Food and beverage should be considered

many of the investors are very interested in the food and beverage industry, in fact, many of the food and beverage business is a good choice for entrepreneurs to get rich, food and beverage should be considered the main problems? Let’s take a look at the middle of the article!


the following from the entrepreneurs shop before the psychological preparation, site experience, how to study some of the insights about four business catering to join strength in the shop experience, hope for some coming into the small and medium-sized catering franchise entrepreneurs help. read more

Experience leveraging the micro Amoy mobile gate

[the] Taobao mobile phone technology news in the 4 month started closed beta – "micro Amoy mobile shopping highlights". Since April, micro Amoy beta has been for several months, the recent concern about the surge, the industry is not a comment. Recently, WeChat 5 and micro-blog Taobao released the same day, the online payment function, the latter will be Taobao and Sina micro-blog tied together, the two major mobile platform wars triggered at any moment. Although WeChat and micro Amoy are mobile business platform, but the two face competition place is not much, mainly for WeChat mobile phone games, the line of goods online purchase, micro Amoy is equivalent to the Taobao store in micro-blog extension. read more

Fear not to engage in the Internet, the root cause of the problem

Internet companies have their own "eight" strategy, but in the actual operation appears to be impetuous, blindness and full of gambling.

the last six months, Lang Xianping and his disciples launched the essence of the series of books, claiming that the key to success is to seize the essence of the industry. I do not agree that Mr. Lang and his followers always use the experience economy and the brand theory to explain the nature of the industry. In his works, almost all of the industry are the "experience" in time, the Internet industry is with no exception whatsoever. read more

How to improve domain trust

first quote Zac’s famous saying: the weight of the domain name is not from the beginning, are slowly accumulated from bit by bit. Do a truly trusted site, there is no shortcut, only to spend time to do the hard work, the time spent can not count on a monthly basis, but need to be calculated in accordance with the

so how to improve the weight of the domain name, how to improve the trust of the domain name, I think there are several factors:

1, access to high trust link

is the first to say Google to domain name trust explanation, Google will be the first artificial selection of a number of high trust domain, the quality of these sites is beyond doubt, these sites are thought to have a Google level of trust, if a website to get to the level of trust links, so the website has two levels of trust, and so on can be launched at level three, level Four trust website read more

Where is the next outlet for marketing Look at Wang Sicong and Jay Chou

with 90 after 00 this batch of most as a "world stage network", their favorite electronic games have gradually entered the mainstream view, and in the rapid development in recent years, there have been many celebrities in hot pursuit, such as Wang Sicong and Jay Chou, they have strong potential to enter or cross-border gaming, do not set off a small influence, become the popular game circle, to let the public went to the field of gaming.


report said, "like other mass based sports industry, the gaming industry has also ushered in the capital flowing, many business models produced, the agency expects the gaming industry to promote the sports industry, the gaming industry is expected to enjoy the policy of dividend and dividend, or to promote gaming Mobile Games ushered in the outbreak stage, tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of market leveraging space, become the next outlet." According to SuperData Research data, E-sports market size of $621 million, about 3 billion 700 million yuan, the global audience of up to 134 million. read more

Analysis of micro-blog promotion mechanism to promote the concept of literacy

now, people around me have their own micro-blog. Micro-blog penetrate everyone’s space. Look at micro-blog, turn micro-blog, feel happy, convenient information dissemination in micro-blog, micro-blog will be able to see the attention of people to open the micro-blog dynamic. Micro-blog’s idea is to focus on the value of information and interpersonal relationships to capture the user’s needs, to attract users to create amazing market value. I believe that many webmaster also began to aim at micro-blog this promotion platform, however, micro-blog brings us not only the promotion of the platform, as well as advanced promotion concept. The following I will according to micro-blog’s reprint, fans and other mechanisms to analyze the website to promote the new revelation. read more

Russian. Russian domain name is enabled

Russian national domain Coordination Center Press Secretary Mogina said on 16, Russia on the same day to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN) submitted a Russian. Russian "domain name application, the approval process is expected to take a month.

Mogina said in Russia after approval by the Russian domain name will be officially opened in December this year, is expected to February next year.

she also said that the Russian domestic domain name registration will be divided into two stages: from March 25th to November 25th of next year, Russia will provide the national institutions and enterprises registered Russian domain, including national institutions will free registration, the enterprise should impose 1200 rubles ($1 about 28 rubles) expenses; from April 20th next year will be for other national institutions and the applicant registered domain name in russian. In addition, Russia will also take measures to prevent the high visibility of the domain name cybersquatting. read more

Offbeat sea Amoy business from black Friday

Beijing daily news (reporter Li Duo intern reporter Wang Qian Lu Yishan) not every electricity supplier of "double 11". Yesterday, the Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters learned from the sea Amoy electricity supplier honey Amoy network was informed that the honey Amoy network intends to participate in the double 11, but will focus on the upcoming black Friday". Although there is also a point of view that innovative marketing is worth encouraging, but the double 11 big promotion is bound to overdraft consumption, will let the promotional activities greatly reduced. read more

The value of marketing a commonplace talk of an old scholar

in today’s Internet era of information explosion, advertising naked, gradually by the majority of users. With the impact of the Internet on people work and life style, marketing has gradually become the current relatively popular way, and presents the prospect of never. At the same time, more and more enterprises begin to realize the importance of marketing, also try marketing, where today and everyone Jianwei soft marketing value of a commonplace talk of an old scholar.

A: search engine marketing, enhance website ranking read more merger beautiful said Community electricity supplier aura burst


/ Nammyeong a shark

2016 just opened, he saw a merger: and beauty announced the merger, in the promotion of Tencent and Hillhouse capital, the two go together.

and 2015, 58 drops fast market, the U.S. group public comment, Ctrip where the difference is that the combination of and beauty is more like merger beauty. CEO June will serve as the new company’s CEO, and Xu Yirong is expected to exit after the merger period.

I heard the merger case, the first impression is a sigh: Community electricity supplier aura burst. read more

Weaken the price war, aiming at the trend of the crowd Tmall how to play fashion

Tmall, a future full of gas advertising hit Tmall is still on the purchase, Jingdong also hit the still Jingdong slogen. Two major electricity supplier giants while fashion field. In August 15th, Tmall reached a strategic cooperation with the fashion group, released in August 18th, the electricity supplier fashion trend; Jingdong and fashion group’s "bazaar" the depth of cooperation, "bazaar" in the Jingdong’s flagship store. The same is fashionable, these two giants have shown different gameplay. read more