How to investigate the brand value of Western Restaurant

restaurant good development prospects, many investors to join in this industry, but before the investment you need to know is what a brand Western-style food for your business, to know how their investment value, the only way to ensure the future of the restaurant business can be so smooth, so the focus here, an investment this should be how to study brand project investment value?

China’s western food industry in the brand, more investment opportunities, but there are risks, how to identify the business opportunities, the choice of a suitable project is a key step in the investigation of the brand from these points: read more

How to make an appointment

the customer is our God, is the key, we start to do business well, how to make an appointment with customers? How to make a reservation? Below, Xiaobian for you to collect some information, I hope you have a good customer appointment!

when you first spoke to a senior executive, how much time do you think you will have before he or she decides to continue to listen or hang up? 30 seconds? 15 seconds? 10 seconds? In fact, you only have 8 seconds to stop him / her off the phone.

by name. When the other side pick up the phone, or you can ask, is the ‘big names’ Mr.?" , or quickly affirmed "Hello, big name zhang." read more

Qian Yongchen exposure according to his wife’s wife Lv Yi enchanting

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Marg Rita pizza wealth into Canton


pizza is the beginning of an overseas is one of the most classic characteristics of delicacy, after entering the domestic market through innovation and development in recent years, pizza has been more and more consumers, pizza in the domestic market is more and more big development space. Marg Rita pizza to adapt to changes in the market, the introduction of a series of pizza products, unique taste, not only consumers like, but also favored by many venture capitalists. Marg Rita pizza, wealth into the canton. read more