How to do a good job in the management of specialty snacks

special snack shop to join the project’s business focus in the market, a lot of people saw good opportunities for investment, but the management knowledge is not familiar with this is dangerous, so investors need to learn to do business.

Compared with other food and beverage stores,

characteristic snack bar has the advantages of less investment, simple operation and quick effect.

characteristics of the snack bar in general to take the size of seven or eight small tables can be properly renovated storefront, as far as possible to give people a bright and clean feeling. Location can be located in the station, downtown, residential areas, commercial centers, parks, schools, etc.. Now all over the country are building a snack street or snack city, which is an excellent opportunity to shop. As a street snack or snack city general soon reputation, and go into the city, is the best place of business together. read more

Nanhai District Foshan the first batch of entrepreneurial incubation base released

entrepreneurial incubation base has become an important platform in the field of entrepreneurship, with the continuous improvement of business incubator base facilities, continuous improvement of service, the success rate of the incubator has been greatly improved.

11, Nanhai District of Foshan City, the first district business incubator officially released, Guangdong Nanhai entrepreneurship workshop business incubator Ltd. Business Incubator (hereinafter referred to as the "South China Sea venture factory") selected 8 incubators. From this year to 2018, the South China Sea area plans to build various types of business incubation base 30, can provide the opportunity to settle down for more than 1 thousand companies, creating over 10000 jobs every year. read more

n the eyes of consumers to meet the standard of what a good name

said that although the shop named work shop owners in decision, however, want to know a good name, can gain a foothold in the market, the consumer is the real decision makers. So, the store is good, the most important thing is to see how consumers, consumers believe that the good name is a good name, let’s take a look at what kind of name in their eyes is a good name, they evaluate a standard name of good or bad is what?

Name: Mr. Wang is simply two names: really nice signage is not good. Two elements to find a combination of points, it is really good to deal with. read more

Shops can let people take pictures

worked hard to open a shop, and then in accordance with their own ideas for decoration, after a good, someone has to take pictures, this is a very common thing in the current society. See a supermarket can take pictures of the debate, Affirmative believes that the decoration of the shop layout, are exclusive, can not take pictures; the view of information sharing, unfair competition does not fear the candid.

trade secrets, refers to the technical information and business information which is not known to the public, can bring economic benefits to the obligee, and has practical and confidential measures taken by the obligee. The business secret is the property right of the enterprise, which is related to the competitiveness of the enterprise. It is very important to the development of the enterprise. read more

National trade union employment and entrepreneurship assistance month will start after

every year after the Spring Festival, the industry is looking for work in the peak period, many entrepreneurs are also looking for investment projects at this time to carry out entrepreneurial work. National Union employment and entrepreneurship assistance month will start in February 18th after the year, providing a number of entrepreneurial employment assistance.

2016, the National Federation of Trade Unions employment and entrepreneurship assistance month to start the ceremony and promote the economic development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt large-scale recruitment of Investment Fair will be held in Luzhou in February 18th. Reporters learned from the event, this is the first time the Union held a ceremony in the capital city. By then, there will be Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other provinces and cities of some enterprises and employment service agencies to Luzhou attended the ceremony, and participate in on-site recruitment, school enterprise docking and labor cooperation talks and other activities. read more

nnovation environment excellence

every brand, every start-up companies are behind a group of people struggling to innovate. Entrepreneurship is not an easy thing, but in order to pursue a more meaningful life, more people still dream of getting rich.

3 30, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Xining branch opened for the four anniversary. Four years before, four years of fruitful, four years in history, just a moment, just yet, for the Shanghai Pudong Development Xining branch, is a full of opportunity, hard work and dedication of the entrepreneurial process. read more

Heather with a cup of tea to earn ten million

a lot of people choose to start their own business, to achieve their ideal life. However, 80% of the population did not get entrepreneurial success. Why do so many people fail? Blind entrepreneurship is the biggest reason. So, with the small series to see how Heather with a cup of tea to earn tens of millions of it!

