Summer cold drink shop tips to make money

see we will make great strides towards the cool summer, cold stores, have appeared in the high streets and back lanes. Open a cold drink shop although the investment is small, but profitable, the cost of only about 0.5 yuan of the product, the price of up to 1 ~ 1.5 yuan. So, open a cold drink shop need to pay attention to what the reporter interviewed the Hefei city walking street several cold drink shop owner, ask them to talk about entrepreneurial experience.

A, store location is very important to read more

Potato powder store how to operate better

open a shop is one thing, but a good business but it is another thing, although for every entrepreneur, are hoping to get better store operations, business is more popular, but it also requires operators to do more work. So, potato powder store how to operate better?

now entrepreneurs choose to join the potato powder stores people very much, although the shop opens easily, but the shop good business is not so simple, like good potato powder to join or shop in business usually need to pay attention to many problems, how can the store operation is better? That’s what we’re going to do today. read more

Cross strait youth entrepreneurship competition in Xiamen. Not to be missed

innovation and entrepreneurship is to be creative in the entrepreneurial tide now, venture capital funds to choose entrepreneurship projects are to see the creativity, look at the prospects for development, innovative talent in the moment is welcome. So, cross-strait youth entrepreneurship competition in Xiamen new, very exciting, not to be missed.

"look, this paper camera can take pictures." "The original bulb is also able to play children’s books, but also the projection animation." The day before, by Ali rivers, Aite public record jointly organized by Ali Baichuan entrepreneurship contest officially kicked off. Xiamen City Vice Mayor Wu Qirong, Siming Siming Lujiang Street office director Lin Fei attended the opening ceremony of Ali rivers. read more

How about Northeast Hotel

when I was a child watching a lot of television, including the "northeast family" impressive. The northeast wind funny life lessons the charm of the drama, give people a warm comfortable feeling. Of course, the same as the northeast people can give you the feeling of home.

northeast people catering to provide authentic Sichuan for customers, plus the northeast special service, so that customers enjoy the feeling of home. The environment elegant and comfortable, fresh and luxurious, clean sanitation, reasonable price, fresh ingredients, elaborate collocation, sophisticated materials, color, flavor and taste, is a good place for you to enjoy the delicacy. The northeast people food "practical, hard work, respect the responsibility" spirit of enterprise, and in good faith, and create a win-win business philosophy, with a new management mode, perfect technology, good service, excellent quality for survival, we always adhere to the customer first service to customers, adhere to their own service to impress customers. read more

So open the children’s paradise

Many parents are busy

now, so they love to spend more time with their children on weekends, children’s Park is the parents often take their children to the place. Children’s playground is also open to make money. But many people do not know how to operate a children’s paradise in business skills, it is easy to detour. The following small series for you to share the management of children’s paradise road.


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Huaian 2015 employment reform has made positive achievements

Jiangsu Huaian in 2015 set off a wave of entrepreneurship, has made brilliant achievements. Through the reform of the system policy, for the majority of entrepreneurs bring new hope to create wealth.

2015, Huaian City, under the in-depth practice of entrepreneurial strategy, and vigorously promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, the development of new types of enterprises 17697 households, of which 16173 newly registered private enterprises, accounting for 91% of the total number of all types of enterprises; the new development of 40042 individual industrial and commercial households, 1054 households of farmers’ professional cooperatives. read more

An analysis of the advantages of clothing stores and self owned stores

when more and more people into the apparel industry, but also led to the increasingly fierce competition in the clothing market. Many people want to open a clothing store, but in the face of the competition market, want to successfully operate a brand clothing store, to learn and master the operating skills is very necessary.

, however, although the removal of clothing to join the dealer in the middle part, but the price of goods to reduce the space is not large, unless the company changed the positioning of the brand. Clothing outlets, brand profit margins increased, but the store operations, management, labor costs and other costs will be borne by the brand itself." Agency model of isolated stores, poor information feedback, making inventory, transfer of goods, the company is difficult to statistics and other issues. Direct shop does not exist these problems, so the new faster." In addition, companies consider more brand positioning. read more

Payment security is a prerequisite for the success of independent shop operators

can get independent shop customers Pro gaze at the early stage, except the one hand to grasp the needs of users, payment on the other hand is your shop to provide customers with payment for online shopping safety expectations.

customer online shopping security payment experience come from?

we can analyze the current commonly used payment instruments and payment: a Sambo (Alipay, TenPay, PayPal, BaiduPay), quick money, bank transfer, postal remittance. With previous sales experience from Tibet, Alipay is a mainstream payment tool, in our analysis of more than four months of independent shop operators, Alipay secured transaction customers accounted for 70% of the total sales, the other 30% were selected for bank transfer, which has a pen is made of caifutong – because we do not support to the use of Alipay. I try to experience fast money, recharge, payment is similar to Alipay, but there is no guarantee transaction services, is obviously not suitable for independent shop; postal remittance is quite troublesome, the remitter to run the post office, post office is also waiting for the payment order, and other Internet program products stamped in before, and then to go to the post office the personal identity card line against the administrative area, only suitable for the town below, can independent shop operating in considering whether to provide this collection service. read more

