Potato powder store how to operate better

open a shop is one thing, but a good business but it is another thing, although for every entrepreneur, are hoping to get better store operations, business is more popular, but it also requires operators to do more work. So, potato powder store how to operate better?

now entrepreneurs choose to join the potato powder stores people very much, although the shop opens easily, but the shop good business is not so simple, like good potato powder to join or shop in business usually need to pay attention to many problems, how can the store operation is better? That’s what we’re going to do today. read more

Open a home jewelry store to investigate what

venture risk investments need to be cautious, this problem you must know, if so, will be a lot of things ready in the business before, to examine what Home Furnishing open a jewelry store? Open a money Home Furnishing jewelry store is not so easy, the shop before you need to be investigated in many aspects of precise positioning shop just below looks small as you on


open home jewelry store, the first is to consider the potential market. Maybe a lot of people love to the collection market, open shop, join the ranks of the industry market, but take the difference of the location of route, to become the leader in a market, can better prevent market competition, bring the high premium, of course, must have their own unique style, it is very difficult for others to imitate the style. Of course, the more difficult, but it is a good choice for the future. read more

Reading corner so that the shop business is booming

a shop if you want to make business booming, often need to use a variety of business skills. After all, the current market is highly competitive, without more skills, it will make it difficult for the development of business. As for me, let my home store to attract customers is an important business rules to establish a "reading corner".

my home supermarket is located in the residential area, the customer base is the area of all households. Previously, only a small supermarket in my neighborhood, tenants are on my shop shopping, I shop business is very hot. The year before last, developers in the vicinity of the development of a new residential area, but with the gradual improvement of the facilities in the New District in the song, the new district house sold very fire, almost all sold out. In this way, more and more households I shop nearby, so some people saw business opportunities, one after another in the shop nearby and opened a convenience store, I shop left shunt part of the customer, I shop business will gradually cool down. read more

Hot dishes are what restaurant in the doorway

today I’ll share with you, as a popular business restaurant, one of the core of the dishes are the doorway? Is one of the core dishes in a restaurant, those who talk about the feelings of the dishes catering enterprises are bullshit. I said today is what is said dishes? Delicious? Not exactly, not only is not good, in general about the dishes are the following way:

taste: taste in the first row, there is no doubt that the food is delicious, you can train back, what is good? How to define? This problem many chefs and restaurant owners are not clear, some guests say delicious, some guests say delicious, foggy, poorly defined, actually any dish a food, can not satisfy the tastes of 100% people, for example: like Stinky tofu, coriander, such as folding suggestible people flock to sniff at someone. In general, there are more than 80% of the dishes in a restaurant, people say that the food has been successful. The problem again, how to make more than 80% of the people said to eat? I think this problem is just four words, the restaurant you do this four words, you don’t succeed, there must be other aspects of the problem, do the four words, you don’t have to doubt the taste of dishes, the four words? Remember, "the real thing", this simple four words, not good to do, to do the real thing, the restaurant operator first to know, second to have a conscience, what is read more

How to choose to join the brand children’s education

wants to participate in business, join the children’s education is a promising choice, from the social significance of economic benefits to have sufficient strength. Faced with the current of the innumerable children’s education brand should be how to choose? The following small children’s education to join the brand of choice for everyone to introduce three Raiders:

1, brand strength

read more

Cross strait youth entrepreneurship competition in Xiamen Not to be missed

innovation and entrepreneurship is to be creative in the entrepreneurial tide now, venture capital funds to choose entrepreneurship projects are to see the creativity, look at the prospects for development, innovative talent in the moment is welcome. So, cross-strait youth entrepreneurship competition in Xiamen new, very exciting, not to be missed.

"look, this paper camera can take pictures." "The original bulb is also able to play children’s books, but also the projection animation." The day before, by Ali rivers, Aite public record jointly organized by Ali Baichuan entrepreneurship contest officially kicked off. Xiamen City Vice Mayor Wu Qirong, Siming Siming Lujiang Street office director Lin Fei attended the opening ceremony of Ali rivers. read more

College students keen to sell fruit

is a very interesting, is that now many college students tend to choose to stall, selling fruit, send out like. Recently, Zhaopin released a survey shows that in the entrepreneurial projects, the project is not technology, financial and other high technology content of the most popular, but "sell fruit". Why students are keen on "delivery" and "fruit" or "food"? Why do college students tend to choose low technology content and low gold content?

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How about Northeast Hotel

when I was a child watching a lot of television, including the "northeast family" impressive. The northeast wind funny life lessons the charm of the drama, give people a warm comfortable feeling. Of course, the same as the northeast people can give you the feeling of home.

northeast people catering to provide authentic Sichuan for customers, plus the northeast special service, so that customers enjoy the feeling of home. The environment elegant and comfortable, fresh and luxurious, clean sanitation, reasonable price, fresh ingredients, elaborate collocation, sophisticated materials, color, flavor and taste, is a good place for you to enjoy the delicacy. The northeast people food "practical, hard work, respect the responsibility" spirit of enterprise, and in good faith, and create a win-win business philosophy, with a new management mode, perfect technology, good service, excellent quality for survival, we always adhere to the customer first service to customers, adhere to their own service to impress customers. read more

Business needs often afterwards shop

now has many bosses or part-time business please help, or open a branch hired a new employee, a busy career, for a long time, the shop is completely a "one" state, until the real calculation found many problems. So, the shop to do business, it is often need to "account", so that it can make the business more prosperous shop.

rainy weather, the store did not come to a few customers a day. In the evening, I went to shut the door, going home to cook, my friend Ji Zhengxiang called: "haven’t get together, tonight we go to the two" Chen Po "boiled fish!" Ji Zhengxiang is my neighbours for years, and my peers, there is a small scale tobacco grocery store him in the east of the county seat of the sun near the mall. Our relationship has been good, every year we will have two families together to eat a meal. But now this is not a year, the boss asked to get together, maybe something. As I expected, a cup of wine, season the boss opened the chatterbox. read more