The best position of product display to It differs from man to man.

for the display of goods, I believe that almost every owner should know that this is the work we need to pay attention to. Read an article, said the best place for commodity display is parallel to the line of sight, so I usually pay more attention to the display of goods in this regard skills. However, even if I pay special attention to, sometimes it will inevitably make mistakes.

because most of the leisure food is the favorite of children and women, usually I will put them together to display, the height of the shelves are basically the following 5 – that is, when I walk the line of sight can look down to the location. On that day, the new store a recent fire children commodity — Trolltech eggs. This is a delicious and fun leisure goods, divided into boys and girls version, did not purchase a lot of children come to my store to find. read more

Small shops in the face of competition in the big market how to do

small shops generally do is a radius of a few miles of business, because the service area is limited, therefore, a large number of small shops. However, the times are different. Any profitable place, businesses will yiyongershang. Large shopping malls with strong financial resources, large scale, full range of goods and other advantages, to the surrounding small shops have brought tremendous pressure. With the intensification of competition, once the introduction of large shopping malls promotional activities, customers will soon gather to the mall, resulting in a small shop around the source of tourists, business increasingly difficult to do. In the face of big market menacing pressure, how to deal with the small shops, to attract tourists guaranteed income, so as to survive? read more

Innovation environment excellence

every brand, every start-up companies are behind a group of people struggling to innovate. Entrepreneurship is not an easy thing, but in order to pursue a more meaningful life, more people still dream of getting rich.

3 30, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Xining branch opened for the four anniversary. Four years before, four years of fruitful, four years in history, just a moment, just yet, for the Shanghai Pudong Development Xining branch, is a full of opportunity, hard work and dedication of the entrepreneurial process. read more

Xining North sound hit the city to assess the cumulative number of tests

at present, the creation of the city assessment and inspection work is being carried out in full swing, north of the city of Xining from the ten aspects of the city to create a sound assessment of the cumulative number of inspection work, a solid, comprehensive assessment of the city set off a climax.

north of the city of Xining district with the national assessment of nine key work, in-depth area residents to create a national civilized city propaganda and popularization of basic knowledge, introduces a city work target, a city Huimin measures to guide "fill in the survey area north of the city of Xining City home civilized city assessment questionnaire", and strive to enhance public awareness, a city work participation rate and support; volunteers to carry out a city civilization etiquette, public civilization guide, civilized traffic, network culture volunteer activities, focusing on spitting in public places, ran the red light, littering and other uncivilized behavior supervision and guidance, improve the quality of public culture, foster civilized behavior. read more

West handed an anti four winds account

Reporters from the West District educational practice summary meeting learned that since the campaign started, West District, effectively enhance the management and administration of the party consciousness, implement the responsibility to manage the party rule, to the people of the region has made a clear account of the anti four winds. New weather, new change activities, rectify the party conduct, won the party and the people. Since the style to improve the image to enhance the first batch, the second batch of educational practice activities, the overall evaluation of the region’s activities as "good" accounted for 98% of all Party members and cadres through study, improve the understanding, to further strengthen the ideals and beliefs. In four the wind, effective regulation of the next batch of four wind problems, the region where the compression conference documents, simplify the official reception, issued a number of year-on-year decrease of 8%, with 25% year-on-year decline reduce meeting, cancel, decentralization, with 14 administrative approval, qingtui exceed the standard office space area of 570 square meters. "Three expenditures fell 20%. Since the enact change in solving problems through activities, enact reform legislation, the party organizations at all levels in solving all kinds of problems 847, accounting for 83% out of the problem, a number of masses of employment, social security, the "Old San" hospital building management, landless farmers endowment insurance and other issues have been effectively solve. A number of years of land acquisition and demolition, letters and visits involving conflicts and problems have been basically resolved. Party members and cadres at all levels of the working party members into the community activities in the implementation of the "double 1/3" method, a total of 1023 party members and cadres to take the initiative to claim community service jobs, twinning 514, five linkage in the long-term mechanism, build a lianxinqiao government service of the masses. It is reported that the style of construction work as a normal, educational practice in the second batch of the final stage, West District will continue to improve the vertical linkage, cohesion and cooperation, to jointly promote the endless, the style of the building as the normal work, at the same time, to find out the rectification problem in the linkage, serious research measures on the problems of the masses. The classified guidance, the upper and lower convergence drives into promote the development of the baton, efforts to build a new pattern of positive interaction, the overall advancement of the.   read more

Recently, the Municipal Bureau of commerce organization personnel to carry out security checks on ke

To strengthen the work of production safety supervision, trade circulation enterprises focus recently, organization of the Municipal Bureau of commerce related offices and City District Work Safety Supervision Bureau staff of Wangfujing Department Store Co. Ltd., West Street Department Store Co., Ltd. department store grand cross trade flow enterprises in the management of production safety inspection

to strengthen the work of production safety supervision, trade circulation enterprises focus on the organization recently, the Municipal Bureau of commerce related offices and City Area Safety Supervision Bureau staff in the management work of production safety inspection of commercial enterprises Co. Ltd., West Street, Wangfujing Department Store Department Store Co., Ltd. department store grand cross. Focus on checking whether the enterprise security agencies sound, security system is perfect, whether the security facilities are intact, the implementation of contingency plans. read more

Another technological innovation project in our province

to accelerate the Internet of things and other new generation of information technology in the field of industrial production, the active response to the difficult situation of electrolytic aluminum industry, help manufacturers to improve quality, reduce costs, increase efficiency. Recently, the northwest Internet of things Polytron Technologies Inc invested 48 million 600 thousand yuan, research and development of the province’s first aluminum extrusion quality comprehensive testing system. read more

What are the advantages of JACK&JONES men’s franchise

men’s franchise project selection, has been a very hot choice. JACK&JONES Mens? High quality men’s franchise project, for entrepreneurs, no doubt, is a very powerful choice. Successful venture, to choose to join JACK&JONES men?

