91 source trading network to provide free source trading platform

  in October 5, 2007, when everyone was immersed in the country when I was on a Taobao user in October 4th -10 5, 1:00, finally the source code of the (www.91yuanma.cn) to do it. 91 source code for free services for the purpose, enthusiasm for the majority of the members of the source code to provide the best source of the transaction process and services, and strive to create an excellent source trading platform. I hope you can support us. We believe that the 91 source network is the best. I can’t speak. Maybe I said above is not good enough, please forgive, also please ADMIN5 official website to published this article, the 91 source networks allow more website source purchase and sale of friends, thanks to ADMIN5 can give me a post published this article to ADMIN5 official website Yuebanyuehao. One of the most outstanding stationmaster station! I wish you a happy National Day, thank you! read more

How to improve domain trust

first quote Zac’s famous saying: the weight of the domain name is not from the beginning, are slowly accumulated from bit by bit. Do a truly trusted site, there is no shortcut, only to spend time to do the hard work, the time spent can not count on a monthly basis, but need to be calculated in accordance with the

so how to improve the weight of the domain name, how to improve the trust of the domain name, I think there are several factors:

1, access to high trust link

is the first to say Google to domain name trust explanation, Google will be the first artificial selection of a number of high trust domain, the quality of these sites is beyond doubt, these sites are thought to have a Google level of trust, if a website to get to the level of trust links, so the website has two levels of trust, and so on can be launched at level three, level Four trust website read more

Beijing remediation Internet false advertising offenders will stop access service

(reporter Dou Hongmei) with immediate effect, the city’s 11 departments will jointly carry out a comprehensive clean-up of illegal false advertising. The city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, municipal supervision bureau and other departments will be the unauthorized release of drugs and medical devices, medical care and other Internet advertising information, and filing false information website, ordered the Internet access service providers to stop providing access service. read more

Ten techniques for selecting a domain name

1 using the corporate name of the Chinese Pinyin as a domain name

2 with the name of the enterprise name as the domain name corresponding EnglishA

3 for abbreviation as a domain name company nameThe name of

4 with homophonic pinyin form to the enterprise domain name registration

5 in English combined form to the enterprise domain name registration

6 in the name of the enterprise before and after and associated with the network prefix and suffix

read more

Website promotion tactics to promote the site with 360 security guards

The latest version of the

360 security guards to provide customized function, through the function, any user can easily customize the 360 security guards and a personal version of the installation program, after installation, the main interface for the software can show our blogs, picture, photo album.

if you have your own website or blog, with the function of 360 security guards to carry out the promotion is really good, because the promotion of this is not a "hard plug", in the propaganda of the site at the same time, it can also bring security for users of the computer security, kill two birds with one stone. read more

Which one is the cross-border electricity supplier summit in your heart. God Goddess

today to talk about a lighter topic, who is the goddess of God in your heart?

I do not know from what time, the male god goddess big coffee these words like water dilution, no matter be filled with nothing can be said. In the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier meeting today, various kinds of large coffee also emerge in an endless stream, everywhere, of course, the meeting is obviously uneven quality.

as a low-key luxury connotation of the sea trade, but to focus on doing high-end atmosphere class meeting. Well, words that are chicken ribs, keep calm, these figures should let you know what is the real big coffee industry ~ read more

Double eleven sales or high rational consumer credit cautious innovation

Chinese youth network in November 9 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Gao Lei) "double eleven" before the arrival of the fight between the major electricity supplier has already begun, major retail channels also get ready for battle to prepare for this shopping feast. This year’s double eleven war will be more intense than in previous years, this shopping Carnival how to better buy buy buy?

this year, double eleven more popular

days ago, consulting firm Nelson released survey results show that most of the network China consumers this year "double eleven" of the expenditure will be higher than last year. In a survey of more than 1000 Internet users in China in October, Nelson said that more than 56% of users said they would spend more money on this year’s "double eleven". 33% of people said that consumption may be flat with last year, only 6% said it would reduce spending. The report also showed that all respondents this year, the average expected cost of 1761 yuan, an increase of $321 compared with 2014, an increase of 22%. read more

Google sister rushed to a human response to modify the page ranking

Google told the financial times (here with a "word" seems to be more in line with the national conditions?) will modify a human page ranking is definitely a blockbuster, a sister of Marissa Mayer Google today to respond, but don’t know how she did not put the article to Google blog update, Google (public policy blog has posted a full text), I summarize the Mui’s remarks, but she is mainly in Tai chi.

