News story: Defence Secretary to launch report warning of future threats to UK

first_imgThe last Strategic Defence and Security Review, published three years ago, identified four main areas of threat, including the evolution of extremist terrorism, the resurgence of state-based threats, the rapid advance of technology on all fronts and the erosion of the rules-based international order.The sixth edition of the Global Strategic Trends report recognises the danger of those threats, but also sets out how they are continuing to speed up and intersect to create new and unparalleled risks.It outlines how regional powers could develop nuclear capabilities with global reach, internationally accepted rules on chemical weapons are ignored, and non-state actors could acquire sophisticated missile technology. It also describes how the interaction between climate change, demand for resources and over-population drives competition, that could lead to conflict.UK Defence has always been at the forefront of global military capabilities and has risen to meet threats ranging from global conflicts, insurgent warfare, disinformation campaigns and offensive cyber. This has ensured the UK maintains a military edge over adversaries.The MOD’s thinktank, the Development Concepts and Doctrine Centre, worked on this comprehensive report for two years. They drew on a range of analysis across academia, business, government departments and nations from across the globe. The findings support those who formulate Defence policy, strategy and capability development, and includes a range of innovations. This has been evident in the development of the MOD’s Arctic Strategy, Space Strategy and approach to future autonomous systems.The MOD’s research teams used a suite of research methods to provide insight into alternate, plausible futures, watchpoints and discontinuities. Through this analysis UK Defence has identified key areas that have the potential to profoundly change humanity over the coming years.The sixth edition of the Global Strategic Trends report can be read here. This report makes clear that we are living in a world becoming rapidly more dangerous, with intensifying challenges from state aggressors who flout the rules, terrorists who want to harm our way of life and the technological race with our adversaries. Identifying these threats means we can continue to build an Armed Forces that can stay ahead of them. The ‘Future Starts Today’ report indicates that the world has reached a critical point in the need to tackle the evolution of threats faced in the current climate.Welcoming the report, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said:last_img read more

Decision: Coronavirus (COVID-19): notification to organisations to share information

first_img NHS Digital NHS England and Improvement health organisations arm’s length bodies local authorities GPs The Secretary of State has issued 4 notices under the Health Service Control of Patient Information Regulations 2002 requiring the following organisations to process information: There is also a specific requirement related to the UK Biobank project. These notices require that data is shared for purposes of coronavirus (COVID-19), and give health organisations and local authorities the security and confidence to share the data they need to respond to coronavirus (COVID-19).For patients, this means that their data may be shared with organisations involved in the response to coronavirus (COVID-19), for example, enabling notification to members of the public most at risk and advising them to self-isolate.These notices may be extended by further notice in writing. If no further notice is sent, they will expire on 30 September 2021.The health and care system is facing an unprecedented challenge and we want to ensure that health organisations, arm’s length bodies and local authorities are able to process and share the data they need to respond to coronavirus (COVID-19), for example by treating and caring for patients and those at risk, managing the service and identifying patterns and risks.Compliance with data protection standardsData controllers are still required to comply with relevant and appropriate data protection standards and to ensure within reason that they operate within statutory and regulatory boundaries.The UK General Data Protection Regulations (UK GDPR) allow health data to be used as long as one or more of the conditions under articles 6 and 9 are met. There are conditions under both articles that can be relied on for the sharing of health and care data, including ‘the care and treatment of patients’ and ‘public health’.We would expect any organisation to share information within legal requirements set out under UK GDPR.last_img read more

