first_imgThe Tourism Fort St John Board was established to aid in the delivery of a community-based approach to tourism development. Tourism Fort St. John encourages tourism development within the city and with tourism providers in order to attract more tourists, increase their length of stay, and increase the volume of tourism experiences.BC’s tourism industry experienced record-setting numbers last year, and the trend is continuing as businesses and destinations across BC have already enjoyed a busy first quarter and are anticipating more record results this summer. Operators and communities around BC are sharing their Tourism Week celebrations on social media using the hashtags #BCTourismMatters and #TourismWeek. Fort St. John, B.C. –  Fort St. John is joining communities, cities, and regions across British Columbia to recognize National Tourism Week that runs May 27 to June 2, 2018.“Our community has enjoyed another banner year. We welcomed over 17,000 visitors last year; enjoying more than 20 tourism businesses that call Fort St John home,” said Mike Whalley, Tourism Fort St. John Board Chair. “Tourism is an important piece of our local economy and supports social, cultural, and recreational benefits for all residents of Fort St John.”“Tourism improves quality of life for British Columbians in many ways – it creates good jobs in every region of the province and allows us to enjoy festivals, museums, sports, arts and culture, making B.C. a better place to live and visit,” said Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture. “The tourism industry is essential to the fabric of B.C. Our government is committed to championing tourism as we work to grow the industry and attract more visitors from Canada and around the world.”last_img

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first_imgFrom the confinement at his home in Seville, where he spends time with his family and with the training sessions that the Nervión club has prepared for him, the Czech Tomas Vaclik acts as an impromptu correspondent for the Czech Republic and recounts the difficult situation of the sport and life in general, which Spain lives because of the coronavirus. “In Spain, an emergency has been declared. People are only allowed to go to work and return home, or to go shopping and return. Many things are canceled and that is because it is the second country with the most cases in Europe, after Italy “, affirms the website of his country Isport.“Sevilla footballers were ordered to quarantine at home, but not because no one on the team is infected, but so that the virus does not spread further. They have given us training plans and it is important to stick to them, “says Vaclik.” No one knows how long the confinement will last. It is planned to meet again to train on March 23, but we will see if this happens, if the situation calms down or not, how it evolves. But I watch the news and the infection rate grows incredibly fast. “ LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 16, 2020 Vaclik believes that the positive in coronavirus of Madrid player Trey Thompkins was essential for everything to stop: “Soccer began to be affected last week, on Monday, when it was decided that it would be played behind closed doors. The same thing happened with the European match against Roma, but then, perhaps due to pressure from the players’ associations, it was decided to suspend everything. I think the case of Real Madrid, when a basketball player fell ill and the soccer team was quarantined, accelerated everything. “The goal is also committed to the suspension of the Euro Cup: “I am curious to see where that is going. UEFA will decide this Tuesday and I think postponing the tournament is the only correct decision. There are many trips for players and fans and I think that will play an important role in postponing the championship. Now it is necessary to resolve this extremely serious situation in the world and sports or soccer have to be in the background or in the background. “Vaclik says that his life has not changed much, except for training, “because we are usually at home. My wife is no longer pregnant, so we are not worried although these situations always worry the family. We try to have the least contact with the world outside and we usually spend free time in the garden. If we need something, we have it just across the road. But it is being harder for the boys who are from other places, because the club has prohibited them from traveling, so they have to stay here. “last_img

first_imgJuanpi Añor has an exorbitant file for the reality that is lived in the Second Division. His contract is around two million euros, a figure completely unattainable for the entity’s coffers. Next season the club will have to undertake a tremendous economic readjustment if it wants to be entered in the competition and Juanpi Añor does not fit in those parameters. The footballer says he is ready to reach out to the club and lower his profile in exchange for an extension of his contract, which expires in 2021. Still, the deal looks very complicated.“I said it earlier in the season. He would have no problem renewing, making a drop in salary for the benefit of the club. I have always been for the work. I am the first aware of the situation. We are going to wait for the League to finish and I will surely have conversations with the club to see where we can go. Obviously, you have to see how everything happens, how the League ends, what they offer, not only at an economic level but also at a sports levelWhat are you going to plan for next season… There are many things that I am not considering right now, this is not the time ”, he explained in the microphones of the TO BE.Juanpi also referred to his new role within the team after the change of coach. The red wine has once again been an important piece for Malaga. It has become indisputable since Sergio Pellicer assumed command on the bench. “His arrival gave me back the confidence, continuity and minutes that a player needs to regain his level. At the beginning of the season he also spoke about the benefit of the presence of the previous coaching staff (that of Víctor Sánchez del Amo), although it is true that I was losing it ”, he stated.These last seasons have not been good at all for Juanpi Añor, who explains his irregularity in this way: “Many of the problems I have had were in my head. In bad times, when I wasn’t used to going through those moments, they affected me. I worked on that and let’s say I’m a little more passive with myself now. I am not as critical as before. I was a long time and I am still working with a sports ‘coaching’, that of the Venezuela team. Your help made me realize many things and helped me overcome bad times. If I don’t give my level, I am aware that the eyes and the spotlights are going to be on me. It is very clear. And the hobby has manifested itself in the way it believes is correct. Before, I took it one way and now I take it another way. ” The playmaker does not hide that the locker room has received with relief the new reality that the club lives. The arrival of the judicial administrator in La Rosaleda has significantly reduced noise and completely normalized the day-to-day of the entity. “The latest news from the club just before the break was very positive. The arrival of Pellicer gave us the tranquility of not thinking about other things than football. Before there were meetings and talks in excess, something that was not the most correct and that we did not correspond to us. We could do absolutely nothing with what was happening with the club. Y Pellicer gave that peace of mind, also thanks to the judicial administration. Shaheen? I am not going to criticize any ex-worker of the club, but it is true that the club takes a long time that internally things were not being done in the best way. Now we are starting to see something different and positive for us players and for all fans of Malaga. I hope the best for the club, for the people and for us. Whoever is, do their best to benefit the club, the players and the people, ”he argued.Regarding the coronavirus crisis and the options to return to competition, Juanpi is clear: “I would not like to play behind closed doors, but I see it as very logical. The most sensible thing is to finish the leagues behind closed doors. We have to wait, see how long we are going to be like this and what the solutions of the League and the clubs are going to be. ”last_img

