22 foreign construction units were expelled

in order to let the province’s construction industry has a good production environment, the Provincial Construction Department of the province’s 656 provinces into the green construction team assessment. 11 of the unqualified enterprises to give notice of criticism, the contract is not allowed within one year in the province of construction engineering business, the construction of the market in the province of the 22 clear of the province’s 43.

it is understood that, through the construction of the 656 provinces into the green team in the integrated management, market behavior, project quality, safety, good faith behavior (including wages paid by migrant workers) and other aspects of the assessment. The results for the 33 excellent enterprises, qualified enterprises of the 322, the basic qualified enterprises of the 157, unqualified enterprises, for two consecutive years, did not undertake construction engineering business enterprise 44 home, 100. 11 unqualified enterprises to give criticism. read more

Comprehensive management of Xining city environment by the world bank loan project at top speed

in April 21st, the Xining environmental comprehensive utilization of the world bank loan project the world bank for the first time a delegation of 6 people came to Xining, the project assessment. The first inspection team was informed reporters from the meeting of the day to start the meeting, the project is currently at top speed forward.

Comprehensive management of the Xining environment

using the world bank loan project in 2012 the State Council approved 8 menstruation in World Bank Loan in fiscal year 2013-2015 alternative project planning, project total investment of 1 billion 504 million yuan, of which the world bank loan of 150 million dollars. Up to now, the project preliminary design, construction, institutional capacity building projects are progressing smoothly. read more

How to do a good job pillow products store promotions

There are many

brands such as pillows, full network recommended "Bei Yang Si pillow join", is a very good project, if you want to join this industry welcome timely attention to national investment chain network – Taking ang (http://www.shang360.com) update the latest project. How do the pillow store promotional activities are as follows:
rely on the brand a lot of people think that pillow stores rely on the brand talent shows itself, but to the development of all aspects of the factors is also very important, such as display technology and so on, but the most important is the promotion. The best method of pillow store promotions, National Day during the central propaganda, compared to the traditional Festival Mid Autumn Festival, National Day period publicity and promotional strategies more worthy of discussion, the author believes that the first National Day concept, a holiday next National Day is a national holiday, to enhance national cohesion in recent years, the need for a suitable release time. The success of the pillow store promotion terminal terminal ready — largely from the ability of sales personnel, first, require the detailed training for sales staff;
do pillow store promotion seems simple, in fact, the pillow store promotion contains a lot of mystery, it needs to store operators pillow, pillow pillow store mining continuous store management promotion mystery, continuously found pillow store’s promotional experience, then let the pillow store sales in the pillow market continue to improve, become a consumer favorite store pillow pillow. read more

What to do to prepare the work Manicure open shop

we know that a lot of girls love beauty, and they always make a lot of personality. Now Manicure shop is still very profitable. Manicure makes money is a very good use of the female beauty of the heart, now features Manicure stores more can satisfy their beauty. So, what to do to prepare the work Manicure open shop? Here’s a small series together to understand it.

What to do to prepare work on

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Xiamen, one of the ten most beautiful road has been innovative technology to create ecological

city’s development process is accelerating, some cities in pursuit of development, so the damage to the environment is also very large. In Xiamen, the road had reputation as road. There is a saying that she would love to take her to the road once, there Huaxi, accompanied by the falling flowers. Xiamen as one of the ten most beautiful road, the road has been living in the city, is full of wilderness scenery everywhere. If the road had a picture, then, Xiamen Lu Lu Xing Greening Engineering Construction Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiamen Lu Lu Xing) is the author of this painting. read more

NetEase Club anniversary celebration held in Beijing

Internet era, the public is talking about the most is how to carry out entrepreneurship in the Internet model. In the latest venture sponsored by NetEase to discuss the activities of many entrepreneurs, investors on the nature of entrepreneurship is discussed.

2016 in January 17th, sponsored by the NetEase science and technology, NetEase Club anniversary celebration held in Beijing Tsinghua Science park.