Radiohead’s New Album Is ‘A Work Of Art,’ According To Artistic Collaborator

first_imgWhile the beloved English alt-rock sensation confirmed the completion of recording their new album late last year, a new interview with Radiohead‘s art designer Stanley Donwood suggests it might not be as close as we thought. According to Donwood, the band’s 9th studio album is “a work of art,” but it is “not yet” finished, nor is there a time frame to expect its arrival.While it’s safe to bet there are new songs ready to be performed, considering Radiohead’s recent announcement of a 2016 world tour, Donwood told DIY, “there’s quite a lot [he] still [has] to do.” He continues, that his favorite work with the band thus far is “the one that’s non-one’s seen yet,” and that “it was made by the strong warm winds of Southern France.” We look forward to finding out exactly what that means.Check out the full tour schedule below, courtesy of the band’s official website:MAY 201620th Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall21st Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall23rd Paris, Le Zénith24th Paris, Le Zénith26th London, Roundhouse 27th London, Roundhouse28th London, RoundhouseJUNE 20161st Les Nuits Des Fourvieres, Lyon, France (just added)3rd Primavera Sound, Barcelona, Spain17th Secret Solstice, Reyjkavik, IcelandJULY 20162nd Openair St Gallen, Switzerland8th Nos Alive Festival, Lisbon, Portugal29-31st Osheaga Music And Arts Festival, Montreal, CanadaJULY 201626th New York City, Madison Square Garden27th New York City, Madison Square GardenAUGUST 20164th Los Angeles, Shrine Auditorium8th Los Angeles, Shrine AuditoriumAUGUST 201620th Summersonic Festival, Osaka, Japan21st Summersonic Festival, Tokyo, JapanSEPTEMBER 2016 11th Lollapalooza Festival, Berlin, GermanyOCTOBER 20163rd Mexico City, Palacio de los Deportes4th Mexico City, Palacio de los Deporteslast_img read more

LCD Soundsystem Closes Out Austin City Limits Weekend One With Headlining Set [Video/Setlist]

first_imgLast weekend, the beloved Austin City Limits Music Festival treated fans in Austin, TX to an enormous showcase of live music. Throughout the weekend, artists like Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, Cage the Elephant and more took to the famed Zilker Park to participate in the beloved festival. Though the festival now spans two weekends, yesterday’s festivities certainly had an aura of “ending,” as an Sunday event does before a work-week Monday.Fortunately, fans at ACL had some great performances to bring the weekend home. Among those was that of LCD Soundsystem, who treated fans to a power-packed set of their biggest hits. While LCD’s setlist hasn’t changed much throughout 2016, the band still incites fans to dance themselves clean wherever they go!Check out some videos from last night’s show, as well as a full setlist below.Us v Them (via Michael Ortega)Tribulations (via grahamwhite73)I Can Change (via cl4r3nk)All My Friends (via Michael Ortega) Edit this setlist | More LCD Soundsystem setlistslast_img read more

Remember That Fire J Dilla Tribute That Went Down In NOLA Last Year?

first_imgJ Dilla is undeniably one of the most prolific hip-hop producers that ever lived. During his lifetime, some of the genre’s most incredible talents used beats created by Dilla; songs that would go down as some of the biggest hip-hop and R&B hits to this day. Even though he passed away eleven years ago, there is still a huge catalog of untitled tracks still coming out to see the light of day. The creativity was endless with Dilla.Last year, Chris Rogers of Fiyawerx Presents, along with Borahm Lee (Break Science / Pretty Lights Live Band) put together a seriously talented lineup of musicians to pay tribute to the legendary producer for a special late-night performance during Jazz Fest at Maison dubbed ‘Killa 4 Dilla.’ Rogers discussed the putting the show together:“A year ago today the amazing Borahm Lee and I put together a tribute to celebrate the life of one of Hip Hop’s greatest ever, J Dilla. We enlisted some of the baddest cats to get it done- Borahm himself, Ivan Neville, Nigel Hall (on bass!), Alvin Ford Jr., Ryan Zoidis, Eric ‘Benny’ Bloom, Andrew Block, and Matthew Zarba on the mic. With sit-ins by our friends Adam Deitch, Jneiro Viberian Jarel, Derrick Freeman and Fiyawerx’s own DJ Otto opening. It’s incredible the amount of love Borahm and these guys poured into this night. Shout out to Steven W. Richardson for the great work with the A/V recording. I have been holding this back for an entire year. Just hit play. It’ll be the best 90 minute ride of your day. Trust me on this one.”Check out the full performance below, courtesy of Steven W. Richardson:last_img read more

