Sedo March turnover of 932 thousand yuan domain name highest this month

renamed China ( March 27th hearing, Sedo announced the March transaction list, the monthly turnover of $150 thousand, about 932 thousand yuan. In this month, the domain name, the top six are the.Com domain name of the letter, which to $34 thousand, about 211 thousand yuan knot, ranked first in the list.

figure: Sedo March list

In addition to

domain, 2-6 domain name is placed in the 3 letter domain names, including,,, and other four names are at 20 thousand euros, or 135 thousand yuan knot shot, and the domain name in the $9999 node shot, about 62 thousand yuan. read more

Daily topic Taobao shop can be handed over to death and transfer of the first trial divorce

station network ( July 25th news, shop transfer line entrance has been officially opened, which means that the future shop operators as long as meet some necessary conditions, to put forward the "transfer" application to the platform; after the transfer of the credibility of the shop remained unchanged, all business behavior will be retained unity.

shop online for transfer after the opening of the entrance, shop operators by the seller center page "customer service" operation section directly into the "shop entrance transfer", according to their own needs, select the type of application you need to transfer. At present, the type of support transfer agreement, including divorce, divorce and statutory succession of three cases, click on the selection, they will enter the corresponding approval process. The application process can be completed independently submitted online shop operators, from the choice of transfer type, signing the application to the last change tied to Alipay, to complete the transfer of a total of 6 links, the system can real-time feedback of the approval of the progress of the application process and the corresponding necessary materials, the whole process is clear and easy to operate. read more

Download, community, group…… After the excitement, Chen Yizhou seems to think what to do

Abstract: over the past year, Chen Yizhou and Lei Jun met several times in Wuhan University Department of computer they have done half of the students. Maybe he wanted to copy the Lei then mode: to do a few years to find suitable investment horizons, then run up their runway.

if you can travel through time and space, ChinaRen founder Chen Yizhou met Renren CEO Chen Yizhou, he will ask what the backward


, tell me what you’ve got. I promise I won’t step on it." Chen Yizhou laughed. read more

Former director of the State Administration of Taxation sooner or later to individual electricity su

twenty-first Century economic report

Beijing reported Xiao Zhou

core tip: Li Linjun, former director of the State Administration of Taxation, said the electricity supplier to the individual tax is a trend, but to seize the opportunity and strategy. He said that the management of big data, for the future of tax collection and management has brought opportunities.

in October 25th, 2013 Chinese law forum, vice president, China Association certified tax agents, the former State Administration of Taxation Administration Secretary Li Linjun said that the tax to the individual electricity supplier is the trend, but to grasp the opportunity and strategy. He said that the management of big data, for the future of tax collection and management has brought opportunities. read more

From Anne to Hocking baby Chinese red net advanced 17 years history

Abstract: the rise of video sites so that the network red in the future potential of the video era has begun to show strength. Video broadcast site for some willing to share, there is a desire to show themselves to find a new interactive platform, which absorbs a large number of 90, 00 after the new generation.

has been in existence for 17 years since the rise of the "red sun" culture in 1999. In general, China red net "advanced history" can be divided into three stages, namely text era, picture + scripts era, multimedia communication era. Now, let us understand their respective characteristics of the times, and look at their fame, the realization of the road which there is a "routine"! read more

WeChat public advertising is the final test certification threshold is divided into a low fan

WeChat public advertising is the final test: certification is no longer divided into the threshold or mystery

text / Sohu IT Wang Congji

June 18th, WeChat wide point to start the second round of testing, measured flow side and advertisers have related functions in the public can see the WeChat platform.


and wide stop eventually clear the subscription number access conditions, more than 500 subscribers, certification is no longer a threshold. At the same time, the Tencent insiders also revealed that this round of testing no problem, WeChat ad traffic will be fully gate next week. read more

Fear not to engage in the Internet, the root cause of the problem

Internet companies have their own "eight" strategy, but in the actual operation appears to be impetuous, blindness and full of gambling.

the last six months, Lang Xianping and his disciples launched the essence of the series of books, claiming that the key to success is to seize the essence of the industry. I do not agree that Mr. Lang and his followers always use the experience economy and the brand theory to explain the nature of the industry. In his works, almost all of the industry are the "experience" in time, the Internet industry is with no exception whatsoever. read more

