worth buying technology, said in the prospectus, the company’s current profit model is mainly to carry out information promotion services, sea Amoy purchasing platform services and Internet effect marketing platform services three major categories of business. Generally speaking, promotion and access to information services revenue through actual implementation includes transaction to goods or services for the business, the brand’s commission income, and by providing advertising for display advertising revenue; sea Amoy purchasing service platform by helping clients in overseas business, brands official website to buy goods, in accordance with the actual goods the amount of the transaction charge a certain percentage of the service fee; Internet marketing platform to provide CPS services through the effect of advertising business, charge fees for technical services for all types of media.


said the technology is worth buying, the IPO plans to raise 333 million yuan of funds to raise funds for investment projects launched around the company’s main business, the effective implementation of the transformation and upgrade of personalized technology platform for big data based on the project will further enhance the level of the company’s data acquisition and Application, realized commodity recommendation and advertising more accurately, enhance the user conversion rate with revenues.


prospectus shows that it is worth buying technology for 2014-2016 years, operating income of 50 million 23 thousand and 700 yuan, 97 million 298 thousand and 900 yuan and 201 million yuan, the same period the profit was 16 million 339 thousand and 600 yuan, 19 million 345 thousand and 900 yuan and 35 million 163 thousand and 700 yuan. Commission income amounted to 41 million 906 thousand and 700 yuan, 6103.90 and 97 million 789 thousand yuan, accounting for the proportion of main business income were 83.77%, 62.73% and 49.15%. Advertising show revenue amounted to 8 million 117 thousand yuan, 36 million 259 thousand and 900 yuan and 101 million 164 thousand and 600 yuan, accounting for the main business income of 16.23%, 37.27% and 50.85%, respectively, compound growth rate of 253.03%. 2016 worth buying technology, main business income accounted for 100% of revenue.

now this Wangzhuan industry can be said to be hot, from time to time will bring millions of millionaires! So many people have xiaojiannaodai want to join them, but people often for many people, just like a rose in bloom, looks very beautiful, if you pick it, it is very easy to put their own the finger stabbed, because a lot of people in the Wangzhuan, resulting in scars, and finally had to leave this website industry, what is the reason for the failure of Wangzhuan? The key is that many people don’t know Wangzhuan inside the industry unspoken rule, so had ultimately failed, five below is the unspoken rule of five kinds of new Wangzhuan must know!

a lot of new people like to ask three, four, especially for foreign trade website, it is very interesting, maybe a lot of people with learning psychology to ask


1: don’t worry about asking how much people earn

TechWeb reports May 2nd news, Beijing deserves to buy Polytron Technologies Inc hereinafter referred to as "worth buying technology", recently disclosed in the official website of the Commission prospectus. It is worth buying technology to be issued in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem not more than 13 million 333 thousand and 300 shares, accounting for the proportion of the total share capital after the issue of not less than 25%.


three: don’t brazenly dig other people’s corner,

a month

ask how much, it is taboo, especially for Wangzhuan newcomers, a member of a group Wangzhuan hate not immediately ask you to earn how much, how much is it when the interviewer asked wages like a type of a meeting, this will make many people feel disgusted, and others and how much you have Never mind much, others may have a lot of ability, so it can make a lot of money, but others also thinking of the money and you are not the same, as well as the channels, plus the effort and diligence are not the same, will naturally cause the wage change! So to find others how much time Wangzhuan it is better to spend more time studying Wangzhuan

two: don’t ask about Wangzhuan channel

prospectus disclosure, it is worth buying advertising technology

a lot of Wangzhuan resources are very valuable, it is to generate profits through the network information resources will be different, if others know Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, so many will fail, a lot of people through a resource every month income is quite lucrative, once people don’t know, with more people, natural profit the rate will be greatly reduced, so now Wangzhuan industry have a lot of free Wangzhuan project is because the project has been a lot of people do bad, money effect naturally becomes very bad! So if you inquire about other people’s resources in Wangzhuan group, there will definitely be consistent

many people love to advertise in others inside the group to pull off the assembly line, think this is a shortcut, but actually very repugnant, even your blacklisted, although you will often change the vest, but once Alipay is known, the vest to will be exposed to sink, so snatch in another bowl is very despised in Wangzhuan industry, but we can seriously look at the inside of the chat records, found has a tendency to do Wangzhuan people communicate, so you can put others pull over in silence, will not be despised by others

four: don’t ask other people what the site is,

is worth buying technology, the main business is operating content shopping guide platform, what is worth buying websites and the corresponding mobile client?. What is worth buying shopping guide, media, tools, community attributes in one, to consumer content introduced to users of goods and services, to provide users with consumer decision-making support?.


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