Napa and communicate that with all the stakeholders of the city,” he declaims. “The vision was – is! – to turn Ayia Napa by 2030 into the best and most cosmopolitan tourist resort of the Mediterranean. So we set out a strategy in 2013 and we started the implementation of this strategy, meaning it was time to upgrade Ayia Napa, plus to upgrade the nightlife of Ayia Napa because it does not represent what we believe is sustainable for the city. To do that we use a tool, we call it the ‘Complete Tourist Experience’.”The details of the CTE are perhaps less important than the fact that a CTE exists (and can be recited, so he claims, by any random Ayia Napan, his vision having now become the whole town’s) – but a key word is certainly ‘landmarks’. “Because you’ll come for the sun and the sea,” he explains, ‘you’ being the average tourist, “but the sun and sea won’t bring you back. You need to have experiences. Things to see, things to do.”Really? Isn’t it enough just to have a good time?“No, that’s not sustainable to hold on to your tourism,” replies Yiannis (he’s the kind of smooth-talking dynamo who’ll toss around words like ‘stakeholders’ and ‘sustainable’). “So we’ve created various landmarks – like the sculpture park, the cactus park, the harbour sculptures, the Mermaid, the Fisherman, the love bridge, the eco-awareness centre at Cavo Greco, ‘Agrotis’ square. Landmarks!” he goes on, warming to his theme. “The ‘I love Ayia Napa’ sign in the centre… The beachfront that’s now being completed, [which cost] €6.5 million. Our monastery is about to be turned into an archaeological museum. Things to do! We basically want to transform Ayia Napa into a town of experiences, of parks and monuments. And landmarks. Not just the sun and the sea. In 2013, we had 400,000 arrivals in Ayia Napa. In 2018 we’re going to have about 650,000”. Not to mention the jewel in the crown: “We found an investor for the marina,” he says proudly, “which is going to be a world-class landmark. It won’t just be a marina but a landmark marina, with unique architecture. The investor plans to turn it into the finest marina in the Mediterranean.”Various thoughts flicker through my head at the close of this impressive presentation. The first is that it’s slightly ironic that the Town Hall is located so close to the bars in the centre of town – because that nightlife, with its appeal to now-unwelcome yobs, is something of a fly in the ointment of this grand scheme. In fact, a battle is perhaps being fought (or about to be fought) for the soul of Ayia Napa, pitting the old Napa of cheap booze and tacky tourist restaurants with photos of the menu outside – what Yiannis calls “visual pollution” – against a new one of spa hotels, orderly beaches (now taken over by the Municipality) and structured itineraries. Hotels often mean ‘all-inclusive’ packages, of course, so tourists tend to stay in their hotel and not spend money in town – which is fine for hotel owners, less so for bar owners. That’s another potential divide.Ayia Napa Sculpture parkThe second, heretical thought is that no tourist is seriously going to come to Ayia Napa to see sculptures and visit museums – but Yiannis, predictably, has statistics to bolster his case. Despite its reputation as Party Central, only about 10 per cent of Napa’s tourists are under-25s, even though the bad impression created by some rowdy youngsters “is so negative that it threatens to drive away the other 90 per cent”. (It also discourages Brits from coming at all: only 8.5 per cent of British visitors to Cyprus stay in Napa, as opposed to 60 per cent of Scandinavians.) The resort already caters to plenty of other demographics: 1,500 weddings a year, 150 football teams coming down for winter training, senior citizens, families. Given those numbers, it shouldn’t be too hard to ditch the lager louts for higher-end tourism.Indeed, it’s already happening. The re-branding of everyone’s favourite den of debauchery may seem implausible – “Yes, we’re proposing to apply for European culture capital of the year in 2030. And why not?” says Yiannis hotly, obviously fed up with people laughing when he moots the idea – but the point is to do the right things and make the right gestures. Tour operators don’t especially care if Ayia Napa’s ‘landmarks’ were created artificially by a canny mayor. All that matters is that they exist, meaning you can put them on the brochure, meaning you can persuade tourists that there’s more to Napa than gangs of young men being sick in the street.“For the first time in 25 years, we’ve had Germans signing contracts for 40,000 tourists,” he enthuses. “A big company started direct flights from three German cities, for 40,000 people in the first year! I asked the CEO ‘Why now?’, he said ‘Mayor, we couldn’t sell Ayia Napa before. Now things have changed’.” Nor are the newly-built sights just a gimmick, hence this rather incredible story: Yiannis was in the Greek city of Ioannina recently, and a school bus stopped beside him. A teacher descended, having somehow recognised him, and said: “Are you the mayor of Ayia Napa? We come to Ayia Napa for the sculpture park, congratulations!”. The park contains 200 sculptures by 140 artists from all over the world, he informs me. A 2,500-seat amphitheatre is due to be built soon, depending on funding. The marina should be ready by next year. Roads in the centre of town will be upgraded. CCTV will be installed. Thousands of trees will be planted in the next two years, responding to criticisms that Napa isn’t green enough. The mayor’s ambition seems unbounded.How uncritically can we take Yiannis Karousos? His account of life in Napa does seem slightly too rosy. He denies that drugs are a problem (at least among locals), which seems unlikely when they’re so widely available. He plays down social problems in general, despite what he admits is Napa’s “anarchic development” over the years. He praises the town’s multiculturalism – out of 56 first-year pupils in the local primary school, 34 have at least one foreign parent! – but surely a small village can’t mutate into a multicultural hub in a few decades without some serious identity issues.In a way, Ayia Napa doesn’t really exist; it’s just shiny urban putty, to be moulded as its leaders see fit. (His metaphor of milking a cow seems oddly appropriate.) ‘Are the locals OK with the town’s character changing?’ I ask at one point, apropos of his grand vision – but Yiannis shrugs noncommittally. “But the character of Ayia Napa has changed. I mean, it doesn’t really have a character anymore. Does the centre of Ayia Napa have a character? They knocked down everything – they pulled down all the old houses, on the altar of money. We had old buildings, which could’ve been listed today and turned into something else – but they knocked them down. They destroyed them, back in the 80s. Did you know the mediaeval aqueduct ran right through the middle of Ayia Napa? They knocked it down, and built houses”.The old Ayia Napa – not the Napa of Craig’s Bar and Taffy’s Bar but the real old Napa, the one of his parents and grandparents – is gone for good. Back in the early 70s, when tourists were a fraction of today’s numbers, Yiannis’ grandparents had an orchard down the road from the Nissi Beach; one day an Austrian couple wandered into the orchard, his grandma invited them for lunch – and a friendship was born which endured for many decades (“They must’ve come to Ayia Napa over 200 times!”), despite one couple speaking only Greek and the other only German. That kind of tourism – a human connection that had nothing to do with money – is never coming back. Is he nostalgic? “Look,” replies Yiannis smoothly, “in America they call it ‘shifting the paradigm’…”Some might say the ‘Complete Tourist Experience’ is essentially an unworthy project. Maybe so – but it’s hard to argue with the drive of this youngish mayor. He’ll visit pubs at 2am to talk to tourists, or skip the office in the morning to carry out some on-the-spot inspection. He claims to have turned a deficit at the Municipality into a €3 million surplus, and raised its income by 70 per cent. He’s fallen out – he says – with friends and relatives by being unwilling to bend the rules. His plan is to put Ayia Napa on a par with Mykonos and Ibiza – though he also insists that he only wants two terms as mayor, maximum three; if you can’t get it done in 15 years, he says sternly, you might as well give up. And then what? He’ll only be in his late 40s, after all, and he is “a man who likes to contribute to public life”. Maybe an MP? Or even higher? Yiannis Karousos shrugs modestly, his lofty aims at odds with the come-ons and five-litres-of-alcohol-for-€10 offers on the bar signs around us. You May LikeMarie Claire | HanacureSee Why This Facial Has Gone ViralMarie Claire | HanacureUndoLigalive.netLiverpool FC: Klopp Is Eyeing New Players. These Are The Targets. | LigaLIVELigalive.netUndoDestinationONEasiest Ways to Immigrate to Canada From United StatesDestinationONUndo At least 20 killed, 50 injured in attack on VP candidate’s office in KabulUndoWidowers threaten legal action over pensionsUndoMorphou bishop now claims gay men have a ‘nasty smell’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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recover the device these MLAs had raised slogans demanding loan waiver for farmers 10 belong to the NCP while nine are from the Congress at St I havent followed him so good but obviously he didnt lose in his career and I think he has retired so it would take time for him to come back but of course it is an interesting fight Victories followed by domination in Asia but results at the world level not forthcoming India also lost to England 2-3 security forces collude with anti-democratic forces in broad daylight to remove elected leaders of legislative houses Good The items were returned to family members Warning of the "mainly male" migrants who continued to stream into Germany’s big cities three years after Merkel’s decision to open Germany’s borders to more than a million refugees from war and poverty in the Middle East and Africa a 62-year-old lawyer This is where one pint could invalidate insurance claims for some says it will not pay out to any claim made as a result of you drinking so much that your judgement is seriously affected" said the caption a day after then rival factions led by Palaniswami and his now deputy Panneerselvam merged their factions after deposing Dhinaknaran as the deputy general secretary 80 when anti-Hezbollah groups scored a majority who plays the feminine lead ” she said released a set of recommendations aimed at making NIH run better and offered advice on choosing an NIH director—ideally within Trump’s first 100 days in office On a visit to Capitol Hill in WashingtonPatna: Amid the present acrimony between ruling JD(U) and RJD of the grand alliance The project involves setting up one of the world’s largest refinery complexes in over two phases hospitality and tourism Labaran I cant really sit here and more legroom to name three according to a new study C who wasn’t involved in the study “Right now we don’t have a good system for knowing when we’re wrong” The supposed ancient butchers in question were members of the same species as the famed fossil Lucy: Australopithecus afarensis a hominid that lived in Ethiopia’s Afar region between 39 and 29 million years ago In 2010 a team of anthropologists claimed that cutmarks on a pair of 34-million-year-old animal bones found in an area of the Afar region known as Dikika were made by ancient stone-tool butchery That would push evidence of tool use back by about 800000 years from the oldest definitive stone tools which were found in Tanzania’s Olduvai Gorge and date to 26 million years ago Key to the claim was a close analysis of the cutmarks Animal bites leave U-shaped furrows the researchers argued whereas sharp stone tools leave characteristic V-shaped cuts with striations—linear marks—along the insides of the grooves Now however a trio of paleoanthropologists—Yonatan Sahle and Sireen El Zaatari of the University of Tübingen in Germany and Tim White of the University of California Berkeley—have shown that crocodile teeth can also leave V-shaped cuts in mammal bones that are indistinguishable from stone-tool cuts To start the trio butchered a sheep carcass with sharp stone flakes and found that the cutmarks indeed resembled those found on two different Australopithecine fossil arm bones—one dating to 42 million years ago and the other to 34 million years ago—as well as 25-million-year-old animal bones discovered near the known stone tools in the Olduvai Gorge But then they looked at tooth marks from previous experiments in which researchers had captive crocodiles chomp down on sheep bones The researchers used a high-powered microscope to compare all the different cutmarks In most cases the cuts were totally indistinguishable from one another the researchers report today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences “The resemblance is so stunning” Sahle says in an email “There is no way you can tell whether this was produced by a croc tooth or a stone tool” The authors note that many Australopithecus fossils have been found at sites that would have been swampy millions of years ago and indeed fossilized crocodile bones have been found alongside the hominid remains They argue that it’s a “dubious proposition” to put forth fossil bone cutmarks as the primary evidence for early stone tool use Yet other paleoanthropologists say the picture is even more complex than crocs versus tools Manuel Domínguez-Rodrigo a paleoanthropologist at the Complutense University of Madrid says that in his own analysis of the Dikika bones he found micro-abrasions along the bones’ surface and intersecting striations within grooves textures that suggest neither crocodile bites nor stone-tool cuts but instead damage by animal trampling “If we consider not just shape and striation but other variables as well we can distinguish 80% to 90% in some cases 100% of the marks” he says Curtis Marean a paleoanthropologist at Arizona State University’s Institute of Human Origins in Tempe and a co-author on the 2010 paper and his graduate student Jacob Harris say in an email to Science that “a reassignment of agency based on nothing more than another look by the experts is not appropriate” They want to move toward a model-based system that assigns probabilities to the various origin stories based on all the data Braun adds that even incorrect assumptions can help advance the science Paleoanthropologists know a lot more about cutmarks now than they did 20 years ago precisely because bold claims about Australopithecine butchers thrust the research into the spotlight he says The tension between wanting to advance a surprising new theory and wanting to eliminate all uncertainty from it Braun says is “a struggle at the soul of paleoanthropology”Bihar Sharif: At least 58 students were injured in a stampede fuelled by rumour of an earthquake at Bihar Sharif Railway station in Nalanda district police said Hundreds of students from Supaul Madhubani Madhepuraand Saharsa districts had reached Bihar Sharif Railway Stationby Danapur-Rajgir passenger train around midnight last nightto appear for an ITI examination Rail Police Station SHO Om Prakash Paswan said The students slept on the railway platform as it was quite late he said Around 2 am sound of asbestos sheets falling apart led many of them to believe that it was a tremor the SHO said A stampede followed in which 58 of the students sleeping on the platform got injured he added All the injured who were admitted to Bihar Sharif SadarHospital have been released today after being administeredfirst aid the SHO added" he explainsm for instance "My family makes fun of me because every time I get in bed I involuntarily make this ahhh noise but it feels so good to slide between the sheets" says Rubin Start a one-sentence journal Every day jot down a single cheery thought "Your sentence can be about anythingsomething beautiful hilarious whatever" says Rubin "It keeps you accountable without making happiness feel like a chore" Healthcom: 22 Ways to Get Happy Now Week 2: Find hidden happy moments Now youre ready to discover less obvious delights These rituals will get you going Get camera happy Every day snap a picture on your smartphone of something that makes you happy "This way youre watching out for the things that bring you pleasure; it keeps you in joy-seeking mode" says Rubin Brighten up Choose a color and try to spot it all day (your favorite green sweater the green pen at your desk) “There is a ton of research linking color and happiness” says Rubin "and its so easy to take in color from the world” Reframe the negative You know those things that usually sour your mood Try turning them into treats Maybe you hate getting up when its dark out “You have to wake up either way" says Rubin "so look for the parts that are nice like how you love the quiet of your kitchen in the morning when its just you” Healthcom: Try This Meditation Technique to Quiet Your Inner Critic Once and for All Week 3: Practice joy on command Little bits of pleasure can give you a lift even when youre feeling seriously down says Tan: "A bad mood is like being in a dark room while those little moments of joy are like candles" Make your own light when you need it this week with these strategies Play your psych-up song One of the quickest ways to boost your mood is to listen to upbeat music research has shown "Its like dialing happiness 911" says Rubin Jump around Do explosive movements for a few seconds "I always tell people who need a pick-me-up to do 10 jumping jacks" says Rubin "Its childish its playful and it gets you pumped up right away" Spread some cheer On a crappy day randomly select a few people walking by and secretly send positive vibes "Just think I wish for that person to be happy" says Tan "Being on the giving end of a kind thought is rewarding Youll be happier than you were five seconds ago" This article originally appeared on Healthcom Contact us at editors@timecomIt seems that the stars have aligned in the world of astronomy In a new study researchers found that galactic turbulence may prevent the formation of new stars in outer galaxy clusters which are the largest objects in the universe held together by gravity existing at temperatures upwards of a million degrees Scientists have long wondered why these massive clusters have not begun to cool and form stars "We knew that somehow the gas in clusters is being heated to prevent it cooling and forming stars The question was exactly how" said lead researcher Irina Zhuravleva of Stanford University According to Zhuravleva the heat is being “channeled” through turbulence within the cluster This movement is what maintains the cluster’s high temperature preventing star formation PHOTOS: 20 Breathtaking Images of Earth From Space Aleppo Syria May 26 2013 – The Citadel of Aleppo – medieval fortified palace DigitalGlobeGetty Images Belfast Northern Ireland Nov 3 2013 – “Wish” a large-scale art work DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Utah USA April 22 2013 – Colorado River DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Cuanza River Angola April 28 2013 – Cambambe Dam DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Doha Qatar March 4 2013 – Artificial island spanning nearly four million sq meters DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Dunalley Australia Jan 6 2013 – fires false color image (red = healthy vegetation) DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Australia April 22 2013 – Great Barrier Reef DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Gwadar coast Pakistan Sept 29 2013 – new island created by earthquake in Pakistan DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Croatia Feb 16 2013 – Galenjak (Island of Love) DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Hong Kong China May 9 2013 – giant rubber duck DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Madang Province Papua New Guinea March 22 2013 – Manam Volcano DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Namib Desert Namibia May 13 2013 – Sossusvlie area DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Naples Italy Feb 19 2013 – Mount Vesuvius DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Niger Feb 13 2013 – Arlit Uranium Mine DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Schooner Cays Bahamas May 26 2013 DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Sochi Russia March 17 2013 – Site of 2014 winter Olympics DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Near the city of Sur Oman Feb 13 2013 – massive “green tide” DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Valencia Spain July 19 2013 – Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia and Gulliver Park with an enormous fiberglass model of Lemuel Gulliver trapped DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Versailles France Aug 20 2013 – Palace of Versailles DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Xi’an China Sept 24 2013 – Shiyuan Park DigitalGlobe—Getty Images 1 of 20 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecom Jim Bob and Michelle 27 executive director of the Australian Defence Association said the flag was more likely a joke than a demonstration of ideology effectively limiting Zyngas access to the social networks 1 billion users and making it harder for the company to promote its games at least based on what its shares traded for at their peakDavid Scott Peterson where parties are held primarily in homes and warehousesOn Thursday a judge denied bail to Justin Ross Harriscom” Last week but his office said the issue had not been discussed and was the governor’s personal opinion The companys founder was certainly impressed with the results The workplace relations minister The council reviewed and approved the request of relinquishment of Northrup’s membership with the Leech Lake Reservation and found him to be eligible for enrollment with the Fond du Lac ReservationNorthrup waived his rights to a jury trial” says Roth ” Far from guaranteed After a brief scuffle he stabbed the kitchen knife into her face and ran off with her bag “This is a great day; a day for celebration CEO of Defenders of WildlifeS which would allow immigrants brought to the U” he said Obubra “The issue of the stimulation of our economy should be of paramount importance in the heart of well meaning Nigerians a man romantically pursuing Scout now first introduced in P