JACK & JACK&JONES JONES men’s clothing is designed for men aged 18 to 30 who like casual, fashion and fashion. JACK & design of JACK&JONES JONES to cater to the international metropolis men’s quality of life, they love a unique, sharp and simple style, at the same time, the use of high-quality and innovative fashion fabric clothing. read more

Open a home jewelry store to investigate what

venture risk investments need to be cautious, this problem you must know, if so, will be a lot of things ready in the business before, to examine what Home Furnishing open a jewelry store? Open a money Home Furnishing jewelry store is not so easy, the shop before you need to be investigated in many aspects of precise positioning shop just below looks small as you on


open home jewelry store, the first is to consider the potential market. Maybe a lot of people love to the collection market, open shop, join the ranks of the industry market, but take the difference of the location of route, to become the leader in a market, can better prevent market competition, bring the high premium, of course, must have their own unique style, it is very difficult for others to imitate the style. Of course, the more difficult, but it is a good choice for the future. read more

Ceramic sanitary ware product quality problem is increasingly obvious

with the improvement of living standard, people also grow with each passing day bathroom products for the requirements, but now the quality of ceramic sanitary products is becoming more and more obvious, it has become an unavoidable topic, following on from the small as we explain.

    uneven;     a common phenomenon, now the domestic ceramic sanitary ware industry still exists is that companies tend to launch low high multiple brands, do long began to have no confidence, patience to do. In view of the current competition situation of ceramic sanitary ceramic sanitary ware enterprises in China, it is time to give up reluctantly, no longer is the number of the siege of the market. It is understood that many of the domestic first-line brands have begun to focus on brand strategy planning to focus on creating a strong brand to meet the needs of the domestic market. Only concentrate on doing a good brand, it is possible to compete with foreign brands of ceramic bathroom. read more

Unscientific development concept of dating website

      many dating sites have recently come into contact with friends, do business friends, do dating, entertainment friends do, do have interest in making friends, do you even don’t know how to classify friends, this is not the only one, in short is very hot. Especially when the FACEBOOK on the other side of the ocean. When Zhang Benwei’s MSNNEXT to see IDG partner investors have to macro, the first sentence is: do not tell me that you are China’s FACEBOOK." read more and Chinese network television at the end of May officially merged to CNTV at the same time

is reported that the CCTV network ( and China network television ( will be formally merged in May 30th, when the two domain name at the same time point to China network television (

Xia Xiaohui, deputy general manager of CCTV network

attended a public event revealed the news. After the end of last year, China formally launched the online TV station, have launched various units, to undertake the original CCTV network video content. Up to now, China’s network television has a news, economy, sports, variety, movies, TV series, exploration, documentary sharing platform. read more

A new strategy of website publicity

Before doing so, I believe that many owners on how to put the site publicity out of distress, do a good site, if there is no publicity, in the vast sea to let people find your site, a bit unrealistic. Its flow is very small!


first want to say SEO. SEO is a search engine technology, which is committed to the situation in the absence of cheating, better integration of web content and page layout, so that the search engine to find your site better. Here we compare the differences between previous methods and SEO based techniques: read more

DNS contaminated follow-up why the Chinese Internet is easily hijacked

text / Gu Xiaobo

the afternoon of January 21st nationwide the emergence of Internet access failure, a large number of domain names including Baidu, Tencent, Sina, was hijacked, the accident lasted a few hours, became a nationwide Internet disaster.

is similar to the scale of the accident is not common, why the scope of such a wide range of reasons why can not be restored in a short time? Why the Chinese Internet easily hijacked?

after multi consultation, NetEase technology trying to use plain language to restore the event. read more

Monopoly and depletion of web traffic

2007, the United States and the success of the station together, can count with almost ten fingers and ten toes, feeling much less than in 2006 when, in the foreign station is also said, let me think about more than a week.

2006 the grassroots and video like stations do, 2007 grassroots can only grow in 2006 from the grassroots, record the situation 07 years of video station is why in 06 years of video link station made of? No money? No? No? No, 06 years into the blue ocean 07 years has become the red sea. The station has several large video oligarchs firmly occupy 80% of the traffic. I casually asked colleagues, almost all know potatoes, why, potatoes have a story, entrepreneurial story, on the good. And the other six rooms, Youku also know. While in the United States, YouTube is the speed of light up to third of aleax, more than also point the day and await for it. The Microsoft has recently been rising rapidly read more

Alibaba announced the strongest in the history of fake trick! HUAWEI supports

in January 16th, the Alibaba’s initiative, the world’s first "big data fraud alliance was established in Hangzhou. About 20 founding members of Alibaba and the initial membership issued "common program of action", is committed to relying on big data and Internet technology, make counterfeiting more powerful and more efficient and more transparent.

Alibaba chief platform officer Zheng Junfang (nickname "governance Nun Killer") that thousands of years fake endless, and the emergence of globalization trend, and striking the way the traditional line is obviously difficult to eradicate fake source, "the line" fake playing without a break, hit more, only if we unite the power to have the hope of victory, so Alibaba willing to contribute all his ten years of experience, counterfeiting ability, technology and resources, "and the whole world fake fight together." read more