How to make buyers quickly find your shop

Although it is easy to open a shop

, but it is not easy to run up. Shop wants to achieve a certain amount of sales, not only to talk about business skills, but also to pay a lot of sweat. When the shop just opened soon, when the initial operation, many people have to worry about the amount of popular shop, how to let the shop gather more popular, quickly open the sales situation? In addition to good promotion work, shop to bind your own independent domain name written brief is the first step of success. read more

Taobao Union rules explain how to settle the income of Ali’s mother

most of the country for the application of the account is very loose, which is in the primary stage of the Internet in China, most of the foreign advertising alliance audit are very strict. Taobao union application and registration, fill in the basic information can be completed simple. A need to pay attention to the situation is that Ali is currently the mother can not modify the account registered mailbox. If you want to use another mailbox as a login mailbox, please use the mailbox to re register. Any alliance to modify the payment account is a troublesome thing, to provide a lot of documents, but also a long cycle, so fill in the account to be cautious. read more

Tang is looting three qiyi Jingdong SKYWORTH channel group push box

smart TV, TV box, this year is undoubtedly the hottest areas.

a few days ago, HUAWEI secret box in HUAWEI mall, Jingdong mall reservation sale, the first day of the total number of appointments on the line to break 610 thousand. So, Iqiyi vice president Duan bridge to Internet TV compared to "Tang Seng meat" is not without reason.

Tang everyone wants to grab the first few months of this year, there have been about 19 product launch, most of them are set-top boxes, and TV products. In addition to music, millet, traditional hardware manufacturers have sea, HUAWEI, Coship etc.. read more

Weaken the price war aiming at the trend of the crowd Tmall how to play fashion

Tmall, a future full of gas advertising hit Tmall is still on the purchase, Jingdong also hit the still Jingdong slogen. Two major electricity supplier giants while fashion field. In August 15th, Tmall reached a strategic cooperation with the fashion group, released in August 18th, the electricity supplier fashion trend; Jingdong and fashion group’s "bazaar" the depth of cooperation, "bazaar" in the Jingdong’s flagship store. The same is fashionable, these two giants have shown different gameplay. read more

Differences in social construction WeChat less than the place constitute the opportunity to unfamil

yesterday (March 17th), unfamiliar street added a new feature "burn after reading, can the person or group to send burn after reading pictures, while adding video and film, in addition to send personal information in music, books and other functions. Unfamiliar street of this revision has caused me to think, why WeChat did not unfamiliar street so many features, the difference between the two where this difference to other social APP left what kind of living space?.

1, social construction differences read more

Alibaba Jingdong and other anti speculation letter jointly issued the first phase of the blacklist

brush single letter behavior seriously distorted the e-commerce market order, the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the impact of e-commerce sustainable development. As the field of electronic commerce and the joint fight against sharing economy "speculation" and related acts of dishonesty, to further standardize the network transactions, improve transaction subject credit degree, maintain credit order, purify the market environment, the "double 11" on the eve of this year, the national development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments and the e-commerce platform of enterprises to take joint action single brush fried credit collective sword. read more

2011 Third China Electronic Commerce Cultural Festival

host: Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon! Now the second part of the China e-commerce Culture Festival, the 2011 China e-commerce summit in. There will be a representative of the top 100 enterprises and all of us to share their way of doing business the following morning, we mentioned the electronic commerce only seeing the tip of the iceberg, saying that I have heard of another person, he is the Shanghai business school Li Dongwei (transliteration) Sir, he told me that I have seen the electronic commerce marketing, search, etc., is only 3% at the time of electronic commerce, gave us the impression is very shocking. How big is the iceberg? We’d like to invite some friends from Shanghai to explain it to us. There are hundreds of software service providers on behalf of the Shanghai business school vice president Cai Peng, the title is to do e-commerce smart chip, please! read more

Jingdong Tmall double oligarch competition rush 11 businesses as victims

[Abstract] industry insiders said the previous business is expected to double 11 growth of at least more than 50%, now down to 30% to 40%.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on November 5th

with double 11 getting closer, Jingdong and Tmall fight the momentum is also more and more strong.

today, Jingdong real name Alibaba disrupt e-commerce market order, has been formally accepted by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, and handed over to the Zhejiang provincial Trade and Industry Bureau for further investigation and treatment. read more

Take measures to stop the domain name hijacking from two aspects

      simple, domain name hijacking is the original ready access to a website user, imperceptibly, hijacked to the fake Web site, such as a user to visit a well-known brand online store, a hacker can through the Domain Name Hijacking means to bring it to a fake online store and collect user the ID information and password etc..

      this kind of crime is usually realized by DNS server cache poisoning (cachepoisoning) or domain name hijacking. In recent months, hackers have shown the dangers of such attacks. In March this year, SANSInstitute found a 1300 famous brand name change in the direction of the cache poisoning attack, these brands include ABC, AmericanExpress, Citi and VerizonWireless; January, Panix domain was hijacked by an Australian hacker; in April, the Hushmail domain name server IP address is modified for connection to a hacker crudely made on the website. read more

Simply to the price of C2C can go far

online shopping in a short span of a few years, the rapid growth and achieved greater success, one of the reasons for attracting people to online shopping is the most important reason, I am afraid that the price difference. Admittedly, the price difference is a powerful weapon for C2C, but only as a price war as the future development of C2C advantage, this road can go far?

advertising is to identify the audience’s point of view, in the entire market segmentation, specific products have their own particular audience. So C2C is a price advantage to attract a part of the price sensitive crowd. There is no denying that more and more people online shopping, but this is only a small part of shopping life, Taobao’s annual trading volume does not mean that all the people in the online shopping. C2c trading volume is only less than 1% of traditional industry consumption. It can only be said to be a supplement to the traditional consumption habits. read more