Yinzhou district market authority issued measures to promote investment

is now in some areas of the investment, and can be said to be the local government support and foster efforts are inseparable, at the same time, in order to better development of the region, some city governments also actively formulate policies conducive to business development.

in order to boost economic development of Yinzhou District, Yinzhou district service investment work, Yinzhou market supervisory authority from its start, continue to strengthen investment work sense of responsibility and urgency, give full play to the functions and advantages, and actively take measures to carry out investment activities. read more

How to fix the 200 million Nantong chemical land

With the continuous development of

economy, the environmental pollution problem is also concerned. Jiangsu Province, after the perennial development of chemical land in Nantong, faced with serious pollution problems. Will now be repaired with 200 million! So, what exactly is it? The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

4 held 25 March twelfth session of the twentieth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee, the Ministry of Environmental Protection Secretary Chen Jining on the next step of work, said it would introduce the implementation of "earth ten", launched the national soil pollution survey…… Improve the relevant standards and technical specifications for soil pollution prevention and control, and promote the pilot model of governance and repair. read more

Thai City home the gimbap how to join

China’s diversification process has been a good development today. The performance of the catering industry is the integration of foreign diversified dining. Japanese style cuisine. Thai city in Korea, a symbol of good fortune and happiness, there are a lot of people in South Korea in the name of Thailand, and in order to predict the future of good expectations.

Tae hee home this gimbap how to join?

Korean culture, pay attention to traditional etiquette, pay attention to the original ecology of the "family" culture, traditional Korean family is usually 3 or 4 generations living in a big family, the traditional festival will wear hanbok, one family began to do the traditional food, spicy cabbage, fried rice cake have a happy heart family gatherings. "Home" in the hearts of every Korean have a pivotal position. read more

What is the market prospect of cold drinks

cold store is now doing a good project, this project a lot of advantages, in recent years, with the rapid increase of China’s economy, now people’s consumption view has also changed, various industries have entered the sales boom, including the sales of cold drinks add the fastest, the following will provide you with the introduce of cold store the prospect of market.

1, tourism heat. What are the market prospects for a cold drink shop? In the people’s food and clothing problems, people have gone out to look at the outside world, so the interpretation of a tourism golden week hot situation; read more

Wu Yuming planted fruit black tiger high income

is that we often eat fruit, can supplement the body of vitamins, eat more fruit on the human body, the common people may have to eat the fruit, it does not have a rural uncle, a thought of how we do not eat fruit, "black tiger", this kind of fruit is very popular now, his income is very objective.

2003 a day, there is a flat in the village of Nanning to open the hotel to buy a home Wu Yuming mountain grapes, see the courtyard planted black tiger mature, to buy. Wu Yuming, the price of 3.5 yuan a pound sold to him, I did not expect people to go to Nanning. A pound sold 13.5 yuan; then, with traders to Wu Yuming to buy "black tiger", to sell a Longji scenic spot, was sold to 15 yuan to 20 yuan. Slowly, in Longsheng and even Guilin, people often come to Wu Yuming to buy his "black tiger", and even "black tiger" vine leaves are also used as medicine to buy some. This makes Wu Yuming realize that planting black tiger also has a broader market prospects.

read more

Shop location should follow what principles

since you choose to shop, then you need to find the right store, how to find the right store? Many of the newcomers were stumped by the question. Shop location should follow what principles? Many franchisees have to share their experience, a look at it.

1, lot: lot can be said to be the first prerequisite for investment shops, but also the first condition of the value of shops. Downtown downtown downtown shops may be the most expensive place, and in the remote, inaccessible street facade, we can only call it a warehouse, the value even lower than the same lot of residential. Although the bustling shops are good, but the price is very high. If you spend too much money to buy shops, other aspects of the bad conditions, resulting in rent is too low, the rate of return on investment will be greatly reduced. May not be as good a little bit, but other aspects of better conditions, rental income is also good shops. read more

