Huangzhong county 1 billion 900 million yuan for the people of the 10 practical things

this year, Huangzhong county will be in agriculture and animal husbandry production, cultural tourism, education and health, social security, environmental protection, poverty alleviation and development of 10 projects for the tangible things project invested 1 billion 912 million yuan, to see and feel, can be implemented as the focus, efforts to improve the people’s quality of life.

as the province’s large agricultural county, this year will invest 104 million yuan of New Huang winter greenhouse 895, livestock shed 1000, enhance the transformation of old greenhouses 1000. At the same time, plans to invest 23 million 607 thousand yuan to implement efficient water-saving irrigation projects in key counties, towns and Lijiashan, LAN long mouth, shut the Tumen 1030 greenhouses equipped with facilities of irrigation and water conservancy. read more

Sales of 32 million 446 thousand yuan to boost the development of cultural industries

Reporters from the provincial press and Publication Bureau learned that our province characteristics of cultural products, Internet Plus + creative cultural industry development continues to heat up, more and more cultural products are renowned at home and abroad, and constantly improve the innovation characteristics of cultural products driving force, the rapid development of effectively promoting the cultural industry. In November 2nd, jointly organized by the Ministry of culture and the culture of Renmin University of China Chinese China Cultural Industry Conference and pull the index of urban and rural residents cultural consumption pilot project stage results conference, the cultural industry of our province driving force index ranked fifth in the country for two consecutive years ranked in the forefront of the country.

our province characteristics of cultural products and Chinese recently unveiled the tenth session of Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo and the eighth session of the China Strait (Xiamen) Cultural Industry Fair, creative and rich and colorful cultural products, attracted the attention of the audience and customers. This year, our province cultural authorities increase the development of cultural and creative industries to support efforts to actively guide and encourage innovation in enterprise culture, creative and cultural features of the local products developed by domestic and foreign tourists. To effectively broaden our province characteristics of cultural products market space, the Office actively build exhibition, publicity, promotion, exchange, trading platform for cultural enterprises, has organized 264 cultural enterprises in the domestic fair and the 2015 Qinghai Cultural Tourism Festival, exhibited a total of 8 cultural products categories more than 10 thousand varieties, cultural products sales up to 32 million 446 thousand yuan, product orders amounted to 33 million 997 thousand yuan, the cultural industry signed 9 investment projects, contract amounting to 411 million yuan.   read more

Cosmetics should pay attention to what

is now the country’s overall beauty and skin care industry in full swing, at the same time every year the market demand is increasing, in the process of investment and management of cosmetics shops, there are a lot of attention. So how to open a good cosmetics store?

to successfully open a cosmetics shop, is to investigate the market of cosmetics, the cosmetics market survey is that you should be clear, people demand for cosmetics, cosmetics to the state of the market, is saturated or hungry, how many people are in consumption of cosmetics what brand of cosmetics, more love and favor you, your target customer base which is about the audience and so on, all these problems should be investigated in advance. Such an investigation will have an unexpected help in preparing a cosmetics store. read more

Tanabata Festival with fire which economy

for China, almost any little special holiday has become a festival. Moreover, the festival can be more than just a simple, because of the holiday effect, many economies have been driven, in the huge consumption, many markets have created a higher turnover. So, Tanabata Festival with fire which economy?

mall play the promotion battle, the electricity supplier launched the Qixi Festival special, love theme hotel room hard to find…… About a week before the arrival of the Qixi Festival, many businesses keen sense has been ahead of preheating, seize the "romantic economy", targeted customer groups are not limited to the couple, even a single person has also joined the "buy buy buy" team. China traditional festivals of the commercial atmosphere is getting stronger, and every day will buy for this phenomenon, people have different views. read more

Xiamen foreign investment cooperation in 2016 up to 5 million yuan subsidy

in the process of economic development, the economic globalization has become a clear trend, in order to promote the rapid economic development, strengthening foreign investment cooperation is a new choice for many enterprises in the new era. In order to encourage and support Fuzhou enterprises to implement the "going out" strategy, actively carry out foreign investment cooperation fund business, foreign investment and cooperation projects will be the city enterprises to carry out overseas investment, foreign contracted projects, labor cooperation and foreign investment cooperation to support, in accordance with the terms of the total amount of overseas investment projects subsidies of up to 5 million yuan. read more

Harbin real estate industry into the electricity supplier development model

real estate industry has made brilliant achievements in 2016, to allow more people to pay attention to the future development of the real estate industry, for consumers, entered the real estate business, will let people see the real estate industry’s progress. Internet + electricity supplier conference listings, regional wide, more concessions, the intensity of the "go" in the end, to promote the sustained and stable development of the real estate market.

this year, the Internet + real estate electricity supplier conference three subsidies, booth fee subsidies, all media subsidies, electricity supplier turnover of household electrical appliances subsidies. At the same time this conference introduced "Internet +" thought, new form, print, radio and television, There was no parallel in history., network, indoor and outdoor full media publicity. This property will be expected to have 100 thousand accurate purchase crowd, sales market and reliable information is easy to reference, closing Hao Li, a step in the stand to enjoy preferential benefits, in addition, real estate profits doubled, offers a lot of benefits a lot. read more

