Five people must know the unspoken rule of WangzhuanWhat’s worth buying the parent company applied f

worth buying technology, said in the prospectus, the company’s current profit model is mainly to carry out information promotion services, sea Amoy purchasing platform services and Internet effect marketing platform services three major categories of business. Generally speaking, promotion and access to information services revenue through actual implementation includes transaction to goods or services for the business, the brand’s commission income, and by providing advertising for display advertising revenue; sea Amoy purchasing service platform by helping clients in overseas business, brands official website to buy goods, in accordance with the actual goods the amount of the transaction charge a certain percentage of the service fee; Internet marketing platform to provide CPS services through the effect of advertising business, charge fees for technical services for all types of media. read more

Stationmaster should how to write the original article that belongs to oneself

do webmaster all know the importance of the original article, in fact it is true. Original content is not only easier to obtain higher weights in search engines, but also the original content of our website’s competitiveness. But in fact, the original content at some time for the webmaster, there are still some difficulties, and sometimes do not know what to write, sometimes the original written out, but readability is not very good. There is more to write, and it takes a long time to write the next one. I think, for the webmaster, writing original is a basic ability, whether in content updates, or in the soft writing. We should practice more and strengthen our ability in this field. This article summarizes my experience, I hope to bring some inspiration to the webmaster. read more

Five sills in the development of SEOer

six months ago, I wrote several levels of Chinese SEOer. What kind of class do you belong to? After that, many friends added me to QQ to help them understand their own level. Today, the 5 threshold in the SEOer development process is actually a record of KYW’s mental maturity on the SEO road. I hope it will be useful to friends who are interested in making progress on the SEO road.

below is the psychological change of KYW at different times (this article says mental state, not SEO technology). read more

Regional web sites have the advantage of localization, O2O, data marketing

data marketing for regionalization sites and localization of O2O advantages are very obvious. Local portal site data marketing, is the local user data collection, filtering, application, analysis based on such techniques, through online and offline interaction, and help its customized marketing strategy, improve the marketing level, and websites and incremental.

big data marketing is the current Internet raised new fields and concepts, the significance of speculation is greater than the practical significance. Many webmaster and Internet people all seems to be played as cheerful as a lark, chicken, and forget what countless concepts before being piled bones model. We must fully understand the essence of new things, not the obsession with superficial concepts. read more

Baidu founder Robin Li not working for capital

before returning home, far away in the United States, Silicon Valley, Robin Li is enjoying his career, I think all kinds of flowers are also very happy."

as an engineer, Robin Li’s 8 year career in the United States is undoubtedly a success. He took the road. Jones Company senior consultant, the Wall Street Journal online edition of real-time financial information system designers, as well as internationally renowned Internet companies -INFOSEEK senior engineer. He is the way. Jones Company designed real-time financial system, so far has been widely used in the major companies of Wall Street website. read more

17 year old girl Wang Kaixin successful entrepreneurial net worth ten million

What are you doing at the age of

17, sitting in the classroom listening to the teacher in the mobile phone secretly playing with it, our 17 year olds are the same, that is to go to school, but there is a 17 year old girl she has been through their own efforts worth more than ten million, is not dare to believe, this is absolutely true. Her name is Wang Kai xin.

was a space high school student   mediocre but the idea of novel

Wang Kai Xin was a student of Xi’an aerospace high school. Log in Xi’an city space middle school official website, home page will be able to see the photo of Wang Kaixin, at the same time with the text in a female president airlines". read more

GEM companies to disclose the annual report seven high growth performance

2015 stock market turbulence, only the gem has a good score, recently, the gem company annual report disclosure, 70% companies have a high growth performance, which is an innovation and Entrepreneurship of the golden age"!

2015 annual report disclosure drama is staged, which gem performance is not good. According to statistics, as of March 28th, a total of 155 GEM listed companies released the 2015 annual performance report, the net profit year-on-year growth of 110, accounting for 70.97%, net profit rose more than 100% 21. read more

Join the most popular dessert dessert Hui Lau Shan

entrepreneurial success of course, choose to join the project with strength. Hui Lau Shan dessert? Quality of the project, the success of venture worthy of trust. Join the Hui Lau Shan dessert? Very advantageous choice. So, entrepreneurs may choose to join the Hui Lau Shan dessert?

