now many webmaster sigh, now do what web sites do not make money, or that it is very difficult to make money, many owners want to find a cudgel thinking, not a virgin field, through their own operations to quickly grow, but most of the time in this kind of cudgel thinking in through, suddenly look back, only to find the original and they are in the same starting line, Comrades, had to make their sites into profitability, while still in too late to regret forget a sigh: "it’s hard to do".

In fact, in the final analysis is difficult to do

, I do not know what kind of website, a more detailed analysis, the site location is that I don’t know to what level, as early as ten years, the film "heavyweight" secret sites we, that is a large site, then hired gunmen touted, then again the cost of inputs, plus a zero can be sold under the house, over ten times the profit, can now be a website, even more hired gunmen, it is difficult to make their sites by the user’s attention, no traffic, want to sell to the home, but also difficult to impossible!

is the case, now many webmaster in website localization, continue to hesitate to big industry bigger website, or small website vertical industry segments of the industry, in fact I think, actually on the site location shilly-shally, key still depends on their own strength judgment is not accurate, the author believes that the website localization is nothing more than the following two points.

1: personal website operation subdivision, vertical class small website more appropriate

is now for an individual, no matter what kind of website operation is difficult, the team has now entered the era of competition, a website operation is like starting a company, a small website is actually a small company, the site is the enterprise group, it is a personal website, also want to have a a small team to your site operation, generally speaking, running a small team of industry segments, vertical industry is more appropriate, but also can give full play to the advantages of small flexible combat team, and give full play to individual heroism team, as the main leader of a website, which is like a a captain of the football team, often single handedly can kill the horse.

two: organizations with a certain team should choose large industry websites and large websites to operate


website is much more than the small website benefits, large website looks like the international group of enterprises, brand advantage, looking for the company to pull advertising orders, often the price will be much higher profits, foot, small sites with relatively large sites, like the apple Apple really encountered a copycat, so if the strength of the team, and the cost of capital is relatively abundant team, the large site is naturally preferred, but the operation of a large site in the current environment, the risk is very high, is likely to turn into a burning of the game, but once failed, it will lose in the operation of a large site in a complete mess, therefore, must be fully evaluated.

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