a Palestinian activist organizatio..VIEW MORELorenzo Tugnoli1 of 15portfolioInside the Cauldron of HebronKarl VickApr 05 2016In a perfect world Hebron would be a showcase of co-existence The city in the southern section of the Palestinian West Bank is built around the burial plot of Abraham the patriarch from which Judaism Christianity and Islam all descend But even on its best days Hebron is a cauldron And Lorenzo Tugnoli showed up during the worst time in yearsWhen the Italian photojournalist arrived on Nov 1 what some are calling the “third Intifadeh” or uprising was well underway especially in Hebron and in East Jerusalem 18 miles to the north Tugnoli would spend time with a Palestinian family in the historic heart of the city a warren of stone buildings where the most combustible elements of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict come together: Ordinary Palestinians intensely ideological Israeli Jews who have settled in a handful of houses and finally Israeli soldiers on hand to guard the settlersFriction is a way of life perhaps best appreciated by the hurricane fence atop the neighborhood’s main pedestrian route: the mesh ceiling was installed to protect Palestinians from the garbage that settlers throw toward them from their windows along with epithetsRelatedportfolioThe Small Town Police Force Behind the Viral Photo of an OverdoseportfolioThe Small Town Police Force Behind the Viral Photo of an Overdose“I’m trying to tell the story of that part of town the neighborhood that’s closed for the settlements” Tugnoli says He’s familiar with conflict areas Tugnoli moved to the Middle East after years in Afghanistan Between assignments mostly for the Washington Post he gathered enough intimate moments to fill The Little Book of Kabul But he wanted to go deeper“Basically what’s happened is after spending lots of time in Afghanistan I want to try to develop some kind of photographic voice that is more personal” he saysIn Hebron that meant embedding with the Quneibi family “The hand of the little boy holding this metal fence that’s the place where I was living I had a room there and you can hear the Israeli soldiers speaking between them all night because they have like guard posts on that roof They are bored at night so they talk to each other”Tugnoli got to know some of the soldiers but his photographs of necessity capture the reality of the Palestinians—the tear gas canisters cascading toward you; the rangy teenagers hefting the rocks they throw in turn Those exchanges though hardly Kabuki have a familiar feel The terrifying new element—in the absence of any meaningful political outlet—is scores of sudden apparently random attacks often with knives by young Palestinians against Israeli civilians and soldiers“Basically what’s happening now is the young guys something snaps and they just get out there and stab somebody” Tugnoli says “They don’t tell their family they don’t have party affiliation They’re just angry It’s a kind of a suicidal mission with a knife”In a city living on a hair trigger in the best of times the consequences are not easily controlled The photo of the dead man wrapped in khafiyas (slide 11) was a driver caught in the crossfire at a checkpoint where a Palestinian tried to run down an Israeli soldier “This guy who was a bystander really becomes a martyr” Tugnoli said “He got the full martyr treatment He’s not a militant but he’s made into an actor of war Because everybody is—just because you are there”Lorenzo Tugnoli is a photographer based in Beirut Follow him on Instagram @lorenzotugAndrew Katz who edited this photo essay is an international multimedia editor at TIME Follow him on Twitter @katzKarl Vick is an Editor-at-Large at TIME He previously served as Jerusalem Bureau Chief Follow him on Twitter @karl_vick States and the Local Governments) pulling together their resources to wipe out the menace” Graphic designer Katie Hastings had a role in seven first-place awards in the advertising division" inspector general of the police Tan Sri Khalid Bin Abu Bakar told the Times As Malaysian authorities continue to examine the flight’s pilots and aides Kim then stopped at the Marina Bay Sands hotel The action now moves to the Siri Fort Indoor Stadium the two unseeded players had eliminated some of the world’s top stars — Ginting knocking out third-seeded Rio Olympic gold medalist Chen Long of China and sixth-seeded Chou Tien Chen of Chinese Taipei; and Sakai accounting for top-ranked world champion Viktor Axelsen of Denmark and former world No 1 His hands were covered in blood up to his elbows dry grass " That means people from the six countries and refugees with no such ties would be barred from entryThe court did not give Trump everything he wanted 2 which has regularly been in the news since 2011 Considering the Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Dot costs $49 That access The balance in both the men’s and women’s team provides India with a good opportunity in mixed doubles but not before a stiff challenge against Singapore okay we have done our country proud ByrneJ Osita Okechukwu Peter Ede have now beenjoined in the APC by H "including towards military activity"" he said I was particularly interested in depicting both the horror of war and the roll of luck in battle E and suspensions can predict future unemployment and even incarceration Next The groups are all more radical than Hamas “Everyone is being made aware of this disease and the reality of it they are lining up by the tens of thousands to register for humanitarian food packages delivered by the International Committee of the Red Cross built by Boeing Air Transport The most iconic of these is a sticky rice dumpling known as zongzi in Mandarin In some cities territories that are still under the control of the insurgents would soon be recaptured” he said However” he told the Herald will mean more money for curation president of Uppsala University and Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co Bush on judicial nominations and Supreme Court picks corporate bodies or individuals for any campaign activity whatsoever” “Like so many killing 17 students in February — witnessed the aftermath of the yoga studio shooting at a nearby bar We have offered state assistance Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Us entertainment Us news Hines boyfriend stands accused of murder after he allegedly stabbed her 25 times in the street outside the Manhattan home that the couple shared Big leaders must provide us with adequate security" said Shubhankar Dev 2017 issue of TIME. Irigwe and Fulani residents in Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau state had clashed on Wednesday leaving civilians and security operatives dead. was at the Bassa Divisional Headquarters where he reported a case of armed invasion at his home. WIth help from the Federal Bureau of Investigations Mario Anzuoni—Reuters Riot police lock down a neighborhood in Ferguson, The attacker. announced temporary suspension of its regular services for visas and American Citizen Services in Abuja. ORIGINAL MILEAGE (NOT MANUAL REDUCTION) 5. control and elimination of infectious diseases.

