The good faith management to help the store through

due to the reasons for competition, almost no one shop business will be smooth sailing, what concerns are not, and even many shops are facing difficulties. How to overcome these difficulties, it has become a problem plagued operators. In this paper, the small series of the case is introduced because the owner of the integrity of the business, so as to help the shop through the storm.

90 in the early 1990s, his wife conceived a child, in order to take care of their loved ones, I had to give up the construction of the old line. In order to make a living, I opened a department store. But at that time, is also catching up with the restructuring of enterprises, set off the climax of the whole business, department stores because the threshold is low, but also the first choice of entrepreneurship, the degree of competition can be imagined. At the beginning, the business is not good to do, there is also a popular among retail buyers, sellers do not have more argument. But no matter whether the business is good or bad, I put the "integrity" in the first place, which is also a success for the future business, laid a good foundation. read more

Huangzhong six systems to promote the role of the party to achieve normalization

In order to give full play to the role of the party’s term of office, smooth the party to reflect the social situation and public opinion, the county to establish six systems for the party to perform their duties, play a role in providing institutional protection

in order to give full play to the role of the term of office of the party representative, smooth the party to reflect the social situation and public opinion, the county to establish six systems for the party to perform their duties, play a role in providing institutional protection. read more

Sarah Rotman and Mark Cuban’s proposal

successful business proposal, just for entrepreneurs, it is necessary to look more. It is like a compass to show you the way to success. Next, let’s look at the advertising company founder Sara · Rotman and billionaire · the entrepreneurial proposal of the.

  "the best advice I ever received came from my first accountant, when I was discussing how to create my company." The advertising agency MODCo (with its customers in Wang Weila (Vera  Wang), pure faith (True  Religion) and Tang Qi Park (Tory  Burch)) founder Rotman said, "we are talking about my business plan, and to borrow much money to create a business, she said: as long as you have wisely enough cash, can barely survive can do;   not a lot of money to make you feel comfortable so much. It’s important to be afraid from the start."

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What are the 6 most popular projects in 2014

now the economy is more developed, more and more opportunities, each have entrepreneurial dreams of friends are not without entrepreneurial opportunities. What are the popular business opportunities in 2014? For this problem, Xiaobian for everyone to recommend 6 entrepreneurial projects, good business opportunities can not be missed, come and see!

2014 hot business opportunities? Boutique shop. Car model is to reduce the proportion of a car in accordance with a certain proportion of the production of a fine arts and crafts. The main types of metal, wood, plastic, crystal and other materials. The project site should be in a more prosperous business district, the store 20 square meters, the internal decoration can be simple. Rent, plus the first batch of 20 thousand yuan renovation, liquidity of $10 thousand, a total investment of about $40 thousand to open business. read more

How about the tea shop How to increase profitability

2016 how to choose catering business? With blank market opportunities, vigorously promote the spirit of these years, many investors recognized, so how to join the project management of tribute tea business success? Surely entrepreneurs in order to succeed entrepreneurship is to pay a lot of energy. There are many reasons for successful entrepreneurship, the ability to master the most important skills.

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Anti theft alarm list of the top ten brands

is now the rapid development of society, the economy is good, superb technology, however, a variety of unstable social risk factors still exist, so that the market has ushered in a good opportunity for the development of anti-theft alarm. Anti theft alarm, once the event occurs, you can through the sound and light alarm or electronic map of the location of duty officers on duty, so as to take prompt measures. The anti-theft alarm control system, the host and the import and export of closed-circuit television monitoring system, intercom system and electronic patrol system with a security system. read more

15 years of these LED products are hot explosion models

LED for people to open a new era of lighting, LED lighting products because of more energy saving and environmental protection, has been recognized by the community. "Internet plus" is that the LED industry more imagination. The development of the electricity supplier gradually mature, and the "Internet plus" has given more business connotation. The data show that this year, relying on the Internet channel sales growth rate higher than the store.

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The Chongqing Municipal Airport Business Incubator research deeply

China fourth start-ups coming in business in the army, occupy the largest proportion is the founder of grassroots entrepreneurs of small and micro business enterprises, to support the important choice of Small and micro businesses as the country to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship entrepreneurial construction.

11 5 July, the Chongqing municipal Party Committee Organization member member of the research enterprise, Chongqing airport business incubators, and the establishment of the first Chongqing DAB boost "public entrepreneurship, innovation" at the base of the practice base, take practical action to implement the spirit of the the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. read more

What are the details of the three shops

it’s an easy thing to have the idea of a shop. However, if you want to put this idea into practical action, the various problems will be difficult to imagine. In short, if you want to successfully set up shop, you need to pay attention to a variety of details. Among them, there are three important details. So, what are the details of the three shops?

site to pay attention to the details: for the shop, the place is king. Good location has many things in common, such as population mobility, downtown area of the downtown area, convenient transportation, so choose a good place to have the following 7 conditions: 1 crowd flow: ordinary, holiday and Sunday night, the proportion of people. 2 car flow: car, motorcycle traffic. 3 transport hub: current and future may increase or decrease transport tools. read more

Daily topic watercress launched watercress application integration layout mobile terminal

A5 webmaster network ( August 4th news, recently launched a watercress watercress called APP inside. Before this bean has released a "read watercress, watercress, watercress, watercress movie FM, watercress moment and 13 applications, and the introduction of" bean "from the name it is a daydream, watercress APP integration to


it is understood that watercress APP is divided into several major categories: TV, movies, books, records, activities. More emphasis on information search and query tools, bringing together the pan’s film, television, books, music and other kinds of rating comments. In addition, watercress APP and PC version is different. Can not buy tickets, there is no book electricity supplier to buy links and so on, which presents the functionality for the user, but also has 13 watercress APP no content. read more

The difference between the poor and rich

Rich and poor

in this paper not only refers to the money, more refers to spirit, poor webmaster mentioned in this article are those who do not seriously for the station and abusive DC, do not blindly.

I have studied a lot of websites, know a lot of webmaster, I found that the difference between poor and rich webmaster is very small, it is because of these small differences, resulting in their income difference. Here I write these findings, I hope to be able to give the head of the complaints are inspired. read more

IResearch said China’s domain name market revenue reached 800 million yuan CN domain name has been c

December 1st morning news, iResearch released today "2008-2009 China domain hosting market development report", the report shows that in 2008 the Chinese domain name market revenue size of 800 million yuan, an increase of 25.4% compared to 2007. The report also pointed out that with the end of the CN domain name of 1 yuan experience activities, its popularity has plummeted.

08 China domain name market revenue of $800 million

report pointed out that since 2007 to promote CN domain 1 yuan experience activities, the number of Chinese domain names will increase significantly. At the same time, the 08 Beijing Olympics and held the national informatization process proposed to accelerate the development of the market, the relevant domain name service market China revenue to maintain rapid growth, in 2008 the income scale is 800 million yuan, an increase of 25.4% compared to 2007. read more