Is the student station alive or dead

this evening school suddenly blackout. They found themselves tired, heart tired. The second came into contact with the construction site. For more than a year, how many sleepless nights, tens of thousands of cigarette butts, there are countless love… No power. Just let myself think, think about yourself the way of life and the future. With no reality whatever in peacetime, I’m sure in his own stand on the busy.

real life is very beautiful, always full of sunshine. But our webmaster why this virtual network world, especially those not mature, technology funds are not, inexperienced students to their own website, webmaster, even give up the best learning machine, a homely food. All classes in global forum. QQ technology group exchanges, most exchange of some superficial things, in fact, as a student webmaster should be worth considering is not The loss outweighs the gain. read more

Alternative Marx station, let spider crazy way

alternative Marx site, let spider crazy way, a station development from Adsense adhere to,


at the end of 07, I chose the Marx movie program as a movie station. Registered a CN domain name. A few days ago, Baidu will be included in the new station, just this time, Baidu to new sites included to improve the difficulty, generally 20 days. Helpless for two months, still not included. Helpless……

08 spring festival, the third day of the lunar year, I went back to school early. Find new ways. read more

Electricity supplier promotions do not ignore the Internet butterfly effect

"singles day" was originally just young people self entertainment folk festival, now it has become the main battlefield in the Tmall mall and sales promotion of "double eleven", large promotional efforts, the number of customers, turnover are staggering. This year’s campaign in a turnover of 19 billion 100 million yuan high end (Tmall 13 billion 200 million, Taobao 5 billion 900 million), compared to 5 billion 200 million in 2011 (Tmall 3 billion 360 million, Taobao 1 billion 840 million) growth reached 267%, the global retail industry undoubtedly hit the highest single day turnover record. At the same time, Jingdong, Dangdang, easy integrated electricity supplier have exalted "low" banner, the traditional home appliance retailer Suning launched 0 yuan purchase, online and offline synchronization price "to attract customers. read more

How to fix the 200 million Nantong chemical land

With the continuous development of

economy, the environmental pollution problem is also concerned. Jiangsu Province, after the perennial development of chemical land in Nantong, faced with serious pollution problems. Will now be repaired with 200 million! So, what exactly is it? The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

4 held 25 March twelfth session of the twentieth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee, the Ministry of Environmental Protection Secretary Chen Jining on the next step of work, said it would introduce the implementation of "earth ten", launched the national soil pollution survey…… Improve the relevant standards and technical specifications for soil pollution prevention and control, and promote the pilot model of governance and repair. read more

Beauty salon franchise chain investment costs

beauty salon franchise chain investment costs? In fact, this is a difficult question to answer, because each person’s investment situation is not the same, according to investment projects, lots and other factors. If from the scale, we can provide you with a reference number, hoping to help you do a good job in the budget.

at present, join the beauty salon franchise is a very popular investment project, the international and domestic many well-known brands have launched a franchise, to join the beauty salon franchise is divided into large and mistress levels, each level joining fee be quite different under one by one. read more

Heather with a cup of tea to earn ten million

a lot of people choose to start their own business, to achieve their ideal life. However, 80% of the population did not get entrepreneurial success. Why do so many people fail? Blind entrepreneurship is the biggest reason. So, with the small series to see how Heather with a cup of tea to earn tens of millions of it!

1989, in Nanjing Chinese English professor Heather, taking advantage of the visa expires, to another ancient oriental India. Low cost how to start a business? Here, Heather tasted a never seen drinks – milk tea. That day, she drank 12 cups. "It’s so delicious." From then on, Heather was addicted to milk tea.

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Analysis of the investment benefit of barbecue franchise store

before investing in any project, for the benefit of the project to understand the investment, then this project is a good business in the fierce market, there is interest in the development of. However, for entrepreneurs, for different projects, needs analysis skills of entrepreneurs of the master is different, then, we will analysis for investment Han Palace kettle barbecue franchise investment benefit to make the following content.

1. Han Palace Palace barbecue shop independent shop:

minimum investment of 300 thousand yuan (mainly for raw materials procurement, equipment procurement, store decoration and liquidity), store area of about 200 square meters, put on the table, the staff of about 10 people. Ceramic oven can go to Guangdong, Yiwu and other places of the wholesale market procurement. read more

How to join the grain mill shop

now people pay more attention to the health of the health consumption, the breakthrough point let us know the world is now the focus of consumption? Now people pay attention to diet and health, the health effects of whole grains as everyone knows is very good, so the grain mill to meet the needs of the consumers. Since the establishment of grain mill has been in the position of the precursor in the same industry in the country. Cereal grains store business? In such a market environment, of course, the business is very good. Then the grain mill how to join? read more

