first_imgOf the seven Republican candidates on the primary election ballot Adam Putnam, Florida long serving Agricultural Commissioner stands out as the best choice. His moderate stance augers well for a potential Florida governor. PALM BEACH GARDENS QUESTIONS A former prominent Florida representative and Miami-Dade Commissioner, who has been active in several aspects of the county’s endeavors, Barreiro seems to have the most experience of the Republican candidates to contest this seat in November. She remains a warrior for the District since her first election in 2010 representing District 17. She has adequately represented the cause of the Black Community. including Haitians, and is quite fearless in Washington in fighting for the rights of her district and all Americans.   NB. Democrat incumbent Senator Bill Nelson automatically advances to the November general elections as there is/are no Democratic challenger(s). Andrew Gillum – (DEM)After very intense analysis among a close race between Phillip Levine, Bob Greene, Gwen Graham and Andrew Gillum. CNW is recommending voters vote for Andrew Gillum, who is vying to be Florida’s first African American Governor. Throughout his long campaign Gillum, the Mayor of Tallahassee, has been consistent in the issues that mostly affect the Caribbean and African American communities. A progressive, he is firmly in favor of gun control, improved rights for immigrants, Medicare for all, more funding for state education and improved teacher’s salaries, criminal reform, improved working conditions and rights for women, and increased benefits for seniors. PALM BEACH COUNTY COMMISSIONDistrict 2Gregg Weiss (DEM)PORT OF PALM BEACH COMMISSIONGroup 5Joseph Anderson (DEM)PALM BEACH COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD District 7Debra Robinson CIRCUIT COURT JUDGES – DISTRICT 15Group 13Alcolya St. JusteGroup 18Maxine Cheesman Group 25Henry Quinn Johnson PALM BEACH COUNTY COURT JUDGE Group 4Allegra Fung Group 5Richard Llerena BOCA RATON MAYOR:                                                   Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer services This African American business professional is keen on representing the district to improve small businesses. He says he wants to work to restore mom and pop businesses, and wants to “restore the promise of the American Dream for every single American in the district.” MIAMI-DADE COUNTY COURT JUDGES Group 2Kristy NunezGroup 32Lizzet MendezGroup 40Michael Barket Group 33Olanike “Nike” AdebayoGroup  43Milena Abreu US CONGRESS:     Dr. Edison Walters (REP) Incumbent To assist voters in their choice in South Florida’s August 28 Primary Elections, the Caribbean National Weekly over the past several months has closely observed the candidate’s campaign messages, analyzed questionnaires some responded to, listened to some of their speeches, and read their position on various issues, especially as these relate to the interests Caribbean and African American voters. This has resulted in the newspaper’s editorial board concluding which candidates are more suitable to be elected in the primary elections to be held on Aug 28, and others nominated to advance to the ballot for the November 6 General Elections.  Accordingly, our recommendations are stated below.Early voting in the Primary Elections began in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties on August13 and will begin in Broward County on August 18. Voters are reminded they can only vote according to their party registration in the Primary Elections.  Voters registered without party affiliation, or NPA, will not be allowed to vote. Registered Democrats can only vote for Democratic candidates on the ballot with Democratic candidates, and the same applies for registered Republican voters, they can only vote for Republican candidates.However, on Election Day, November 6,  Democrats, Republicans and NPA’s can vote for a candidate of which ever party.Voters are also advised to contact the offices of the respective Supervisor of Elections in their county of residence for early voting places, and early voting times.On behalf of the several candidates that have placed themselves for elections, and the time, energy and money they have spent seeking to represent the voters of South Florida, we appeal to every eligible voter to vote. Voting in the primary elections extends over a period of several days which enhances the convenience of voting. There are very serious issues that affect every member of this community. It is by exercising every voter’s special privilege to elect the most suitable candidate to represent him/her in the respective legislative chamber that these issues can be dealt with to the advantage of each voter, and the community. Recommendations GOVERNOR OF FLORIDA Matt Baxter (REP) Ted Deutch (DEM)Elected to Congress in 2010 Deutch has proved himself a committed Democratic, devoted to issues like gun control, affordable healthcare, improvement in Social Security and