The best position of product display to It differs from man to man.

for the display of goods, I believe that almost every owner should know that this is the work we need to pay attention to. Read an article, said the best place for commodity display is parallel to the line of sight, so I usually pay more attention to the display of goods in this regard skills. However, even if I pay special attention to, sometimes it will inevitably make mistakes.

because most of the leisure food is the favorite of children and women, usually I will put them together to display, the height of the shelves are basically the following 5 – that is, when I walk the line of sight can look down to the location. On that day, the new store a recent fire children commodity — Trolltech eggs. This is a delicious and fun leisure goods, divided into boys and girls version, did not purchase a lot of children come to my store to find. read more

Small shops in the face of competition in the big market how to do

small shops generally do is a radius of a few miles of business, because the service area is limited, therefore, a large number of small shops. However, the times are different. Any profitable place, businesses will yiyongershang. Large shopping malls with strong financial resources, large scale, full range of goods and other advantages, to the surrounding small shops have brought tremendous pressure. With the intensification of competition, once the introduction of large shopping malls promotional activities, customers will soon gather to the mall, resulting in a small shop around the source of tourists, business increasingly difficult to do. In the face of big market menacing pressure, how to deal with the small shops, to attract tourists guaranteed income, so as to survive? read more