The national anti pornography office WeChat cloud disk dissemination of pornographic information inv

, the national anti pornography office: WeChat cloud disk dissemination of pornographic information involving the number of super 100T

[TechWeb] June 1st news report, the national pornography Office recently announced the 5 WeChat through the circle of friends, QQ group, cloud disk storage and other communication channels, sales of pornographic content in cases involving the number can reach more than 100T, some amount of up to 100 thousand yuan.

this is the national pornography office announced the "net net 2015 special action group third cases dealt with the situation. This batch of 5 cases involving all micro field, with WeChat circle of friends, QQ group communication, through the cloud disk storage, dissemination of pornographic videos, such as the huge number of obvious characteristics. read more

Content expansion today’s headlines why find the chain home

data era, high-quality content, channels and business opportunities are rapidly integrated.

September 1, 2016, the chain home and today’s headlines in Beijing held on the chain of your home headlines conference, announced a strategic cooperation, and jointly issued the new master of the city data insight report.

a real estate service companies, and an information content service companies, why would choose cross-border marriage and domestic real estate services and information content platform which will bring about the impact of restructuring? read more

Online selling procedures cheated

      I’ve been on the Internet for so many years, for the first time……

I got to No. 26 this month, a set of QQ space program demo address:, download no acquisition rules, and find the acquisition rules is very difficult. So I have to try to learn, but the cost of the network is about to expire, I have to ask a friend to help me write the acquisition rules, fixed site. Thought, this set of procedures that go online to sell it, earn a fee (a statement I never sell program for the first time), I was very low price 10 yuan / sets. read more

Monopoly and depletion of web traffic

2007, the United States and the success of the station together, can count with almost ten fingers and ten toes, feeling much less than in 2006 when, in the foreign station is also said, let me think about more than a week.

2006 the grassroots and video like stations do, 2007 grassroots can only grow in 2006 from the grassroots, record the situation 07 years of video station is why in 06 years of video link station made of? No money? No? No? No, 06 years into the blue ocean 07 years has become the red sea. The station has several large video oligarchs firmly occupy 80% of the traffic. I casually asked colleagues, almost all know potatoes, why, potatoes have a story, entrepreneurial story, on the good. And the other six rooms, Youku also know. While in the United States, YouTube is the speed of light up to third of aleax, more than also point the day and await for it. The Microsoft has recently been rising rapidly read more

The magical site of the national people only 1 days to remember it

began in the afternoon of April 26th, through the domestic network to visit some foreign websites, will automatically jump to phenomenon. Once again click on the right side of the classification, the content will be found mostly blank.

therefore, netizen @Daxiang_DIBC guess, this is just a shell site.

can’t open the network over the wall of the netizens, but in micro-blog, Post Bar codeword tucao. According to many users reflect, CNN, BBC and other news sites, such as Japan and other shopping sites, pivix and other BBS communities, NICONICO animation and other video sites, ship mother (fleet Collection) and other games are subject to varying degrees of impact. read more

The US is not listed on the Sequoia $700 million financing before 2017


technology news December 22nd morning news, today there are media reports said the day before the group has completed a new round of financing, the amount of $700 million financing, led Party voted for the Sequoia Capital, the media also said that this round of financing means that the U.S. group valued at least more than $5 billion. Sina science and technology to the U.S. group CEO Wang Xing confirmation, Wang Xing said the U.S. mission did not release the official message, the rest of the details can not be disclosed. read more

China network marketing network formally launched today

YAHOO news:

2007 August 1st morning, China network marketing network after two weeks of testing formally launched. China network marketing network adhering to deepen the brand image, expand the network marketing, strengthen enterprise network marketing awareness, to solve the practical problems of network marketing, network marketing dissemination enterprise culture, personal philosophy, cultivate new network marketing talents. For you to create an equal, open and diverse information exchange and marketing of new space. read more

Fake video website at hit series cheat flow gains

Tian Yi / cartoon

in September 10th, after the great publicity through the drama "startling step by step" official landing Hunan TV, and on the same day 22:00-24:00 two sets lianbo. In accordance with the promotion program, the play a number of well-known domestic video sites for video broadcast. But the reporter found that in the specified, after the television premiere before this time playing video sites in multiple sites to hang out their exclusive video, click into the video found are false, it is advertisement. The audience did not spend time and cost to enjoy the visual feast, fake video sites but make use of the time difference earned pours. read more

According to Baidu game website Baidu behind 7k7k

2010-8-31 early in the morning for Baidu game site rankings have done the biggest adjustment ever. We take a look at the screenshot to know what is going on, all of the popular search terms of the game’s search results are in front of the default 7k7k game direct interface. What does this mean? How do other games survive?

this picture is for "single game" the word search results show. There are many other words are true, "double game" "the wing" "Lianliankan" there are a lot of popular words is 7k7k home page display, this move will undoubtedly give 7k7k to bring huge traffic, has so many years is 4399 in game site of the first seat, should now it is time to change dynasties. read more

Industrial and Commercial Bureau reforming network platform and group purchase and selling dangerous


] June 19th news billion state power network, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "notice on the Administration for Industry and commerce to carry out the 2014 Red Shield network sword special action today on its official website" (hereinafter referred to as the notice), will be on the network and selling trademark infringement action and law enforcement efforts to impose heavy governance.

billion state power network found that the "2014 Red Shield network sword special action is the focus of the fight against Internet sales of counterfeit and shoddy goods and trademark infringement behavior, to the well-known trademark, foreign trademarks, geographical indications as key protection. read more

Baidu’s acquisition of Iqiyi’s anticipation the video site in the future is increasingly clear

in the afternoon of November 7th, unusually hot Baidu building in Tang and song, holding a notebook, in the middle of the two meeting accepted the newspaper interview. Five days ago, the U.S. local time on November 2nd, Baidu announced the acquisition of Providence private capital company (Providence Equity Partners) all the shares held by Iqiyi.