Medicare, raising the minimum wage and helping the lot of working families. District 24 Scott has a challenger in Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente who has launched an ambitious campaign, but even he must realize it is difficult to compete against the name recognition gained by Scott as Florida’s governor since 2010. District 113Kubs Lalchandani (DEM)This son of immigrants has risen from modest means through hard work and is now determined to go to the Florida capitol to benefit the district and state by using innovative ideas to grow the economy, reduce gun violence and reform gun laws, and improve education and the environment.District 115 Vance Aloupis (REP)Aloupis has made a convincing argument for improving jobs, the economy and education; improving public safety through improving aspects of the police force statewide, improve transportation and communication with the district; lower property tax rates and increase homestead extension, and lower property tax rates.District 116Daniel Perez (REP)Perez was elected among stiff odds to the Florida House in 2017, and has showed the type of drive and commitment during his relatively short tenure that deserves to be voted for to continue his “tireless work for the residents of the district and the residents of Florida.”District 119  Annie Martinez (REP)Martinez is one of the few candidates who have placed improving care and living facilities for Florida seniors. She also wants to improve education; reduce traffic congestion – a troubling problem in South Florida, and significantly reduce crime, especially on urban streets.BROWARD COUNTY ELECTIONS COUNTY COMMISSIONS District 2Mark D. Bogen (Dem) IncumbentBogen has served the voters of Broward County and District 2 for the past 4 years, during which time he has joined his colleagues in obtaining a living age for county workers, and has sought to make higher education affordable for Broward students.District 6Quintin “Beam” Furr (Dem) IncumbentThe incumbent commissioner and Broward County Mayor has settled into the niche of serving Broward County, and is deserving of reelection. BROWARD COUNTY COURT JUDGES Group 9 Tanner Channing Demmery Group 10Robert F. Diaz Group 17 Rhoda SokoloffGroup 19Jackie Powell Group 25Robert Lee SHALL THE PALM BEACH GARDENS CHARTER BE AMENDED TO CHANGE FROM THE EXISTING TERM LIMIT WHICH PROHIBITS A COUNCIL MEMBER FROM BEING ELECTED TO MORE THAN TWO CONSECUTIVE FULL TERMS TO A TERM LIMIT THAT PROHIBITS A COUNCIL MEMBER FROM SERVING FOR MORE THAN THREE CONSECUTIVE FULL TERMS AND MAKING THE CHANGE APPLY TO ALL SITTING COUNCIL MEMBERS? Debbie Mucarsel Powell (Dem) LOXAHATCHEE GROVESAMENDING TOWN CHARTER REFERENDUM REQUIREMENT FOR THE TOWN’S ISSUANCE OF CERTAIN TYPES OF DEBTThe Town Charter currently requires referendum approval for revenue bonds, lease purchase contracts, or any other unfunded multiyear contracts to purchase real property or construct capital improvements where the repayment term exceeds thirty-six (36) months. Should the Town Charter be amended to change the requirement for referendum approval to where the repayment term exceeds eleven (11) years, provided that a referendum would still be required if required by law, or state or federal agencies?                                                                                                                                                                            Yes With a lifetime of experience in farming, Baxter says he will ensure that future generations of Floridians understand the important role the agriculture industry plays in Florida’s economic security by growing food that feeds the world District 27 Fourteen candidates, 6 Democrats and 8 Republicans are competing aggressively for the seat formerly held by Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Adam Putnam (REP) Alcee Hastings (DEM) Incumbent District 23 FLORIDA STATE SENATOR District 30Bobby Powell (Dem) – IncumbentPowell is seeking reelection to the Senate following his election in 2016. His commitment to job creation and economic development has made him a favorite of business and community leaders alike. He deserves reelection to continue his quest towards the district’s and the state’s economic development, and work towards improving areas like transportation and tourism.District 34Gary Farmer, Jr. (DEM) IncumbentFarmer was also first elected to the Florida Senate in 2016. In his first tenure he has adapted himself and shown the potential to be a future Democratic leader not only in Florida, but nationally. He has been consistent in his effort to protect the Florida environment, secure reform of the state’s gun laws, secure more pay for Florida’s teachers, and expanding Medicaid to Florida’s low-income residents.District 36David Perez (DEM)Although Perez began his campaign very late; in June, he is better  prepared to contest this primary election, which will see the winner pitted against the incumbent Manny Diaz Jr. Perez is passionate about