Mui to cite a sharp example, she said that we take the word "Jaguar" to the thing, the word you think of what? Animal Jaguar, car or Jaguar Jaguar team? Well, in fact, yesterday I wrote Google human thought of the modified ranking they will give this example for example, Apple search out all Apple computer instead of fruit? How to define the best search results read more

The difference between the poor and rich

Rich and poor

in this paper not only refers to the money, more refers to spirit, poor webmaster mentioned in this article are those who do not seriously for the station and abusive DC, do not blindly.

I have studied a lot of websites, know a lot of webmaster, I found that the difference between poor and rich webmaster is very small, it is because of these small differences, resulting in their income difference. Here I write these findings, I hope to be able to give the head of the complaints are inspired. read more

Zhang Zhaoyang dialogue Zhou Hongyi the Internet is an opportunity

lead: in Zhou Hongyi’s view, wireless Internet and traditional industries combined with severe reaction is an opportunity. Zhang Zhaoyang said that based on the personalization of big data is indeed an opportunity in the future.

August 28th, China Internet Conference held in Beijing in 2014. Bedouin communications agency chairman Lu Binbin as the host, and Zhang Zhaoyang and Zhou Hongyi (micro-blog) on the Internet with 20 years "the topic of a conversation.

The next wave of Internet read more

Cool dog music everyday sounds and other mobile phone war fierce big name charge into the enemy rank

renamed China (eName.cn) August 26th hearing, "music" is a kind of art to reflect real life human emotions, but also ease the pressure, relax the mood, edify sentiment way. Along with the people living and entertainment center transfer to the mobile Internet, in other areas to fight strong BAT three giants, to follow the cool dog, everyday sounds, such as the expansion of mobile phone, cool Migu music APP territory, and the brand name is also staged a Rainbow Night pattern.

figure: the second quarter of this year, the music APP market share of read more

2015, do micro business, tell you what to sell to make money!

2014 has passed, recalling that in 2014 the electricity supplier industry, can be said to be rash and too much in haste. Ali eleven hit a record turnover of 57 billion 100 million, once again proved the dominant position in the field of electricity providers. But on the thirty night, the Tencent of WeChat, will attack again, if 11 billion times the record, once again proved that the social leading position only penguins to sit.

Although the 2014

business, Ali still firmly secured the top spot, but as users in most mobile applications, micro WeChat force should not be overlooked. read more

08 years local website development proposal

now classified information website second-hand local website is really a disaster caused by flooding water in a Baidu search, just like a lot of. For example, you search Zhengzhou second-hand, the same site has 6-7, I think most of the individual stations, the smaller, how to survive. No matter what, more will become rubbish. So how to survive the secondary network, I have a suggestion to see how:

first to register a good domain name, a lot of used in the web site contains 2S words, which is to allow visitors to remember, to attract repeat customers. Guangdong second-hand second-hand than gd2s.com zz2s.com in Zhengzhou, is also useful for zip code registration, such as the www.tz0396.cn 0396 is the area code for the city. Of course, with the domain name should also choose a good space, because it is a local site, the daily IP500-1000 has been good, and some new sites less than 200IP, a lot of people hanging a domain name is to sell. My advice is to do it, you have to do it, there will be all, will emerge from the numerous practitioners, by the public recognition. read more

Hao Yang Chung to veteran entrepreneurs contribution winter experience of grain, playing the regulat

Abstract: Yang Haoyong said with a smile, "before financing this relationship, the two sides must do more and more thorough understanding, so that you" determine the relationship between male and female friends ", can they get married in one or two months. Entrepreneurs are more in the winter, do not have "finally someone after me, please sign with him." this attitude, do not easily win investors. "

