first_img Submit The Racing Partnership (TRP) and the Federation of Racecourse Bookmakers (FRB) have agreed a deal, which means that on course bookmakers represented by the FRB will make their prices available for the exclusive use of TRP. The agreement will run from January 1 until the end of 2019.This deal follows on from one signed earlier in the year with the British Racecourse Bookmakers Association (BRBA), which means TRP will have access to prices from all on course bookmakers across its 22 member racecourses.This includes Lingfield Park, Doncaster, Southwell, Wolverhampton, Royal Windsor and Worcester, nine ARC courses and seven independent racecourses comprising Fakenham, Ffos Las, Hexham, Newton Abbot, Plumpton, Ripon and Towcester.Robin Grossmith, Director of the Federation of Racecourse Bookmakers, said “I am delighted the FRB and TRP have been able to agree this deal, that has enabled us to provide TRP with the data generated by the leading on course bookmakers who operate across the TRP estate. We look forward to working with TRP going forward.”Mark Kingston, Director of The Racing Partnership, added: “TRP has always wanted to contract with all on course bookmakers that stand on its racecourses. The agreement with the FRB, together with the deal with the BRBA announced earlier in the year, means exactly that. TRP will be the only source of official race day data to the off-course market.” UKGC wipes ‘disproportionate’ Royal Ascot fines for on-course bookies May 14, 2020 On-course bookmakers return to UK courses in two-week trial August 17, 2020 Share On-course bookies rail against Goodwood ‘cashless trial’ July 27, 2020 Related Articles StumbleUpon Sharelast_img

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first_imgEditor’s note: Because of a technical problem, this story was not published until Mar 27.Mar 26, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – A diagnosis of H5N1 avian influenza in a 3-year-old Egyptian girl yesterday marked Egypt’s 27th case overall and the ninth this year, according to news services.The girl, who tested positive yesterday, is from the southern city of Aswan, according to an Associated Press (AP) report. Egypt’s two previous case-patients, a 2-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl, were also from Aswan.Health ministry spokesman Abdel Rahman Shahine said the 3-year-old girl was admitted to an Aswan hospital with a fever and cold symptoms, the AP reported. She was in stable condition and being treated with oseltamivir (Tamiflu). A report by Xinhua, the Chinese news service, said the girl was hospitalized Mar 22.Shahine said the girl caught the virus from birds her family raises, according to the AP.The World Health Organization has not yet recognized the girl’s case on its Web site. Of 26 confirmed cases in Egypt, 13 have been fatal. By the WHO’s count, Egypt has the third most cases, after Vietnam, with 93 (42 fatal), and Indonesia with 81 (63 fatal). Several recent cases reported in Indonesia have not yet been recognized by the WHO.In other developments, officials in Bangladesh reported H5N1 had spread to three poultry farms widely separated from those near the capital, Dhaka, where outbreaks were reported last week, according to an Agence France-Press (AFP) report published yesterday.A government spokesman named Abdul Motalib said outbreaks were found on three farms in the northern district of Jamalpur, prompting the destruction of 9,000 birds, AFP reported. He also said there were reports of chicken deaths in two other districts.A Reuters report today said outbreaks have struck a total of nine farms in the Dhaka area and Jamalpur district, leading to the culling of 50,000 birds.A number of workers at the farms have been tested and found free of the virus, Health Secretary Ehsan Ul Fattah told Reuters.last_img

first_imgFor the next tourist season, Croatian tourism will lack at least about 15 thousand skilled workers, and some projections indicate the number of 20.000 workers. In the Tourism and Hospitality sector, with 4.660 permits, it is replaced by 7.660 permits for employment of foreigners, and with the increase of the annual quota of permits for seasonal work, which currently amounts to 2.040 permits, of which 1.000 permits for seasonal work in tourism and catering, we reach a total of 8660 permits. for the tourism sector. INVESTMENTS IN THE TOURISM SECTOR IN 2019 IN THE VALUE OF BILLION EUROS AND 50 MILLION EUROS   On the one hand, we should certainly look positively at investments, but on the other hand, the question arises whether we need new investments when there are not enough workers for the existing need in the labor market. Increasing work permits is certainly not a long-term solution, because tourism without domestic labor is not tourism and that encourages imports is certainly not a quality solution. According to the submitted data, in 2019, around one billion and 50 million euros will be invested in Croatian tourism, while investments according to the same survey in 2018 amounted to 940 million euros. The companies will invest around 626 million euros in their tourism projects, while the public sector, ie counties and cities and municipalities from their area will invest 425 million euros. The announced investments in the private sector include investments in hotels, camps, nautical and other types of accommodation facilities, facilities and attractions. Thus, the Ministry of Tourism has prepared a survey of investments in the tourism sector for next year. The survey covered all counties and tourism companies that submitted data on announced investments for next year.  On the other hand, new investments are announced in 2019, primarily in the hotel sector. Cappelli announced an increase in the quota for hiring foreign workers in tourismcenter_img NUMBER OF LICENSES IN TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY INCREASED FROM 4660 LICENSES TO 8660 LICENSES. The largest hotel companies have also announced large investments in expanding their capacities. Thus, Plava Laguna is investing HRK 2019 million in 300, Valamar Riviera is investing in projects worth a total of HRK 616,5 million in 2019. The Supervisory Board of Imperial dd from the island of Rab approved total investments in the amount of HRK 139,99 million for 2019, while in the Split-Dalmatia County next year as much as EUR 197 million will be invested in tourism, and as many as eight new ones will be opened in Split. hotels with 1,5 thousand new top beds in hotels. The question is who will work? The situation with the lack of workers in the strongest Croatian industry is all the more absurd since this year the students chose mostly vocational occupations when enrolling in the first grade, but the available number of places was not in line with the interest of students. So this year more than 3.800 students wanted to study to be a chef, and only 1.200 were enrolled. 705 students will be educated for the profession of waiter, but the interest was much higher compared to the available quotas, a total of 2160 students. According to the Ministry of Tourism, Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli announced that due to the increase in the need for tourism workers, the quota of foreign workers in tourism will increase to 15 thousand. “It will certainly increase by a few thousand. According to the needs we have, I think it should come somewhere at 15.000, of which some 30 to 40 percent are seasonal workers, the rest will probably be permanentSaid Cappelli. In August, at its 110th session, the Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted the Proposal of Decision on Amendments to the Decision on Determining the Annual Quota of Permits for Employment of Websites for the Calendar Year 2018. 35.500 permits. The situation is becoming more and more absurd, and there are no real changes and some long-term vision of development and quality solutions yet. It’s as if tourism happened to us yesterday, so now we don’t know what and how.last_img

