Cross border electricity supplier star business announced the completion of the 45 million round of

October 25th news today, cross-border business enterprise of Shenzhen City Star Agel Ecommerce Ltd announced the completion of the 45 million A round of financing in the near future, the current round of financing by the sea, sea and other multi poly Philip ark investment.

‘s star said that this round of financing will further promote business expansion plans of the company team star, accelerate the expansion of the layout of warehousing and logistics facilities, complete with independent property rights ERP system, electricity supplier orders management system and data analysis system, and gradually realize the strategic objectives in the leading industry market and technology. read more

Discussion on the four cross border thinking and focus of product manager

Line once said in the industry experts to do the Internet Product Manager (see "Internet product manager is red and black, a new species of the product manager (a)"), but the product manager’s life will be a hard journey, the demand for the product from idea to market mature long grinding. Let us do not complain, less explanation and more research, in the end how to innovate in the cross-border products, this paper discusses the traditional products and Internet products, product innovation methodology of cross border concerns. read more

How to publish a high click rate

a lot of people will make some soft in some big websites to improve their website traffic, but there are a lot of soft are K, or the effect is not good. I had a soft in NetEase, there are hundreds of IP. Every day I talk about my experience. /p> now.

, the best is original, all websites love original content, if you don’t write the original post, it is better to change. Don’t see the NetEase post immediately sent to the Sina, so the effect is not good.

two, issued to the local, to be attached to the content of the site, that is, you issued on the ADNIM5 of the political soft Wen, the effect is not good, so be sure to send to the local. read more

Huchuang Tiancheng electric fill blank

in recent years, e-commerce in China’s development momentum rapidly, a large number of e-commerce enterprises in this period of time like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like emerge, then, in these enterprises most of the sales model are the same, no characteristics of the enterprise is not able to better development. Huchuang Tiancheng (Beijing) Cci Capital Ltd is a business enterprise emerging in recent years, although the establishment of a short time, but the development was especially fast, it is understood that ebankon Tiancheng (Beijing) Cci Capital Ltd development mainly comes from innovation, hoobay days (Beijing) Cci Capital Ltd model is different from other enterprises, is a new electricity supplier, is the star of attention. read more

Do not be anxious Amoy brand is actually a natural thing

in the concept of 98% people, there will be such understanding: the brand is not what you want to do. It is true that our store has experienced such a stage, but so far, it has to face the embarrassment: the brand is what you do not want to do. The reason why there will be such a situation, simply because the Taobao store and represent the general trend of development to a certain stage that must face, therefore, if the development can not follow the trend and the trend, is bound to be eliminated by the market. Once the transition is successful, will be able to compete in the fierce market share their own cup of soup. read more

Offbeat sea Amoy business from black Friday

Beijing daily news (reporter Li Duo intern reporter Wang Qian Lu Yishan) not every electricity supplier of "double 11". Yesterday, the Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters learned from the sea Amoy electricity supplier honey Amoy network was informed that the honey Amoy network intends to participate in the double 11, but will focus on the upcoming black Friday". Although there is also a point of view that innovative marketing is worth encouraging, but the double 11 big promotion is bound to overdraft consumption, will let the promotional activities greatly reduced. read more

About website domain name with WWW and without www

a few days ago, there are a few dedicated to do the MM connection with me to exchange links, suddenly thought of this problem. I have two steel web sites. One is and the other is everyone suddenly look. In the absence of open that is the same site. In fact, I use this registered a domain name to do two sites. They do with me when the friendship connection, only with WWW this site do. I do not use this site www exchange, they really think it is a domain name.

know some knowledge of the network of people know that the so-called top-level domain name should be domain name is the real top-level domain name, read more

A few experience summary of project website

has just entered the station line of people, how to choose and plan to change the program, than the day buried research template, landscaping is more important. If you do not have a good business, the industry is the most familiar with their own industry can do a lot of detours. 2008 out of love for the intelligent industry I created the "weak engineering network", because of 6 years of experience in industry, the demand for the key points in the industry (the engineering construction unit requirements, engineering business requirements, product supplier’s demand, the demand for professionals) known, and to implement effective resource integration the key point for. read more

Cao Xun integration of resources to do network ready to win at the starting point

very early to the next line of the development of good business to the Internet to expand, especially in 2008, the worldwide economic crisis, can be said to rely on the traditional manufacturing export growth is a fatal blow, in that year, sales model, has saved countless near the edge of survival of small manufacturers. My family has been engaged in the production of clothing, and all enterprises, the development of a certain size will encounter bottlenecks. When the "gap" in front of the forward step beyond the past can get considerable development, if not, may have to face the embarrassment of "go". So, we put our eyes on the network… read more

SNS cleverly placed B2B vertical fine differentiation is the trend

SNS popular Internet has several years, people for his familiarity are from Facebook to 51.Com, grow with each passing day, happy net, from "" launched the "white society" to " net" on the gang, launched the idea of SNS joy, imitating Buddha everywhere, not only the beach quietly large web sites, but subtly show people a new life attitude, Shirupozhu development. So insiders said that the rise of the SNS boom is revealing a new historical mission of the information age. read more