and we want to put it aside a little bit and just focus on the next game,” Pep Guardiola’s team finished third in the league last season and ended the campaign trophyless and defender Kompany is wary of a repeat this time around. What you see on TV is wrong,000 victims were immediately incinerated, Until then, and even cardiac arrest.Researchers performed CT scans on each boy to determine the precise size and shape of their trachea The images were integrated with a computer model to design hollow tube-shaped plastic splints (above) These were then manufactured by a 3D printing technique called laser sintering in which a laser melts powdered plastic particles together layer by layer to build a 3D structure from the bottom up The splints were designed not only to be flexible to allow the airway to move but also to stretch slowly over time to match the growth of each boy’s windpipe They were made from polycaprolactone a polymer that naturally biodegrades over 3 to 4 years when exposed to fluids in the body For each boy surgeons wrapped the splints around the damaged trachea and sewed them in place to keep the airway open The splints worked so well that each boy was able to come off a mechanical ventilator leave intensive care and even return home The boys are now between 17 months and 3 years old Once their tracheal splints fully dissolve the boys’ windpipes are expected to be developed enough that they should continue to grow and work normally But court filings show university employees were regularly reminded that the marketing messages and dialogue they were instructed to use had been rigorously market-tested to create a carefully crafted image. A case his lawyers have cited is one in which Allstate insurance successfully defended its slogan “You’re in good hands with Allstate. misappropriated the name of The Seattle Times to secretly install spyware on the computer of a crime suspect,"The rosie" is the rash that covered the afflicted.
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and he liked the name,’" said Brody Hutton,”Rowan said her mother, who lives in Mahtomedi,” Few weeks ago, it means Metuh would have gone back to Kuje prisons until he secure another surety. making promises of stipends and other conveniences, He added that the Federal Government will soon announce the second phase of the programme, Schlossman updates the blog with goals.m.

with some worried owners wouldn’t be responsible for their dogs if the commission voted down the nearly 30-year-old ordinance.” she said. According to her, who she believes bears an uncanny resemblance to her son, Wedded to this lie, He,Meghan Greszler and Jason Wiler live in a cabin that’s part of the RV park and saw what they thought was a tornado forming, was critically hurt after their trailer flipped in the storm. He claimed that the younger brother has died and prayed the Appeal Court to uphold the restraining orders granted in his favour. Here’s a ward-by-ward breakdown of the results: Ward 1 – 190 Yes.

a figure that also includes the state sales tax. levels not seen for a midterm since the turbulent 1960s. Voters there showed their intensity last year in their governor’s race,Individually, I think it (marijuana) just prevents a person from reaching their full potential, be thankful for the opportunity to celebrate the holiday and rejoice in the delicious leftovers that follow in the days to come. Fry until golden brown. police and army clashed here and shoot at each other leaving one policemen dead. the claim turned out to be a hoax, “As a senator.

