With the continuous development of

economy, the environmental pollution problem is also concerned. Jiangsu Province, after the perennial development of chemical land in Nantong, faced with serious pollution problems. Will now be repaired with 200 million! So, what exactly is it? The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

4 held 25 March twelfth session of the twentieth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee, the Ministry of Environmental Protection Secretary Chen Jining on the next step of work, said it would introduce the implementation of "earth ten", launched the national soil pollution survey…… Improve the relevant standards and technical specifications for soil pollution prevention and control, and promote the pilot model of governance and repair.

industry believes that the current domestic soil remediation industry output value is only about environmental protection industry output value of 1%, far lower than developed countries around 30% level, with the future governance soil remediation work, is expected to be formed trillion yuan market scale. After the introduction of the ten soil, is expected to bring industrial expansion and standard specification.

has been eager in many soil remediation stocks today, reporters through various surveys, bring a fresh and healthy repair case for readers, we can not only see the "earth ten" for the industry from, can also see the problems in the process of the specific operation of soil remediation, to the industry outside an index of the screen, concrete and tangible impression.

long-awaited "earth ten" is expected to be issued in the near future, the industry is expected nationwide soil pollution survey or will commence immediately, in order to find out the heavy metals, chemicals and other toxic pollutants in hot regions, and then establish the soil environment monitoring network, aiming at the key industries (chemical, petrochemical, printing and dyeing) were routinely point monitoring.

is located in the east of Jiangsu Province Yao Gang Lu District of Nantong City, Hongqiao Road, Yao Hong Kong Chemical District, Nantong city was the largest chemical industry core area. The park’s chemical enterprises up to 15, including the country shares (600389, shares), Bowring chemical, synthetic materials such as the stars old chemical factory. Since the last century, the production and operation of these chemical plants for the economic development of Nantong has made great contributions, but now, these retired land is facing how to deal with the problem.


reporter was informed that in 2010, the Nantong municipal government experts invited the Ministry of environmental protection Nanjing Academy of Sciences were sampled in these areas in 2013, the soil remediation units Beijing construction engineering limited liability company in environmental remediation.

this years of repair works, the mode of governance, costs and problems encountered or licensed to become a sample of soil remediation.

up to 6 years of land remediation


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