Daily topic Baidu organizational structure to adjust the financial services group

A5 ( station network December 15th news, yesterday (December 14) Baidu announced a major restructuring company, set up the financial services group (FSG), the consumer finance business, wallet payment services, internet securities business, vice president of Baidu financial services business group general manager Zhu Guangren.

said Baidu, the Internet financial service has huge market potential, but also focus on the layout of the Baidu business direction; in recent years, Baidu wallet to get rapid growth through the glutinous rice, takeout, tourism and other services, as of the end of September 2015, Baidu wallet account activation was 45 million, an increase of 520%; and in November of this year, Baidu also announced the bank, and CITIC Bank established Baixin Allianz Insurance Company and the establishment of Hillhouse capital Bai’an insurance. read more

Chinese. Domain name internationalization difficult 3000 experts have no support

days ago, simplified ". Chinese" domain name applications through the international ICANN (ICANN) review, as the Chinese culture on the network’s national symbol boarded the stage of history. Qian Hualin, a researcher at the China Internet Internet pioneer and one of the authors of the IETF international standard, told reporters about the story behind the "years" of the Chinese domain name in the past 10 years.

according to statistics, China’s Internet users has exceeded 400 million, is the world’s largest Internet users. Although the page is Chinese, browse the content is Chinese, but as the Internet based service domain name is english. Qian Hualin told reporters on 2001, the first time to participate in the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) meeting, 3000 people do not have a foreign experts are willing to listen to the CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) technology group Chinese interpretation of the value of the domain name, also issued a "difficult is not a kind of Internet division". read more

Our trademark was registered under siege 360 to how cunning escape

Our mobile phone brand

released in May 6, 2015. According to the latest version of the similar goods and services classification table classification, smart phones and communications equipment is obviously similar to the content of goods. Similar to the content of goods, there is no similar trademark can be found in line with the principle of trademark registration review.

after yesterday’s fermentation, finally, today in the intellectual property circle detonated on 360 new mobile phone brand "cool" trademark of the burst point. read more

Some dating sites earn profits with matchmaking to earn traffic violations

When more and more people through online dating sites "marriage", few of them know that these sites are not qualified to provide matchmaking service. Reporters learned yesterday, in order to be able to obtain profits as soon as possible, a number of dating sites frequently exceed the scope of the operation, a small number of people even with special behavior to earn a social vision. Contestants in the dark, they not only pay the cost of money, or even have privacy leaks.

        business to appear like a swarm of bees read more

Payment security is a prerequisite for the success of independent shop operators

can get independent shop customers Pro gaze at the early stage, except the one hand to grasp the needs of users, payment on the other hand is your shop to provide customers with payment for online shopping safety expectations.

customer online shopping security payment experience come from?

we can analyze the current commonly used payment instruments and payment: a Sambo (Alipay, TenPay, PayPal, BaiduPay), quick money, bank transfer, postal remittance. With previous sales experience from Tibet, Alipay is a mainstream payment tool, in our analysis of more than four months of independent shop operators, Alipay secured transaction customers accounted for 70% of the total sales, the other 30% were selected for bank transfer, which has a pen is made of caifutong – because we do not support to the use of Alipay. I try to experience fast money, recharge, payment is similar to Alipay, but there is no guarantee transaction services, is obviously not suitable for independent shop; postal remittance is quite troublesome, the remitter to run the post office, post office is also waiting for the payment order, and other Internet program products stamped in before, and then to go to the post office the personal identity card line against the administrative area, only suitable for the town below, can independent shop operating in considering whether to provide this collection service. read more

Bitcoin, from the media hot list of the top ten hot words in the Internet industry in year 2013

  to the end of the year, a variety of industry inventory also began. For the Internet industry, the change between the year is amazing, a lot of new products were born, along with the birth of a new term. These nouns profoundly affect the work of the entire Internet industry practitioners and thinking. Internet thinking, Internet banking, O2O, if you do not understand these words, then OUT. The following is the east to bring the year-end inventory: 2013 year ten Internet industry hot words. Glossary are editing since Baidu encyclopedia, welcome to express different views. read more

Dangdang aimed at art electricity supplier planning new art auction channel

news August 19th, billion state power network that the upcoming new art channel "Art Dangdang", two part of art online auction and art derivatives mall will contain the new channel, is expected to officially launched operations at the end of September.