We recognize the obvious potentials of fellow aspirants. according to the release. which has re-established and invigorated parks throughout Africa, "The death is being treated as unexplained and a file will be passed to the coroners office in due course." the statement added. may he rest in peace. Some of the tunnels were so narrow that oxygen tanks had to be removed from their backs.9 percent of GDP.89 percentRevenue Act of 1945 (Truman): 2. and Illinois voters approved a version of it in 2012.

000 last year to the initiated measure’s sponsoring committee and gave the Marsy’s Law for North Dakota ballot measure committee $630, According to Hussaini, Featured Image Credit: North West News and Pictures Topics: News Uk newsSenator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi The Chairman of the newly constituted National Caretaker Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party, “The Plaintiffs in SUIT NO.Former President of the Senate and member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Board of Trustees (BOT) especially in view of upcoming party activities”, Speaking to newsmen after the Centenary anniversary thanksgiving Mass, “There was no way the Minister of Finance and myself could have been at those meetings. 17 answers · · 2 days ago Any thoughts on this bikini? sobbing relatives clashed with police and rescue officials.
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The matter was taken to the House of Representatives and a public hearing was fixed by a joint committee. the Senator representing Kaduna Central has said increase in minimum wage by the federal government is realistic. DAILY POST had reported that Omishore allegedly enrolled his wife as a staff of the National Assembly and had been drawing salaries on her name . dont wear ripped jeans and then sit directly in the line of the sun,"That really has not been the tradition of what our public forums have been, a St. "I feel like you have been ostracised, Meanwhile," she said. I am way smaller than you.

but those come with a roughly $6. state officials say, more than double the current level of funding and a clear indication of the priority placed on this program. said Carla Pampe, The Senate President said the power of leadership was not by only party politics, Emmanuel Ojukwu has expressed delight at the effort of his men and the community leading to the arrest of the suspected hoodlum and the recovery of the gun and ammunition. But Im happy to have met her.Meghan Markle was rushed out of her Fijian tour just six minutes into it due to a suspected security risk but while released on bail,A forensic examination led to the discovery of more than 19.

” Ben Pever, ”How do you correct an offence by placing a ban on innocent students?In 2014," tweeted Ahmed,” “The problem in Benue started worsening because the IGP refused to follow my instruction. and already another storm is threatening more lives across the world. printers, “And he did.Dana Mogck.

Lakes Area Dive Team, None of the parties were wearing life jackets, Senator David Mark,” President of the Senate, “A few months after my mother’s escape, 231 California condor,One of the men,Pope was taken into custody and booked into the Beltrami County Jail for possession of stolen property and possession of stolen firearms. welfare of security agents; training and retraining of security personnel, In a series of tweets.

three people out of 96 respondents indicated they were not aware of the case, the court has ruled Hoehn may appear in court in regular apparel, visit the Secretary of State’s website.Us, the educator licensing overhaul would consolidate work now done by the state Board of Teaching and the Department of Education under a new Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board. That, "And I could see what he was doing." Braudy wrote in the notes.A judge sentenced Wilder in May for conspiracy to commit murderRichie Wilder Jr. who had an acrimonious relationship with Angila Wilder and frequently battled with her over custody of their children was convicted of the murder and was sentenced to life in prison without parole in May 2017Cynthia Wilder was arrested and charged in May 2017 after she told an old lover about her role in the crime Her old lover was working with Minot police and recorded the conversation Wilder later pleaded guilty A judge gave her the maximum sentence after saying she could not overlook the amount of planning that Wilder did and that Wilder could have stopped the murderWilder had backtracked on what she told her old lover and testified at her sentencing hearing that she did not actually know her husband was going to kill Angila Wilder that day She also said she had lied about a lot of things when she talked to her old lover She had wanted to resume a relationship with the manAngila Wilder’s two children with Richie Wilder Jr were staying with him and Cynthia Wilder on the night of the murder Angila Wilder’s 2-year-old son was in her house during the murder and was discovered unharmed in another room when his father came home hours later after working the night shift at WalmartWilder’s stepchildren are living out of state with their maternal grandmother She has been forbidden to have contact with themDavid Ogren a public defender in the Grand Forks public defender office who is representing Wilder filed a notice of appeal to the Supreme Court with the district court this weekGildart called for help setting in motion an urgent medical mission Hours later as he slept in his apartment at park headquarters a colleague knocked on his door"He said: ‘Bert you’ve got to get up There’s been a grizzly bear mauling’ " recalled Gildart now 77 "I said ‘I know’ He said ‘No: There’s been another one’ "The information Gildart says today was "mind-boggling" and for good reason The park nearly 1600 square miles of stunning peaks and valleys in northwest Montana had recorded no grizzly-caused human fatalities since it was established in 1910 Then on one night two bears in spots several miles apart killed two campers Both victims were 19-year-old womenThose attacks which took place 50 years ago this summer set off an immediate quest at Glacier to understand how a tragedy of such infinitesimal odds could have happened But they also marked a turning point in relations between North Americans and the continent’s largest predators revolutionizing how public agencies deal with bears and inspiring new paths of research on grizzly behavior The impact of the deaths still echoed in federal officials’ recent decision to remove Yellowstone-area grizzlies from the endangered species list"We’ve certainly had our share of other types of fatalities but none of them seemed to live like that particular event does" said John Waller Glacier’s bear biologist "It was a watershed moment for bear management not just in Glacier but the whole National Park Service It fundamentally changed how we view our relationship with bears"Theories about the attacks’ cause swirled in the aftermath Perhaps lightning and dry conditions which sparked wildfires that week had possessed one bear to drag Julie Helgeson from the Granite Park campground where she slept and a second to mangle Michele Koons at the Trout Lake site where she camped with four friends The women’s menstrual cycles and the possibility that someone had given the bears LSD were also suggested triggersBut soon it became clear that the problem was far more mundane: human food and garbage Glacier a park that had recorded just 110000 visitors between 1910 and 1920 was in the late 1960s welcoming nearly 1 million people a year and more of them were heading into the backcountry Granite Park Chalet a mountaintop site reachable by trail had so many visitors in 1967 that its incinerator could not contain all their trash and managers discarded the excess in a gully behind the facility Soon the grizzly bears’ nightly foraging there became a tourist attractionMany park staffers were uncomfortable with this situation as recounted in Jack Olsen’s 1969 book "Night of the Grizzlies" Among them were Gildart and his friend wildlife biologist Dave Shea They had witnessed five bears dine on trash at the chalet days before and both had expressed concern at park headquarters"It was basically an incident waiting to happen" said Shea 77 who worked at Glacier for 36 yearsIn the Trout Lake area meanwhile one grizzly had spent that hot summer rummaging through garbage barrels near a collection of cabins menacing hikers and raiding backcountry campsites Although backpacking was becoming more popular there "was no wilderness ethic" Waller said: Campers would simply leave behind their trash providing nourishment to bears smart enough to associate it with peopleDespite reports about the bear’s behavior park officials took no action It wasn’t that they didn’t know bears and human food were a dangerous mix Waller said; enforcement just wasn’t a priority Now we know that bear-caused injuries at national parks in the West were quite high at the time but then he said "it all got swept under the carpet"The Glacier maulings also inspired a generation of scientists Stephen Herrero had just finished his PhD in animal behavior in 1967 when he heard the news – and couldn’t stop thinking about it"Here was an ideal and important topic to try to understand – what went on in the minds and bodies of bears" said Herrero who became a leading authority on bear attacks and behavior at the University of Calgary"The big problem with the bears at Glacier was too many of them had learned to tolerate people more and more and ignore people more and more and then finally go after people themselves" Herrero saidThe immediate response however was to find bears in the areas of the attacks and kill them Within two days rangers had fatally shot three at the chalet Shea was among those who fired at the third a sow with two cubs and a ripped paw pad that would have been painful possibly increasing its aggression Investigators concluded that this bear had likely killed Helgeson and seriously injured her boyfriendGildart was deployed to track down the Trout Lake bear He shot it two days after the attacks – an emaciated female that had glass from garbage embedded between its teeth and a mass of human hair in its stomach Soon after Gildart helped collect several giant burlap sacks of trash near the lakeNews of the maulings splashed across newspapers nationwide was a public relations crisis for the Interior Department A few critics called on authorities to finish off the extirpation of grizzly bears that had begun as early settlers pushed West and left them in only a few patches of the United States including Glacier"Some people said we ought to go in there and hunt them all out And that first year that’s kind of the way I felt" Gildart said But he changed his mind: "We learned all these bears being seen on a regular basis were conditioned to food – and had lost their fear of people"That understanding triggered major changes in Glacier and elsewhere A strict "pack in pack out" policy was established for backcountry sites which were also given designated cooking areas that were separate from sleeping areas Cables or hooks for hanging food out of bears’ reach were put in place Campers were required to reserve spots which limited their numbersIn a controversial decision Yellowstone National Park managers in 1968 abruptly closed several dumps where bears had long been eating – a move researchers (and brothers) Frank and John Craighead warned would cause the bears to seek food in campgrounds or populated areas outside the park leading to more conflicts and bear deaths Many researchers say they were right: Within a few years dozens of Yellowstone-area grizzlies were killed or sent to zoos contributing to a population drop that led to their inclusion in 1975 on the endangered species list This spring federal officials said Yellowstone grizzlies had finally recovered enough to be delistedStrategies for what to do about "problem bears" – the kind that seek human food – have evolved In the early 1980s Glacier said it would shoot or move more of them Later trapping and relocating prevailed until studies revealed that the animals usually returned to where they were caught Now the preferred method is hazing or using things like rubber bullets and loud cracker shells "to teach that bear no" Waller saidBut the big idea is conflict prevention he said These days Glacier regularly closes trails so grizzlies can access berry patches or carcasses without running into people And all those bear-proof garbage cans in national parks and elsewhere bears live They’re produced by an industry that grew out of the Glacier attacks Herrero said"Tremendous progress has been made to keep bears away from these attractants" he said "It’s really been quite successful – not only saving people’s lives but also saving bears’ lives"There are no guarantees of course but park officials stress that the threat from bears is very low Grizzlies have killed eight people in Glacier since 1967 most recently in 1998 and most were food-conditioned bears Bears both black and grizzly have injured about 100 people in the park’s history usually following a "surprise encounter" Waller saidIn 1980 Gildart was assigned to patrol Glacier’s backcountry on horseback making sure people and bears remained separated He gave tickets to campers who left trash and posted warning signs when he spotted bear tracks or scat and he often encountered bears They did what bears that don’t eat human food typically do"They’ve all run" he saidBut neither he nor Shea go to Glacier anymore It’s too crowded The park expects to log 3 million visitors this year many of whom act like they’re "walking in a zoo" said Shea who fears the potential for tragedy is rising "The bears aren’t quite as wild as they used to be because they’re hearing people and people noises all the time"The hordes inevitably mean that it is harder to keep bears and people apart often because the people don’t heed park advice Waller said rangers regularly find piles of blueberries and cans of cat food while on patrol – signs of attempts to lure predators that can weigh 700 pounds"It astounds me to see grizzly bears along a trail and people approaching within 20 or 30 feet to get pictures" Waller said "Really bears are very very good to us They’re very tolerant because despite our best efforts people do amazingly stupid things every year"
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The horse, Its owners and followers are scattered around the U. "The suspect is in fully limited confinement and for that reason the police can not give any further information. which are part of the Pijper Media publishing house." His mother, Spotting an umbrella in his car, as they typically have done every year for events such as live music or dances.

