How to develop cultural industry in Xiamen

cultural industry in life, involving a very wide range of. According to the characteristics of the region, to give full play to their own advantages, the development of cultural industries, not only conducive to further promote the local culture, but also effectively promote the development of the economy.

Xiamen is the art of calligraphy and painting, cultural and creative as the foundation, vigorously develop the cultural industry, from April onwards, we open up "for series of reports of Xiamen art district", continuous depth visited Xiamen major art area, sort out the most intensive and most of life, the range of International Art District, from a the reflection of the development of Xiamen cultural industry in recent years. read more

Cosmetics stores to survive in order to retain customers

to prevent the loss of customers, can make the shop business is more prosperous, this is especially important for cosmetic shops. In the face of severe competition pressure, many cosmetics stores have encountered the phenomenon of customer churn. How to prevent the loss of customers? Let’s take a look.

1, to enhance the image of the store, to attract customers into the store initiative interest!

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Beauty salon decoration design need to pay attention to these points

The ability of decoration design

beauty salon is the test of a business, want to quickly capture the market, it would have to do a good job in every detail, first in the decoration will give a very comfortable feeling, people find everything fresh and new, successful people are able to attract consumers into the store.

1, improve the background of the beauty salon

refers to the background conditions include: air quality, temperature, temperature, ventilation, noise, atmosphere and cleanliness. This is the beauty salon must first improve the conditions. read more

Pay attention to three points to do a good job of cigarette Festival display

different time, for the display of the product will have different requirements, especially during the holiday season, want to do a good job in sales, but also need to work on the display. Do a good job in cigarette display plays a vital role in the operation of cigarettes. In particular, the holiday sales season, but also to seize the favorable opportunity, innovative display, good holiday display three focus to enhance the ability to sell cigarettes, expanding holiday profits.

is a celebration of tobacco with centralized display. During the holiday season, consumers are eager to get festive atmosphere, so you can choose to use smoke festive showcase area set up in store, the packaging is colorful, festive cigarette smoke cabinet placed in the most eye-catching, and have great originality design, through the Liefu color and shape to help Chen factors, creating a strong atmosphere for the holiday consumers. read more

Good entrepreneurial projects up to 100 million support

good business projects have high quality of entrepreneurship, met a good entrepreneurial projects, the policy is need to give more support, therefore, in Chongqing entrepreneurship competition, maximum 100 million support, with this awesome encouragement, I believe there will be many technology start-ups in response.

"good entrepreneurial project participants, maximum 100 million yuan of funds to support." Yesterday, sponsored by the China Investment Association’s "2016 Chongqing Internet industry conference and the sixteenth China all project · listed dream show" activities in Chongqing Yuelai International Conference Center, the good entrepreneurial projects to support. read more

Download, community, group…… After the excitement, Chen Yizhou seems to think what to do

Abstract: over the past year, Chen Yizhou and Lei Jun met several times in Wuhan University Department of computer they have done half of the students. Maybe he wanted to copy the Lei then mode: to do a few years to find suitable investment horizons, then run up their runway.

if you can travel through time and space, ChinaRen founder Chen Yizhou met Renren CEO Chen Yizhou, he will ask what the backward


, tell me what you’ve got. I promise I won’t step on it." Chen Yizhou laughed. read more

The restless 618 electricity supplier price war, in whose heart hurt

in June 18th, is a Jingdong store anniversary day, from the beginning of last year, it seems 618 is not only the anniversary of Jingdong, is the price war between the electricity supplier chiefs. Compared with last year, tomorrow seems to be more lively, because this year’s slogan is very interesting, the Jingdong "do", Suning’s "stop", "hush", fast and easy net "don’t blow", the United States online "don’t act" to Tmall’s "don’t", who is this buy a single, restless price war end whose heart hurt read more

Website promotion tactics to promote the site with 360 security guards

The latest version of the

360 security guards to provide customized function, through the function, any user can easily customize the 360 security guards and a personal version of the installation program, after installation, the main interface for the software can show our blogs, picture, photo album.

if you have your own website or blog, with the function of 360 security guards to carry out the promotion is really good, because the promotion of this is not a "hard plug", in the propaganda of the site at the same time, it can also bring security for users of the computer security, kill two birds with one stone. read more

Which one is the cross-border electricity supplier summit in your heart. God Goddess

today to talk about a lighter topic, who is the goddess of God in your heart?

I do not know from what time, the male god goddess big coffee these words like water dilution, no matter be filled with nothing can be said. In the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier meeting today, various kinds of large coffee also emerge in an endless stream, everywhere, of course, the meeting is obviously uneven quality.

as a low-key luxury connotation of the sea trade, but to focus on doing high-end atmosphere class meeting. Well, words that are chicken ribs, keep calm, these figures should let you know what is the real big coffee industry ~ read more

2015, do micro business, tell you what to sell to make money!

2014 has passed, recalling that in 2014 the electricity supplier industry, can be said to be rash and too much in haste. Ali eleven hit a record turnover of 57 billion 100 million, once again proved the dominant position in the field of electricity providers. But on the thirty night, the Tencent of WeChat, will attack again, if 11 billion times the record, once again proved that the social leading position only penguins to sit.

Although the 2014

business, Ali still firmly secured the top spot, but as users in most mobile applications, micro WeChat force should not be overlooked. read more

Micro disk, fast disk have been adjusted, in addition to jurisprudence is also the problem of money

25, micro disk announced that it will adjust the service function from now on, to stop the storage of ordinary users.

26, fast disk also announced the cessation of individual user storage services, all user data will be retained until June 30, 2016.

recent adjustment, are referred to with the regulatory authorities of SkyDrive special rectification action ", the earlier SkyDrive 115 and SkyDrive UC adjustment may also be considered and the relevant jurisprudence. This indicates that the relevant departments to further strengthen the supervision of network content, the network environment will be further purification. read more

SNS cleverly placed B2B vertical fine differentiation is the trend

SNS popular Internet has several years, people for his familiarity are from Facebook to 51.Com, grow with each passing day, happy net, from "" launched the "white society" to " net" on the gang, launched the idea of SNS joy, imitating Buddha everywhere, not only the beach quietly large web sites, but subtly show people a new life attitude, Shirupozhu development. So insiders said that the rise of the SNS boom is revealing a new historical mission of the information age. read more

Black storm cross-border tax just full moon has been scouring the sea swept

tide, before we know who is swimming naked.

remember a month ago, babe network threatened to "empty warehouse", Mak purchase tax-free snapped, more cross-border electronic business platform is also on the "tax reform" under the banner of "crazy node clearance sale, do not buy the price!" slogan to encourage consumers to order.

they did not expect is that this may be the last large-scale sea Amoy collective carnival.

May 8th, the formal implementation of the new tax reform from the cross-border electricity supplier has "full moon". This month, there are a number of tax policy is like a swing, wave tide, scouring the sea Amoy entrepreneurs heart. read more