Abstract: this problem is pointed out, Ma Huateng returned the post, he said: caifutong is very bad. At that time, all the people ran to Ma Huateng reply message: the boss was really alive in this forum, in the above signature.

some people say that Tencent is very low-key, which is related to the boss, one of the founders of the company, Ma Huateng, he does not love to speak out.

Tencent culture formed a time to face the boss does not like to speak out, how to do a good job proposition and challenges.


culture in the end what is the use of Jobs’s expression: culture is not how to promote the paper, but what to believe, how to think, how to do things.

in short, the culture is a group of people inside the enterprise, in what way, what kind of thinking to do what determines the characteristics of the corporate culture.

everyone asks himself very handsome

and Tencent culture related, first have to mention is the total team, known as the "Presbyterian" by the founder, all male, sometimes we call the fourteen arhats.

For example,

immediately to the end of the year, a Christmas party. The team also came to the show. When deciding what they’re doing, they don’t say that it’s not enough for someone like Ma Huateng.

everyone is very handsome, he will not change a bad line. When making a lot of decisions, they are all talking together, and don’t say that one can decide one thing.

and this is very hard to help the boss, are working overtime dog, Tencent so big, they are still very hard to see some very thin things, many people have retired in this level.

like last night to a few boss sent a message, there is a system to change, to Ma Huateng, Liu Chiping, Liu Chiping at one point back to the Ma Huateng, four in the morning to the mail, the effort is terrible.


WeChat Zhang Xiaolong over there at 4 p.m., at the company in the morning, at 4, and leave at 5, 5. When we communicate with the WeChat team, usually can not find people during the day, only in the afternoon and evening to communicate with them, this time you have to go to work, very painful.

boss will take the initiative to participate in a number of things, more often they are very passive, this group of bosses are a group of people belonging to the house.

but when you asked them very hard to call them, they are too boring, the characteristics of Indoorsman technology.

Tencent in the beginning there when Fiyta office, Ma Huateng into the elevator will hide in a corner lift, and who does not speak, play mobile phone, elevator dead, everybody dare not speak.

sometimes we are very envy.

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