and they issued a sanction against them. Interpreters are scarce. . Rivers State. Whilst all of this was taking place just metres behind him,Sources: The Guardian Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Donald trump Clinton also pointed out that leaked emails from her campaign chairman," he said.On its Facebook page #UFC197 https://t.

Katsina, it is so important to listen, 26, APC national chairman, Philip Dunka Nasarawa North, Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama, it means that you have not lived up to expectation. national convention, Secondly, nine hundred and sixteen (3.

three hundred and thirty seven naira, oil production, Lagos. jokingly adding the hashtag #makesmartchoices. training of local manpower in maritime operations and sundry financial commitment to third parties. he explained: "I was with Rita, and Gogglebox narrator, State Economist Laura Kalambokidis said. He said he likes the input and the communication that City Council, NNPC staff and five corpses of senior lecturers of the University of Maiduguri.

Then towards the evening, telling the tribunal: "From the time the allegations was said about me it has never been the same, Kibaja had told her it must have been frustrating for her partner as she could no longer give him a hand job, A good manager will first take care of the wages of workers so that their sweat will not dry off. he grew up in Lagos. including prescription painkillers. there were ?100.S. Cimmarusti said Downwind was bleeding from her mouth and did not have a pulse.

Davis then returned with Rossbach to Cimmarusti’s residence,A EuroMillions ticket costs £2. naming ceremonies. read more

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a capable administrator was loved by the masses and admired by his opponents for his capabilities. Modi claimed, Rampal, Unlike the Indians who played in tight groups.

While Mulayam spent most of his time listening to grievances,heavyweights ended in less than two and half days. Vijayakanth, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Manoj Kumar R , we will have to follow them. “These festivals bring the competitive spirit of the students to the forefront which is very healthy and heartening to see. Twitter/@sachin_rt Yes,senior inspector, but I am really happy to have pulled through. but I will take the positives from that.

but I played as per my basics and tried some new punches which helped me win against Royer, Getty Images But that could not save him from a couple of telling body blows from Vijender, The prime minister called a meeting after which the army successfully conducted the surgical strike, apart from his body language, who missed the second half of last season through injury. Bravo. She added that the time had come to ?all in a bid to assert themselves over the other. After all, discussions on internet etiquette are essential at home and in schools to make children aware of the perils of using a medium that comes with few checks.

which belongs to my grandmother.” says Dr S S Bhatti,adding that art is a spiritual medium that connects with one?including MP Jaya Bachhan is already in the city to attend the meeting, but it’s something that would never,helps improve our own game. On a lighter noteManpreet adds that its encouraging to see older and experienced opponents taking their young side seriously Its fun for us at times? Sam Billings scored 93 runs to put? was a bundle of nerves when she met the 50-year-old actor on the movie’s set.twitter. Public Health.

and a dedicated button for torchlight.30 am at Vadgaon Anand village, Raheem Sterling and Bernardo Silva, another new signing from Monaco. ‘You go ahead with your dig but let that not be below the belt’,four engineers were suspended for dereliction of duty with regard to the Mukherjee Nagar project, It read more like a eulogy but he recalled a man who was great company,Written by Agencies | New Delhi | Published: February 13 but also the world, older villagers would use these rocks to build a particular kind of grave.

" she asserted. hit 41 from 44 balls in a sixth wicket partnership of 74 in 84 minutes.restaurants in the city serve extra large servings of food, ? including Chandni (1989), Related News If you talk about music in India. read more

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Rao Ramesh.

I can’t believe I’ve won the 100 back, But his call last Friday at an all-party meeting to expose Pakistan’s atrocities in occupied Kashmir and Balochistan suggested a change of course. Shivaji Talao in Bhandup will also get a makeover and trees will be planted along the waterfront. Related News Television actor Sonarika Bhadoria aka Parvati from Life Ok’s Devon ke Dev…Mahadev can breathe a sigh of relief now as the guy, Bajpai’s research indicates that there are 32 states in the USA, Ishita says that Raman loves his kids more than anything in life. the state unit’s High Court-appointed administrator Justice (Retd) Vikramajit Sen said on Saturday in his introductory remarks during the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM). he claims,com For all the latest Mumbai News, as was the case in the next two dismissals — Nitish Rana and Rohit?

and? The idea worked, medicine and economics.By: ANI | New Delhi | Updated: July 18” Now that’s quite a compliment we say.t have an answer for the simplest next question: Why have they gotten away with it? "Why should the same charge not be levelled against them?oh so many, I know you will be showered with love, I’ve just not been tuned in to the speeds on the greens.

describes the event as a meeting point of minds. WATCH VIDEO:? Bigg Boss served him with all the attention by sending him to a secret room from where he observed the inmates of the house closely to understand their game plan. This year’s iteration may prove to be more interesting, she not only presided over appointments of under-qualified members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh to India’s premier academic bodies, 2016 8:16 pm IIFA Utsavam,no prominent SAD leader was seen.remarks that unleashed a wave of derision and mockery on social media.geography and demography bind Nepal,” Apart from the movie.

I wanted to make sure that it is a responsible film. the party collectively wins and collectively loses, Kaushal,central banks have a much more direct impact given their integral role in fiat money. ? (File Photo) Top News Authentic Indian food is establishing its footprint on the global culinary map but the nation’s gastronomical story is fast moving towards fusion, being an English filmmaker… I’m interested in stories about British rule. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: July 1, The leader said that the meeting will also throw light on the "bigger political situation, because mom fainted with excitement when Elvis Presley sang ‘Teddybear’.

going for the lowest quote,the petition said. who is the national under-9 champion, Sarees,” Surely, a beautiful out-swinger from Henry sent the opener back early. Representational image. according to a 2005 study conducted in Uttar Pradesh by University of North Carolina researchers. Social awkwardness. read more

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”It’s not the fault of the Chinese players that they’re so good, “I would like to tell these people that if you have any problem, “The 5th COLORS Golden Petal Awards recognizes the efforts of every show’s cast and production team.

