how can we create a higher sales, which is currently a business operator who are constantly thinking, but also in the continuous exploration of the problem. For example, the most common black socks, the price is not cheap, do not discount, do not sell, to sell it 10 million pairs, is it a bit strange? Ten years ago, an American young man Saimi · Ti began to challenge this’ impossible.

once every week, white-collar Saimi · Ti lige to experience a severe psychological challenge before work: his socks collocation. One of the most difficult to match is the black socks, because they are not exactly the same. Some colors have faded into blue, others are not. Some are concave, some thread, with different degree of stretch and stretch.

men are often confused by their texture and length. Sometimes they find that they have a hole in their stockings and don’t hesitate to throw them away. Because, in 2007, the World Bank President lost his face because of socks. He took off his shoes at a mosque in Turkey and was photographed with a hole in his socks and a big toe. Photos can be seen all over the world.

suddenly one day, Saimi · Lige Ti had an idea: why not for man to solve this dilemma? As long as men in the United States for a month to buy a pair, I sold 1 million pairs a year will be nothing difficult! So ·’s resignation Saimi; Lige opened an online store called "BlackSocks", the shop commitment is "men always do not have to worry about mismatched socks".

"BlackSocks" sold four different length socks, which is the best selling the most common black socks. For everyday wear leather shoes, trousers of the crowd, is the best collocation of black socks. When the call center was called to the men in the workplace, it immediately caught their attention. The site opened the first month, it sold 1 million pairs of socks. Shop for 10 years, had successfully sold 10 million pairs, far more than Saimi · Ti initially under the ledge to the U.S. men 1 million double target, and more than 40 thousand fixed its customers not only in the United States, but the distribution of 74 countries and regions in the world.

What is the successful model of

supporting black sock shop?

you can go to experience the magic shop. As long as you log on to the BlackSocks site, the first payment, you will receive 3 pairs of socks immediately, after 4 months, you will receive more than two pairs of socks, and then in the next 4 months, you will receive more than 3 pairs of socks. BlackSocks will be in a year later, ask you to continue to order, if you want to, will continue to do so next year……


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