Hui Lau Shan dessert, the most popular dessert dessert Hui Lau Shan practice tutorial eat dessert in Shenzhen belong to the Hui Lau Shan, of desert and several most fire. But a small number of dozens of little. In fact, these desserts can do at home, you can get ten dollars. And more healthy oh. Perhaps the most popular small finishing Lau Shan several desserts, learn it quickly. read more

The first annual meeting of China’s media integration and Development held in Qingdao and other 11 c

In September 11th, with the "new media new integration and new breakthrough" as the theme of the first China media integration and development of the second session of China’s new media development conference held in Qingdao. A total of more than and 160 mainstream media executives and newspaper experts to explore the development of media convergence. Xining and other 11 cities, live China to take the Silk Road, the country’s first large-scale media relay live broadcast activities started on the same day. read more

Xining Local Taxation Bureau to set up a joint collection of vehicle and vessel tax checkpoint Secur

Qinghai News Network on April 1st, the reporter in Xining City, a joint collection of vehicle and vessel tax points to see, many motor vehicle owners here to pay the vehicle tax. On the same day, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau car tax collection point settled in Xining city vehicle safety testing center and formally began to collect vehicle tax.

the past two years, the travel tax levy and a charge of Regional Compulsory Insurance Department levied, due to the special nature of the collection of objects and time, many districts of levy work ineffective, law enforcement is not enough, affected the normal travel tax levy. To change this situation, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau and Local Taxation Bureau commissioned East vehicle inspection center set up a joint collection of fixed points, to ensure the effective travel tax levy, Xining city vehicle test center of Xining city is the only travel tax collection tax deduction obligor. At the same time, Xining District, county, the local tax authorities no longer accept the taxpayer to pay the tax declaration, the insurance business outlets no longer perform duties on behalf of the collection of tax. read more

Xining City, take measures to guarantee the orderly entrance examination security

this year, Xining City, a total of 15532 students enrolled in the college entrance examination, the city has set up 16 511 exam test sites; June 17th to 19 at the senior high school entrance examination, a total of 22801 students participated in setting up a total of 26 770 exam test sites, among them, 12 urban 383 exam test sites, three counties and 14 sites 387 room. According to the national, the province’s entrance examination work safety teleconference requirements, Xining will take five measures to protect the city’s high, safe and orderly conduct of the test. read more

The socialism with Chinese characteristics is full of vigor and vitality in Qinghai

in "12th Five-Year" glorious chapter, political construction is like a loud note, integrate into Qinghai across the economic and social development of the heroic movement, for the development of various undertakings in Qinghai savings inexhaustible power.

for five years, the provincial government has always adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party and the socialist system Chinese always unswervingly strengthen road confidence, theory system of self-confidence and self-confidence, not for anything to fear, not confused by any interference, firmly grasp the correct political direction, make Chinese socialism firmly rooted in the land of Qinghai, economy and society in Qinghai the cause has made great progress. read more

2011 Xining environmental protection special action highlights six key points

According to the deployment of the national environmental protection special action in 2011, Xining environmental protection special action highlights six priorities: first, focus on remediation of key industries, key areas of heavy metal pollution

in accordance with the arrangements for the deployment of the national environmental protection special action in 2011, Xining environmental protection special action to highlight six key points: is a focus on remediation key industries, key areas of heavy metal pollution. two is a comprehensive investigation of the lead-acid battery industry in and the environmental problems of waste electronic materials enterprises. three is to further increase the intensity of emission reduction of key industries, strengthen the effectiveness of pollution reduction. four is the to carry out the comprehensive improvement of key regional environment, to further improve the quality of key regional environmental. five is seriously carry out look back work, focusing on combing the 2010 special rectification of environmental problems found. six is an effective solution to the environmental problems in the area of repeated complaints from the masses, to protect the health of the masses of the people .     read more