November 4th, jointly organized in ifeng.com and Phoenix TV "2015 Phoenix finance summit, 58 market group CEO Yang Haoyong for entrepreneurs to share in his ten years of entrepreneurial experience realized the" winter "experience – wide grain, adjust the play. read more

Where is the next outlet for marketing Look at Wang Sicong and Jay Chou

with 90 after 00 this batch of most as a "world stage network", their favorite electronic games have gradually entered the mainstream view, and in the rapid development in recent years, there have been many celebrities in hot pursuit, such as Wang Sicong and Jay Chou, they have strong potential to enter or cross-border gaming, do not set off a small influence, become the popular game circle, to let the public went to the field of gaming.


report said, "like other mass based sports industry, the gaming industry has also ushered in the capital flowing, many business models produced, the agency expects the gaming industry to promote the sports industry, the gaming industry is expected to enjoy the policy of dividend and dividend, or to promote gaming Mobile Games ushered in the outbreak stage, tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of market leveraging space, become the next outlet." According to SuperData Research data, E-sports market size of $621 million, about 3 billion 700 million yuan, the global audience of up to 134 million. read more

Analysis of micro-blog promotion mechanism to promote the concept of literacy

now, people around me have their own micro-blog. Micro-blog penetrate everyone’s space. Look at micro-blog, turn micro-blog, feel happy, convenient information dissemination in micro-blog, micro-blog will be able to see the attention of people to open the micro-blog dynamic. Micro-blog’s idea is to focus on the value of information and interpersonal relationships to capture the user’s needs, to attract users to create amazing market value. I believe that many webmaster also began to aim at micro-blog this promotion platform, however, micro-blog brings us not only the promotion of the platform, as well as advanced promotion concept. The following I will according to micro-blog’s reprint, fans and other mechanisms to analyze the website to promote the new revelation. read more

Adsense broke the news do not answer the phone will let you record number

webmaster Baiyun yesterday received a record information review authority through the telephone, after receipt of the record information review suggest that: if the phone number does not exist, or no answer would have been as record information is not accurate, if received a telephone please with the verification work, avoid the phone verification failure caused the failure record. This also means that does not exist or not to answer the phone will let you off the record number.

it is understood that this is the record review once a quarter, everyone may have checked, the eyes of some people as a matter of a phone can not then, may directly cause registration website shut down. read more

Site real name system was immigrants conflict in Zhejiang is about to implement the new regulations

online website to review the simulation photos, netizens dubbed prison

site real name system was immigrants conflict

individual bid for the upcoming release of the new regulations will push Zhejiang

after a lapse of more than two months, the official website was finally released.

the day before yesterday, the Ministry of Communications Authority issued a notice around. The notification requirement, individual website is a qualified sponsor. In addition to the "latent" domestic millions of individual stationmaster "name", in mid December last year, the closure of personal website is open for business, registered in the same period. read more

Takeaway platform and the interests of the restaurant chain without a license Black takeaway easy to

original title: competitive rankings, black takeaway easy to board the gourmet list takeaway platform and the interests of the restaurant without a license investigation

in a recent renovation platform takeaway food safety special action, Wu restaurant was shut down because there is no business license.

exposure out of the "black workshop" shocking pictures, old Wu Yue own restaurant with "those" pure black "not the same": "they are pure black, because my kitchen area is small, (business license) do not." read more

Micro disk, fast disk have been adjusted, in addition to jurisprudence is also the problem of money

25, micro disk announced that it will adjust the service function from now on, to stop the storage of ordinary users.

26, fast disk also announced the cessation of individual user storage services, all user data will be retained until June 30, 2016.

recent adjustment, are referred to with the regulatory authorities of SkyDrive special rectification action ", the earlier SkyDrive 115 and SkyDrive UC adjustment may also be considered and the relevant jurisprudence. This indicates that the relevant departments to further strengthen the supervision of network content, the network environment will be further purification. read more