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Organic vegetable planting tips sharing

how to ensure the quality of organic vegetables, not by insect infestation? Many investors know that they can not use pesticides, there are other ways to prevent it? If you are a novice investor, you can learn a lot of experience to find their own way.

due to organic vegetables in the production process to prohibit the use of all synthetic pesticides, prohibit the use of production by genetic engineering technology products, so organic vegetable pests should adhere to the "prevention first, combining prevention with control" principle. Through the selection of resistant varieties, high temperature disinfection, reasonable fertilizer management, crop rotation, intercropping, diversification and physical protection of natural enemies and other agricultural measures, comprehensive prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests. read more

How to carry out maternal and child chain

to a certain extent to the development of maternal and child shops, in order to better development, the mother will be generally linked to the chain, then, how to join it? Many novice is not very understanding. For a novice, choose an affiliate should consider the following aspects:

, a complete product line: maternal join, this is the first condition of cooperation needs to consider, for example, consumers want to AVENT, you only want RIKANG, Tim, you are only a gold, one can’t make bricks without straw, if supplier product line is not complete, then you have a good sales skills are no good read more

Decrypt the Taobao style classic scam deceptive marketing conference

for Taobao trust, Ji’nan Mr. Kim did not hesitate to take out 9600 yuan, the purchase of the store manager software. Unexpectedly, not only the so-called scouring outside the station has always been unable to record, even the legitimate refund request has repeatedly been rejected.

as of now, the country hundreds of Taobao sellers on the "100 City stores network operators to support the plan of the Crusade continues. But it is worth pondering the problem is: now it seems a very limited effects "shopkeeper" software, how to make hundreds of Taobao smart sellers on the read more

Daily topic Baidu organizational structure to adjust the financial services group

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network December 15th news, yesterday (December 14) Baidu announced a major restructuring company, set up the financial services group (FSG), the consumer finance business, wallet payment services, internet securities business, vice president of Baidu financial services business group general manager Zhu Guangren.

said Baidu, the Internet financial service has huge market potential, but also focus on the layout of the Baidu business direction; in recent years, Baidu wallet to get rapid growth through the glutinous rice, takeout, tourism and other services, as of the end of September 2015, Baidu wallet account activation was 45 million, an increase of 520%; and in November of this year, Baidu also announced the bank, and CITIC Bank established Baixin Allianz Insurance Company and the establishment of Hillhouse capital Bai’an insurance. read more

91 source trading network to provide free source trading platform

  in October 5, 2007, when everyone was immersed in the country when I was on a Taobao user in October 4th -10 5, 1:00, finally the source code of the (www.91yuanma.cn) to do it. 91 source code for free services for the purpose, enthusiasm for the majority of the members of the source code to provide the best source of the transaction process and services, and strive to create an excellent source trading platform. I hope you can support us. We believe that the 91 source network is the best. I can’t speak. Maybe I said above is not good enough, please forgive, also please ADMIN5 official website to published this article, the 91 source networks allow more website source purchase and sale of friends, thanks to ADMIN5 can give me a post published this article to ADMIN5 official website Yuebanyuehao. One of the most outstanding stationmaster station! I wish you a happy National Day, thank you! read more

Hao Yang Chung to veteran entrepreneurs contribution winter experience of grain, playing the regulat

Abstract: Yang Haoyong said with a smile, "before financing this relationship, the two sides must do more and more thorough understanding, so that you" determine the relationship between male and female friends ", can they get married in one or two months. Entrepreneurs are more in the winter, do not have "finally someone after me, please sign with him." this attitude, do not easily win investors. "

November 4th, jointly organized in ifeng.com and Phoenix TV "2015 Phoenix finance summit, 58 market group CEO Yang Haoyong for entrepreneurs to share in his ten years of entrepreneurial experience realized the" winter "experience – wide grain, adjust the play. read more

