The Spiegelau Glass Is The Perfect IPA Glass

first_img Getting to Know the Los Angeles Beer Scene One Glass at a Time Save Your Eyes from the Scourge of the Screens with the Best Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses for Men Editors’ Recommendations 9 Best Fall Beers to Drink This Year, According to the Brewing Experts How to Remove Scratches from Glasses in One Easy Fix Back when I was in college, I spent part of one summer working in the tasting room of a small vineyard tucked away in the northwestern region of the Wilamette valley. At the time, I wasn’t particularly fond of wine. I was always more of a beer enthusiast than anything else, but this job quickly got me up to speed on all the finer details of drinking and appreciating good wine. Working in the tasting room meant I had to not only know about proper wine and food pairings, but also the appropriate glassware for any varietal in the cellar.I ended up leaving the job well before I had to go back to school, but one thing I took away was a deep appreciation for well-designed glassware. When my boss first explained to me why each glass was shaped in a certain way, and went into detail on how various shapes deliver certain flavors to the palate, I was extremely skeptical. But the more I drank from them, the more I realized that she was absolutely right – a good glass can in fact improve the flavor of wine.It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the same concept applies to beer, but aside from the Samuel Adams Boston Lager glass, there hasn’t been much innovation in beer-specific glassware – until now. Bavarian glassmaker Spiegelau set out over a year ago to design a glass that would accentuate the flavor of American “hop-forward” IPA’s, and this glass is what they came up with.The company tested over 100 different glass prototypes before they narrowed it down to 8 finalists and 12 semifinalists. Then they brought in the pros to pick the winner. Spiegelau recruited Sam Calagione and Ken Grossman – the respective founders of Dogfish Head Brewery and Sierra Nevada – to perform a series of taste tests and determine a winner. The vessel pictured above is the one they chose.To see if this glass really does anything for the taste of an IPA, we did an A/B comparison of this glass against your typical pint glass, cleansing our palates between sips like proper scientists. Right after a fresh pour, the taste difference between the two isn’t super pronounced. The nose, however, is vastly better with this glass. The shape pushes the fruity aroma of the hops right into your nostrils as the beer hits your lips, which makes every swallow a fuller, more enoyable sensory experience.After a few gulps, the subtle differences in taste between the two glasses become increasingly apparent. The thin glass construction helps the beer retain its temperature longer in the IPA glass, and the design keeps the beer tasting fresh until the last drop. It’s got a hop etched on the bottom, but rather than being a merely decorative addition, this serves to help the beer stay bubbly and carbonated long after it’s poured. After you drink it down to around the bottom of the bell, the beer falls back into the glass in a way that curns and reinvigorates your brew. Whereas the last sip tastes flat and warm by this point with a typical pint glass, the last gulp in this IPA glass tastes crisp and cold.These glasses have been making quite a splash on the web – they’ve popped up on just about every beer and design blog in existence in the past few weeks, and since Spiegelau’s production run was somewhat limited, they’re currently a bit tough to  find. Dogfish Head and Spiegelau are sold out at the moment, but Sierra Nevada still has a few in stock. You can pick one up for just $9.00 plus shipping, and we advise ordering sooner than later – they’re selling like hotcakes. These Riedel Glasses Were Made Specifically For Cocktails last_img read more

Save Your Ankles With The Point 3 X-Wrap Socks:

first_imgIn case you haven’t noticed, the U.S. is fighting through one of the worst winters in nearly twenty years. That means people all over the country are combating the urge to stay in their homes and apartments as much as possible, and are still trying to get some exercise in to fight off extra cold weather weight.One of our go-to winter activities is playing indoor basketball. When you are trudging through frigid winds and leftover dirty snow, by the time you get to the YMCA or neighborhood gym, your body is stiffer than you’d like it to be—especially your ankles. And very often that can result in nasty twists, rolls and sprains.Luckily, cutting edge basketball apparel brand, POINT 3, has developed their X-Wrap socks, the world’s first basketball socks that provide a base layer of ankle support. X-Wrap socks help prevent needless and nagging ankle injuries that can put an extra strain when you’re getting around in the next polar vortex.We’ve already written about POINT 3’s revolutionary The World’s Best Basketball Shorts featuring DRYV Moisture Control panels, and the X-Wrap socks are an even more ingenious addition to athletic apparel. The key to these socks is that they are made with compression bands that stretch around your ankle and arch for support that standard socks just don’t have. Also, the 75% wicking polyester fabric keeps your feet dry for even the most epic pick-up sessions. And extra thick cushioning provides additional impact resistance and comfort so there is no lingering soreness in the subzero temperatures once you leave the gym.In addition to the 75% wicking polyester, the X-Wrap sock is also made from a 23% nylon and 2% spandex blend, which means that each pair forms tightly around the foot for an anatomically correct left/right fit. But while these socks provide the highest level of support on the market, they are still not meant to replace any ankle brace or other support you may require for a game of pick-up.Just because most of the world is a frozen tundra, doesn’t mean that you can’t fit in a little indoor run. And if you’re going to play ball, why not treat yourself to the best socks on the market. You’ll thank us once the game is over. 16 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Now Editors’ Recommendations We Found the Best Merino Wool Socks After One Year of Testing It’s Time to Ditch Your Sleeping Bag for a Versatile, Lightweight Camping Quilt The Best Fun Socks for Men to Spruce Up Your Footwear Game Tasc Performance Crafts Sustainable Fabrics Without Sacrificing Style last_img read more