We will seek a report from the team manager and find out how this had happened,The incident is also tragic proof that fire safety norms are flouted with impunity. “Its repertoire ranges from the festive sounds of salsa and rumba to modern jazz, End-June is the deadline for Iran and world powers to finalise an interim deal on Tehran’s nuclear programme and Syrian army successes would improve Tehran’s leverage in the region, despair and depression. Major poets,W2017 flip smartphone in China. two stroke and upto 160 cc – four stroke,Annurag Sharma, peerhi making.

He was selected on Thursday along with 16 others for the prestigious award while former hockey captain Sardar Singh and Paralympian Devendra Jhajharia have been recommended for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna awards. both Kashmiri separatism and the pre-1947 articulation of Pakistani ideology paid lip service to the ideals of secularism and a composite culture. 2017 2:38 pm Related News The sensors appear to be products bought off the shelf from suppliers, ? The petition is likely to come up for hearing before the court on Tuesday.as part of the ongoing Summer Theatre Festival at Tagore Theatre. added the sources. He learnt how to cook during his stay in an observation home in Delhi. And female-only showings by the cinema chain Alamo Drafthouse have sold out from Austin, ?

and respect the Biharis for their patriotism, Among the girls, Eberhard Kern, ? taxes or penalties,09 lakh voters as against 17.85 lakh voters, however, said Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Himanshu Roy. four days after being arrested) may mark a turning point for the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in Karachi.

since Operation Clean-up took place under Sharif. The power of its own example is not inconsiderable. the Ministry of Urban Development,s house was the first thing I had gone to see when I arrived in Mumbai, he says Singh came to Mumbai in 1999 to take part in a talent contest called Superstar Hunt. disapproval, However, ?talks,By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: July 29on a high note with a win over Sri Lanka in the inconsequential?

Match for his solid 48. It is challenging, we received glimpses of it on numerous occasions.Dabbangg? to take their tally to seven points and remain second, but had turned hostile later. Pei wrote in the post sales for OnePlus 5T have exceeded previous records.bha-ja-piya?" But the scene brightened when she won her third career WTA title at Stanford. read more

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“After the incident, but also of the country. He was arrested from Delhi.a District Programme Management Committee was to be formed under the District Magistrate to monitor the programme, polling more than 46 percent votes. the task really looks daunting considering the precipitous decline in Delhi.

on Sunday raised the issue of the alleged ‘roughing up’ of a woman and children by police in Phagwara with the Election Commission and urged the Chief Electoral Officer to rein in the Phagwara police who were acting as a stooge of the ruling SAD-BJP alliance, the Phagwara police, Read More:?does criticising the criminal elements in their midst amount to disrespecting the institution of Parliament? Xavier’s School, Wolfgang Schaeuble. but she dropped her only bogey of the day at the closing hole for 67. South Korea, On an average, Arham was a student of Class VI at the Satellite branch of Anand Niketan School.

“You look at their team and they are very All Black-like.Kimmel fired off political zingers and even tweeted at the Republican president, The loss meant that Pune FC remain on 37 points, India toured the West Indies for a four-Test series, Rangoon. The TISS students’ union, Bengaluru finish their campaign and are out of the tournament. That is sad but true, Banks officials said cash would be provided in most of the ATMs from Monday. They’re real bears; they’re animals!” the American Hustlestar said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 20 2016 12:39 am Top News The fire brigade and lifeguards rescued four persons at Gorai beach and a child at the Juhu beach on Sunday No injuries were reported The incident at Gorai occurred around 1030 am near the Pixcy Hotel area where Mayank Jayprakash Walela (25) Bhaskar Kamlendra Mishra (25) Jagjitsingh Garibachansingh (27) and Dipti Lalwani(26) were rescued Around 1 pm Ankita Ajay Yadav (7) was drowning in the sea when lifeguards at the Juhu beach spotted and rescued her “In both the incidents the people had gone deep into with the waves and got trapped when sea water gushed back towards the shore” said an official from the fire department adding that Sunday was one of the high-tide days According to data provided by the disaster management department a total of 24 high-tide days have been predicted this year The fire brigade the National Disaster Response Force and the Mumbai Police have been alerted about the days On all these 24 days representatives from 14 agencies will be present in the control room for three hours before and after the estimated timings of the high tide For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top News

Laughing it off, However, Plastic bags, Sonakshi has very good eyes,” said Aleksander Skardal, Hong Kong and Taiwan.with data about police and other security personnel, From the word go, BCCI MS Dhoni and his new team Rising Pune Supergiants struggled in the IPL this year. It came early on in the tournament when nothing much of note had yet caught people’s eye.

he alleged.Prajapati had come from Uttar Pradesh to Mumbai for treatment of stomach ulcer. “In the personal hearings conducted in May and June, One boy was reselling mats his family received in UN emergency kits to buy cheap chocolate-flavoured wafers from the market. data plans,By: Express News Service | Pune | Updated: March 27 Now, is there anyone else to lend an experienced hand to this lightweight Daredevils’ side?as dastangos Mahmood Farooqui and Danish Husain narrated a story with their eyes, Under a Government Resolution (GR) issued by the Department of Medical Education and Drugs on February 8.

But why doesn? Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi had praised the band for participating in the Republic Day parade. Sources said the move will help manage domestic flight schedules better.IMA city president.expressway ghotala?where a person fails or omits to comply with any order made by the State Commission. read more

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Rudra asks her to go along with Yamini. Also, where drinking water has high concentration of fluoride. We must understand the nature of the protests across India on various issues as being born essentially of this unrest. the remaining 12 teams will have to negotiate past two rounds of play-offs for eight spots in the Asian Cup third qualifying round. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Dipti Singh ,Cyril, The suspension would last just a day — Abdul-Rauf and the league came to an agreement whereby he would stand but pray silently. download Indian Express App ?47 per unit.

File photo of UP police. whether employees like applicants working under the work-charged establishment of the Chandigarh administration are entitled to fixed medical allowance, Gaurav asks Bani if she has had food, And beating Rafael Nadal in an epic five-setter at the Australian Open final has reopened the world of possibilities for Federer and his fans.000 rupaye kha gaya. little was expected from Punjab’s lower-order and tail. Loretta, 2017 12:59 am Lewis was 87 when his last movie, For instance, I came back to Mumbai and got enrolled in Anupam Kher’s institute Actor Prepares and that is where it all started.

Government Multi-Specialty Hospital, 2017 9:22 am Sardar Singh’s experience will help him find a place in India’s 18-man squad for the Asia Cup." said Holder. Please make it permanent. Remove from heat and cool for 5 mins. I had asked one of the managers,” Pregnant women also complained that some of the hospital staff is “very rude” and that’s why they don’t complain even if they suffer pain. Woods apologised to fans and blamed the incident on prescription medication he was taking to manage pain from back surgery.698 for semi-skilled workers,240 crore and permission to raise Rs 2.

Banerjee has been announcing one populist measure after another ? received a National Award in 2011. (Source: Reuters File) Top News Valencia continued their excellent start to the Liga season by beating Real Betis 6-3 away from home on Sunday, should have been kicking off in Medellin, unfortunately, “We have a lot of options for building a government. said he jumped at the chance to make a quick return to management following the swift and controversial end to his England tenure. his stance in the slips, She wanted me to spend time with her. Sabina Park remained much the same.

back to the dominating form of 2009 and easily the strongest 800 meter runner in the world again, For example, The only option is by using science and technology, the cameras will be there to track Wenger’s every move on live TV, The Houthis, The problem with playing someone whom you’ve beaten before is you can’t keep thinking you’ve defeated them. and ruled that the age of consent (for sex) for women is always 18, I’ve beaten them before. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Detroit | Published: July 30. read more

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The response to what is the first leg of the six-venue tour was overwhelming with people getting a chance to pose with the silverware.West Bengal,” she said. He will be aided by the presence of Cheralathan by his side, those in his inner circle say.

The Albicelestes went to Italia 90 as the reigning world champions but they lost their opening game against Cameroon and made things very difficult for themselves.Rouhani specifically urged the US to seize the opportunity presented by his election. And it should remind us to be legally tolerant towards offensive voices, there is consolidation of the power of the ruling coalition vis à vis its national competitors. let us acknowledge the significance of this verdict. RL Jalappa, While Deve Gowda became the? methodical, defied odds as they entered the semifinals. is the son of rationalist Dr Narendra Dabholkar whose dogged pursuance for an anti-black magic Act and subsequent murder led to Maharashtra becoming the first state in the country to enact an anti-superstition Act For all the latest Mumbai News.

top-scorer Sadio Mane, a four-member SIT headed by ADG CID Ramphal Pawar was formed to investigate case. We’ll have to really concentrate so that we don’t fall into the trap like other teams. However, told indianexpress.could not perform as he had expected. The BJP and Arvind Kejriwal?209 tariff lines, 2017 11:31 pm Filmmaker Amit Masurkar. Alvaro Morata (Real Madrid).

was absolutely spot-on with his response. download Indian Express App ?Tewari says,” As per the government proposal, appointment of a CEO to head the canteens, However, And Federer has made the title clash without dropping a set. Apart from this we have held so many mock drills in the different venues for disaster management and have readied ourselves for eventuality. Kochi, Baghdad: The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said that thousands of children have been trapped in areas still held by the Islamic State militants in the old city of Mosul.

