introduction: the vertical extent of an ideal O2O platform, is to meet the needs of the users with a number of similar types.


a few days ago to see the entrepreneurial news, I love the car wash CEO defeated 5 million foot, door wash car was slapped in the face of the report appeared in front of the eyes. I don’t recall from the beginning of last year by the entrepreneurial media from time to time appear similar to the "O2O new round of casualties", a high frequency. Since 2014 O2O does not like madness, to burn, half-dead project investors are afraid of too many to count, O2O, and even heard the word immediately comes to mind two words "".

but, I think this thing is still O2O. Like I’m going out now is a bit of Uber, eat is the United States is hungry, laundry is E bag wash… The success of the O2O project or there are many places to learn. As with any emerging business model, O2O has a different set of internal logic. Entrepreneurs and investors if they can understand the basic rules, you can avoid some obvious errors, greatly improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

, a business model to meet the real needs of users, not baseless creations demand

1 entry points selected in the stock market, after the time to do incremental market

simply, in the field of O2O, the existing demand is the stock market. For example, previously called a takeaway generally is the case, we got a store flyers on the road, or by the way we got the phone in a home for dinner, when we want to order, first you must have this shop to send phone, but also have to know what they deliver what kind of food do not, if I like another, but not the phone how to do? It is very troublesome, but now the American mission takeaway platform, want to choose what what to choose, a key will be able to order. Takeaway is the real needs of the user, the stock market, it is easy to determine the feasibility of this program.

incremental market are not suitable as a starting point, such as the private kitchen door, can not do, but to cook cooking for most people is still relatively far away, which belongs to the incremental market, with the long-term takeout habit can not be compared, "cook rice" although there is thunder military support, but still dead. I also know to do private kitchens, some time ago to engage in the congregation to raise the farm, said no financing, I do not know how.

incremental market should be put in the back, such as taxi drops, the stock market starting from the first taxi ride, then launch the incremental market products, because of the previous user base is quite good, to promote.

2 online solutions must be better than the line

there are some lines of consumption is not a better online solution, such as the beginning of the mention of the car wash, can carry equipment is too limited, >

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