micro business overlord must be from the stars, why do you say that, because the money can be made by the micro – business must have a group of loyal fans willing to pay for him. And since the stars can attract such a group of fanatical fans. Recently, a lot of micro business small white asked me how to become a micro business from the stars, I will share the actual combat experience.

a, choose a good product

is not all micro business products are making money, do not have to choose a micro business mask. Micro business is the best choice to start a white brand awareness of the product, it is easier to use, so as not to be considered mlm. So how to determine whether a micro business products are famous I provide the following methods:

1 product name into the Baidu encyclopedia.

2 uses Baidu news search to find information about the product.

3 view Baidu index, the comparison of several micro business products, the choice of the highest average index of the product since six months.

two, learning professional knowledge

micro business from the stars no matter what kind of products are to have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of its characteristics and related knowledge. For example: if you choose beauty or cosmetic products such as micro business, we must learn the make-up, nutrition, physiology, health and other knowledge, to become experts in this area. In order to learn quickly, I recommend using mind mapping. It is your learning Tulong dao. You can choose to draw the mind map, but it is more convenient to draw with software. The most common mind mapping software is as follows:

1 Baidu brain. This is the first choice of mind mapping software, because you can directly log on to use the page, draw a good mind map all stored in the Baidu cloud, very convenient.

2.MindManager. The software needs to be downloaded to the computer, is characterized by Microsoft and Word, Excel and PPT seamless interface almost the same, you will feel very familiar.

3.Xmind. Lines are basically straight, suitable for brainstorming, quickly sort out the knowledge points and divergent points.

three, search engine home screen

through the SEO, their names, product names and related keywords do Baidu, search, Sogou search engine home page. Specific methods are as follows:

1 selected from the media platform. Now a lot of media platforms, you choose those suitable for their own registered account, and then in the home page and the title of the article, the text which implanted their names and product names. I listed below a better self media platform.

WeChat public number. The home page of this platform and the name of the article can be Sogou search.

Sohu news from the media platform. Weight is relatively high, and is the Baidu news source, people use Baidu News >

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