Bitcoin from the media hot list of the top ten hot words in the nternet industry in year 2013

  to the end of the year, a variety of industry inventory also began. For the Internet industry, the change between the year is amazing, a lot of new products were born, along with the birth of a new term. These nouns profoundly affect the work of the entire Internet industry practitioners and thinking. Internet thinking, Internet banking, O2O, if you do not understand these words, then OUT. The following is the east to bring the year-end inventory: 2013 year ten Internet industry hot words. Glossary are editing since Baidu encyclopedia, welcome to express different views. read more

GG ads can be put together with Baidu

  can I put Google ads and other ads on the same page?

you can display Google ads on other third party websites or web pages, provided that there is a clear distinction between the and the Google ad in terms of format or color. In other words, if you choose to show the non Google ads in the display Google advertising website or web page, you need to ensure that users can always know these ads are invested by different advertising alliance, and between Google and Google did not correlate with any advertising. If the format of the two types of advertising is difficult to identify similarities, we ask you to use different color schemes for competitive advertising.
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Clothing O2O four case Smith Barney UNQLO Gloria bestseller how fun O2O

O2O is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of 2013 clothing retail industry, this is the rapid development of mobile Internet brings opportunities in the domestic retail industry, the rapid development of the B2C for 5 years, is also the "traditional channels crisis" on continuously growing period, Ma Yun also instilled in the electricity supplier chiefs and intensification of the crisis, once let the traditional the enterprise feelabsent and this crisis not only in Chinese, Amazon also forced the best buy and Barnes transformation. read more

The key points of enterprise marketing soft writing

some people say that the core of the network marketing is soft, good soft Wen to let people feel that after reading is just marketing at present, lead a person to endless aftertastes, and there are a lot of people are doing, but do not really out of effect, because the ability of marketing needs is relatively high, including marketing planning, soft Wen the writing skill, the release of the soft platform and many other factors that affect.

first, customer demand oriented

a good soft Wen, why can improve the turnover rate? Because it can really read out the voice of the customer, so as to allow enterprises to achieve the purpose of profit, such as silicone industry, customers are most worried about the quality of silicone products and the safety performance, this time in the soft can describe the product performance, but the premise is in the premise of solving customer problems, rather than advertising in order to join, but also pay attention to the influence of reading can not join the read more

Domain deletion list October 21 2007


proxy domain name registration renewal of 60 years /, 150m million net 620 special offer 120 space agency.
  CN domain name 1 yuan registration, the opportunity not to be missed, more content: / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

Reporter undercover to expose various identity fraud posing as tricky TV ads

"Jiang elder sister" carries on the training to the new staff with the information. Newspaper reporter Wang Yishe

Tibet TV broadcast a daily for up to ten minutes of television advertising sales, says a magic "qudufugan combination" of liver disease cure rate up to more than 95%. The country with the hotline to order, pay each other drugs 3000 yuan to several thousand dollars.

this hotline, but hiding in Beijing, Fengtai District ocean nature of the new world office. The person who answered the phone, the name of China Academy of traditional Chinese medicine under the banner, carefully arranged a scam, had been cheating two years. read more

How to make buyers quickly find your shop

Although it is easy to open a shop

, but it is not easy to run up. Shop wants to achieve a certain amount of sales, not only to talk about business skills, but also to pay a lot of sweat. When the shop just opened soon, when the initial operation, many people have to worry about the amount of popular shop, how to let the shop gather more popular, quickly open the sales situation? In addition to good promotion work, shop to bind your own independent domain name written brief is the first step of success. read more

Simply to the price of C2C can go far

online shopping in a short span of a few years, the rapid growth and achieved greater success, one of the reasons for attracting people to online shopping is the most important reason, I am afraid that the price difference. Admittedly, the price difference is a powerful weapon for C2C, but only as a price war as the future development of C2C advantage, this road can go far?

advertising is to identify the audience’s point of view, in the entire market segmentation, specific products have their own particular audience. So C2C is a price advantage to attract a part of the price sensitive crowd. There is no denying that more and more people online shopping, but this is only a small part of shopping life, Taobao’s annual trading volume does not mean that all the people in the online shopping. C2c trading volume is only less than 1% of traditional industry consumption. It can only be said to be a supplement to the traditional consumption habits. read more