first_img…needing 34 votes to secure passage defies logic – Ram Clerk of the National Assembly Sherlock Isaacs has confirmed the validity of the Opposition-sponsored No-confidence Motion, having told Guyana Times on Thursday that he has certified the vote. In fact, Isaacs also made it clear that he will not be conducting a review of the decision.“Not me, period, that is not my duty,” the Clerk outlined. “Once approved, the motion becomes a resolution and I’m required to send the resolution to the mover of the motion among other persons which is what I did,” Isaacs told this news entity.Later on, the Clerk of the National Assembly issued a letter responding to accusations he said Charrandas made against him, saying Isaacs stopped the vote during the division of the No-confidence Motion after the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change Member of Parliament said “yes”.Noting that he has always performed his duties with professionalism and impartiality, Isaacs said he actually paused “due to the uproar” after the now expelled AFC member’s vote.“Mr Charrandas Persaud may be a lawyer but Parliamentary Practice may evade him. Parliamentary Practice has taught me that when there is disruption in the House during a division, the Clerk must stop taking the division. I therefore had no option but to stop and to ensure that the vote of the member was correctly taken,” Isaacs clarified.Much of Guyana was left stunned but the dust is now settling over last week’s shock passage of the no-confidence vote against the coalition Administration which came via Alliance For Change (AFC) member Charrandas Persaud deflecting to the Opposition. Some observers are questioning the motion’s validity even as the vote has already been certified, which cleared the path for elections to be held in three months’ time.Outspoken political commentator Christopher Ram is at a loss as to why last Friday’s vote is being questioned, alluding that 33 out of 65 constitute a majority.“What is a majority? A majority is the greater number or the greater part so if you’re saying 34 is the majority then what are saying that we have 66 members in the National Assembly or do you take away their seats? It defies logic and it defies law,” Ram opined.However, Attorney Nigel Hughes, an AFC member told State media that half of 65 is 32.5 but when rounded to the nearest whole number would be 33 as there is no half member.He therefore suggested that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) needed 34 to secure majority. Ram however sees it differently, having expressed his hope that the polls, due by March 19, 2019, will not be stalled.“Mr Nigel Hughes is reading words in the Constitution that are not there. The Constitution certainly does not say that; it says a majority… I am hoping that [the comments] are for academic excitement and not intended to stall any process or to create and sow confusion – that is my concern,” Ram posited.In keeping with the Guyana Bar Association’s recent endorsement of the validity of the no-confidence vote, Ram said it must “absolutely” be accepted. In fact, the Kamal Ramkarran-headed Association said on Wednesday that to suggest that the recently passed No-confidence Motion was not validly passed is erroneous, disclosing that “the results and consequences of the motion be accepted and that urgent preparations for elections by the Elections Commission be started,” in keeping with Article 106(6) of the Constitution.Government is said to be seeking legal advice on the matter but calls to senior Cabinet ministers on Thursday were unanswered. Attempts were made to contact Minister of State Joseph Harmon, Government Chief Whip and Social Protection Minister Amna Ally and Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Basil Williams.Nevertheless, on Thursday evening, through the Director of Public Information, Imran Khan, the Government in a release stated that Cabinet met and would have received a report from the Special Legal Sub-Committee on the matter with regard to the no-confidence motion.“The Chairman of the Sub-Committee, Attorney General Basil Williams SC, updated Cabinet on the matter and presented a number of recommendations. Cabinet discussed various options and took certain decisions on the way forward,” the release added.In addition, the coalition Government via the release assures its supporters and the public that it will pursue all available options and act in the best interest of all Guyanese.Persaud who became a parliamentarian following the May 2015 elections said he was dissatisfied with AFC MPs being ‘yes men’. The Berbician had resigned from the party in September 2013 but would later face the media and indicate that his resignation was nonexistent.The lawyer said his vote was one of conscience since he was tired of towing party lines. He left the country Saturday morning after saying that was threatened both online and by one of his colleagues in the National Assembly.A total of 10 MPs had debated the motion and when a vote of division was called, Persaud’s vote changed the numbers to 33 in favour of the motion versus Government’s 32 votes against the motion. Government was previously confident that it would have won the vote. (Shemuel Fanfair)last_img

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