When COVID and the election collided

first_imgIf he was your patient, what would be your advice?Well, he won’t receive typical care. He’s already received an experimental antibody treatment, and he has been hospitalized for close monitoring. In a typical patient of his demographic, we would watch very closely with a low threshold for hospitalization if there were indication that his oxygen level (O2 saturation) was dropping. COVID procedural complications, crises of voter confidence promise a rocky ride Trump has said COVID-19 affects “virtually nobody,” and as recently as the night before his diagnosis said the pandemic’s end was “in sight.” Will this change how he and his campaign, and perhaps conservative media, talk about the pandemic or precautions like mask-wearing? It would be hard to not do that. It would be hard to not put this back front and center as an issue on the campaign trail because, while the numbers did level off for a certain period of time, I still think it was important [to emphasize it]. It’s always important to remind people to wear masks and social distance and not just talk the talk, but walk the walk. And if nothing else, I do think this will motivate [Trump and the campaign] to do that, and to wear masks, and social distance.It’s disingenuous to ignore the severity of coronavirus when you have it, just as it is disingenuous to stand in front of a burning building and say these are peaceful protests. So I think the pivot for the campaign is inevitable and important because, like it or not, the No. 1 issue for the American people has been health care and COVID for months. And while the campaign might not want to talk about it, it is front and center on people’s minds. If nothing else, this is a wake-up call to address the issue that is front and center on voters’ minds. Will Tuesday’s presidential debate change the course of the election? Should we be concerned for the president’s life?A typical obese man in his 70s would have a fatality risk of 10 to 30 percent. Whether the experimental antibody or other treatments he might receive will reduce this risk is unknown, but likely. What is the likely progression of the illness over the next two weeks?In normal circumstances, up to 20 percent of people with COVID develop severe disease, and an obese man in his 70s would be at far greater risk. In people over 65, about 5 percent need hospitalization, and this continues to climb higher with age. ICU-level care is needed in about 20 to 30 percent of those hospitalized (again, even higher with older age). Since he received an experimental antibody treatment early in the course of his illness, this could improve his chances of remaining with a milder clinical course. Related How serious of a national security risk is it that the president and many trusted advisers have become ill at the same time? What is being done to protect the country while the Executive Office of the President is hobbled?We know that adversaries may try to exploit a perceived moment of weakness at the top of the American government — adding to the myriad reasons the president and his team need to be transparent about his health. Established protocols must be promptly activated if the commander-in-chief is limited in his abilities to execute his duties.In previous times, there has been a rigorous crisis-management process for making national security decisions, but that process has been weakened due to the current president’s capricious decision-making style. Nevertheless, there are experienced career civilian, diplomatic, and military leaders across the administration who continuously plan, prepare, and exercise for continuity of government. They bear a heavy responsibility to ensure our national security and the security of our allies at this unprecedented moment in our history.THE TIME FRAME AND TESTINGMichael MinaAssistant professor of epidemiology and of immunology and infectious diseases at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and associate medical director in clinical microbiology in Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Pathology Department. (Mina took media questions on the pandemic Friday afternoon.) President Trump’s announcement Friday that he and his wife Melania had contracted the coronavirus sent shockwaves throughout the nation, with shivers rippling from the public health sector to the political landscape to the stock market.News of the president’s illness came as the pandemic was gaining steam again in many states, including Massachusetts. In addition to the White House outbreak, a number of Washington officials and Trump allies who recently spent time together tested positive for the disease over the weekend.With uncertainty now the norm, Harvard faculty members and others offered their views on key aspects of Trump’s illness and the fallout, including the prospects for his recovery, the effects on U.S. foreign policy, and the likely impact on the presidential campaign.TRUMP’S ROAD AHEADRoger ShapiroAssociate professor of immunology and infectious diseases, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; associate professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Is there a time frame for development of severe disease here?It moves fairly quickly in a lot of people, but even two weeks from now it’s not crazy to think that he can deteriorate slowly … Hopefully they’ll be able to slow the virus (with remdesiver and other treatments), so that would give his immune system a chance to fight back. But if it doesn’t (fight back), that might slow it and he might have a delayed effect if his body doesn’t battle it off appropriately. The Daily Gazette Sign up for daily emails to get the latest Harvard news. How are any of these answers different for the first lady, who is 50?Her risk is far lower: 1 percent mortality or less.IMPROVED TREATMENTS MAY AID RECOVERYBarry BloomJoan and Jack Jacobson Research Professor of Public Health, former