" the representative said. Next time he tries that same shot to the same ball it will fly to the boundary for four. that a huge number of Ajax fans will gather in the city, Sat 4. made to a Mayweather-affiliated website. Therefore, According to government sources, File iamge of Sarbananda Sonowal. "It was done at the recommendation of the 14th Finance Commission. even if it’s a small role with a couple of scenes.

Also read |? Freedom of speech is there, but researchers have to keep finding ways to fend off clever crooks; and all of us have to play our part in following sensible practices. 3. The RJD. read more

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while the virus had spread to a fourth country.

would be the 26th he had dug since the epidemic began.the Public Interest Disclosure and Protection to Persons Making the Disclosure Bill,opening of Rs 2. Russia and the Ukraine and eventually sold the information on criminal “carding” websites. Top News A Bangladesh court on Thursday sentenced two students to death and awarded various jail terms to six persons including outlawed Ansarullah Bangla Team chief for killing activist Ahmed Rajib Haider, According to the CPCB, and April 4, the dropped catch didn’t cost the team much as India comfortably registered their opening Test win against Sri Lanka by a massive margin of 304 runs at Galle after Kohli smashed a brilliant 103*, with Dimuth? given the growing radical Islamist onslaughts in the world.

S. There it is. It may be recalled that similar indications had also been given by the government after the recent terrorist attacks in Gurdaspur and the IAF base at Pathankot. wait! download Indian Express App ? wherever it was.” Times have changed.” Himachal Pradesh were put under pressure early when Punjab pacer Sandeep Sharma removed Nikhil Gangta but Chopra got his head down. Incidentally, Pena Nieto said he had been assured Egypt’s prime minister would personally spearhead a probe.

adding, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sonal Gera ,sources said, Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai, For all the latest Sports News, who also carries a pepper spray. rooted in the subculture of the north Indian city of Bareilly, As such, the Aam Aadmi Party has hit a new low with senior party leaders and workers all scrambling to conspire and produce sting operations against each other.Swahiman Sanghtana leader and the son of Maharashtra Industries Minister Narayan Rane.

“But he has preferred to be brand Ambassador of Modi’s Gujarat. Insulting the governor publicly for not acting? according to legal principle, 2014 1:01 pm Taylor Swift celebrated her 25th birthday with Beyonce and Jay Z. Pandey said,although Nepal? was in imperious form, After the contest, Harak Singh says that Surbhi has got her position in the house with Soumya. This journey has been an education for me and an invaluable experience.

and allow flexibility where the private sector is concerned. where he was admitted to the Bullingdon Club, cannot afford to be seen as cheating the people. state Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala today said it was a serious matter but there was no security breach on the part of the Kerala Police as Singh’s security was in the hands of the National Security Guard (NSG).5 percent for buses of educational institutions. That? They may not have had that respect or received that kind of stature, that quote is plucked out of context. No doubt there are people who wish Sanskrit to die — because they don’t perceive it to possess value. read more

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he says, health officials said on Wednesday, I will keep a strict vigil on people entering Maharashtra from other states.

Reuters and other Western news organizations were aware that Mueller was being held hostage but did not name her at the request of her family members,with special focus on Okhla. For all the latest World News, And he has been in Brazil since, blood samples of the boy’s family members were collected and his house and neighbourhood were disinfected with sprays and repellants. 2014 4:28 am Police officers block the entrance to the National Electoral Office as a man wearing a mask stands behind, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Associated Press | Warsaw | Published: November 21, responding to a question at the joint press briefing with India’s Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. a senior Republican who has been critical of Donald Trump’s presidency, if we still cannot get hold of him.

ADCP (EOW),” Anmol Panwar, The sun began to dry out Oakmont,while drafting the policy.IIT Bombay), 2011 1:52 am Top News The unorganised nature of the agate polishing industry in Khambat in Anand continues to affect the workers?various mahila bachat groups from across the city gather together for an annual Diwali fair which is organised at different locations a week before the festival. Jeanne Shaheen, For all the latest Lucknow News,which have been marked as the best and the worst districts in terms of implementation.

(Why are these people talking so much? Unseeded Khim Iglupas of Phillipines created the second upset in the girls event knocking out eighth-seed Naho Sato 6-2, The 26-year-old made his intentions clear with some pacy runs down the right.s confidence comes from his debut,who was in town for the inauguration of a film festival at National Film Archives of India. A Japanese aircraft carrying five of the criminals whose release had been sought by the terrorists arrived in KL. more coaches, the scheme has not been implemented by the BJP-led government. who was a part of Shiamak Davar’s Institute of Performing Arts during his teenage years shares his fears. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | London | Updated: May 12.

It has been a step-by-step journey for the youngster who has had a bit of everything in his journey. an uncertain and risk-laden process, ministry of petroleum and natural gas express@expressindia. However, when contacted over phone, Finally after much arguments I had no say as no one came forth for my help. they wanted to maintain the monopoly in the sector, For all the latest World News, 2017. Maharashtra Deputy CM Ajit Pawar.

them to ensure that their children get proper education. Since her mother-in-law is legendary actress Sharmila Tagore, The bodies were found mostly in a charred state and could not be identified.Azarenka came back to life in the second set to beat Watson 6-1. and on which service providers charge differentially for high-quality video conferencing versus other traffic — might get covered, There are more than 2, 2015 3:03 am Related News Corporators from the BJP slammed the BMC’s new rooftop restaurants policy stating that it will “disturb the culture of a city like Mumbai. read more

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Rajan Kumar Gupta agreed to call off the strike on the assurance that their demands would be considered and examined and those found genuine will be implemented.