Network marketing environment analysis of adult products industry into e-commerce

since the opportunity of e-commerce has come, we will carefully analyze the current China’s adult goods wholesale industry e-commerce environment.

is the first user base: 253 million of Internet users, online shopping crowd of 80 million, I believe in any business seems to be a huge user groups can not be ignored. While the average income and expenditure level of these users is much higher than the national average, in promoting the China government, the construction of broadband infrastructure Chinese more perfect, in the foreseeable future, Chinese Internet users and online shopping population will grow exponentially. read more

Professional invoice blackmail appeared Tmall merchants pay to buy peace

Professional Evaluation Division, professional assessment division…… Taobao arena "created" many "masters", recently, and "occupation invoice division" appeared in Taobao, specifically for the invoice blackmail, once the seller does not provide invoices to coerce the seller remittance, usually amount to thousands of dollars, or complaint.

dig 2500 yuan to buy peace

on Tmall opened a food store, Mr. Xie told the "IT times" reporter, he encountered a professional invoice division". "One night, a man (with the same mobile phone number) has used a different address, in order to take the same 3 yuan payment of the goods, the goods shipping about 30 to 40 yuan, the customer feel that this is not a normal order. And the 2 address is unknown, one is in the government department, the other is a district in Beijing, the investigation of the plot does not exist." Mr. Xie told reporters, before long, the buyers began to ask customer service on the invoice, the customer’s answer is "need to buy goods and achieve a certain amount to the invoice, the medium for the other side up, the other said not invoice ah, on the line. read more

In the live webcast of the Internet may not be so important red

Abstract: started in April last year, the Tencent, the NetEase began to enter the field of broadcast information almost at the same time, embedded in their own news client in the live page card, after a year of development, but this information broadcast competition has just begun.

major news client layout information for a period of time, after the man-machine war, the two sessions can see the figure of the live broadcast. And let the majority of people feel the value of the direct broadcast of the news, or last month, the news client of 24 hours of Beijing full range of multi angle live broadcast. read more

Kuzhan enjoy 20 high quality free website templates

for low budget companies or students who just started to build a website, using a high quality website template can greatly reduce the time, so that the precious time on the blade. Today, we collected from a number of professional web site 20 professional designers to create high-quality web site templates, if you just need to point into the elegant link, a good year.

Modus Versus

single page website

Hexal Portfolio Template

flat site

Commerce PSD template


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P2P buy a ten behind the uneven in quality system can be built on the platform


P2P: buy a set of hundreds of thousands of uneven in quality system can be built on the platform of

P2P net loan net Campbell in just four months after its establishment, it has become a site can not open the platform to run away. Prior to the site shows the cumulative turnover of more than 260 million, there are more than 200 victims of the composition of activist groups, the loss of funds in more than 5 million yuan.

Home monitoring data of

net loan, in May this year, China added 29 P2P net loan platform, the month there are 8 run away or off the platform, including the right money, the rising wealth, reputation wealth, CITIC Capital, credit investors, Jen credit, venture capital and other venture Welbon Hong Chang; only from September 2013 to November, China there are more than 40 P2P enterprise capital chain rupture or shut down. read more

Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week (7.14-7.20)

true experience: my IP2000 station brought me 20W

said the website, I think what the most important content of the station, there are two points: 1, my love; 2, have the resources. First of all, to love yourself, have the power to find it, then, if you have some resources, and these resources and others is difficult to obtain, even if they have little interest, but it is quite a sense of achievement, at the same time, also can bring a good source of information for the industry.

seventy thousand yuan in the Admin5 intermediary to buy the station back to the actual combat experience for two months read more

How to make good use of the micro-blog marketing tool

in recent years, WeChat has turned out to replace the Sina micro-blog trends, in many Internet users in the world, the mouth is closed is WeChat, it seems that this is another kind of fashion play, not play means OUT. But in fact, Sina micro-blog launched in 2009, with the rapid development of the potential to win the majority of users of all ages, according to the relevant statistics show that the current Sina micro-blog membership has reached 500 million people, while the Alibaba in the $586 million acquisition of 18% of the shares, indicating that sina micro-blog will not easily position the boss give up, but with the help of the powerful Alibaba partners, quickly out of a commercial road to better consolidate the instant communication tool of their leadership. read more

China’s online shopping power of the world’s first consumer pull 60% GDP

each reporter Zhang Wen

this year, the Chinese people on the Internet to buy 4 trillion yuan of goods, ranking first in the world. In fact, the "three carriages" in the consumer power is still strong. Ministry of commerce data show that in 2015 the annual total retail sales of social consumer goods is expected to reach 30 trillion yuan, ranking the world’s top second, the contribution of consumption to economic growth of nearly 60%.

NBS spokesman Sheng Yun said, "from the demand structure of investment and export led to the changes in the coordinated combination of consumption, investment and exports, the contribution of consumption to economic growth rate has significantly increased." read more