1989, in Nanjing Chinese English professor Heather, taking advantage of the visa expires, to another ancient oriental India. Low cost how to start a business? Here, Heather tasted a never seen drinks – milk tea. That day, she drank 12 cups. "It’s so delicious." From then on, Heather was addicted to milk tea.

read more

Public space in Chongqing has become a hot topic of government pushing development

if you are living in the Chongqing area, then you can not create a public space will certainly feel strange, this has become a hot topic in Chongqing. Government departments in order to create a more relaxed entrepreneurial space, is actively promoting the development of public space, then they have taken what measures? See below.

set up incubator

promote the growth of innovative enterprises

read more

Chongqing pickle fish pot how to join

spicy spicy refers to Chongqing and Sichuan, the two regions of the characteristics of the food and beverage flavor, Sichuan spicy, while Chongqing hemp. Today, to introduce a small series is born in Chongqing, but belongs to Sichuan cuisine dishes.

Chongqing pickled fish belongs to Sichuan cuisine, fresh fish and vegetables for global soup, seasoning with special and unique method of cooking made into a dish with the flesh delicate, fragrant delicious sour soup, spicy and not greasy, meat is tender and smooth and widely popular, because the acid pickled cabbage sweet and refreshing, and therefore "fish and sour soup". The food is Sichuan Home Dishes, but widespread, popular in the early 90s, through continuous improvement and perfection, Chongqing chefs put it into the country on both sides of the Changjiang River pickled fish has become one of the pioneer, Chongqing cuisine. read more

Engaged in cloth stores how to arrange the purchase

buy a house decoration is a very important thing, many of which are not necessarily bad, may be the decoration not carey, many families will need cloth products in the decoration of the time, it will drive the development of fabric market, some entrepreneurs see the cloth franchise business is very good, to choose their own open fabric stores then, engaged in cloth stores how to arrange the purchase?

fabric stores stock not cheap: just started, on the market can not y grasp, think this is very cheap goods, the goods are good, this is only your personal feeling, in fact, is often not the case, so the control of their own, not greedy cheap. In the future you will find that there are many cheaper and better goods. Of course, there is a good opportunity not to miss. read more

Master certain knowledge with boss

in our life, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, our choice of business engaged in the catering industry, which has a large market space for development project selection. Of course, choose to do the restaurant owner, we also need to understand some knowledge. Next, let’s take a look at how to easily do the boss:

1. perfect professional cooking technology, a place in the competitive market

2. learn good communication skills, make customers become friends, reduce rework rate, improve the rate of read more

Zhengzhou smile tomorrow charity fund will reach out to help patients with cleft lip and palate Rest

a lot of people because of their mother’s stomach, there is no good development, leading to their birth after the encounter of all kinds of difficulties, including cleft lip and palate is one of them. Zhengzhou first people’s hospital was informed that in 2017 the twelfth session of the Zhengzhou international smile charity activities, will be held on ~17 May 11th, concentrated in the hospital. By then, experts from many countries around the world, will be cleft lip and palate surgery for children. read more

Steamed tasty snack which has joined the business advantages

now, fast-paced life has been very hot. Of course, fast pace of life always needs a fast-paced meal with us, isn’t it? How about steaming delicious food? Not only to meet the needs of consumers for food, at the same time, the health needs of the same conquest of our health!

steamed delicious fast food?

consumers in the choice of food has its own standards and preferences, so only a rich food to attract more consumer attention. Then the company launched a series of steamed vegetables, soup and so on a series of delicious, so that each of the guests to the store can find their favorite delicious. read more

Fast food chain stores location recommendations

2016 is about to end, in the beginning of 2017, many people also hope to find their ideal investment projects. Now invest in fast food chain stores is a good choice, operating threshold is low, the operating experience is not very high, so much attention. How to find the right place to shop here? This is a question.

first manages the fast food franchise project friends is to master some skills, the location of the first diffusion region of the project to control, can not expand or shrink without limit, according to their own situations, to ensure a principle of the selected store address must have sufficient market capacity. read more

Dry cleaners to do what services

want to successfully run a dry cleaning shop, we need to do a lot of work, of which the service has played a pivotal role. However, we need to do what services, many operators are not clear. So, dry cleaners to do what business? Let Xiaobian for your detailed analysis.

for laundry washing shop operators, a good reputation and reputation is very important, can bring more business to dry cleaners. Want to improve the customer’s impression of dry cleaners, we should start from the daily operation of the service, quality service to win the credibility of the dry cleaners. read more