Jingdong ious in terms of creative or from the rebate to people have done the electric business front, although Alipay has a balance of treasure a rebate to the people, but the essence is from users who make money, and the Jingdong is ious so that consumers can achieve free shopping in the Jingdong, and the highest credit to reached more than 15000 yuan, this is definitely the first electricity supplier in the circle, to know that even old friends and old customers shopping, the store will not carry often hang on the mouth, but now the Jingdong actually played on account, this is absolutely dead in the current electricity supplier industry exploding a bomb.

Jingdong white electricity consumption stimulation

Jingdong ious officially opened in February 13th, many believe their Shopaholic will choose, especially when there is no cash in his hand tight or the corresponding online banking, this way on account can clearly let users in the commodity sale can be satisfied with the products back to the home, and not because the cash strapped and silly looking at highly cost-effective products by others, so many people in the industry said that Jingdong IOUs, will soon stimulate Jingdong mall consumption scale, which is the Taobao business counterparts do not want to see.

Jingdong is a variant of IOUS itself but the Internet financial, but this variant will tilt the scales to consumers, to know that in the last year, the Internet Financial like a raging fire, many commercial enterprises such as the Alibaba is the hope that through the Internet financial profit amount, the balance of treasure for Taobao and Celestica fund to achieve a win-win situation although, the majority of Internet users can get a daily interest, and this interest is not necessarily can not lose, you know a few years ago, PALPAY is eBay launched similar products because of the U.S. bond market does not force and choose to flee, the balance of treasure thus Taobao still can not lose.

not to mention Ali small loans, although some businesses can solve the desire for money, but the high interest rates did make many businesses weigh, small loans now are also popular, including P2P loans are small loans because traditional banks do not do so to fry up interest rates.

Jingdong ious will evolve into a similar P2P loan

Jingdong launched ious although the news has emerged, but not related to the consumer Jingdong ious authority through credit, in the purchase of a commodity with the extension of time will increase the interest, perhaps choose a ious will need to pay the interest, much like P2P, you can choose to return one or half a year the staging return, but it takes some interest, but this interest is much larger than the credit card interest. If the Jingdong evolved into such ious consumption patterns, perhaps for consumption stimulation effect and not so obvious.

That is to say,

Jingdong ious success, the key is to look at the interest rate setting is reasonable, but if the lower interest rates, if the borrower would lose "

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