How to drink food brand

small to see more food and beverage brands, sometimes some food brand name really impressed me, can not help but sigh that what can open big brain hole. For example, we usually say what lead the trend of the times, look, this does not appear on behalf of the food and beverage brands. A You’ll see. this is the name of the food and beverage industry in the beverage stores. What about this store?

for the catering business investors, you may not love traditional restaurants and touched more fuel, do not work everywhere with grease, then choose to open a fashionable drinks store, clean simple operation high profit prospects! Everyone love! Franchise which drinks drink lead? The food is the most popular read more

How to manage the staff of cosmetics chain store

cosmetic chain store business is largely determined by the sales staff, excellent staff can drive sales rise, and unqualified employees will even affect the reputation of your store. So for the cosmetics stores entrepreneurs, for employees to develop and to implement a strict system of rewards and penalties.

how quantitative, for example, full attendence award, month holiday season vacation, year vacation, reward layer increased. For example, a late, ten minutes to half an hour buckle, buckle a buckle, leave early, leave a deduction, etc.. read more

How to use the rhetoric to the shop

in the preparation of the shop, the store to get a good name is a very important thing. So, ready to open a clothing store entrepreneurs, must take a good name to the clothing store. Because the clothing name good, classic, not only beautiful but also let the customer implication, in mind, were found in the source of intangible, to enhance the performance of the shop. How can we get a good name? Why not use some rhetorical techniques.

clothing store name, to coincide with the store selling clothing category, it is best to name contains a certain rhythm, so that it was called up when there is a beauty of music at the same time, the name can not be uncommon, easy to be understood and accepted, very easy to remember. Such a name will make customers always think of going to the store to stroll around, the process is likely to reach a deal. In the process of communication between the customer and the store owner, it is possible to establish a stable relationship, so that it is difficult for customers to forget the name of the clothing store. read more

Site transaction security, security alone enough

In fact,

has been the development of the Internet and the web transaction, some websites have trading website on another level is a kind of special goods, such goods can be used for sale to a certain extent, and has broad market and potential demand.

is now the main selling site, is a personal webmaster, and the main site to buy, in addition to social investors, there are many small and medium sized Internet companies, mainly through the sale of the site to make a profit.

for the individual owners, due to the long engaged in website design and network promotion, from the railway station to the thousands of IP believe that a medium-sized webmaster, the efforts of three months is not difficult, but for social investors, there are certain funds and social resources idle hands, actively looking for projects, for they are not familiar with the network and more willing to buy mature website marketing. read more

From Anne to Hocking baby Chinese red net advanced 17 years history

Abstract: the rise of video sites so that the network red in the future potential of the video era has begun to show strength. Video broadcast site for some willing to share, there is a desire to show themselves to find a new interactive platform, which absorbs a large number of 90, 00 after the new generation.

has been in existence for 17 years since the rise of the "red sun" culture in 1999. In general, China red net "advanced history" can be divided into three stages, namely text era, picture + scripts era, multimedia communication era. Now, let us understand their respective characteristics of the times, and look at their fame, the realization of the road which there is a "routine"! read more

Some dating sites earn profits with matchmaking to earn traffic violations

When more and more people through online dating sites "marriage", few of them know that these sites are not qualified to provide matchmaking service. Reporters learned yesterday, in order to be able to obtain profits as soon as possible, a number of dating sites frequently exceed the scope of the operation, a small number of people even with special behavior to earn a social vision. Contestants in the dark, they not only pay the cost of money, or even have privacy leaks.

        business to appear like a swarm of bees read more

Grassroots entrepreneurs need to pay attention to things

said the entrepreneur I think I’m quite qualified to talk about this topic, because I started my own business at the age of 21, although not before the Internet, but the business several times, is very experienced. The team has the least time to 6 to 8 people, most of the time from 40 to 50 people, so the operation of large and small businesses as well as a variety of problems I can be more understanding of the. And I have failed several times before, so I can sum up a lot of experience from failure. read more

Ten let you know the website promotion way

looked at his friend article, "ten ways to promote the site to let you know", was a copy, to share.

wine is very important, but the deep alley will not have too many people to buy wine. Therefore, a website must be promoted, there are a lot of ways to promote the site, such as Adwords, to the various BBS posted ads, leave spam messages to the blog, etc.. Compared with push promotion, some people prefer to pull the promotion, such as I. Of course, do a good job SEO is also very important. This article collects 10 dumbfounding website promotion way, if you like, you can follow the following statement to do, but the consequences. read more

Liu Qiangdong electricity supplier investment fever Jingdong can not monopolize the market

hero. Time is a gorgeous stage, if there is no outstanding actor, this stage is not so glorious, and if there is no stage, the actor’s play is not so happy. Over the past ten years, the economic development is China gold for ten years, we now pay homage to the strong enterprise, for having heard it many times, it is in the past ten years fission and bloom. The times have indulged their ambitions, passions, and talents, and they have grasped the high hopes of this era. This is precisely what we launched the planning report, I and this era, the original intention. The times and enterprises, entrepreneurs are closely related, Freemasonry, their ability, showing a rise of the mighty is Chinese picture. read more

In 2004, the Internet domain name registration case 1179

The World Intellectual Property Organization issued a statement that the organization of arbitration and mediation center in 2004 to accept the Internet domain name hijacking case 1179, 6.6% more than in 2003. Communique pointed out that since the "Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) came into force in December 1999, the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and mediation center handled more than 7 thousand cases, involving 124 countries, 12 thousand and 500 names. read more