Seven reasons for reducing the right of website


site is Baidu and KO, from the 2 weights before strong one to 0, the fragile heart, and, how can we pick up the tragedy. The following coup 10 steps, slowly stroked, slowly smooth, see what the reason.

A few days before the

(about 05 in 2013 23) Baidu descended on my website, until now there has been no breath from the weight of the 2 was up to 0, in the end is violated which commandment, at the beginning of June rose to 1 of the weight, not after second days and become 0 the. Depressed heart tangled pieces of hate. After a few days of careful observation, he finally found some places to save him. Here to share, I hope to help the majority of webmaster. read more

Windfall coffee shop, the by-product of the most suction gold

coffee shop to drink coffee has become a modern way of daily leisure. Especially recently, the debate about the price of Starbucks coffee once again pushed the public view. How much does a small cup of coffee hide? How does the coffee shop manager look at the price of coffee?.

yuan per capita consumption of coffee

when it comes to the cafe, to give you a first impression is of high consumption, why? The reporter read in a coffee shop ordering book, a cup of coffee prices between 25-35 yuan, Fresh Juice, tea prices in 20-40 yuan. In addition, a cafe with a total of 5 pages of the menu as an example, the Schwarzwald cake, cookies, chips and other kinds of pine nuts snacks pastry, it takes up a lot of space, the basic price between 15-30 yuan. read more

Fast food chain stores location recommendations

2016 is about to end, in the beginning of 2017, many people also hope to find their ideal investment projects. Now invest in fast food chain stores is a good choice, operating threshold is low, the operating experience is not very high, so much attention. How to find the right place to shop here? This is a question.

first manages the fast food franchise project friends is to master some skills, the location of the first diffusion region of the project to control, can not expand or shrink without limit, according to their own situations, to ensure a principle of the selected store address must have sufficient market capacity. read more

Catering industry has the most potential industry

as the saying goes, hunger breeds discontentment. The billions of Chinese "one day does not eat hungry", so that the food and beverage industry the most potential is a point. The catering industry because of the investment threshold is low, the outbreak of the strongest, has also been big business people are welcome from all walks of life. Analysis of

  another place with a lot of China city construction in recent years gradually forming, entrepreneurs in business ideas to change the past to operate "passerby" based thinking, and to cultivate the "regular customers, repeat customers and create customer loyalty. />

read more

Fish fish aftertaste with what kind of mix join advantage


fish market, has been very popular with the choice. How to mix fish fish aftertaste? For small businesses to join the business, is a very good business choice. If you join the fish to finish mix fish project, is also very exciting. Act quickly!

delicious grilled fish in the Chinese market sales volume is very high, especially a lot of creative delicacy, but also by the majority of consumers, so some people in the business when thinking about investing in a features such as the delicacy store, so yourself, what a roast fish after the delicacy to investment by consumers welcome? Fish aftertaste mix grilled fish is a good choice. Good taste of the fish investment is good, of course, the wealth of the business opportunities can bring huge sales. read more

Municipal Party Committee Organization Department in the depth of the village cadres preach policy e

Since the city of

village to preach the central and provincial Party Committee document No. 1 activities, the Party Organization Department selected 3 cadres of Huangzhong County Lan Long Kou Zhen ban Zhong Ying Cun, Ba Ying Cun and Zha Shi Ying Cun, do a good job of propaganda work, and actively contact with the relevant departments to coordinate and focus for the local people to do practical things.

to help farmers understand the grasp of the central and provincial No. 1 document of the essence, so that farmers get the benefits of municipal Party Committee Organization Department of the village propaganda group in conjunction with the county departments and township cadres, the villagers held a meeting, branch, forum, blackboard newspapers and Zhang Tiexuan posters, cultural events and other forms of spiritual depth about the central and provincial Party Committee document No. 1. At the same time, through visits to farmers, in-depth understanding of the situation in the village to grasp the public opinion, remember the public diary, timely reflect the situation, put forward opinions and suggestions. And actively with the township party committee and government and village "two committees" to discuss the strategy of scientific development, the grass-roots level to help clarify the development of ideas, develop work plans, grasp policy implementation. read more

Worthy of people worthy of the heart feel no shame before God.

– Wang Jianjun provincial Party School in the spring opening ceremony for the speech – tirelessly to explain a correct understanding of the relationship between organization of the masses of personal   the highest level – as Party members and cadres of love should be in love with the people   – hold spiritual homes overlooking worthy people feel no shame before God worthy of the heart – do have faith to inclusive can have friends who dare to play it
today send special Wang Jianjun speech excerpts for readers. (reporter   Xiao Fang) read more

12 people received medical assistance for major diseases

September 28th, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, as of now, the province has 12 difficult masses to enjoy the medical treatment of major diseases relief policy, an average of $45 thousand per person to get relief.