The national anti pornography office WeChat cloud disk dissemination of pornographic information inv

, the national anti pornography office: WeChat cloud disk dissemination of pornographic information involving the number of super 100T

[TechWeb] June 1st news report, the national pornography Office recently announced the 5 WeChat through the circle of friends, QQ group, cloud disk storage and other communication channels, sales of pornographic content in cases involving the number can reach more than 100T, some amount of up to 100 thousand yuan.

this is the national pornography office announced the "net net 2015 special action group third cases dealt with the situation. This batch of 5 cases involving all micro field, with WeChat circle of friends, QQ group communication, through the cloud disk storage, dissemination of pornographic videos, such as the huge number of obvious characteristics. read more

Shanghai start internet filing work plan completed by the end of June

Led by the Shanghai Municipal Communications Authority, the five basic telecom operators to assist with the Internet website of Shanghai focused on the record of special work started, completed at the end of June this year.

it is reported that the "special work" is based on the Ministry of information industry recently promulgated and implemented in March 20th this year the "non operating Internet information service record management approach" and "Internet IP address record management" two laws of. These two decrees clear: to engage in non operating Internet information services units and has obtained read more

Since the media will allow marketing to generate new changes

The word

from the media seems to be rising from the WeChat public platform, when WeChat began to sell advertising platform to the public Cheng Lingfeng a day income of ten thousand or twenty thousand, since that time the industry began to stir from the media, more and more people have begun to join the army from the media. Later, the number of people thinking about WeChat weeks to achieve revenue of $about one million, so many people are more envious, and recently, even the star Chen Kun also began to play the public toll. These are from the media circle of very successful cases, causing great controversy in the industry, but also to the majority of grass root and friends in the industry a signal, as the media may really have. As far as I know, a lot of people on the Internet have opened their own WeChat public number, although not many fans, but also considered to join the ranks of the media. It can be said that this year is the first year since the media. read more

Alibaba, Jingdong and other anti speculation letter jointly issued the first phase of the blacklist

brush single letter behavior seriously distorted the e-commerce market order, the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the impact of e-commerce sustainable development. As the field of electronic commerce and the joint fight against sharing economy "speculation" and related acts of dishonesty, to further standardize the network transactions, improve transaction subject credit degree, maintain credit order, purify the market environment, the "double 11" on the eve of this year, the national development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments and the e-commerce platform of enterprises to take joint action single brush fried credit collective sword. read more

Fresh electricity supplier entrepreneurs must answer four questions

How big is the

fresh market? How much is the fresh electricity supplier market? Where is the difficulty of the fresh electricity supplier? Where is the traditional fresh pain point? After understanding the above questions, how should we do it?

this evening from her friend Mars invited MT and All to the East Jingdong O2O manager made a fresh and fresh O2O training share. It is a coincidence, because in the Tencent. The electricity supplier last year, did the two expansion of fresh category of business report, and Du Tootoo very well, and colleagues scanned the basic visit the six or seven largest domestic fresh electricity supplier, has been producing area, warehouse, went to the terminal, see some financial data. Since the beginning of the year, a lot of people talk about fresh electricity supplier, one million not a profitable. Fresh in the end is how to go wrong, a lot of people may not understand, even if it is not necessarily clear. Of course, if not the authority, these two reports are a year ago to do, many things change, only from their own perspective, views on fresh understanding read more

On August the GG account is blocked the memory available to the novice as a guide

in August 5th, my GG account was actually closed, speechless! Inside the more than and 600 dollars so no!

recently in view of the record, we found that your AdSense account to our AdWords advertisers brought great risks. If your account continues to remain in our publisher network, may make our advertisers on economic losses, so we have decided to disable your account.

in order to protect the interests of our advertisers and other AdSense publishers, we must take this measure, please understand. We know that this may cause you a lot of inconvenience, thank you for your understanding and cooperation. read more