2014 has passed, recalling that in 2014 the electricity supplier industry, can be said to be rash and too much in haste. Ali eleven hit a record turnover of 57 billion 100 million, once again proved the dominant position in the field of electricity providers. But on the thirty night, the Tencent of WeChat, will attack again, if 11 billion times the record, once again proved that the social leading position only penguins to sit.

Although the 2014

business, Ali still firmly secured the top spot, but as users in most mobile applications, micro WeChat force should not be overlooked.

2014, is a year for the development of micro business, the mask is a year of development, the agency is rampant year, but also a year to get rich micro business.

so, in 2015, in addition to the mask, you can sell what?

first, cosmetics category

actually, the mask also belongs to cosmetics, but, in 2014, the mask was playing bad. Back to Hangzhou yesterday, accompanied by the princess to go to the adult Watsons, the princess in the selection of their own needs of the product, I just walked in those counters, look at the mask. Because I don’t know of Wangyeh mask, only know a few more famous film, such as beauty mask. Generally look at the counter, a variety of names of the mask, the mask has a variety of brands, prices are basically 70 yuan a box of 10 pieces, 100 yuan has been expensive.

then back to my circle of friends micro business selling mask, motionless is 298 yuan a box of 398 yuan a box, even if the agent takes the goods, but also to more than 100 boxes, how much must box in order to have this price, think about it is drunk. If you do not have to drink, then it will not be in the micro business to buy 298 yuan a box of so-called high-tech XXX mask.

so, in 2015, selling mask, I think it still need to be cautious. However, the sale of other cosmetics, I think, or can be considered. For example, you have a AFU exclusive oil supply, then, when it comes to oil, we can think of is AFU, as long as you have some formal authorization, then, WeChat sales in the end, whether it is the form of proxy or direct form, can earn a lot of popularity.

this license, not like the 2014 micro business selling mask that kind of authorization, a simple picture of the text and then add a chapter. To be honest, like this authorization, there is no legal effect, the real problem, brands can be said to be taking personal micro fiction.

sell mask, selling cosmetics, are some of the necessary qualifications and licenses. Put it down in black and white signed contracts, signature and seal of the main operators, including brand businesses or manufacturers to sign and stamp. In this way, it can be regarded as the real authorized agent.

so, in 2015, to find you can get to the unique types of cosmetics, the more accurate the better, why AFU will be successful, because the essence and special. All you need to do

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