it is understood that in order to make the misfortune to week’s emergency aid, Yu illness tolls were to survive, in our province this year to improve the social assistance system, establish and implement a comprehensive system of major diseases Medical aid. The city of three rural five, orphans, object, urban and rural living in low-income families with severe disabilities, focus groups and cost personal burden of the low income medical assistance objects totaled 30 thousand yuan above can enjoy 60% medical assistance of major diseases; led to the general residents because of a serious illness medical expenses greatly troubled family life and the personal burden of medical expenses totaled more than 80 thousand yuan can enjoy 50% major diseases, medical aid, assistance limit of up to 100 thousand yuan per person per year. With the work of medical and health system reform in our province deepening medical assistance "transparency" has become increasingly prominent role, the role of major diseases assistance in support of the serious difficulties of the masses more prominent. Chengbei District of Xining city residents object Mu Moumou has recently enjoyed great disease medical assistance, this is our province this year, major diseases assistance system since the implementation of the first people enjoy the medical assistance of major diseases. 2015 Moumou because of uremia multiple visits, hospitalization costs up to 475 thousand and 500 yuan. After the basic medical insurance, serious illness medical insurance and minimum living expenses after the hospital rescue, personal self payment is still nearly 100 thousand yuan. North District Civil Affairs Bureau in accordance with the provisions of timely Mu Moumou catastrophic illness medical assistance payments 37 thousand and 500 yuan, plus subsistence allowances before hospitalization assistance, civil affairs departments at present for a total of Mu Moumou issued a total of 72 thousand yuan of medical assistance, medical assistance of major diseases will this endangered family back to normal life track. Up to now, the province has 12 difficult masses to enjoy the medical treatment of major diseases relief policy, the average person to get relief of $45 thousand.   read more

Fair city city life Museum Food and clothing with Goods are available in all varieties.

What are the location of the dry cleaners

dry cleaners by the moment many consumers love and attention, if you want to invest in this project, you can get a good income. So, if you want to open a dry cleaners, what are the site selection strategy? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

one, choose large residential neighborhood. How to choose a dry cleaning shop? Laundry is mainly to provide laundry services for customers, so in the vicinity of the district will be more convenient. The laundry in the surrounding area to consider two important issues: one is whether for residents to take home the clothes, laundry, and whether the price of the residential consumption per capita? Although many shops in the neighborhood, but residents commute to go a long way to get to work, think generally very nervous, no extra time to send clothes, while work is tired, too lazy to walk. The laundry location is very important on the way. He joined read more

Selling pie joined easy start without trouble

‘s own business franchisees have been very common. So, for their own selling pie entrepreneurs, in fact, is very the advantages of entrepreneurial project selection. First class technology, always very attractive to consumers. So, make money easily, is so simple!

makes money in the domestic market is very common, of course, business projects are good or bad, as long as it is able to make money and you are interested in is the best. The current market environment is also very suitable for business, and to a certain extent, the creation of business income will be much higher than the number of jobs to get paid. The choice of small business, such as selling cake is also a good choice, pie has been favored by the overwhelming majority of consumers favorite traditional pasta food, in today’s fierce competition in the market, selling pie is still able to earn money, after all, his demand is not reduced. So, selling pie a day can earn much money? One day can earn eight hundred to one thousand yuan, it must be able to make money, after all, low cost of raw materials, the gross margin is relatively high, the sales price is relatively affordable, there are a lot of consumer groups, can bring the sales volume is very considerable. Nature can create you a satisfactory income. read more

New district to make money

shop to make money, not only need to have a good business strategy, but also need to have a correct business address. Some people choose to shop like some people have been assured that the flow of the old campus, while others like the new district. So, the new district to make money?

a new residential community, often a new business highlights. First of all, regardless of the number of small, everything needed is almost the same, and usually the basic everyday food and clothing entertainment is required. But most shops did not rise, this time ahead of investment, the district will be able to harvest gold. read more

How to sell their products

The birth of

WeChat, not only to make people more convenient communication, but also to give more people a chance to achieve their own value. More and more people embark on their own entrepreneurial path through WeChat, has become the current market is very common micro business. In this new era of micro brands rampant, how to do micro business, how to choose a good brand is very important, then I will teach you how to make a micro business, how to through the derivative thousand!

first to tell you what is micro business? read more

Join the brand clothing need to pay attention to several major errors

clothing can be said to be the most popular entrepreneurial projects, many entrepreneurs have gradually learned that a good brand of clothing to bring the economic benefits and reputation. So, you want to clothing to join friends, clothing to join the misunderstanding you know?

clothing to join a misunderstanding: anyone can open a clothing store

a lot of people believe that the opening of the clothing store for investor education, IQ requirements are not high, anyone is suitable for. In fact, the opening of the clothing store on the investor’s personality, ability, experience is required. For example, the need for a rational personality, good interpersonal skills and management capabilities, and these factors to a large extent determine the success of investors. Therefore, investors in the clothing stores should first ask yourself a few questions: whether to have the entrepreneurial passion, with entrepreneurial potential, whether the ability to work with people, to join the chain of clothing business, whether there is sufficient understanding. Gehangrugeshan this sentence is also applicable to clothing stores. read more

Summer cold drink shop tips to make money

see we will make great strides towards the cool summer, cold stores, have appeared in the high streets and back lanes. Open a cold drink shop although the investment is small, but profitable, the cost of only about 0.5 yuan of the product, the price of up to 1 ~ 1.5 yuan. So, open a cold drink shop need to pay attention to what the reporter interviewed the Hefei city walking street several cold drink shop owner, ask them to talk about entrepreneurial experience.

A, store location is very important to read more