JBL’s gorgeous Authentic L8 brings a 70’s vibe to wireless sound

first_imgThere’s something inherently appealing about a piece of technology that points to the future without forgetting the past. JBL has taken that theme to heart with its new wireless speaker, the Authentic L8. An elegant, yet affordable way to get your musical fix, the L8 blends state-of-the-art wireless technology with a gorgeous vintage vibe to fill any room with sound and sophistication.Inspired by JBL’s classic 70’s Century L100 loudspeaker, the L8 is crafted from a sleek wooden cabinet and loaded with quality components. Removing its retro waffle-style grill reveals a four pack of drivers, including a pair of 1-inch tweeters, and dual 4-inch full range drivers with gleaming white cones to recall the audio days of yore.The system is driven by 120 watts of total power, which echoes through the well-built cabinet for a surprising explosion of sound. And while the L8 pushes more bass than a speaker this size has a right to, it also exposes an impressive amount of detail and refinement across the sound spectrum. Even your low-res MP3 files will sound better thanks to the L8’s proprietary DSP.When it comes to wireless connection, there are a host of ways to play, including Bluetooth, as well as Wi-Fi with both Airplay and DLNA support to hook up with nearly any PC or mobile device in your home. Additional connections include a 3.5mm Aux input, dual USB ports to charge your devices, and even an optical input for your TV or Blu-ray player.Want even more next-gen tech? The L8 is available with a wireless charging pad that will charge Qi-compatible devices – just slap the device on the pad and walk away, no cables required.The L8 comes in high gloss piano black, as well as a wood-grain finish, both of which strike a chic aesthetic that really ties the room together. But it’s the sound performance that makes this speaker worthy of your hard-earned cash. For $540, the L8 will turn heads, and is sure to make a great addition for anyone who’s looking for big sound in a small package. Editors’ Recommendations Sleep Cool with Chilipad, a Personal Bed Chiller and Heater The Best Wired and Wireless Headphones for Travel The Best Wireless Charging Pads and Stands, No Strings Attached The Evolution and History of the Home Stereo The 100% Biodegradable Vollebak T-Shirt Is Made From Plants and Algae last_img read more

K-Swiss taps designer Billy Reid for natural sneakers

first_img 14 Scandinavian Clothing Brands You Need to Know Editors’ Recommendations Yes, You Can Wear Boots to the Office: Here are the Best Pairs Why Your Desk Chair Matters and the 9 Best Ones to Boost Your Productivity When K-Swiss was founded in 1966, it was all about using lessons learned from skiing to create a tennis shoe. Both sports needed footwear that was comfortable and supportive, but in particular was able to keep up with quick, repeated side-to-side motion without falling apart or slipping over. The result was the K-Swiss Classic, a sneaker that’s still worn today, but the Arlington is a little bit different.The Arlington is still built around supportive, durable side support with a vulcanized outsole, but the Arlington Welt is a slightly different take on the sneaker. For that effort, K-Swiss worked with Billy Reid, a Southern designer whose styles reflect the natural inspiration of his home, with unique twists that modernize the classic looks.His version of the Arlington Welt takes the more natural look even further with earth tone browns and sand colors that adorn a normally white or grey shoe. The collaboration reflects Reid’s dedicated to authenticity and quality while still finding inspiration in a classic look.It’s not just the Arlington Welt either, as Reid and K-Swiss have taken the designer’s favorite silhouette and turned it into a high-top as well, the Arlington Welt Hi. The look on these is inspired by the same natural colors and materials found on the low-top version.Whichever way you decide, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of K-Swiss sneakers. These in particular are a bit more fitting for a casual office or a night out than some of the more athletic minded shoes in the K-Swiss lineup might be, largely thanks to Reid’s inspiration. They’re available now directly from K-Swiss, but don’t kick your feet, they may not last long. The Burger Show’s Alvin Cailan Shares His Burger-Making Secrets 15 Best Subscription Boxes for Men Who Love Giftslast_img read more