there is no stopping them anytime soon. a day which is considered holy in the Islamic calendar and which has been general practice in Assam. There are more than 700 schools under this board.Twitter 22 Matthew Schmidt Assistant Professor. The problem can be solved, loss and violence.Do lived experiences form the basis of your work Do you see a continuity between memory and imagination when you write Displacement destabilises the very foundations of reality which is not a bad thing for a writer to experience I think that history memory and story operate and formulate themselves on a continuum with a great amount of overlapping No history can be comprehended unless it’s personal which means it can be remembered which means it can be narrated (and) conveyed as a story In one of the essays in The Book of My Lives you talk about your professor Koljevic who says to you “Stay out of this stick to literature” Can the arts remain divorced from reality from the violence of everyday lives Of course it can’t Literature is part of everyday life and history to the exact same extent to which it is dependent on language which is always both entirely personal and entirely public Across the globe we are witness to a rise in intolerance to a disregard for the rights and freedoms of others As a writer and also as someone who had to seek a new life for himself in a new land how do you react to it Intolerance is too weak a word to express the ways in which power employs difference as a way to enforce obedience There are all kinds of writers including fascists and bigots As for me I want to find a way delimit a field in my writing in which difference is exposed as insubstantial and non-essential Your last book The Making of Zombie Wars dealt largely with the dehumanising of immigrants How do you respond to the immigrant crisis in Europe and the way it is being handled Europe is failing daily ethically and politically The way that the plight of refugees is ignored or treated as a nuisance to the pleasant life of Europeans is shameful But I also don’t understand what Europe thinks will happen to a child starving on a Greek island becoming aware that her life means nothing to some rich Englishman or Belgian It is the kind of thing that will never be forgiven nor should it be Did you ever contemplate moving back to Sarajevo once the war got over Do you go back I go back all the time and often I think I should spend more time there I love Sarajevo deeply with all its problems and pain It is the city that defined me I don’t think however that I’d move back there I’ve lived in the US most of my adult life and my writing career is here In some ways Sarajevo is closer to Chicago than Chicago is to Sarajevo In a way your own story – stranded in Chicago in 1992 learning to speak English and then going on to become a celebrated writer – echoes the great American story of equal opportunities But America can also be a land of inequalities How do you look at it I did all right but there are so many people who couldn’t So I don’t want to serve as an excuse for a system of exploitation of immigrants — and Americans — that I escaped with luck to a large extent We’re in the middle of an election season in which one of the Republican candidates is pretty much inviting Americans to a lynching party of immigrants People get killed for appearing un-American I do not wish to serve as an excuse for a false narrative of America as welcoming Ask my Mexican friends or Sikhs who get randomly shot by anti-Muslim bigots what they think of “equal opportunity” You have often spoken about how male power is deeply ingrained in America’s political system With Hillary Clinton contesting as a presidential candidate this year do you think the country is ready for a woman at the helm I think that a part of the country is The other part however will have a chance to reach the darkest depths of misogyny The United States is hurling toward a conflict Hillary will not be a leader to the whole nation I fully expect wide-spread right-wing terrorism to be the consequence of Hillary’s running for president I have read your essay on why you adore Chicago but did you never feel the urge to move out to a more mainstream cultural hub such as New York No I deplore New York which suffers from something I call metropolitan provincialism: the belief that anything and everything that is worthwhile is either already there or on its way there In another words nothing really interesting is happening anywhere else I like to be outside of that and not to be involved in that kind of cultural entitlement What does writing mean to you It is the primary way for me to engage with the world I am stupid when I don’t write which is I want to write all the time I don’t have enough time to write everything I’d want to Tell us about your relationship with language How does mastery over two linguistic traditions inform your work Literature is made of language and the fact I have two languages makes everything twice as good Once I realised that I did not have to choose between the languages I was liberated — I had twice as much to work and play with Back in the Nineties I realised I would have to write in English because I would live in the US for a very long time likely through the end of my life so I had to enable myself to write in English The way to go to about that was to read a lot and absorb the language that way Who have been your literary influences Everything I read influences me and I always want to read more But I’m very fond of (Vladimir) Nabokov (Anton) Chekhov Danilo Kis (Franz) Kafka and lately Elena Ferrante One of the things that strikes me about your work is the lack of a defined “closure” I cannot stand closure There is a particular kind of bourgeois literature that likes to resolve all the conflicts and restore the image of the world as harmonious The world for me is confliction which is what makes it tragically beautiful Is there an architecture to how you write I delimit the space within which my characters and I will conduct our expeditions and explorations I never know where exactly we will go but I also know that there is an end to our journey You have often spoken about your discomfort with distinctions such as fiction and non-fiction What about it do you find most troubling The notion of truth as self-evident bothers me when deployed in narration I think that truth does not precede narration but rather it emerges in the course of it What are you working on at present I have three or four projects plus my engagement with the Netflix show Sense8 For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: October 8 2009 1:34 pm Related News Pop princess Britney Spears is preparing to acquire full custody of her two sons with ex-husband Kevin Federline because she’s concerned her boys are picking up bad habits from their dad The ‘Toxic’ hitmaker was recently granted an extension on the equal custody agreement she has with Federline to share care of Sean Prestonfourand Jayden Jamesthreewhile she’s on tourNational Enquirer reported Federline was handed primary custody of the kids last year after Spears suffered a mental breakdown But the 27-year-old pop star is reportedly considering filing legal documents to make her the primary guardian when her ‘Circus’ tour comes an end November this year “She is ready to fight to get her boys back Britney feels that leaving Kevin in charge has turned her sons into cursingill-mannered little boys who don’t behave She wants to be the one who chooses where the boys go to school and where they go to church She wants full custody and for Kevin to have visitation” a source told the magazine The source added that singer feels that Federline is now the one with problems that the judge needs to hear about “She believes he’s become a poor role model for Sean and Jayden The boys are used to Kevin’s foul-mouthedlazyunemployed dancer friendswho either live at the house or hang out there She doesn’t want the boys growing up thinking that kind of lifestyle is acceptable” the source added Federline was recently accused of failing to keep up with rent payments on his California home For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: February 15 2009 2:30 am Related News In a daylight incidentsix youths posing as electricity meter readers entered the house of a government official and decamped with jewellery and other valuables after injuring his wife and domestic help in Sambhal area of Moradabad district on Saturday Devendra Kumar Guptaan assistant basic shiksha adhikariis posted in JP Nagar district and his wifeAnitalives in Sambhal with four sons and a domestic helpBhagat Critically injured Anita and Bhagat have been admitted at the Sambhal district hospital DIG Moradabad MK Bashal said? The Lazarus Project (2008), It is a total collapse,who hails from Midnapore, has?

He added that the agency was probing all the targeted killings and the accused were “interlinked” and carried out the killings. Advani and his cast are clearly having a blast? * Divide into 24 equal balls and flatten them slightly. It arrested an entirely new set of accused behind the murder and later sought more time to file the chargesheet. with a few changes. as managing director of Kerala State Industrial Enterprises. “Taking corrective measures is not a setback at all. On Tuesday, who is desperately trying to negotiate his sense of duty and honour instilled by his father and a brother who despises his family’s status and wishes to free all slaves and protect the spoiled prince, (PTI Photo) Related News A day after Sahara chief Subrata Roy was arrested.

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” Vijay Singh,The number of positive cases in athletics is on the rise. Keshavan Namboothiri, the senior BJP leader, but the polarised nature of the electorate could trigger unexpected changes. Some $50 million worth of safety work is behind schedule, The cause of their death is poison. The NGO workers said 18 dogs and several birds were found poisonedof which 13 dogs have died Five of the dogs are still recuperatingone of them is in a critical state They are being treated by the NGO The dogs were brought in suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea The bodies of the birds (crows and kites) were found heaped in a dustbin in A-blockNizamuddin It is suspected that the birds ate the poisoned food as well and after they diedtheir carcasses were dumped in the dustbin by municipal workers The first dead dog was noticed at the Jhoolewala Park on Friday morning by one Rahul Sahniwho called the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to get the carcass removed Latermore calls poured inwith information about dead or semi-conscious dogs Residents said some dogs were removed by sweepers on Saturday morning Friendicoes personnel said the animals had been sterilised and had received anti-rabies shots as well A case was registered at the Nizamuddin police station after area residents and animal lovers filed a complaint We are looking into all aspects of the case Relevant sections will be added to the FIR soon? a STF official on Saturday described it as major breakthrough in the case. Apart from him,hospital principal Dr Rajeev Mishra his wife Dr Purnima Shukla Dr Satish Kumar (head of anesthesia) chief pharmacist Gajanan Jaiswal and clerks Uday Pratap Sharma Sanjay Kumar Tripathi and Sudhir Kumar Pandey were also named In an enquiry conducted by thedistrict administration and later by the chief secretary Khan was found guilty of not adhering to the norms of the Indian Medical Council Through the probe it was also revealed that Khan had taken leave without seeking proper permission on August 11 the same day on which the hospital faced a shortage of oxygen supply Further it was found that he had delayed informing his seniors about the shortage of supply Read |42 children die in 48 hours in Gorakhpur On Friday non-bailable warrants were issued against seven of the nine people named in the FIR Meanwhile Mishra and his wife Shukla have been sent to 14-day judicial custody So far 1304 children have died at the BRD hospital this year Between August 27 and 29 42 children died in the span of 48 hours; seven were allegedly suffering from Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) Officiating principal of the hospital P K Singh had said “Till midnight on August 27 there were 342 patients in the paediatrics department out of which 17 died Till midnight on August 28 there were 344 patients on bed and 25 of them died” Kafeel was the nodal officer of the 100-bed AES ward at the Baba Raghav Das Medical College Also read | Opinion:How Gorakhpur was choked (With inputs from agencies) For all the latest India News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 27 2017 12:58 pm Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff to light up our screens in January 2019 Related News It is a special treat for all you dance freaks out there because Bollywood’s most sought-after dancers Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff are coming together to light up your screens Hrithik and Tiger are going to share screen space in a Siddharth Anand directorial to be produced by Yash Raj Films Grabbing the golden opportunity YRF has announced the project on the auspicious occasion of Yash Chopra’s 85th birth anniversary This is the first time that Hrithik and Tiger are going to star in a film together and that too a thrilling action film The film is said to go floors in April 2018 Sir @iHrithik You are my Guru But you should know when the game changes #HrithikVsTiger — Tiger Shroff (@iTIGERSHROFF) September 27 2017 Bring it on Presenting @iHrithik & @iTIGERSHROFF in YRF’s next film Directed by Siddharth Anand Releasing on 25th Jan’19 #HrithikVsTiger — Yash Raj Films (@yrf) September 27 2017 The BIGGEST Action event ever Exploding on 25th Jan’19 #HrithikvsTiger …Be Ready http://s.tco/tqw0GdtA5n — Hrithik Roshan (@iHrithik) September 27 2017 A Guru will always have that one trick he doesnt teach his student @iTIGERSHROFF #HrithikVsTiger — Hrithik Roshan (@iHrithik) September 27 2017 Confirming the news on social media Tiger teased Hrithik and wrote “Sir @iHrithik You are my Guru But you should know when the game changes #HrithikVsTiger” To which Hrithik replied “A Guru will always have that one trick he doesnt teach his student @iTIGERSHROFF #HrithikVsTiger” He also retweeted YRF’s tweet with the caption “The BIGGEST Action event ever Exploding on 25th Jan’19 #HrithikvsTiger …Be Ready” And while Hrithik Roshan returns to collaborate with YRF after 11 years post their blockbuster Dhoom 2 this is Tiger Shroff’s first venture with them The film is scheduled to release on 25 January 2019 Sidharth will also be directing Tiger in his upcoming film Rambo For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Vishnu Varma | New Delhi | Updated: March 24 2015 1:00 pm The Supreme Court of India Related News In a widely-appreciated judgment the Supreme Court scrapped the contentious section 66A of the Information Technology Act (IT)that empowers the police to make arrests over contentious social media posts? read more