Tongji University in Shanghai in addition to the first floor of the innovation and entrepreneurship

in China’s current entrepreneurial environment, almost every university has its own entrepreneurial Valley, but are generally located in Colleges and universities. With the change of the entire entrepreneurial environment, a variety of cooperative projects began to rise up. Among them, Tongji University cooperation Tongchuang Valley is officially inaugurated!

20, jointly built by Tongji University and Chengdu District of Longquanyi City, "Tongji University · Chengdu Longquan International Youth Entrepreneurship Valley" (hereinafter referred to as the "Genesis Valley") officially inaugurated the debut, this is the Tongji University in Shanghai in addition to the first floor of the innovation project. read more

What are the 6 most popular projects in 2014

now the economy is more developed, more and more opportunities, each have entrepreneurial dreams of friends are not without entrepreneurial opportunities. What are the popular business opportunities in 2014? For this problem, Xiaobian for everyone to recommend 6 entrepreneurial projects, good business opportunities can not be missed, come and see!

2014 hot business opportunities? Boutique shop. Car model is to reduce the proportion of a car in accordance with a certain proportion of the production of a fine arts and crafts. The main types of metal, wood, plastic, crystal and other materials. The project site should be in a more prosperous business district, the store 20 square meters, the internal decoration can be simple. Rent, plus the first batch of 20 thousand yuan renovation, liquidity of $10 thousand, a total investment of about $40 thousand to open business. read more

How about the tea shop How to increase profitability

2016 how to choose catering business? With blank market opportunities, vigorously promote the spirit of these years, many investors recognized, so how to join the project management of tribute tea business success? Surely entrepreneurs in order to succeed entrepreneurship is to pay a lot of energy. There are many reasons for successful entrepreneurship, the ability to master the most important skills.

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After 80 veterans Zong Zhining entrepreneurial veterans veterans are veterans

veterans such a special group of people have a very large number, a lot of people after the general election will be elected by the government to arrange the work, but the hero of this article has chosen to start a business. More importantly, not only the success of the company when the boss, the staff are also hired veterans.

conspicuous green "brothers, join the army" logo, a group dressed in army green overalls for young people, a few neat houses and clean the courtyard, metallurgy road a small lane "hidden" with a trading company. It is different from other companies, it is the founder of the 80 veterans Zong Zhining, the company’s employees are all retired soldiers. Apart from doing business, training, and Zong Zhining’s "comrades" day should force type zipper, and even fight, single parallel bars and other training courses…… He said, full of endless attachment to the green camp, they came together veterans corps, and has been working on the road ahead. read more

Alice joined the tea shop to give you maximum free space

to join the industry, there is a lot of investors will consider the issue that is in their chosen to join the project, the influence factors of their choice in the main point is: this does not limit me join the chamber of Commerce, limited development space, and limit the free operation of my own full. If there is no need to join the headquarters at this point to meet the requirements of investors, then join the project is basically equivalent to scrap. Small next to the brand for investors, no it concerns Alice – tea. The sense of space to Alice tea to pass out of the attitude is a free, here you can let me fly, a wonderful time. Such a place is very much for young people living in the city. read more

For the first time to join the store shop to follow the 7 laws

set up shop to do business, want to better business, in many ways, it is necessary to pay attention to the site is a very important one, what is the store? Storefront shop facade. We Chinese people pay attention to is the most natural, and, for store operations, store location determines whether or not the profit. So, how to choose the business to join the shop shop? China joined the network in accordance with the small shop in accordance with the franchisee shop and store operations theory, a simple talk about the choice of entrepreneurial join shop location skills. read more

How to sell their products

The birth of

WeChat, not only to make people more convenient communication, but also to give more people a chance to achieve their own value. More and more people embark on their own entrepreneurial path through WeChat, has become the current market is very common micro business. In this new era of micro brands rampant, how to do micro business, how to choose a good brand is very important, then I will teach you how to make a micro business, how to through the derivative thousand!

first to tell you what is micro business? read more

Inventory of the most profitable areas of College Students Entrepreneurship

now the majority of college students have become the main force of the whole business, and in the future will be more entrepreneurial college students, while choosing a suitable road is also very important. Today, we have to focus on inventory of college students in the field of entrepreneurship?