Ober Metalworks: Strengthen Your Style with Titanium and Silver

first_imgWhen Patrick Ober was 14, he started learning how to make armor.His brother was in college at the time and learning the craft and Patrick absorbed as much as he could through that association. Little did he know that it would tie-in to his career later in life.Last year, Patrick quit his job and applied his full-time focus to his business—Ober Metalworks. He works out of the garage in his Asheville, North Carolina home and fashions impressive bracelets, watch chains, and other items out of titanium and steel.For some of his pieces he uses an ancient loop-in-loop technique and hand punches each ring, with 5-ton and 20-ton hand punches. The result is an intricate piece of jewelry that will last throughout the ages. He also crafts spinning tops on his lathe. They have a bronze middle and titanium on the outside. “Depending on size and weight, they can spin for a long time,” he said. “Ten minutes is average, but others spin longer.”While he does most of his business online, he does travel each Labor Day to participate in a big knife show in Las Vegas. In addition, he does a fair amount of commissioned work and enjoys working with a customer to create special custom pieces.Two pieces of body armor hang on the walls—one is a shirt crafted from stainless steel and bronze that took him six months to complete. Customers who order these are primarily involved in Renaissance festivals and Markland events where participants engage in medieval battle with weapons and armor.His products range in price from $15 to $3,000 so there’s definitely something for every budget. “I try to cover as many prices as possible,” Ober said. “My goal is for it to go to someone else, so price is important.” Reyka Vodka May Have the Coolest Distiller on the Planet Smart Practices for Drinking With the Environment in Mind What Wrangler Is Doing to Make Denim More Sustainable Kicking It With Timber Joey of the Portland Timbers Soccer Team Where to Drink White Wine in the Willamette Valley Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more

