in the concept of 98% people, there will be such understanding: the brand is not what you want to do. It is true that our store has experienced such a stage, but so far, it has to face the embarrassment: the brand is what you do not want to do. The reason why there will be such a situation, simply because the Taobao store and represent the general trend of development to a certain stage that must face, therefore, if the development can not follow the trend and the trend, is bound to be eliminated by the market. Once the transition is successful, will be able to compete in the fierce market share their own cup of soup.

our store is actually began operation in 2011 May, but early are taken to the wholesale sales model, selected from the local camera model is also in the training, until 2012 March was changed. From that time began to change the Guangzhou model for shooting, although the price is more expensive, a suit of 80 yuan, and with 50 sets of photos will come as a starting price, but this mode of operation is more than 3 months. In accordance with the boss’s position is to do a dress, when the shop style enough, there is always a buyer will like. The craziest time in two weeks on the new dress of the 200, from the age of 18 years of sweet girl to the middle of the age of 45 people have to wear. Also in the dress supermarket, there is always a suitable for you as an advertising language, such as the promotion of soft drainage. Although the store has enough style, and every new will to determine the theme of the marketing plan according to the pictures and styles, but the effect is very general. Most of the time a day can be sold to 50, when the downturn is only 1 pieces a day.

in the downturn, the company opened a marketing conference, design department, marketing department, the Department is mainly responsible for other buyers are involved in. At that time, we are looking for the reasons for the current predicament, it was said to be overpriced, it was said that the promotion efforts are not enough, it should be promoted from the localization. There are said to be because of the reasons for the model, more people are recommended to learn the successful experience of the seven space, advocated the development of the brand line, rather than through the price war to build sales. At that time, the boss rejected the proposal, because the brand is not what you want to do. Like even the survival problem is still not resolved, talk with others about love, it is laughable. If the girl is not a brain problem, that is the value of this person is a potential shares will be willing to follow.

proved that the boss’s price war is right, because when you are nothing, there is no right to speak, the only thing you can do is survive to develop. A promotional activities, the dress as low as 6.5 yuan sales, the same day to create nearly 1000 sales, but when the cost of accounting back, found a loss of $80 thousand. That is, after the event, the number of visitors to the store from 2000 before the turn of the more than 10 thousand. After each Xindu is through 90 percent off seckill.

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first_img“Over the next six months, we will continue to work toward the separation of the two businesses, proceeding down a dual track to prepare for either a spin-off or a sale,” L Brands said in a statement to CNN.Although Bath & Body Works is closing as many as 40 of its stores within malls, it will also open about 50 locations in North America this year, many of which will be standalone or off-mall locations.Mall retailers have struggled in recent years — even before the pandemic — as mall foot traffic has diminished. Gap and Macy’s have both announced plans to fully or partially exit malls.[CNN] — Sasha JonesContact Sasha Jones Share via Shortlink Email Address* Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare via Email Share via Shortlink (Getty, iStock)Victoria’s Secret’s plans for its future are, well, not so secret.The lingerie retailer will close 30 to 50 stores in the United States and Canada this year, CNN reported. The move comes after the brand closed 241 stores in 2020.The closures will leave Victoria’s Secret with 848 stores across the two countries, down from more than 1,100 just a year ago.Its parent company, L Brands, previously made a deal with private equity firm Sycamore Partners to sell a majority stake in Victoria’s Secret and take the company private, but those plans fell through. The company, which also owns Bath & Body Works, is still exploring a sale of the lingerie brand.Read moreGap Inc. will close 350 stores and exit malls entirelyMacy’s to open smaller stores, bigger fulfillment centersPE firm to take Victoria’s Secret private as Leslie Wexner steps down Full Name* Message*last_img

first_imgDuring the northern hemisphere winter of 2003–2004 significant levels of stratospheric odd nitrogen (NOX) were observed descending from the mesosphere. Here we study subionospheric radio wave propagation data from Ny Ålesund, Svalbard, Norway to determine the origin of the mesospheric NOX. A clear change in the radio wave diurnal variation is observed, starting on January 13, 2004, lasting for 37 days. The behavior is consistent with the ionization, by Lyman-α, of thermospheric NOX descending into the mesosphere from altitudes above 90 km. Estimates of the concentration of NOX required to produce the observed ionization changes are consistent with the levels of previously published stratospheric mixing ratios after the NOX has descended into the stratosphere. The radio wave data shows that no significant proton or electron precipitation events into the mesosphere occurred at this time, and the mesospheric effects of the large storms in October/November 2003 had abated by late December 2003.last_img

first_imgThe coalition has urged the police to drop the incitement charge against Ravio, restore his good name and return his belongings that had been confiscated by the police.Ravio is an independent researcher known to be critical of the government, including its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.On April 22, a message calling for nationwide looting on April 30 was spread from Ravio’s WhatsApp account. Labor groups had previously said they would hold a massive protest against the omnibus bill on job creation on April 30 despite the health crisis.Shortly after, Ravio was taken into custody with the police reportedly arresting him without a warrant. Many believe that Ravio is innocent and a victim of identity theft.Topics : Ravio provided some evidence, including screenshots of communications with several parties related to the case. Other evidence was under the control of investigators, the coalition said.“[We] appreciate the follow up to the report, but we urge the police to continue the investigation into the case and find out who the hackers were and who ordered the hacking,” the coalition said in a statement on Thursday.Read also: ‘I was kidnapped’: Govt critic Ravio Patra files pretrial motion against policeThe members of the coalition include the Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFEnet), the Foundation of the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute (YLBHI), the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras), Amnesty International Indonesia and the Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (IJCR). The Jakarta Police’s cyber unit questioned government critic Ravio Patra on Thursday about the alleged hacking of his WhatsApp account after he was charged for incitement after a message was sent from his number on April 22 calling for nationwide riots.The questioning was a preliminary investigation and a follow up to a cybercrime report filed by Ravio on April 27 regarding the hacking, in accordance with articles 30 and 46 of the 2016 Electronic Information and Transactions (ITE) Law.Accompanied by his legal team from a coalition of human rights groups, Ravio was questioned for approximately four hours about the chronology of events, damages he had suffered, potential witnesses and supporting evidence.last_img

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