: market analysis

stone engraving products, such as flat relief murals, road monument, monument, monuments, plaques and so on, are widely used in building decoration, commercial store signs, the original forest, cemetery and municipal construction etc.. For thousands of years, the original stone carving products is loved by the public, but because of the manual operation using a hammer, chisel, long processing time, high labor intensity, high skill requirements, can not meet the carving large quantity, fast speed, high quality, fine graphics, specification and many other requirements. read more

Mid autumn moon cake

Mid Autumn Festival is coming, the moon cake business is hot, and how to make a fortune in this great opportunity to moon cake money? Xiao Bian to help you, to bring you the moon cake rich tips to get rich cake small trick, let you in the Mid Autumn Festival, make a profit!

1, twelve moon cake: January cake, moon cake, cake, cake, cake in April, two in May…… On new taste, eat moon cake every month.

2, pet pet, moon cakes: also want to family reunion, should also give them their own moon cake, moon cake, moon cake, bird dog cat moon cake and so on, whether it is higher or lower animal animal, we are essentially animal, are animal, together to create a harmonious world. read more

What should be done to open dessert shop

shop to choose a good project investment, in order to allow you to easily become profitable boss. Now many entrepreneurs will choose to invest in the dessert industry, because this industry contains a lot of business opportunities, the market has a wide range of needs. Where there is demand, where there will be business opportunities. So what should be done to prepare dessert shop?

opened cost tables and chairs, bowl and spoon, kitchen utensils, raw materials, disinfection bowl and prepaid expenses such as rent to shop together, the cost estimate opened about 6000 to 8000 yuan. Limited funds can act as their own, or called parents, relatives help. Keep in mind that this equipment can not be saved, it should be placed in the most conspicuous place, because it is necessary for health work. Customers see Xiaoduwangui, can also have a sense of security. Purchase of a full set of equipment requires about 3000 yuan. In total costs, rent, kitchen appliances, spending accounted for the majority, and the raw materials used for desserts are beans, sugar and other agricultural and sideline products, low price, 1000 yuan can cope with dozens of days of consumption. read more

What are the advantages of JACK&JONES men’s franchise

men’s franchise project selection, has been a very hot choice. JACK&JONES Mens? High quality men’s franchise project, for entrepreneurs, no doubt, is a very powerful choice. Successful venture, to choose to join JACK&JONES men?

JACK & JACK&JONES JONES men’s clothing is designed for men aged 18 to 30 who like casual, fashion and fashion. JACK & design of JACK&JONES JONES to cater to the international metropolis men’s quality of life, they love a unique, sharp and simple style, at the same time, the use of high-quality and innovative fashion fabric clothing. read more

What do you need to buy at a restaurant

1 table skirt, according to the needs of a few,

2 tablecloths, according to the needs of a few,

3 table, according to the needs of a few, with the table with the clips do not forget,

4 turntable

5 cloth, according to the needs of a few


6 pad,

7 pad

8 bone plate

9 cup, red, white, beer, Yellow Wine and special glass,

9 chopsticks rack

Napkin ring


11 toothpicks

11 teapot, teacup,

12 material pot, dish

13 small towel, towel dish towel disinfection cabinet towel clip, clip.

wreckage read more

To understand the special psychological business customers buy more prosperous

a lot of friends have the intention to open a clothing store, but always not at the end, that the customer needs is not very understanding, afraid of their own bad. Open clothing store, to understand the special psychology of customers to buy, so as to be able to understand what customers really want, business will be more prosperous. What are the special psychology of customers? Let’s take a look.

1, panic psychology

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Xiamen foreign investment cooperation in 2016 up to 5 million yuan subsidy

in the process of economic development, the economic globalization has become a clear trend, in order to promote the rapid economic development, strengthening foreign investment cooperation is a new choice for many enterprises in the new era. In order to encourage and support Fuzhou enterprises to implement the "going out" strategy, actively carry out foreign investment cooperation fund business, foreign investment and cooperation projects will be the city enterprises to carry out overseas investment, foreign contracted projects, labor cooperation and foreign investment cooperation to support, in accordance with the terms of the total amount of overseas investment projects subsidies of up to 5 million yuan. read more

Xiamen, one of the ten most beautiful road has been innovative technology to create ecological

city’s development process is accelerating, some cities in pursuit of development, so the damage to the environment is also very large. In Xiamen, the road had reputation as road. There is a saying that she would love to take her to the road once, there Huaxi, accompanied by the falling flowers. Xiamen as one of the ten most beautiful road, the road has been living in the city, is full of wilderness scenery everywhere. If the road had a picture, then, Xiamen Lu Lu Xing Greening Engineering Construction Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiamen Lu Lu Xing) is the author of this painting. read more