Which brand to join the dry cleaners how to investigate the project

dry cleaning industry in recent years, the development momentum is very good, so everyone on the dry cleaning shop to join the project is also more concerned about. So, dry cleaners to join which brand is good? Many friends are asking such a question, in fact, open dry cleaners is not difficult to find the right project, can easily operate.

Hefei which brand is good? Choose what kind of brand is very important for the dry cleaning business, because of the dry cleaning catena is a double-edged sword: choose a brand, often smooth, Caiyuanguangjin; choose the wrong brand, only zirendaomei, 1915. Therefore, the first step in dry cleaning chain, but also a very important step is to choose to join the brand chain stores. read more

Look at the development of several micro business forms

this year, the most fire than the micro business. The modes on the micro business is mixed, because the micro business internal chaos, various forms of hybrid. So what are the forms of micro business? It is necessary to understand the problem.

the first derivative brand:

derivative of the purchasing brand in the form of spread in the circle of friends. The concept of micro business has also experienced a development process from WeChat electricity supplier – micro electricity supplier – micro business. The first is beauty brands, such as the ten year old beauty, bu with circle of friends as a sales channel, combined with the traditional agent system of sales management, after being called micro business model. Due to the lack of official neglect and personal self-control, to question the micro business suffer a lot, CCTV had made some investigation on some "illegal" mask workshop, found that many brands are counterfeit ingredients. Four times the public opinion. read more

Baidu has never been refuted rumors for many years do not pay on the station closed behavior

September 15th afternoon, focusing on Baidu promotion for years rumors, Baidu vice president Wang Zhan said today, had not paid the station closed event, a website was canceled included, mainly because the algorithm adjustment or cheating. He said that in the past six months, Baidu has hit 12 million 800 thousand false web.

only to take the way to improve the ranking of cheating site, will be canceled by Baidu included.

Baidu to take the bidding business model, not only to promote the rapid development of the search engine, but also led to a considerable degree of doubt. For example, do not promote the business model of opaque seal station, the money in the front row and so on. read more

This is the real sense of personal website promotion

      first, pay close attention to the development of the network, to fully tap the use of various means. At the beginning, I was old, little post forum registration, then see some effect, blog, feel the flow is good, especially the large portal site blog, there are hundreds of thousands of large and small can do thousands of days. So do a few blogs, pure manpower in the blog space propaganda, soon, a few blog traffic more than a day to thousands, to the site every day to bring hundreds of IP. Of course, this is just a key method, I want to say to a broad understanding of new trends, all know can bring traffic (including potential), the Internet technology change rapidly, and constantly new, this is very important. Now, the screen is very fire, under the study of how to use this kind of station to bring traffic, but also potential. This is the way out of the search engine, but do not look down on these stupid human methods. read more

08 years local website development proposal

now classified information website second-hand local website is really a disaster caused by flooding water in a Baidu search, just like a lot of. For example, you search Zhengzhou second-hand, the same site has 6-7, I think most of the individual stations, the smaller, how to survive. No matter what, more will become rubbish. So how to survive the secondary network, I have a suggestion to see how:

first to register a good domain name, a lot of used in the web site contains 2S words, which is to allow visitors to remember, to attract repeat customers. Guangdong second-hand second-hand than gd2s.com zz2s.com in Zhengzhou, is also useful for zip code registration, such as the www.tz0396.cn 0396 is the area code for the city. Of course, with the domain name should also choose a good space, because it is a local site, the daily IP500-1000 has been good, and some new sites less than 200IP, a lot of people hanging a domain name is to sell. My advice is to do it, you have to do it, there will be all, will emerge from the numerous practitioners, by the public recognition. read more

China network marketing network formally launched today

YAHOO news:

2007 August 1st morning, China network marketing network after two weeks of testing formally launched. China network marketing network adhering to deepen the brand image, expand the network marketing, strengthen enterprise network marketing awareness, to solve the practical problems of network marketing, network marketing dissemination enterprise culture, personal philosophy, cultivate new network marketing talents. For you to create an equal, open and diverse information exchange and marketing of new space. read more

Do not be anxious Amoy brand, is actually a natural thing

in the concept of 98% people, there will be such understanding: the brand is not what you want to do. It is true that our store has experienced such a stage, but so far, it has to face the embarrassment: the brand is what you do not want to do. The reason why there will be such a situation, simply because the Taobao store and represent the general trend of development to a certain stage that must face, therefore, if the development can not follow the trend and the trend, is bound to be eliminated by the market. Once the transition is successful, will be able to compete in the fierce market share their own cup of soup. read more

Honey bud Korea signed a strategic Chinese curiosity for the mother to do diapers as genuine

from March this year, honey bud first to hit the price war diapers, wells consumers, so that mothers are crazy. In order to more recent China mother will find the global good, honey bud diapers will play new tricks, it is reported that in December 18th the leading point of cross-border electricity supplier mother went to Seoul, and the curious Huggies signed a strategic cooperation agreement. As the first cross-border electricity supplier signed with international high-end diaper brands abroad, honey bud with curious strategic signing Zhang Xianmi shoots completely open diaper supply chain, let the Korean field best Huggies factory direct supply of honey bud mother platform. read more

Ma Yun the company’s most sad is the founder of the realm

text / MA

most company founders nature for fear of losing control of the company, no ground for blame since insecurity, around entrepreneurs, insecurity about the future is one of the main factors of their success. In particular, the more successful the founding boss will be more and more inexplicable concern.

founder of the company’s control has two major errors. 1. I always think I love this company better than anyone else in the company. 2. To control the company’s decision only by controlling shares. read more

Jingdong Tmall double oligarch competition rush 11 businesses as victims

[Abstract] industry insiders said the previous business is expected to double 11 growth of at least more than 50%, now down to 30% to 40%.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on November 5th

with double 11 getting closer, Jingdong and Tmall fight the momentum is also more and more strong.

today, Jingdong real name Alibaba disrupt e-commerce market order, has been formally accepted by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, and handed over to the Zhejiang provincial Trade and Industry Bureau for further investigation and treatment. read more