today (September 1, 2016) morning, at the 2016 Baidu World Congress, Baidu founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li spent more than 1 hours to talk about Baidu’s achievements in artificial intelligence, Baidu brain". Covering four areas of speech, image, Natural Language Processing and user portrait.


Wu Enda, chief scientist of

Baidu is more straightforward to say in a speech: "Baidu is an artificial Intelligent Company."

Robin Li said that Baidu has built a large scale of the brain neural network, with trillions of parameters, hundreds of billions of samples, hundreds of billions of features training, can simulate the working mechanism of the human brain. Its IQ has advanced, in some capacity even beyond the human.

in terms of speech recognition, Baidu demonstrated a Baidu phone sales staff to communicate with the customer phone, Baidu voice recognition technology can be converted into cloud tone text. But with iFLYTEK real-time translated into different words, Baidu is the man until after his speech, a one-off text, do not know whether there is a correction process in this process.

in terms of speech synthesis, Baidu synthesis of Leslie Cheung’s voice, but unfortunately, after the synthesis of speech, although there is a broad accent, but it is not Cantonese, and some rough voice.


Robin Li, Baidu artificial intelligence to listen to you about 50 words after you can imitate the voice, in a speech last link, Robin Li invited the famous actor Hu Ge came in, Hu Ge read a song "Lantern Festival" Qing Yu An (Baidu name) on the land after reading Baidu artificial intelligence. Hu Ge’s voice characteristics of the upper and lower. But can still hear, sound or very rough, still has the obvious difference with Hu Ge’s voice, that it can imitate your voice features, but there is still much room for improvement of voice imitation.


imitation of the voice, shortly before the release of the fourth generation Microsoft wheatgrass is a girl, but she can also imitate and a man’s voice. I visit iFLYTEK last month, artificial intelligence voice iFLYTEK can make sound synthesis Lin Chiling my voice, but also with Baidu is similar in sound line sounds are not alike.

in terms of image capabilities, Baidu brain face recognition accuracy rate of 99.7%; Baidu driverless car refresh the KITTI test of multiple world records, ranked first in the KITTI vehicle detection and evaluation.

in the image recognition segment, the lens alignment of the first row of the guests, when the camera to collect the face of Zhang Yaqin and others, it will be marked on his name.


Natural Language Processing

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