dean, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health ‘Viral history’ tool VirScan offers new insights into antibody response to SARS-CoV-2 Political analysts and debate champs offer tips on what to look for If this is a chance for an educational moment with regards to the pandemic, what would be the most important lesson?We need to trust the science and remain vigilant about wearing masks and distancing. The virus doesn’t care who you are — it will win if we give it the chance. Challenges mount for election officials With less than a month to go, how does the president’s diagnosis affect his campaign?There are personal, immediate concerns for people that have been in the orbit who need to get tested and get checked. But, when you look at the political aspect, having talked with those on the campaign and then the RNC [Republican National Committee], the reality is even though the president will be in quarantine and will not be doing rallies, it should not have an impact on the campaign moving forward. His campaign is not only about rallies and not only about Donald Trump himself meeting with people. They have a tremendous and huge grassroots campaign. They have over 2.5 million trained volunteers who have been working to get out the vote, and that includes door-to-door canvassing, that includes phone calls, that includes social media engagement. The fact they have that infrastructure and that support in place will have a big impact on continuing to get the president’s message out there. And while the first priority is praying for the recovery of the president and first lady and others impacted, the campaign will continue to go on and has a solid and strong infrastructure to do so.Trump supporters — not just on his campaign team or in the RNC, but people across the country — feel this campaign is not just about one man, but it’s about a large body of people who support this person because he supports them. That’s how they see this — as something that will energize people to stay engaged. Because right now, the president obviously cannot get out there for himself, so they will do some of the legwork for him until he’s able to. What do the positive test results say about the White House’s testing practices?What I’ve seen in the media is that rapid tests aren’t working in the White House, but that’s completely false. If this was all of the people around Trump getting infected but testing positive and being isolated from infecting, Trump people would say, “Oh, it’s succeeding.” But Trump’s just another person, and by isolating him, by detecting it early in infection, this program is working. It’s stopping him from propagating the virus in the White House. What’s important here is testing will never stop somebody from getting the virus. To stop yourself from getting the virus, you need to not come in contact with the virus, or you need to protect yourself by wearing a mask if you do come in contact with the virus.EFFECTS ON ELECTION UNCERTAINDan BalzChief correspondent, The Washington Post; senior fellow, Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School Infection detection How is the much-improved medical treatment of the disease since February likely to benefit the president?First, physicians with experience following COVID-19 patients have learned a great deal about how to monitor that status of patients who have contracted COVID-19. There are multiple biological markers that indicate the seriousness of the biological changes caused by the virus infection, and that give hints about its possible progression or recovery. A significant number of lab tests for markers are used to measure inflammation, hypercoagulability, and organ damage — for example, to heart or liver.There are a small number of new treatments that have had a positive impact in preventing progression to very serious conditions, including the antiviral drug Remdesivir, (which the president is taking), and the anti-inflammatory drug dexamethasone, that can prevent progression, improve outcomes, reduce the need for ventilation, and reduce mortality in many cases. What is interesting is that, according to the news, a combination of monoclonal antibodies that have been found to neutralize the virus — currently in clinical trials but I believe not FDA-approved — was given to the president. The goal here would be to block viral expansion and spread early in [the] infection and hopefully rapidly stop progression of the infection and disease.CONCERN OVER SECURITY RISKSElizabeth Sherwood-Randall ’81Deputy secretary, U.S. Department of Energy, 2014-2017;  senior fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School With less than a month to go, how does the president’s diagnosis affect his campaign?It’s premature to say just how this will affect 2020 … I would think that everyone wishes President Trump and first lady Melania Trump a swift and full recovery.As for the campaign itself, nothing this year has really made a big difference in the state of the race. The president has trailed Vice President [Joe] Biden nationally for months, and the battlegrounds either currently favor Biden or are in the tossup category. The Trump campaign can continue its field and fundraising operations, as can the Biden campaign. The president’s absence from the campaign trail will be a negative for him, as he draws energy from the big crowds, but it’s not clear that any minds will be changed. Whether this will change the posture of the Trump team toward masks, social distancing, and the like is an important but so far unanswerable question.One important fact is that this will continue to make the novel coronavirus front and center in the minds of people and therefore in the campaign.LITTLE IMPACT ON CAMPAIGNAlice StewartCNN and NPR contributor, senior communications adviser on four GOP presidential campaigns; 2020 & 2019 fall fellow, Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy Schoollast_img read more

