A small business investment instrument Qingfei Optimization

healthy life, not only to avoid air pollution, but also to avoid the harm of secondhand smoke. Hundreds of millions of home Qingfei instrument? The choice of trusted brand joining project. Join hundreds of millions of home Qingfei instrument? The market development space is large, the successful business is worthy of trust!


instrument has high Qingfei in our market visibility, not only investors are very recognized, even the consumers are very reliable, but in our country there are many franchisees to join the project can see the profit space is very large. A Qingfei instrument using high technology, according to the Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion theory, combined with modern medicine, related acupoint irradiation of the human body, the blood through the meridians, activating the body’s own cells to secrete endorphins, can let people reach the purpose of smoking fast. read more

Do a good job in market positioning to open a clothing store

custom clothing years with nearly continuously improve people’s living standard, has now become the new direction of the development of the garment industry, but as a new direction of the development of garment industry, want to do a good job is not easy. How to make the larger customer base is placed in front of all the stores a difficult problem. At present, many clothing stores to join the customer base is relatively narrow, it is difficult to broaden. Therefore, for the clothing franchise stores, the maintenance of good old customer relationship is particularly important.

1, suggesting that investment cost control can not be ignored.

2, large upfront investment, the return cycle is more optimistic.

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Listen to a 90 female students entrepreneurial experience teach you how to open shop

I am an ordinary girl, and all the people, experiencing a high love of beauty, joy from the senior high school entrance examination, little talent, love music, love all the good things; or, being classified as a group of 90 known to every family network. Currently college students, is preparing to enter the final school year. I’m here first for everyone on a small, I hope we can become friends and see your posts.

Open the

because my home is designed to do OEM factory for some well-known big European and American clothes, these clothes in the store counter price is several thousand yuan, is the original design, the international brand manufacturers of the top designers so I have very beautiful clothing influence, love yiyi. Of course, in the process of growing up, I naturally gave birth to a lot of inspiration for fashion design and matching. Yes, it is this hobby, so that whenever I see a specially designed clothes, it will often be studied for several days, the designer wants to express the content. This hobby, is my blood flow inside things, is an important part of my life. read more

The three step is to open a lingerie store

shop entrepreneurship is a certain step, especially some people demand a very large physical products. For the majority of investors, only to grasp the relevant steps will be successful shop operations. So, what are the steps to open an underwear store? And let Xiaobian for your analysis.

how to open underwear shop site

can be said that the underwear shop is determined by the position of business success, if on the site, to get the city district downtown area, it can be said that you open the lingerie store on the success of the eighty percent, because the flow of people store location determines to a large extent store. Also determines the amount of sales of your customers, therefore, to choose the city center district business district, the flow of people. read more

Choose to join the project need to pay attention to what

wants to open a franchise, and not a very simple thing, think like advertisement said that money is whimsical sit shop. Open shop also need a lot of attention.

the franchise success rate: To study other same system stores operating conditions, if a franchise system closed shop situation, must be careful; if a franchise system there are a number of closed shop situation, whether it is the individual business failures, or what is the reason should be considered to give up. Because a mature system needs a long time to experience the accumulation and management system of continuous improvement, in the normal operation of the situation, the situation is not close shop. read more

Huoqiu agricultural firms in Anhui just 16 months of life died

in the process of economic development, many local banks surged. But due to many reasons of itself, lead to mismanagement, thus facing the situation of put up the shutters. Anhui Huoqiu rural commercial bank non-performing loans, interest loans accounted for close to 20% mark, the overall decline in profitability indicators, hidden in the financial system in capillaries many rural commercial banks, is being ushered in difficult times.

is located in the central region of Huoqiu, Anhui agricultural firm is such a sample. According to data previously disclosed by the bank, as of the end of 2015, non-performing loans, the total amount of loans concerned, has accounted for about 17.7% of the bank’s loan balance over the same period. Meanwhile, the bank’s operating income, interest income and other indicators have fallen sharply, as the main source of income, the bank’s interest income in 2015 fell 25%, commission and fee income is a loss of $7 million 210 thousand. read more

According to Baidu game website Baidu behind 7k7k

2010-8-31 early in the morning for Baidu game site rankings have done the biggest adjustment ever. We take a look at the screenshot to know what is going on, all of the popular search terms of the game’s search results are in front of the default 7k7k game direct interface. What does this mean? How do other games survive?

this picture is for "single game" the word search results show. There are many other words are true, "double game" "the wing" "Lianliankan" there are a lot of popular words is 7k7k home page display, this move will undoubtedly give 7k7k to bring huge traffic, has so many years is 4399 in game site of the first seat, should now it is time to change dynasties. read more

Industrial and Commercial Bureau reforming network platform and group purchase and selling dangerous


] June 19th news billion state power network, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "notice on the Administration for Industry and commerce to carry out the 2014 Red Shield network sword special action today on its official website" (hereinafter referred to as the notice), will be on the network and selling trademark infringement action and law enforcement efforts to impose heavy governance.

billion state power network found that the "2014 Red Shield network sword special action is the focus of the fight against Internet sales of counterfeit and shoddy goods and trademark infringement behavior, to the well-known trademark, foreign trademarks, geographical indications as key protection. read more