Zhengzhou no car day traffic jam is still difficult to open the traffic

with the continuous improvement of living standards, the ability to improve the level of consumption, the number of cars in our lives more and more, so traffic congestion is a common phenomenon. Zhengzhou’s tenth "Car Free Day", in the normal traffic congestion in the road. And last year, the same line is not limited to the region of Zhengzhou, is issued a proposal, we recommend green travel. And the same as last year, motor vehicles and electric vehicles is still unable to do our part of traffic chaos, vehicle beeps as one falls, another rises. read more

The tenth session of the Forum on innovation and Entrepreneurship

now has become the main theme of innovation and entrepreneurship, a society at the same time, held everywhere some innovation forum, in order to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, recently, the tenth session of the China students studying innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum held in like a raging fire.

by WRSA · China Students Association, China and globalization think-tank (CCG) hosted the tenth session of Chinese students innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum 16 held in Beijing, more than 500 students from home and abroad and WRSA members gathered together to share the returnees innovative ideas, explore entrepreneurship China trend. read more

Nanhai District, Foshan, the first batch of entrepreneurial incubation base released

entrepreneurial incubation base has become an important platform in the field of entrepreneurship, with the continuous improvement of business incubator base facilities, continuous improvement of service, the success rate of the incubator has been greatly improved.

11, Nanhai District of Foshan City, the first district business incubator officially released, Guangdong Nanhai entrepreneurship workshop business incubator Ltd. Business Incubator (hereinafter referred to as the "South China Sea venture factory") selected 8 incubators. From this year to 2018, the South China Sea area plans to build various types of business incubation base 30, can provide the opportunity to settle down for more than 1 thousand companies, creating over 10000 jobs every year. read more

Engaged in cloth stores how to arrange the purchase

buy a house decoration is a very important thing, many of which are not necessarily bad, may be the decoration not carey, many families will need cloth products in the decoration of the time, it will drive the development of fabric market, some entrepreneurs see the cloth franchise business is very good, to choose their own open fabric stores then, engaged in cloth stores how to arrange the purchase?

fabric stores stock not cheap: just started, on the market can not y grasp, think this is very cheap goods, the goods are good, this is only your personal feeling, in fact, is often not the case, so the control of their own, not greedy cheap. In the future you will find that there are many cheaper and better goods. Of course, there is a good opportunity not to miss. read more

The bachelor bone soup surface join happy shop Kung Fu easy money

Join the project

pasta, hot start-up project, small business to choose to join The bachelor bone soup Kung Fu face? A good project, the success of venture worthy of trust. In fact, the choice of investment in pasta market, is also very strong, with the choice of business opportunities is not it? So, to choose to join The bachelor bone soup Kung Fu face?

well, The bachelor bone soup is joining the Kung Fu surface how to make money? Read the introduction you know. Since the beginning of creation, The bachelor bone soup Kung Fu face has been committed to providing quality health for consumers to the selection of the finest quality delicious pasta, flour, vegetables, meat and other ingredients as raw materials, through the exclusive secret craft export flavor variety of pasta, for the majority of delicacy lovers do not like to bring to enjoy delicious, so shop in diners, business has been booming, high turnover. read more

After the Spring Festival to digest inventory

because of the Spring Festival is the major stores selling goods, so many shops will be ready for a lot of goods. The Spring Festival has passed, I believe a lot of shopkeepers have achieved good sales performance. However, there are some shopkeepers due to improper stocking caused by the backlog of goods, the festival will take measures to digest inventory, so that more funds flow. Below, the author on a few strokes.

creative display to promote sales. Before the Spring Festival to prepare for the next fruit, milk drinks and other short shelf life products to be placed into a prominent position, neatly stacked, and appropriate collocation some related products, to a certain visual impact and appeal, to stimulate the customers desire to buy. read more

Brocade 3D universal color printing machine – join trusted

brocade 3D universal color printing machine? Small business optimization. In fact, we choose to join the project, is the first step in the success of our business. Brocade 3D universal color printing machine? Good business opportunities in the market, entrepreneurship no longer trouble!

brocade 3D universal color printing machine, color copy machine can be applied to a variety of materials, can produce many products with the collection value, in the T-shirt, door, door, sliding door, glass, tile, wood, sheet metal, crystal, metal, stone, leather and other surface color photo printing, no plate, a finished printing, making much better than wood, stone, paint, wallpaper and other traditional materials. read more

How much money is needed only to join the steamed stuffed bun


project will be selected to join the brand dumplings what more features, can in many buns brand to outshine others? This of course you have to choose only the steamed stuffed bun. Join the pasta brand, brand characteristics thriving. The stock market is not whirling, who can go in, have the money to investors, more and more eyes on the food and beverage industry, whether laid-off workers or college graduates, all choose their own entrepreneurial path, although the business is a more difficult road, but as long as the pointing direction, looking for project. Can do more. In the choice of food and beverage items, a look at the market outlook two look at the trend of development, so the pasta has become a popular trend of food and beverage business, the market is also rising food brands have sprung up. The steamed stuffed bun show high product quality, has become a hot item you select, attract many people to join, then show how much money read more

Eastern new community reform to start a good start

East District of city community service system reform pilot work mobilization meeting held since September 10th since the 12 new community before listing the work has been in preparation and insisted on wildly beating gongs and drums, understanding, lay the foundation for reform, adhere to the personnel in place, ensure the continuity of work, adhere to the implementation of measures, improve the matching mechanism, ensure the reform a good start, a good step for the province.