improving public education in Florida District 38Daphne Campbell (Dem) IncumbentCampbell was a dedicated Florida Representative and during her first term as Florida Senator she has shown the same dedication and aggressiveness. She is fearless in seeking benefits for her constituents, especially Haitian-Americans. She understands the district well and should be reelected. STATE REPRESENTATIVESDistrict 81Tina Polsky (DEM)Polsky is in a keen contest with Mindy Koch for this seat representing parts of Palm Beach County. Koch sought a seat in the Florida Senate in 2016 but lost, and Polsky, an attorney, should also ruin her chances for the Florida House. Polsky is keen on improving the welfare of seniors, and has a better plan than Koch for environmental control, public education, tourism growth, and healthcare.District 87David Silver (DEM) IncumbentIn his first term in the Florida House Silvers has not been intimidated to find ways to penetrate the Republican wall to sponsor legislation, and even get legislation pass. The Democratic minority needs representatives who go to Tallahassee to perform, to succeed despite the Republican majority.District 89Jim Bonfiglio  (DEM)This very savvy Democrat seems highly capable of winning this seat and advancing to the state house in November. He strongly supports issues of interest to Caribbean American voters including increasing the minimum age; expanding affordable healthcare; fighting for policies to minimize the damage of climate change; Mike Spritz (REP)Spritz is an unusual Republican who says he is in favor of tightening gun control in the state, and approval of medical marijuana once the amount to be possessed is controlled. He, however, wants to enhance the fight against the opioid epidemic.District 92Patricia Hawkins-Williams (DEM) Incumbent.Williams face a very stiff challenge from  Paulette Armstead in seeking reelection to the seat she won in 2016. Despite criticism that she has been very low key in her first term in the Florida House, Williams says she has learned a lot, especially how to maneuver for the benefit of her constituents in the Republican laden House, District 96Kristen Jacobs (DEM) IncumbentJacobs during her four-year tenure in the Florida House indicated a forcefulness that showed she was not deterred by being a member of the minority party in the House. She has shown the same dedication for public service that she revealed as a Broward County Commissioner. She’s a consistent advocate for improving the state’s minimum wage; improving public school teacher’s salaries; and planning proactively against the perils of climate change.District 97Jared Muscowitz (DEM) IncumbentMuscowitz is seeking to be reelected to his fourth term in the Florida House, and based on his performance over the past three terms deserves reelection. A Parkland resident he was directly involved in soothing the relatives of victims, and students, after the tragic school shooting in that city. Accordingly, he is seeking stronger gun control measures. He also wants stronger measures to protect Florida schools.District 98Andrew Dolberg (DEM)Five political rookies are vying for the seat vacated by fellow Democrat Katie Edwards Walpole. Dolberg is a young man, but very political savvy, and shows that he fully understands the issues and needs of the very racially diverse district, county and state. The articulate voice of the youth is critically needed in Tallahassee and Dolberg, a progressive, is not afraid to let his be heard on matters like gun reform, Medicare for all, racial equality and equity, higher pay for teachers, and improved care and benefits for seniors.District 103Cindy Polo (DEM)Polo made a very emphatic statement to why she is seeking to represent this district in Tallahassee, “I am tired of not being represented or heard by my elected officials.” She wants to be able to fully represent her constituents and regularly give them a feedback to the efforts she will be making on their behalf. Her main platform are issues affecting women, gun control and the safety of Florida students in public schools.District 105Javier Estevez (DEM)Estevez stands for crucial issues which Democrats are seeking to be effectively addressed in the Florida House. These include decreasing the amount of testing in public schools; increase funding for affordable housing; raising minimum wage to a living wage; implement Medicare-for-all legislation; and repeal the Stand-Your-Ground law.District 108Dotie Josephs (DEM)Attorney Josephs, community activist, and civil rights advocate seems poised to grasp the seat currently held by incumbent Roy Hardeman. Joseph seeks to be elected to “fight for equal access to affordable housing, safe communities, quality education, affordable health care, and job creation, and  to improve the quality of life for all who live, work, and play in the District.”District 109Cedric McMinn (DEM)  McMinn seeks to be elected to fight for a strong public education system that prepares our students