It is reported that

Art, Dangdang will be the main art online auction, for the auction companies, art institutions, collectors and individual public users to provide professional services, and special auction way cost-effective launch art. At the same time, the channel includes the art of derivatives mall, and the line auction is different, because the risk of less investment in art derivatives, sales will not be limited to the auction, but will be more diverse. read more

Adsense network launched the third search engine optimization contest


search engine has become the important window and channels to carry out network marketing public access to information, search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization, SEO) are more and more websites and business users attention and recognition.

in February 2007 and in April 2008, Admin5 webmaster network held the first and the second search engine optimization contest, get the support of the webmaster friends, the individual and team of hundreds of. The expectations of the many owners, third SEO contest has begun! The contest selected before the major search engines do not search for records of the phrase "Valley excellent" as keywords to match, competition site in Baidu, Google search engine search "Valley excellent" ranking as the evaluation criteria. read more

The great development of e-commerce how to share a cup of operators

e-commerce usually refers to the commercial and trade activities, in the network environment, based on Browser / server applications, both buyers and sellers are not met for various business activities, realize consumers online shopping, merchants online transactions and online electronic payment and a variety of business / trade / finance activities such as a business operation mode.

e-commerce in the application of mobile Internet, mobile e-commerce. Mobile e-commerce is based on mobile communication network, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, handheld computers and other mobile intelligent terminals, e-commerce activities. read more

Network marketing environment analysis of adult products industry into e-commerce

since the opportunity of e-commerce has come, we will carefully analyze the current China’s adult goods wholesale industry e-commerce environment.

is the first user base: 253 million of Internet users, online shopping crowd of 80 million, I believe in any business seems to be a huge user groups can not be ignored. While the average income and expenditure level of these users is much higher than the national average, in promoting the China government, the construction of broadband infrastructure Chinese more perfect, in the foreseeable future, Chinese Internet users and online shopping population will grow exponentially. read more

Professional invoice blackmail appeared Tmall merchants pay to buy peace

Professional Evaluation Division, professional assessment division…… Taobao arena "created" many "masters", recently, and "occupation invoice division" appeared in Taobao, specifically for the invoice blackmail, once the seller does not provide invoices to coerce the seller remittance, usually amount to thousands of dollars, or complaint.

dig 2500 yuan to buy peace

on Tmall opened a food store, Mr. Xie told the "IT times" reporter, he encountered a professional invoice division". "One night, a man (with the same mobile phone number) has used a different address, in order to take the same 3 yuan payment of the goods, the goods shipping about 30 to 40 yuan, the customer feel that this is not a normal order. And the 2 address is unknown, one is in the government department, the other is a district in Beijing, the investigation of the plot does not exist." Mr. Xie told reporters, before long, the buyers began to ask customer service on the invoice, the customer’s answer is "need to buy goods and achieve a certain amount to the invoice, the medium for the other side up, the other said not invoice ah, on the line. read more

Grassroots entrepreneurs need to pay attention to things

said the entrepreneur I think I’m quite qualified to talk about this topic, because I started my own business at the age of 21, although not before the Internet, but the business several times, is very experienced. The team has the least time to 6 to 8 people, most of the time from 40 to 50 people, so the operation of large and small businesses as well as a variety of problems I can be more understanding of the. And I have failed several times before, so I can sum up a lot of experience from failure. read more

GG ads can be put together with Baidu

  can I put Google ads and other ads on the same page?

you can display Google ads on other third party websites or web pages, provided that there is a clear distinction between the and the Google ad in terms of format or color. In other words, if you choose to show the non Google ads in the display Google advertising website or web page, you need to ensure that users can always know these ads are invested by different advertising alliance, and between Google and Google did not correlate with any advertising. If the format of the two types of advertising is difficult to identify similarities, we ask you to use different color schemes for competitive advertising.
  read more