Business needs often afterwards shop

now has many bosses or part-time business please help, or open a branch hired a new employee, a busy career, for a long time, the shop is completely a "one" state, until the real calculation found many problems. So, the shop to do business, it is often need to "account", so that it can make the business more prosperous shop.

rainy weather, the store did not come to a few customers a day. In the evening, I went to shut the door, going home to cook, my friend Ji Zhengxiang called: "haven’t get together, tonight we go to the two" Chen Po "boiled fish!" Ji Zhengxiang is my neighbours for years, and my peers, there is a small scale tobacco grocery store him in the east of the county seat of the sun near the mall. Our relationship has been good, every year we will have two families together to eat a meal. But now this is not a year, the boss asked to get together, maybe something. As I expected, a cup of wine, season the boss opened the chatterbox. read more

How to drink food brand

small to see more food and beverage brands, sometimes some food brand name really impressed me, can not help but sigh that what can open big brain hole. For example, we usually say what lead the trend of the times, look, this does not appear on behalf of the food and beverage brands. A You’ll see. this is the name of the food and beverage industry in the beverage stores. What about this store?

for the catering business investors, you may not love traditional restaurants and touched more fuel, do not work everywhere with grease, then choose to open a fashionable drinks store, clean simple operation high profit prospects! Everyone love! Franchise which drinks drink lead? The food is the most popular read more

How to manage the staff of cosmetics chain store

cosmetic chain store business is largely determined by the sales staff, excellent staff can drive sales rise, and unqualified employees will even affect the reputation of your store. So for the cosmetics stores entrepreneurs, for employees to develop and to implement a strict system of rewards and penalties.

how quantitative, for example, full attendence award, month holiday season vacation, year vacation, reward layer increased. For example, a late, ten minutes to half an hour buckle, buckle a buckle, leave early, leave a deduction, etc.. read more

How much money is invested in the 108 craftsmen

ancient times known as marsh heroes of Liangshan 108, now in our life in the catering sector also has 108 public record a barbecue. The catering industry is the current highly competitive industry, fast food brand in the industry to beyond count, based on steady natural needs of attractions, 108 official public record master carpenter barbecue join establish industry model. By virtue of the high standards of respect, showing a huge competitive, fast seize the market. So how much money to join the 108 craftsmen barbecue barbecue? read more

What is the management skill of the guest room of the West guest of the bar

Barcelona off western style meals shop attracted the attention of entrepreneurs in the investment, vigorously promote these years, it has great development space in the catering industry, which has a warm atmosphere, a romantic couple touted by the majority. If you have a wealth of business skills, then your store business is very hot, then open a bar to the west of the Western Restaurant Restaurant what business skills?

described below:

Cheats: correct and far sighted location

how to open a rich road a restaurant, the successful experience is: the choice in the business before the investment is the most important step — with appreciation potential lots. If the choice is wrong, a senior decoration, delicious food, elegant air, still can not attract Gu Zhu door, the so-called "hunger breeds discontentment", not "people (Gu Zhu)", not the business success. read more

Open casual clothing stores need to do a preliminary investigation

clothing is just need to live in the consumer, the market is broad, very investment value, if you also have a clothing store intends to find a good position, then do not worry about no business. Some investors are not very clear about the principles of site selection. The following small series to explain specifically for investors on the casual clothing stores to join the store to determine the location of some of the details need to pay attention to. We look at each and every one, hoping to open a casual clothing store for investors to help. read more

What are the skills to open home stores

domestic industry has developed rapidly, the domestic service industry market is very popular, attracting the attention of many entrepreneurs. But a lot of entrepreneurs are new entrepreneurs, how to open the domestic franchise business is not very understanding, Xiaobian today to share three tips, learn quickly!

first, the establishment of home stores, home service staff, customer iron triangle relationship

domestic service personnel employed in domestic stores, stores by domestic wages and management, so that domestic service personnel from free occupation into the "occupation" of the workers, obtain a sense of belonging; domestic stores and customers (employer) signed a labor contract, domestic service as customer service representative in the family. The housekeeping department stores set up supervision, every 100 customers is equipped with a full-time supervisor, through home visits, telephone and other means, monitoring the quality of services, domestic service personnel management and education, coordinate the relationship between the employer and the housekeeping staff. read more

Tianjin pollution control measures for pollution sources to escape

serious environmental pollution is a threat to our health. In order to protect the health of our homes, we have launched a series of measures to prevent pollution! With the air pollution control grid in Tianjin city comprehensive information platform is built, the city’s 16 District, Haihe Education Park and 22 bureaus and 39 members of the unit to achieve network interconnection, air pollution prevention and control of information sharing. The air pollution control "grid" in Tianjin, the city’s 16 districts delineated 1 grids 33, two grids 200, three grids 2041, four grids 5718, to small counties, to the community, to achieve full coverage. read more

So open the children’s paradise

Many parents are busy

now, so they love to spend more time with their children on weekends, children’s Park is the parents often take their children to the place. Children’s playground is also open to make money. But many people do not know how to operate a children’s paradise in business skills, it is easy to detour. The following small series for you to share the management of children’s paradise road.


read more

The three step is to open a lingerie store

shop entrepreneurship is a certain step, especially some people demand a very large physical products. For the majority of investors, only to grasp the relevant steps will be successful shop operations. So, what are the steps to open an underwear store? And let Xiaobian for your analysis.

how to open underwear shop site

can be said that the underwear shop is determined by the position of business success, if on the site, to get the city district downtown area, it can be said that you open the lingerie store on the success of the eighty percent, because the flow of people store location determines to a large extent store. Also determines the amount of sales of your customers, therefore, to choose the city center district business district, the flow of people. read more

The gang start of the business partnership less

entrepreneurship, is now a lot of people are concerned about the topic, but also a lot of people choose. "Brother, dude loyalty, like-minded, glorious years, together with the total death," these noble words, I as early as 20 years ago to play bad. So here is not to repeat them, went straight to the theme, only about entrepreneurship.

"business partnership" is a civilization of vocabulary, but sorry, I of the social environment is not a kind of youth entrepreneurship is defined, that is "the gang start" more, "little business partnership". read more

Noble imperial steak

Fujian is a coastal city, the property is also very rich in resources, in such a place will not be too natural food. Today, even if the recommendation of a local Fujian food brands – noble imperial steak

Fujian noble imperial Catering Management Co., Ltd., founded in November 8, 2007, is a sustained rapid development of food and beverage chain enterprises. Engaged in the production and sales of professional with steak, salad with unlimited, comfortable and elegant environment, humanized service, excellent dining experience management mode, by all sectors of the favorite. Has won the "Fujian famous restaurant", "Fujian integrity management enterprise", "Fujian consumer trust units" and other honorary titles, becoming an influential and well-known brands of steak. How to join the noble imperial steak read more

How to choose the brand of men’s underwear store

There are a lot of

lingerie shop, and the number of domestic men’s underwear shop are not comparable, actually a men’s underwear store, that business is not bad, it is important to choose the brand, the face of dazzling men’s underwear brand, how to choose a key.

propaganda exaggerated, not to the point guard

often in some large portal business channel or some special investment franchise website to see some attractive advertising, these are absurd propaganda, people can know the secret. But a little bit hidden tempting propaganda, may still make a lot of investors. read more