The chain to attract spiders content to retain users

outside the chain to attract spiders, content to retain users

usually we will encounter this situation: our chain, included more than others, but no good ranking. And a lot of this is the case of the SEOER and a terrible symptoms, that is the face of the chain and set over competitors but no people ranked good circumstances, can not find a way beyond the competitors, that is to say do not know which direction should put effort, as if the previous teacher taught us the set no matter, confused, this is the most horrible place in our SEO operations personnel. How could that happen? What should we do about it, read more

My experience increasing the speed of domain name filing

for the first time hair article, I hope we all support

Some of my classmates

a few days ago, said to be a website, for a long time to start talking about the domain name is and I want to go for the record, I use my data to record and start simply according to the process to fill quickly the account password can be used, then fill in your website, everything is ready, just waiting for the wait is long, seven days later I wait, I asked the space business, he said to wait twenty days, I have waited for one day, or not, so I asked what happened in the Baidu Post, said to be a 30 piece of money, then I want to pay get, but I’d like to make a phone call to ask the Henan record, hit, he asked me about the domain name, I would tell her, he said in 20 minutes, I waited about 10 minutes, a refresh, found the record has already passed, the original A function of the telephone should be so big, hope everyone will own more hands-on, what is not to spend money, it not only save money, but also the accumulation of their own experience, hope everyone will talk, do not understand what need help, though, haha, express yourself website read more

Talk about some broken links

Links about this sort of thing! First of all, I personally think that Links has lost the meaning of "friendship", I believe that each site exchange Links is nothing more than to get some outside the chain! As for Links can bring much traffic I think most of the grassroots webmaster less, take me Links done a lot. But no website can bring me more than IP10 per day! My website is IP2000+, but it can’t bring more than 5 traffic to other people, so… Now we are so eager to do links, but just want to get a few outside the chain, and then dream every day to achieve a better ranking, so the link brings us a good dream, read more

The first experience in publishing articles on the webmaster Web

I am a novice webmaster, recently in learning website construction, do a guide novice site construction site. What do not pick up more than two months, July 19th in the online search to see a post, the Post said the owner of website promotion to multiple posts, and recommend a stationmaster net website to post.

I excitedly ran to register for an account, just use a nickname called PP. And then wrote an article called "the most important mentality, persistence is the victory" article, the article probably introduces yourself on the road of computer learning, want to learn the reasons and ideas of website construction. Through nearly two months of website construction, some of their own heart experience, came to the website construction mentality is the most important, persist is victory conclusion. More than 1 in the afternoon when finally finished, published in the A5 Adsense network. Since it is the first time to write these things, I feel that the audit may not be too much, and I do not care too much, go to sleep. read more

The site is down right and how to remedy the wise remark of an experienced person

recently Baidu update slow and large quantities of Web site is down right, must engage the many webmaster very depressed! Next can not escape, several of my sites are different right down, keywords ranking drop. Analysis of the reasons, have their own misoperation, but also Baidu recently caused by changes in the algorithm, a few points, you webmaster in the future SEO process to pay special attention to:

1, TITLE, do not arbitrarily change, found that Baidu recently TITLE special strict, I have an office furniture enterprise station ( because it changed the title, keywords and description. The original several main keyword ranking in the top 5, a few days after sweat! Site: home page right down! Baidu included reducing key rankings this fall!! you may know, indeed, we sometimes need to add or delete a key, but only a little change, absolutely can not change more than 50%, it is because I am instead of too much blame! TITLE is a site of face, search engines, if the big changes are likely to make the spider don’t know you, it will make the spiders re included, site is down right is no longer bound read more

The construction and optimization of the website at the golden section of the United States is more

golden ratio is everywhere, regardless of architecture, art or natural vientiane. (V 5-1) fraction /2 is such a set of mathematical proportion, with considerable artistic height and harmonious unity. The beauty of the golden section is also applicable to website construction and website production. Now many companies have put forward the concept of marketing website construction, whose purpose is to play the role of marketing function of website construction to the acme. Marketing website construction, in the page design, layout, key words to determine the choice, as well as content and link construction, the late Internet marketing, etc., the golden section of the figure can be found everywhere. read more

A few small operation site to a false alarm

on the evening of 18, my blog [story] shocking odera’s server suffered a major fault collapse, so I find the space to help me turn the new server, the database is not informed of the results of the previous backup, there is a problem, I immediately fire, too innocent.

but anxious useless, but I have GoogleReader, Google cache, WordPress is the backup file before, so although not a step to recovery, but also can be manually released, in accordance with the settings before slowly debugging. read more

Do stand to adhere to the user centric innovative implementation of all the time

at this stage of the financial crisis, the global economic downturn, China’s impact is also very deep. In addition, 6 million of college graduates flock to the job market every year, and employment in various industries is not optimistic. So self entrepreneurship has become the new way of many young people, many graduates choose to do this road, but at present, a total of about 3000000 sites, of which the small personal website also accounted for a large proportion of. So many websites, so many stationmaster, although there is no direct competition relation among each website, but if do not make the website do fine, make new idea, so it is difficult to stand out in so many similar websites. read more

How to do a good job of local classified information website

is currently doing relatively large domestic, classified information sites have several, such as fair, 58, people network (original set of customers).

in their development as the case of fire, small and medium-sized webmaster can be a slice of it? Objectively speaking, to complete replication of their web site, the probability of success is very small. How can we make some achievements in the field of classified information? The following points are worth reference:

1, region specific:

narrow regional goals, can be limited to a city, or even a county, a town. As far as I know, local (especially small local websites) are very popular. From the point of view of Internet users, the smaller the site service crowd, the stronger the authenticity, natural popularity is also good. So for classified information sites, we can narrow down the area to the areas we can control, and do fine. read more

Do not understand network technology you can do a good job webmaster

unfortunately, if I go to the 2003 Software College of Tsinghua University double degree reading software, how good it is, the admission notice has been received, what a pity! Brave go to graduate school in Shanghai, up to now, it is not to say the regret regret, not regret it a bit regret. Do not regret the reason is to get the first pot of gold; the reason for regret is to read graduate students and the network without any contact, equal to white reading. Now think of, to become a light rod master, do not understand the master of network technology master. read more