Take measures to expand the awareness rate of read more

Xining government WeChat public platform opened

newspaper news (reporter Rong Lijun) in order to make full use of modern means of communication between the government and the people, expand the channels, listen to the voice of the people, serving the people, since November 2nd, the general office of the Xining municipal government for the public opening of the Xining government issued "Xining WeChat public platform".

Xining issued by the general office of the Xining Municipal People’s government, is a channel for interaction between the public and the government, but also to provide information dissemination, government information disclosure, online services, public participation in the integrated platform. Xining released a set of open government, public service, interactive three plates. Users to enter the information release plate, you can learn more about the general situation of Xining, population information, economic development, resources and other information, view government documents, government meetings and Xining regulations and other information. In the public service sector, users can micro matrix to realize three counties and four district administrative departments and the real-time dynamic information, through the micro information violation records, telephone service, provident fund, pension insurance, medical insurance, medical appointments and other personal information. In the "interactive platform", users can also use the mayor’s mailbox to write to the mayor, reflect public opinion, put forward opinions and suggestions on the work of the government, at the same time in the mayor’s mailbox, or continue to the comprehensive improvement of urban environment and work effectively to report photos, "Xining release" will be presented to reward flow create, everyone concerned, everyone involved, everyone supervision appearance and environmental remediation good atmosphere. read more

Ten large bronze brand rankings

even the same industry products, due to the different selection of materials, the brand will bring a different nature. For this reason, even if the same is the door, there will be a lot of ranking. And here, Xiaobian to introduce the bronze ten brands list, in order to more consumers to purchase bronze as a reference.

ten bronze brand rankings, Kang Yu NO.1: comprehensive architectural decoration enterprises, high-tech enterprises has a strong production and manufacturing capacity, Shanghai Kanyu copper door design Engineering Co Ltd. read more

Open casual clothing stores need to do a preliminary investigation

clothing is just need to live in the consumer, the market is broad, very investment value, if you also have a clothing store intends to find a good position, then do not worry about no business. Some investors are not very clear about the principles of site selection. The following small series to explain specifically for investors on the casual clothing stores to join the store to determine the location of some of the details need to pay attention to. We look at each and every one, hoping to open a casual clothing store for investors to help. read more

Duan Xuening is how to make the shop hot business

took over a store, will want to do business, it is not easy, even if there are already accumulated customer groups, but now the competition is so fierce, if you don’t take some action, is not easy to succeed. Duan Xuening is an ordinary retail customer in Wuqiao, Hebei. Five years ago, she took the store from her mother. Although the lack of experience, but some Xuening flexible mind, know how to seize the opportunity, leveraging the "East", also doing booming business.

seize the opportunity to attract customers read more

Food and beverage should be considered

many of the investors are very interested in the food and beverage industry, in fact, many of the food and beverage business is a good choice for entrepreneurs to get rich, food and beverage should be considered the main problems? Let’s take a look at the middle of the article!


the following from the entrepreneurs shop before the psychological preparation, site experience, how to study some of the insights about four business catering to join strength in the shop experience, hope for some coming into the small and medium-sized catering franchise entrepreneurs help. read more

Experience leveraging the micro Amoy mobile gate

[the] Taobao mobile phone technology news in the 4 month started closed beta – "micro Amoy mobile shopping highlights". Since April, micro Amoy beta has been for several months, the recent concern about the surge, the industry is not a comment. Recently, WeChat 5 and micro-blog Taobao released the same day, the online payment function, the latter will be Taobao and Sina micro-blog tied together, the two major mobile platform wars triggered at any moment. Although WeChat and micro Amoy are mobile business platform, but the two face competition place is not much, mainly for WeChat mobile phone games, the line of goods online purchase, micro Amoy is equivalent to the Taobao store in micro-blog extension. read more

Fear not to engage in the Internet, the root cause of the problem

Internet companies have their own "eight" strategy, but in the actual operation appears to be impetuous, blindness and full of gambling.

the last six months, Lang Xianping and his disciples launched the essence of the series of books, claiming that the key to success is to seize the essence of the industry. I do not agree that Mr. Lang and his followers always use the experience economy and the brand theory to explain the nature of the industry. In his works, almost all of the industry are the "experience" in time, the Internet industry is with no exception whatsoever. read more

How to improve domain trust

first quote Zac’s famous saying: the weight of the domain name is not from the beginning, are slowly accumulated from bit by bit. Do a truly trusted site, there is no shortcut, only to spend time to do the hard work, the time spent can not count on a monthly basis, but need to be calculated in accordance with the

so how to improve the weight of the domain name, how to improve the trust of the domain name, I think there are several factors:

1, access to high trust link

is the first to say Google to domain name trust explanation, Google will be the first artificial selection of a number of high trust domain, the quality of these sites is beyond doubt, these sites are thought to have a Google level of trust, if a website to get to the level of trust links, so the website has two levels of trust, and so on can be launched at level three, level Four trust website read more

Where is the next outlet for marketing Look at Wang Sicong and Jay Chou

with 90 after 00 this batch of most as a "world stage network", their favorite electronic games have gradually entered the mainstream view, and in the rapid development in recent years, there have been many celebrities in hot pursuit, such as Wang Sicong and Jay Chou, they have strong potential to enter or cross-border gaming, do not set off a small influence, become the popular game circle, to let the public went to the field of gaming.


report said, "like other mass based sports industry, the gaming industry has also ushered in the capital flowing, many business models produced, the agency expects the gaming industry to promote the sports industry, the gaming industry is expected to enjoy the policy of dividend and dividend, or to promote gaming Mobile Games ushered in the outbreak stage, tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of market leveraging space, become the next outlet." According to SuperData Research data, E-sports market size of $621 million, about 3 billion 700 million yuan, the global audience of up to 134 million. read more