and compensates our teachers, jobs and careers that provide a living wage for all residents and sustainable businesses in our community; safer and cleaner neighborhoods end homelessness; and empower the youth and adults in the district to give back to the community through volunteering opportunities. Scott Singer MIAMI-DADE COUNTY ELECTIONSMIAMI-DADE COUNTY COMMISION District 2Jean Monestime – IncumbentDistrict 6 Rebecca Sosa District 8Danielle Levine Cava District 10 Alfred Santamaria District 12 Patricio Moreno Rick Scott (REP) Roy David Walker (DEM) District 22 Donna is a veteran administrator having served as Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Bill Clinton administration, and the very effective president of the University of Miami. Her understanding of the workings of Washington DC should enable her to represent the interests of the district and the state well. She is one of the few candidates that is seeking to improve Miami’s inadequate transportation infrastructure. She sees climate change as the biggest challenge the planet faces in the 21st century and wants the US to again lead in measures to counter climate change. BALLOT QUESTIONS PALM BEACH COUNTY ELECTIONS Bruno Barreiro  (Rep)                  Ashley Moodie (REP)Recognized in 2006, at age 31, as the youngest judge in Florida, Ashley Moody presents a formidable candidate for the Attorney General of Florida. She is strong on state law, and her wide experience includes advocating for the rights of, and justice for those accused of crimes. SHALL THE ABOVE DESCRIBED QUESTION NO.1 BE ADOPTED?YES District 20 The quest to represent either the Democratic or Republican Party in the November 6 mid-term general election has proven to be very contentious between the several candidates on the primary election ballot. The candidates have presented themselves well in debates and in their respective campaigns. Kaufman stands out in a field of three Republicans seeking to contest this seat against Democratic incumbent Debbie Wasserman Schultz in November. He calls himself an “independent minded Republican constitutionalist” who wants to protect American freedoms “leading to greater economic and social prosperity.” Hastings have been a long-term member of Congress who has been consistent in his efforts to improve the quality of life in this district. He has the required experience to continue in the job. Vote YES BROWARD SCHOOL BOARDDistrict 1Ann Murray District 4Tenille Doe Decoste District 6 Laurie Rich LevinsonDistrict 7Mike OlbelDistrict 8Donna Pilger Korn CIRCUIT COURT JUDGES – DISTRICT 17Group 8 Ernest Kollra (Incumbent) Group 36Shari Beth Africk-Olefson    Group 38Stefanie Camille Moon Group 39Camille Coolidge ShotwellGroup 42Richard Bryan KaplanGroup 43 Dan CaseyGroup 46 James Curry A Hispanic immigrant Debbie is strong on solving the challenges faced by immigrants in the US and is keen on immigration reform. She also wants to expand affordable healthcare to families, improve the rights of women, reforms the US tax system, improve education in public schools and particularly early childhood education, and is committed to fight for common sense gun legislation. BALLOTT QUESTION Funding Security and essential instruction related expenses of schools through ½ mill property tax levy. ATTORNEY GENERAL of Florida This hard-working attorney and state representative is also seeking to make history as Florida’s first African American attorney general. He has formulated a strong platform on issues like the protection of children and families; a statewide fight against corruption and fraud; eliminating the threat of the opioid epidemic,  advocating for consumers and rate payers of public utilities and state insurance, and the strong defense of Floridians civil and equal rights, which enhances his potential to serve in this position. Joe Kaufman (REP) CIRCUIT COURT JUDGES – DISTRICT 11Group 8Elisabeth Espinosa Group 14Renee Gordon Group 25 Yery Moreno District 26   MIAMI GARDENS GENERAL ELECTION  (Still researching)Seat 2Francis Dave Ragoo Seat 4 Sandra McDowell 195 Seat 6Erhabor Ighodaro Walker’s impressive resume indicates a man very qualified to be the state’s next Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer services. He has revealed sound plans to protect and conserve the environment, protect consumer interests, grow Florida’s agriculture industry, maintain a high standard of food and nutrition, conserve the state’s water. His plans to improve consumer services include elimination of scams and fraud against consumers, improve food safety inspection, and reduce harassing telemarketing calls. Sean Shaw (DEM) Seat A Frederica Wilson (Dem) Incumbent Andy Thomson Donna Shalala (DEM) MIAMI-DADE SCHOOL BOARDDistrict 2Dorothy Bendress-Mindingall – Incumbent District 4Perla Tabares Hantman – Incumbent US Senate SHALL THE CITY CHARTER BE AMENDED TO REMOVE PROVISIONS THAT ARE OUTDATED, UNNECESSARY OR CONFLICT WITH STATE LAW INCLUDING MUNICIPALITY, CITY CLERK, AND