Egg-cellent Breakfast in Bed Recipes

first_imgImage courtesy of Egg ShopValentine’s Day is just that: a whole day (with a hell of a story behind it, to boot). Sure, you could mail it in with dinner (or a picnic), drinks, and a gift, but if this is the person you love, the one who you care about enough to wake up next to, why not spoil them all day long? The best way to do that — outside of a little morning delight, of course — is the time-honored tradition of breakfast in bed.Really, who doesn’t like breakfast in bed? The most important meal of the day is delivered right to you. Younliterally don’t have to move and they get food (it’s like the original Amazon Prime).  Not only is the recipient going to eat a delicious meal, but the said is also going to look at the deliverer of said breakfast in bed (you, in this case) as an angel from on high — an avocado toast savior.To figure out the best recipes to make for your boo this Valentine’s Day, we sat down with chef Nick Korbee of New York City’s Egg Shop. Below, you’ll find his choices — ranging from the super-in avocado toast (with eggs, obviously) to the fancy a.f. sandwich if you really want to impress at 8 a.m.Avo and EggImage courtesy of Egg Shop“In 1795, Cpt. Jeremiah Wright Avotooaste created the avo-toast as a delightful tea snack for his ship’s crew on their long voyage to the untamed continent known as Australia. Just kidding. This simple dish of smashed avocado, citrus, salt, and seeded toast is the basis of our Avo and Egg. Avo-toast is huge. And it’s wildly popular because it’s delicious and healthy. At Egg Shop, avocado roast is a double-lightning-bolt mountain of fresh smashed avocado, ripe heirloom tomato, and perfectly poached eggs nished delicately with fresh lemon juice, herbs, and sea salt.”Ingredients (makes on sandwich):.5 cup avo smash  (6 avocados, juice of 2 Meyer lemons, 1 teaspoon kosher salt)2 slices multigrain bread, toasted3 slices heirloom tomato1 poached egg1 Meyer lemon wedge1 teaspoon Meyer lemon oilFresh herb salad of your choicePinch of SaltMethod:Spread avo smash on both pieces of toast.Cut one slice diagonally in half and top the other with tomato slices and the poached eggTo serve, slightly separate the halved avo toast and place the other half with the tomato and poached egg on top. Finish the toasts with the herb salt, lemon oil, and a squeeze of Meyer lemon juice. Top with a little fresh herb salad.Everything to MeImage courtesy of Egg Shop“This is a shout-out to all the bagels that said I’d never amount to nothin’, that called the police on me when I was just try’na make some biscuits to feed my hunger. It’s all good, baby, babay. This sandwich is breakfast opulence, perfection in biscuit form, decked with a Brooklyn super-schmear South Williamsburg–style and topped with a fried egg. And if you don’t know, now you know.”Ingredients (makes one sandwich):1 biscuit halved, and toasted (or substitute with bagel)2 bibb lettuce leaves2 fresh dill sprigs1 sliced heirloom tomato1 sunny-up egg.25 cc smoked white fish schmearMethod:Build ingredients on the biscuit or bagel and serve.Green Eggs and HamImage courtesy of Egg Shop“This is an ode to our good friends and neighbors at Di Palo’s Fine Foods. With a pizza bianca bread transporter smeared with our homemade ricotta, the Italian flavor profiles come together in an open-faced panino, for a table on the piazza or on Elizabeth Street. P.S. Do make this ricotta. It will be the creamiest and smoothest ricotta you’ve ever tried. It falls somewhere between ricotta and mascarpone, and melts in your mouth like high-fat butter.”Ingredients (makes one sandwich):One 3×5-inch slice Pizza Bianca Focaccia (or focaccia of choice)4 ounces prosciutto cotto (Italian boiled ham), thinly sliced1 egg3 tbsp double cream ricotta*2 tbsp pestoPlenty of shaved pecorinoPinch of red chile flakes*Double cream ricotta ingredidents:4 c whole milk2 c heavy cream.5 tbsp sea salt.5 tsp cider vinegarZest and juice of 1 Meyer lemonMethod:To make the ricotta: In a large saucepan, combine the milk and cream and bring to 180 degrees Fahrenheit over medium heat, being very careful not to let it boil. Add the salt, lemon zest, lemon juice, and vinegar. Stir to combine. Remove from the heat and set aside to rest 10 minutes.Set a colander over a large bowl and line the colander with cheesecloth. Using a measuring cup or a large ladle, give the pot another good stir. You will see that the curds and whey have separated. Gently ladle the curds into the colander. If you’re going for ultimate richness, try not to break up the curds as you make this transfer.Let the ricotta drain in the fridge for about 2 hours, then remove it from the cheesecloth and store it in an airtight container in the fridge, where it will last for 7 days. (If you like, drain some of the whey from the bowl and reserve it for another use, such as a great probiotic lemonade.)To assemble a sandwich: Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit or turn the broiler to low.Set the pizza bianca on a baking sheet or in an ovenproof dish. Dot it with dollops of ricotta, drizzle with 1 tablespoon of the pesto, and top with pecorino and prosciutto cotto.Either crack the egg directly on the top and bake until the egg is set (about 10 minutes) or prepare a sunny-up egg and bake the pizza bianca separately until slightly crisp on the edges, then lay the egg on top.To finish, top the egg with remaining 1 tbsp pesto, plenty of pecorino, and a pinch of chile flakes. Cut it in half if you intend to share, but don’t feel bad if you scarf this down solo.Need more egg-citing recipes? Check out the official Egg Shop Cookbook. And if you require background music for breakfast, you might take a gander at our playlist of romantic music that isn’t too cheesy.Images courtesy of Image courtesy of Egg Shop. 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Are 24-Karat Gold Chicken Wings Worth the Hype?