Farm Safety Camp

first_imgLife isn’t easy on the farm. It isn’t always safe, either. The Georgia Healthy Farmers Program will offer two camps this summer for children who live or work on farms.The Farm Safety Camp is for children ages 10-13. It’s set for June 13-15 at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton. The camp offers classes in animal, equipment and personal safety.The Tractor Certification Camp is a 15-hour course that meets Department of Education and Department of Labor guidelines. Also at ABAC, this camp will be June 27-29. It’s for ages 14-15.The cost is $45 for each. To learn more about the camps or about scholarships to them, call Nancy Fussell at 1-800-367-9083. The fax number is (912) 383-0394.last_img read more

Correa Ready To Work With Santos To Normalize Quito-Bogotá Ties

first_imgBy Dialogo June 24, 2010 Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa affirmed that he will work with Colombian president-elect Juan Manuel Santos to fully normalize relations following the diplomatic crisis of 2008. “We’ve said that we will come second to no one in respecting the Colombian people’s sovereign decision, and with this new president (…), Juan Manuel Santos, we will continue to work to try to normalize bilateral relations,” the president maintained. Correa indicated that he called the president-elect Monday, after his triumph in Sunday’s balloting. “I’ve called Mr. Santos to congratulate him and to tell him that he can count on Ecuador (…) for the progress of two peoples that have always been brothers,” he added in a radio interview. Nevertheless, the head of state emphasized that in order to entirely normalize diplomatic ties, it is necessary to do so within a “framework of mutual respect, strict compliance with international law, and respect for each country’s sovereignty.” In November 2009 Quito and Bogotá exchanged chargés d’affaires, after a twenty-one-month break in diplomatic relations stemming from a Colombian military attack on the FARC guerrilla group in Ecuadorean territory.last_img read more

A winning way with financial literacy in high school

first_img 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by: Nick ClementsEarlier this month, I wrote about teaching a financial literacy course at Brooklyn College. In a survey, over 90 percent of the students said that they wish they had received financial literacy training in high school. By the time they are college freshman, they have signed up for student loans, opened checking accounts and have been targeted by credit card marketing. Given the importance of the financial decisions that they will be making, a bit of training would have been useful.Since writing that article, I have met a group of people making financial literacy in high school a reality. And the experience they designed is not a boring textbook exercise filled with compounding interest calculations and tax code. Instead, it has real-world simulations and competitions where the winner can win college scholarships.Dave and Palmira Buten spent years working in various finance roles. But their true passion was educating high school students in financial literacy. So much is written about investing and investment strategy, but people lose so much money every year on bank fees and credit card interest. Last year, $32 billion was spend on overdraft fees alone, with a large portion coming from college students. The Butens wanted to create a fun, competitive way to help young people understand how to open basic banking accounts, keep costs low and avoid late fees and interest. That led to creating the Budget Challenge, a “learning by doing” simulation and competition.How the Budget Challenge WorksStudents can earn points by saving in their 401(k), earning interest in checking accounts and taking quizzes. During the simulation, they have to pay their bills on time and deal with emergencies. They decide how much to save. Students lose points for fees that are deducted during the simulation. Those fees include late fees, below minimum balance fees and all those other fees that take such a large portion of working Americans’ salaries every year. The goal of the simulation is that students learn from rookie mistakes in the simulation, rather than in their freshman year. That way they lose theoretical money, rather than real money. continue reading »last_img read more

Boards have a duty to protect member data

first_imgGovernment agencies, major health insurers, and should-be impenetrable data security firms have all recently fallen victim to cyberattacks—evidence that every organization, including credit unions, should consider itself vulnerable and prioritize defending against breaches.More than 2.8 million system compromises occurred each day in 2014—a 78% increase over 2013, according to Gemalto, a digital security firm. And the average data breach claim stands at a whopping $805,000, an industry survey of cyber liability insurance providers indicates.Financial institutions are especially vulnerable to data hacks. In fact, 19% of breaches occurred within these organizations, NetDiligence’s Cyber Claims Study says.That’s second only to the healthcare industry, at 22%. Organizational size offers no protection: The same survey found 68% of all submitted claims came from organizations with annual revenues of less than $2 billion. continue reading » 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more