Old Hong taught you a way to make money

China’s successful entry into the food and beverage industry, the success index is proportional to the number of stores. Because the business is correct, so the more open the store, so the bigger the enterprise. Old Hong create more than and 600 chain stores in 10 years time, the scale is still expanding, taught you how to operate successfully to join a good choice.

entrepreneurs unique patina of Hong is preferred

Black: Black Wagang Longshan millennium for the production of containers, Seiko stewing to taste delicacy, to maximize the read more

Love can make retail owners get higher income

although we are in our lives, we all need a little more love, but few people will be "love" and the store’s business contact. In fact, as a retail owner, I had a hard time, so I particularly understand the difficulties in life, in the retail, I often help some families have difficulties students. In particular, a number of left behind children, I will pour their love to them, I am the move by the nearby residents alike.

although I mean business, that business profits, but I also love my love experience to highlight, and will give them a warm feeling, the customer will first thumb out to me, I think is not mercenary, so it can narrow the distance between each other, I would not have to customer too much psychological alert, which is beneficial to the customer came into my shop. read more

Notice on the implementation of the plan for deepening the reform of innovation and Entrepreneurship

in order to improve the current situation of innovation and entrepreneurship lack of talent, innovation and entrepreneurship education must be caught up, the following is the report on the implementation of the program to deepen innovation and entrepreneurship education reform notice.

to thoroughly implement the "implementation opinions of the general office of the State Council on deepening the higher education innovation and entrepreneurship education reform" (No. 2015, No. 36) the implementation of the provincial education department "on the implementation of higher education promotion plan views" (Shaanxi higher 2016 No. 4), please Universities according to the actual the implementation of the program of study and formulate the school, deepen the reform and innovation of entrepreneurship education in my office for the record. The requirements are as follows: read more

What are the business development of the shop operating skills

as the saying goes, hair is very important to allow yourself to become more beautiful, choose a good hair is necessary, hair now in everyone’s life, but also occupy a large proportion, a lot of people to decorate their hair, will also choose some hair. The emergence of this phenomenon, but also promoted the development of hair industry, brought hitherto unknown opportunities. So many people have thought of entrepreneurship, to open a hair shop. So, what kind of entrepreneurial development shop operating skills. read more

Soup fire Kung Fu joined the low cost of investment small threshold low entrepreneurial good choice

China catering market is the most special delicacy, most domestic chowhound who, is a happy thing, in the market many of the characteristics of delicacy, several Malatang is the most popular, is also very popular in a special delicacy, so the market development space is now hot hot is huge, the development momentum is very good, as the venture investors, this is a very good a good investment projects. Many brands of hot and spicy, small series to give you recommend a soup fire Kung Fu brand, detailed to follow the Xiaobian together to understand it: read more

Shop business can not haggle over

not many people have a good price to buy something, just as an integer, often there will be a number of different, the processing method for the zero sum nature will also be different. As a retail shop owner, in the operation, we can not treat customers too preoccupied, it is necessary to let, the send to send. Otherwise, it will make customers feel that we are too stingy, leaving a bad impression.

For example: some

customers to the store to buy a commodity total amount is 101 yuan, or 20.5 yuan, while stores still willing to accept a $5 and a fraction of the gross; some customers buy large amount of goods required to send one or two yuan of money store commodity but was rejected; and also because customers purchase goods have a plastic bag, and refuse to be the owner of the above phenomenon are likely to make customers happy, never willing to visit this shop. Therefore, the store will also lose, resulting in the loss of customers. read more

The decoration style is very important

people in the street, very concerned about the interesting clothing stores, needless to say, this type of consumer must be attracted to the clothing store to attract people to enjoy the decorative style.

store goods are also placed stress, first of all to facilitate customer walking. Store to set aside where the customer to walk, to leave a specific walking channel. Among them, the store display hall is very important, customers make the purchase decision is mostly in the showroom. In this light, the light plays a key role in the women’s clothing store, also a cup of women’s Polish and no lights out display effect is completely different, especially by the single display, must use searchlights for foil, in order to better attract the attention of consumers, the desire to buy. read more