first_img Tattoo Ideas for Men (For When You Have No Idea) Photos by Amanda Gabriele/The ManualTo our surprise, the wings were delicious. The sweet honey barbecue flavor was very apparent upfront, but the spicy chipotle notes came through more and more with each bite. Our mouths were tingling by the end of the 10-piece basket thanks to a spice level that we’d consider medium.The Ainsworth is something of a high-end sports bar, but the food there is quite good, and the wings were no exception. The service was great, too, and the happy hour lasts all night during the week, so it’s worth a visit even if you don’t plan on leaving with gold-dusted fingers.While the 24-karat gold wings are fun and tasty, we don’t see ourselves ordering them again for the price because so many restaurants serve wings that are just as delicious (albeit sans metallic sheen) for a way lower price. But, if you have $45 to spare and the desire to show off your love for everything gold, this shiny chicken is worth the splurge. The Growing Legend of Fort George Brewery’s Yearly Release, 3-Way IPA Editors’ Recommendations The wings are covered with gold dust, brined for 24 hours, then cooked in a gold coconut butter honey chipotle sauce. They’re served with a side of blue cheese and can be purchased in a basket of 10 ($45), 20 ($90), or 50 pieces ($1,000), the last of which is served with a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne.These wings look damn good and are social media fodder of the highest order. But for that price, the taste has to live up to the glistening exterior, so we saddled up to the bar and ordered the 10-piece. Though we were excited, our expectations are never high when it comes to gimmicky food (here’s looking at you, Oreos). The Ainsworth/FacebookIt seems that gilded food has become quite the trend these days. People are splurging on $1,000-bagels sprinkled with gold flakes and ordering steak dinners that come with gold-foiled potatoes. It’s gaudy, ridiculous, and we are totally into it.We naturally had to try the latest dish in the gold food craze: 24-karat gold chicken wings (you know how much we love our chicken wings, after all). Served at The Ainsworth, a New York-based restaurant with locations in New Jersey, Kansas City, and Nashville, the gilded chicken is a collaboration with Jonathan Cheban, who refers to himself as @foodgod on Instagram. It’s Time to Ditch Your Sleeping Bag for a Versatile, Lightweight Camping Quilt The Nomadic Beer Maestros of Evil Twin Brewing Find a Permanent Home in Queens The Mission Workshop Khyte Sets a New Standard for Messenger Bagslast_img read more

Danny Thompson Just Set a Land Speed Record in a 50-Year-Old Car

first_imgIf you ever got to drive your dad’s old banger, you might manage a top speed of 30 mph before parts began dropping off and smoke started pouring from the engine.Racing driver Danny Thompson, on the other hand, just took his old man’s car to a blistering 450 mph. And lived to tell the tale.The incredible run, which took place on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah on Sunday, August 12, makes the Challenger 2 the world’s fastest piston-driven vehicle.Danny’s weekend speed dash started with a run that hit a hair-raising 446.605 mph. Averaged with an even faster outing the following day that saw the Challenger 2 reach 450.909 mph, the streamliner hurtled into the record books with a speed of 448.757 mph.We passed tech inspection. We’re officially the world’s fastest piston powered vehicle! Our combined record sits at 448.757mph.— Danny Thompson (@thompsonlsr) August 12, 2018Built in 1968 by Danny’s father, racing legend Mickey Thompson, the since modified Challenger 2 draws its power from a pair of nitro-fueled 2500-hp Hemi engines.Twin three-speed gearboxes link the two engines together and counterbalance output, a setup described by the team as “a marked improvement over the original split-gas-pedal-and-Mickey’s-intuition mechanism.”The front of the Challenger 2 holds two 30-gallon aluminum fuel tanks that contain just enough nitromethane for one full speed pass, with the total curb weight at almost 5,200 pounds.Describing the record-breaking drives, Thompson said, “It got a little squirrelly. I was almost lock-to-lock at around 430mph, which was quite an experience.” Indeed, the cockpit video (above) shows Thompson steering the machine a whole lot more than you might have expected him to, but the expert control enabled him to beat the old record by 9 mph.“In 1968, my dad, the mad scientists at Kar Kraft, and an elite group of Southern California gearheads created a vehicle that they believed had the potential to become the world’s fastest hot rod,” Thompson said on his website. “It took five decades, a lot of elbow grease, and a few modifications, but I feel like I’ve finally been able to fulfill their dream, as well as my own.”Having already achieved a record-breaking run of 406 mph in the Challenger 1 in 1960, Mickey Thompson had plans to drive the Challenger 2 himself, but his life was cut short in 1988 when he was murdered by gunmen hired by a former business associate.But now son Danny has done what he’d always wanted to do, honoring his father by taking his creation onto the flats and piloting it to a new land speed record.A version of this article originally ran on our brother site, Digital Trends. There’s Never a Bad Time to Visit Whistler, the Four-Season Outdoor Playground The Maserati Quattroporte: Luxury You Can Sort of Almost Imagine Affording You Can Sleep in Hunter S. Thompson’s Colorado Cabin 6 Fastest Cars in the World Right Now Watch This Bugatti Chiron Shatter a World Speed Record at More Than 300 MPH Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more