The acquisition of Baidu’s

behavior seems to release a signal to Iqiyi as the representative of the video site is increasingly uncertain future. read more

The original anti drug police detective development network information mining system break pornogra

Zheng Hao in the layout of the operational plan. JINGWAH Times correspondent Tang Yumin photo

Original title: Detective

network development system break pornographic website

he has repeatedly alone against the danger, after suffering from HIV, drug traffickers armed with knives; he had fixed innovation tactics, grasp the key evidence in pornographic websites involving more than 2600 people; he had peeled off the network "adoption" infant hypocritical mask and destroyed a number of special large network of trafficking of infants Gang, save 400 more than infants. read more

Struts2 vulnerability trap trap Baidu accelerate music to provide exclusive defense program

April 23rd news, security researchers recently pointed out that the Apache Struts2 vulnerabilities in the announcement S2-020, in the process of fixing vulnerabilities in the repair of CVE-2014-0094 vulnerabilities exist, resulting in the patch is completely bypassed. At present, the official on the GitHub made a correction to the problem. However, after the release of the amendment, the security staff will soon find that the official patch given still loopholes can be bypassed. Then SCANV site security center attached a temporary repair program to deal with the official Oolong door. Baidu acceleration music also has taken the lead to upgrade defense rules, the current Baidu cocoreccho accelerated the vulnerability of exclusive defense. read more

Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week (7.14-7.20)

true experience: my IP2000 station brought me 20W

said the website, I think what the most important content of the station, there are two points: 1, my love; 2, have the resources. First of all, to love yourself, have the power to find it, then, if you have some resources, and these resources and others is difficult to obtain, even if they have little interest, but it is quite a sense of achievement, at the same time, also can bring a good source of information for the industry.

seventy thousand yuan in the Admin5 intermediary to buy the station back to the actual combat experience for two months read more

Shanghai start internet filing work plan completed by the end of June

Led by the Shanghai Municipal Communications Authority, the five basic telecom operators to assist with the Internet website of Shanghai focused on the record of special work started, completed at the end of June this year.

it is reported that the "special work" is based on the Ministry of information industry recently promulgated and implemented in March 20th this year the "non operating Internet information service record management approach" and "Internet IP address record management" two laws of. These two decrees clear: to engage in non operating Internet information services units and has obtained read more

Venture capital company end Greed and fear

venture capital company end of greed and fear about technology investment

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 30th news, the growth period of venture capital firm OpenView Venture B2B software Partners founder and senior managing partner Scott · Maxwell (managing partner), said in science and technology blog TechCrunch wrote in the science and technology investment activities, a record high since 2000, technology companies listed transactions to reduce, even if the poor performance of listed the valuation of start-up companies, this decline, sparked another round of the technology bubble fears. Maxwell believes that the market will not be a repeat of 2001 and 2008 when the technology bubble burst, emotions of greed and fear about the investment in science and technology. Investor enthusiasm for investment frustrated, is currently being avoided, making it difficult for venture capital financing. The market fears will accelerate a number of users on the rapid growth of money startups die, some business model perfect entrepreneurial company’s growth may fall short, but can adjust itself to improve the gross profit margin decreased to external capital demand. But the market for start-up companies may not be the end of the gold rush, but the beginning of another round of the cycle. read more

About WeChat O2O marketing

WeChat marketing more and more fire, under the line of business also appears to be Yueyueyishi. At present, the emergence of electronic membership card and electronic coupons, only a small number of businesses to send the strength of the line to cooperate with Tencent. The resources of offline businesses using WeChat marketing but is along with the trend and need of WeChat and WeChat marketing marketing could hit the target consumer groups and then realized, I think the next line of business can not only listen to WeChat official version, blind hasty action or blowing drum industry. Micro-blog is a good example to explain the prosperity of the virtual image under the bubble is bursting. To stop without directly, this paper mainly discusses the marketing of o2o or WeChat why not to meet the "gas" problem, not only to describe the case phenomenon, but more in-depth excavation case details, as for the realization of the form due to the actual situation is different. read more

Teach you how to find their own external connection

webmaster do site promotion and optimization love kung fu in the link, I personally don’t love. I do not have to do the site is a good connection to connect, but the rankings are good

we try to search in Baidu "traditional word converter" the word is my fourth. Just do 1 months now flow more than 1 thousand, you may ask: how can you even a content not how to update the station there is such a good ranking? Oh ~ you can go to the word Baidu search "traditional Chinese characters" is the first row aies this bastard. He is also a man who doesn’t make a link. From another point of view. Do you have a look at Li Xingping’s station did not do connection? But his station is very cow! read more

Selection of the latest ten website promotion programs

2008 is an extraordinary year for China, 2008 is Chinese Olympic year, 2008 for the majority of small webmaster, is an important year for growing. So the station with their own reality, launched 08 years site ten scheme:

first, the use of forums, blog publicity:

For example,

published in Chinese, Sina and other famous blog forums and blogs with original articles, these articles provide their own website through visibility, also can add their own website in the contents of the article in the website and other relevant information. read more

Fuzzy brand promotion of small companies in the brand promotion process is easy to make 7 Mistakes

when you think of big brands, the mind may soon emerge CocaCola (Coca-Cola) bright red and white fonts, Nike (Nike) and Adidas (Adidas) three stripes. But as a small business, such as the identity of the company to invest, to carry out your own brand promotion plan, such an idea, think about it is impossible to know.

but don’t be discouraged. In fact, it’s much easier to carry out your own branding program than most people think. Just as a small company, you must avoid these common pitfalls and mistakes. read more