Chen Ou mouth GG-Game Chen Ou early development of gaming platforms, 2007 Chen ou Standford alumni Forrest Li together with the investors involved, but did not re registered company, registered names follow Chen ou a shell company Ocean Technologies & Media European new technology.

has been questioned, but Chen is not interested in speaking for himself this time.

how do Taobao customers make the most money:

2, in the product barrier box, enter keywords natural is lose weight, breast enhancement, whitening this kind

is the last two years before the fire up a model to make money, and is now the most love grassroots webmaster a way to make money, but the real customers from Taobao earn money is only a small part of a month, most of the owners can make a living, but not Taobao customers not to earn money, but you no good use of Taobao customers. Shrimp has always thought that Taobao is a very good way to make money online, especially for some people who work during the day and work at night, the Taobao passengers are suitable.

1, Ali mother to register an account

the reason is very simple, although the Commission is high, but the commodity is not good promotion, bad sales is equal to 0.

5, I see? All the hottest most profitable products are displayed.

large amount does not prove that more money, and some products Commission is only a few dollars, not in line with the most profitable goods.

How does

so today, shrimp will share the skills of choosing Taobao products.

3. There are goods, unit price, commission rate, spending 30 days of commission, 30 days the amount of promotion, this supposition.

1, why not commission rates or commissions,

2, eliminating the customer service link,

in jumei after the listing, the founder Chen Ou dug out old stories again, he has repeatedly reported in the United States had successfully created a Singapore gaming company Garena, but an anonymous person claiming to investors published an article that Garena CEO Forrest Li formerly known as Li Xiaodong is not recognized by the identity founder Chen Ou then, the cross examination of their personal credibility.

, but the first kind is the best way to make money. The product is targeted and good for keyword optimization.

in the last few days, Chen Ou, Forrest Li, a former jumei co-founder and former Garena company veteran Liu Hui, Garena’s former China director Zhou Hao and Garena company, CTO Yang Hengxian, jointly contributed five versions have different "Chen Ou history", science and technology Tencent out of such a context in order to:


2, big, do all, so you can earn money, do flow

Abstract we interviewed key people familiar with the matter, the five story to restore European entrepreneurs behind Chen rashomon.

is interesting in Chen Ou colleagues and friends for their endorsement, accused Forrest Li distort history, Chen Ou himself is not willing to fight back these questions out loud, even accepted an exclusive interview with Tencent technology also said only that he only want to let people know that he is the founder of GG-Game formerly of Garena, he as long as the honor.

4, in search results, choose to pay by 30 days, commissions ranging from high to low.

comes in two ways:

2, you have Taobao account, you can automatically generate a Taobao account. dot landing – my Taobao – on the left – I want to make money – – I’m a Taobao – that’s OK,

Chen Ou indeed created Garena’s predecessor, a good reputation in the field of gaming, but in collaboration with Forrest Li and investors, Chen ou not clear their coming to study in the United States, in its left, Forrest Li becomes in fact the company’s founders and leaders, but not in the final Garena gaming platform, but on the >

have a Taobao account?

therefore, the 30 day expenditure Commission, directly determines whether this product is the most profitable goods. Spending more on behalf of the market reflects the good, benefits >


3, as long as you follow the correct promotion method,

1, eliminating the logistics links,

2, why don’t you push for 30 days,

for the following reasons:

1, do a single product,

Tencent technology Liang Chen reported on June 14th

selects the most profitable commodity:

1, after ordering my Taobao customers, choose Taobao single product promotion —- enter



then Chen Europe to study in the United States, Forrest Li power and responsibility increased, in February 2008, Forrest Li renamed the company Garena. In May of the same year, Chen Ou withdrew from the company after it sold its shares. Since then, the company has gone too far and closed. In 2009, Forrest Li re registered a company, and used the name of Garena. And second Garena companies developed into today’s world-renowned online game operators in singapore.

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