first_img“In every contact with the ministries, we emphasized our fear that ćEU funds will be spent on remediation of dubiousness in othersžpublic companies. It was recently announced that Croatia Airlines očekuje from države pomoć of HRK 700 million for a company with less than 1000 employees. How many millions and billions will The government slammed into HŽ and HAC no žwe don’t even want to think. At the same time, to solve the problem of leasing for all activities, not just for occasional transport and to save tens of thousandswhat ugrožjobs, an amount of HRK 200 million is needed. Već we have been trying to solve this problem with the Government for two months, a month has passed since the protests in St. Mark’s Square, and there are no changes or indications of a solution. The government is full of wordswhether self-praise for your work and successes, but we are sincere and deeply razočarani with this attitude towards the cityđanima and entrepreneurs. Once again we ask ourselves: Where is the Government and what is it doing?” It was established at the meeting that this extremely unfavorable situation in which occasional carriers found themselves through no fault of their own, can only be resolved in tripartite, and the Ministry of Tourism undertook to coordinate the activities of ministries needed to solve the problem. All present agreed that the burden of interest on leasing facilities can not only be borne by end users and leasing companies, but that the state should provide a guarantee fund through EU funds to help tourism and transport to help cover losses and preserve jobs. It is about 10 billion euros, which the Prime Minister recently bombastically announced as a great success of Croatian diplomacy. “It is indisputable čthe fact that we were invited to the first meeting at the Ministry of Tourism the day before the announced protest on St. Mark’s Square, after the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Finance did not attend the meetings invited by HANFA and UGP. It is also indisputable whethernjenica that we each goćand the invitation to the meeting they received after the announcements in the media in which we called them out for notčinjenje. We now consider that all these calls were “with a fig udžepu “te su služor just calming the situation me downđin carriers to buy time until the parliamentary elections without a real intention to solve the problem. I’m calling overžnot ministers and prime ministers to showžu that we are wrong and make a keyčnot a step needed to save the occasional passenger transport business and 20.000 jobs. If the problem is not solved, be ćwe will be forced to organize new protests.” Marko Slišković from the PPP Initiative emphasized. More than two weeks have passed since the last meeting of the Occasional Passenger Transport Initiative, the Voice of Entrepreneurs, HANFA, all leading leasing companies, relevant ministries and business associations, at which all parties agreed on a joint solution to the problem of insufficient moratorium for carriers and other ways of calculating interest during the moratorium.  “They ruleC pre-election bothwhat100.000 new jobs in idућe čfour years and on these phrases they try to attractC biračko body, while at the same time unable or not želeuwhethernor anything to save 20.000 jobs in the occasional passenger transport business. ” said Dražen Oreščanin, executive director of UGP and added: Apparently, the intention of the Government and the ministries was to circumvent the agreement with occasional carriers and to transfer the money that the EU intended to support tourism and transport exclusively to losers in the public sector, point out the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association.center_img  “From the Government of Fr.čwe expect her to be brave, and after almost three months, as long as our negotiations last, she withdrawsif keyčnot moves, not to put the accumulated problems under the carpet before the elections. ” he added Hrvoje Bujas, president of UGP. Unfortunately, we are witnessing that June 15 is long behind us, and there is no feedback, in fact, there is still no answer to the inquiries sent to the ministries about the date of the meeting. All parties present at the meeting prepared the required documentation and submitted it to the ministries within the agreed deadline. Instead of an urgent reaction from the competent ministries, as agreed, several days without contacts followed, and on June 10, after a reminder from the UGP, a response from the Ministry of Tourism arrived stating “We kindly ask you for a little more patience, considering that we have scheduled meetings of certain institutions involved in your issues for Monday, June 15, and we will let you know the new date of the meeting on Monday after the meetings. In any case, we definitely plan to hold the meeting next week.“They point out from UGP. Occasional carriers have been completely pushed to the wall, now they no longer see a ray of light at the end of the tunnel and it is only a matter of days before any of these companies declare bankruptcy.last_img

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