CITY TREASURER SPECIFIC POWERS/DUTIES; OATH OF OFFICE; MERIT SYSTEM; PROCEDURE REMOVING COUNCILMEN, QUALIFICATION OF ELECTORS, COUNCIL MEETING AND PROCEDURE, AND OTHER PROVISIONS; REVISE COUNCIL-MANAGER RELATIONSHIP; CHANGE FILLING OF VACANCIES; LIMIT INITIATIVE/REFERENDUM; DEFINE “FULL TERM”; REMOVE COUNCIL CONFIRMATION OF EMPLOYEES AND OTHER CHANGES; AS PROVIDED IN EXHIBIT A, ORDINANCE 8? SHALL THE ABOVE DESCRIBED QUESTION NO.2 BE ADOPTED?YES SHALL THE PALM BEACH GARDENS CHARTER BE AMENDED TO REMOVE THE REQUIREMENT THAT THE CITY MANAGER BE A RESIDENT WITHIN ONE YEAR OF APPOINTMENT AND INSTEAD PROVIDE THAT ANY RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT FOR THE CITY MANAGER BE DETERMINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL IN THE CITY MANAGER’S EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT? SHALL THE ABOVE DESCRIBED QUESTION NO, 3 BE ADOPTED?YES Curbelo was first elected in 2014 and reelected in 2016. He has served as more of a moderate Republican who, for example, acts proactively to protect Florida’s environment, not seeing climate change as a hoax. Carols Curbelo (REP) Incumbent last_img

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first_imgAfter Syracuse lost its season opener, Doug Marrone focused on the positives his team could build on moving forward. The SU head coach saw more reason for encouragement after the Orange battled No. 2 Southern California last Saturday.But before he turns his attention to a dangerous Stony Brook team, Marrone is honing in on SU’s mistakes through two games.“Right now, we’re really concerned on how we’re playing and how we’re getting better,” Marrone said during the Big East coaches’ teleconference on Monday. “And, what we need to do to win games — the things that we haven’t done in the past two games.”Those mistakes leave the Orange (0-2) in search of its first win of the season heading into Saturday’s matchup with Football Championship Subdivision opponent Stony Brook. The Sea Wolves (2-0) have cruised to two wins, defeating Central Connecticut State 49-17 in the opener and routing Pace 77-7 last week behind a potent rushing attack.Marrone acknowledged the challenge ahead against Stony Brook, but his team’s progress was his primary concern on MondayAdvertisementThis is placeholder textThe offense, led by veteran quarterback Ryan Nassib, has been sharp. But slow starts in both games — SU has scored just 16 of its 70 points in the first half — proved costly.“We have to do a better job offensively early in the game and get ourselves going quicker,” Marrone said during the teleconference. “And we haven’t done that in the past two weeks, and that’s some of the things that we have to correct.”Syracuse searching for consistency from puntersThe punting game has also been a concern for Marrone.The head coach used both starter Jonathan Fisher and backup Riley Dixon on Saturday, depending on the situation.“We feel that Riley is doing a better job than Jonathan right now in our sky-kicks getting more height on the ball, being able to drop the ball inside the 20,” Marrone said during the teleconference. “Going into the game, we had a plan, those situations both players knew that going in, we’ve actually had it for the past two weeks.”Fisher handled four punts, sending them an average of 41.8 yards, while Dixon stepped in for two. After Northwestern return man Venric Mark finished with 134 yards and a touchdown on two punt returns, both SU punters botched kicks against the Trojans.With a chance to pin USC deep in its own territory, Dixon shanked a punt 12 yards to the Trojans’ 20 yard line.And then Fisher’s mistake set up the Trojans’ 21-point fourth quarter.With SU only trailing by five, he sent a 39-yard punt to Robert Woods. The wide receiver brought it back 31 yards to set up a 22-yard touchdown pass by Matt Barkley that opened up a comfortable 28-16 lead.After two subpar games from the punters, Marrone stressed the need for improvement.“I do have a concern and I addressed with the players about our location with where we’re going with the punts,” Marrone said during the teleconference. “Early on, location and distance have caused a lot of pressure on our coverage unit.” Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on September 11, 2012 at 1:56 am Contact Ryne: rjgery@syr.edulast_img

first_imgPhoto: Stephen Gleeson Clubs across Tipperary have been coming up with proposals to ‘fix the playing calendar’.It follows the new structures adopted at Special Congress earlier this year, which will see club championships only played during a specific timeframe.The proposals from clubs are now with the county board and all eyes will be on the county board meeting on Thursday the 30th One proposal from players including Tipp footballer and dual Eire Og Annacarthy star Brian Fox has fitted games into the designated time frame in April and after August.West Board Chairman John O’ Shea explains…last_img

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