Logistics Hub Represents Path to Transformation of Economy – Minister Hylton

first_imgMinister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Anthony Hylton, says the logistics hub initiative represents the path to transformation of the economy, and is not a “pipe dream”. “This initiative will cut the ‘Gordian knot’ which has been choking the Jamaican economy and condemned us to three decades of anaemic growth,” he emphasized , as he made his contribution to the 2013/14 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives, on Tuesday, May 14. “Much work is left to be done, including the enactment of enabling legislation and the construction of supporting infrastructure. But, over the past year, we have generated significant global investor interest with missions to China, Singapore, Dubai, Panama and the Netherlands, where we have received enthusiastic support for the initiative. Similarly, we have received support from the multilateral agencies, including the World Bank and the Inter-American Development bank,” he stated. The Minister pointed out that the logistics hub initiative will integrate manufacturers and distributors based in Jamaica in the global goods production and distribution chains. “It therefore represents an opportunity to breathe new life into manufacturing in Jamaica,” he said. Speaking to the frequently queried matter of funding, Mr. Hylton said the project potentially represents US$9 billion of foreign direct investments, with the prospect of generating tens of thousands of jobs in a variety of fields during the construction and operational phases. “The same investors who developed the other three logistics hubs are now at the table with us seeking to carve out individual mega projects and to acquire and upgrade existing assets through public/private partnership arrangements,” he asserted. Jamaica is expected to become the fourth node in the global logistics chain, joining Rotterdam, Singapore and Dubai.Turning to how Jamaicans will be able to seize the opportunities presented by the logistics hub initiative, and the policy actions needed to ensure that Jamaica’s comparative advantage is converted into a competitive advantage for the economy, Mr. Hylton said the Ministry will designate Special Economic Zones under powers given to the Minister by the Free Zone Act.“The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) will promote and market these zones locally and overseas, to the companies engaged in various logistics activities. These include, but are not limited to, assembly, warehousing, distribution and packaging. Further, the Ministry will reactivate the industrial apprenticeship programme, working together with HEART/NTA to train the workforce needed to operationalize and take advantage of the tens of thousands of jobs that will be created,” he explained.Mr. Hylton noted that the Ministry is also working with tertiary institutions to develop curricula specific to the skills needed for successful implementation of the project.Meanwhile, he said specific policy measures will be implemented to ensure that the Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (MSME) entrepreneurs are included in the economic zones, and become an integral part of the global value chain.The project will also link the domestic economy to the global value chain, in areas where Jamaica does not have an advantage. An example of this is the automobile industry, where the country will now have the opportunity to assemble cars or distribute parts to global markets.“That is the transformational aspect of the Logistics Hub,” the Minister pointed out.Mr. Hylton spoke on the theme: ‘Achieving Transformational Growth’.Contact: Alphea Saunderslast_img read more

Protect Our Children – PM

first_imgPrime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, is again imploring Jamaicans to look out for the nation’s children and protect them.She made the call while addressing the Prime Minister’s Medal of Appreciation for Services to Education ceremony, held on June 9 at Jamaica House. The Prime Minister’s plea came as the country grappled with recent acts of violence against children.She made a special appeal for responsible males in the society to be good role models for children.She noted that many boys and girls are being raised without the positive support and guidance of a father or any other adult male relatives in their lives.“I want to beseech all the responsible men folk in the society, you may not be a teacher in the classroom, but …the young children in your community are looking at you, whether you like it or not,” she stated.“These children are looking for security, they want to learn how to behave towards the opposite sex; some of them have low self-esteem. You may not have signed on to be a role model but you are. Take an interest in the young people around you; who knows what difference you can make in the life of an eight-year old child. One single word could end up changing the world,” she said further.The Prime Minister also asked the teachers to help educate the parents to instill good discipline and other positive values at home.“That way, they will help to make the classroom safer (and) create an improved learning environment,” she pointed out.She said the Government has built certain platforms to help improve the quality of parenting and leadership within the education system and cited the passage of the Parenting Bill in Parliament last year as an example.She noted that the Bill will help to empower parents by integrating them fully within the education reform process.She also highlighted the more than 160 parenting places that will be established to facilitate interactions between parents and teachers in various communities and schools.The Prime Minister thanked and congratulated the 40 teachers, who were awarded medals of appreciation, and recognised the “countless others whose service we sometimes take for granted.”In congratulating the awardees, Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) President, Clayton Hall, encouraged them to continue being role models to young teachers, so that they will be inspired to do their best for every child in the classroom.“The Jamaica Teachers Association is very proud of you who have been honoured today, because you represent the best qualities in those of us who serve this noble profession,” he stated.Instituted in 2005, the Prime Minister’s Medal of Appreciation for Service to Education is given to a teacher, who has served for a minimum of 15 years; displayed exceptional service in the teaching profession; and has shown evidence of community involvement, innovation and creativity in service.Contact: Andrea Brahamlast_img read more