Eight degree square of money to join the fried chicken

believe that we all know, fried chicken delicious, has always been a high-profile choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust. So, the small business to choose to join the eight square fried chicken? Easy to learn fast start, successful business, worthy of trust!

eight square square fried chicken in the market evaluation is good, its investment is small, sales volume, taste good, the evaluation is good. In fact, 19 thousand and 800 yuan of entrepreneurial projects, the establishment of the 5 Day Inn is more relaxed, 1-2 people operate more simple operation, the whole store output headquarters help. Eight degree square fried chicken adhere to the attitude of food, to promote a healthy diet, "fast food and not fast food" concept, advocate eight degrees of chewing food. Eight square square fried chicken fashion casual snacks plus health drink, a shop at most stores. read more

North of the city to carry out solid travel safety inspection

is a safe and stable situation to ensure the Mid Autumn Festival, national day two during the tourism market, to create a good atmosphere of cultural tourism, Chengbei District organize safety supervision, public security and fire control, sanitation, tourism, industry and commerce departments, safety supervision and inspection of key tourist sites, and find and eliminate security risks, to create a safe and civilized a healthy and orderly environment of holiday tourism.  
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There are many mistakes in the female entrepreneurs in Entrepreneurship

now, more and more female entrepreneurs, the team has been huge. However, there are more than 30% of female entrepreneurs in the absence of rational thinking, creativity over the past, seeking a small profit, such as the top three errors, which is difficult for women to do bigger and stronger bottleneck.

A, from the subjective perspective, lack of rational thinking, lack of market analysis.

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What are the consumer habits of holiday customers

different time, people’s consumption concept will be different, as sellers, naturally also need to grasp the consumer’s consumption concept, so as to be able to better commodity promotion. Among them, each holiday for consumers who are shopping crazy time. For sellers, will undoubtedly become a hot selling time. Of course, want to sell better, naturally need to grasp the habits of consumers. So, holiday customers have what kind of spending habits?

every holiday, consumption habits tend to become a kind of emotional rendering, which is related to Chinese herd mentality, now is the shopping time, when in competition for discounted goods case, often suffer from emotional contagion. read more

Mid autumn moon cake

Mid Autumn Festival is coming, the moon cake business is hot, and how to make a fortune in this great opportunity to moon cake money? Xiao Bian to help you, to bring you the moon cake rich tips to get rich cake small trick, let you in the Mid Autumn Festival, make a profit!

1, twelve moon cake: January cake, moon cake, cake, cake, cake in April, two in May…… On new taste, eat moon cake every month.

2, pet pet, moon cakes: also want to family reunion, should also give them their own moon cake, moon cake, moon cake, bird dog cat moon cake and so on, whether it is higher or lower animal animal, we are essentially animal, are animal, together to create a harmonious world. read more

What the most money selling wonton 20 days net million yuan

sun, temperatures of over 30 degrees, Jiangsu University senior He Yong insisted on wearing uniforms to send out the takeaway, uniform is fairly standard. Each delivery, I have to say I am a college student self recommendation, now start selling wonton, this is my only gimmick."

5 20 July, He Yong and other 5 students raised 200 thousand yuan, in the city of Zhenjiang River Backstreet plates a 40 square meters of shops, joined a wonton shop chain. Less than 20 days time, his shop netted more than 1 yuan. read more

Changchun Chinese Academy of Sciences will be held in the entrepreneurial innovation contest finals

talk about entrepreneurial innovation, innovation is bound to be inseparable from the new technology. Science and technology change the life, science and technology also breeds opportunities. Compared to other people’s livelihood projects, science and Technology entrepreneurial projects with high gold content, such as the advantages of a strong monopoly, will bring a steady stream of entrepreneurial development momentum.

25, a reporter from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Changchun branch was informed by their host "this" innovation and entrepreneurship Contest Finals held in Changchun. read more

How to choose the brand of men’s underwear store

There are a lot of

lingerie shop, and the number of domestic men’s underwear shop are not comparable, actually a men’s underwear store, that business is not bad, it is important to choose the brand, the face of dazzling men’s underwear brand, how to choose a key.

propaganda exaggerated, not to the point guard

often in some large portal business channel or some special investment franchise website to see some attractive advertising, these are absurd propaganda, people can know the secret. But a little bit hidden tempting propaganda, may still make a lot of investors. read more

Entrepreneurs how to choose the project

health industry is highly developed in today’s era, is also a very popular industry, it is the majority of entrepreneurs choose the industry, now, more and more people pay attention to health, the market demand huge demand for the breeding of the new rich investment opportunities, the health industry is good choice to make money. But in order to successfully run a health museum, first of all to choose a good project to join, so you can easily operate, easy to get rich. So, how to choose to join the project? Need to start from two aspects. read more