Navigating a Data Lake

first_imgHere in Seattle, we have a stunning lake on the edge of our downtown called Lake Union. The lake is home to many houseboats, including the one filmed in “Sleepless in Seattle,” as well as a haven for sailboats, kayakers and sea planes – in short, a true beehive of activity!Even though the lake can be crowded, Seattle does a great job of managing activity on the lake. Restrictions on the number of house boats, designated landing areas for sea planes, and police patrol boats all work together to help ensure that everything moves in an orderly fashion. I can’t help but think about the parallels between what happens on Lake Union on a daily basis and what is transpiring in the emerging world of what is referred to as a “data lake.”A data lake is a repository for all kinds of data. Data can be placed in the lake through a variety of means. That same data can be consumed through different mechanisms without needing to copy or export anything. Ultimately, data lakes are an order of magnitude more scalable than existing approaches for data warehousing and business analytics. However, in order to ensure seamless, predictable and efficient capacity given the amazing rate of information growth, a data lake must above all else be built to be able to scale. As businesses learn to harness their information, data lakes and their applications take on strategic importance. The data lake must be able to enable existing applications, as well as seamlessly support new applications. It is also increasingly important to protect and backup the data lake efficiently, to ensure that it interacts with directory and security services, and be something that you can manage easily over time.Within EMC, we at Isilon have been focusing on developing some of these capabilities. Over the last couple of years, we’ve been enhancing the OneFS operating system and collaborating with key partners to ensure that our customers can effectively manage their data lakes. If any of you grew up around lakes, you probably remember finding a solid foundation to dive from, and then once you were comfortable, climbing to higher ground and really taking a deep plunge!  We’re using the same philosophy with our approach to data lakes. We have maintained a strong footing in our traditional offerings around enterprise file applications such as archive, home directories and HPC, while expanding and building new solutions for mobile, cloud, analytics and software-defined storage.In addition, by natively incorporating the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) into OneFS, companies are now able to bring Hadoop to their Big Data rather than vice versa. HDFS allows enterprises to avoid the CapEx costs of purchasing a separate infrastructure and start getting results faster because they don’t need to spend time moving PBs of data. They can also access home directory and files shares contained in their data lakes, from virtually any mobile device using Syncplicity technology.While other parts of EMC are focusing on complementary capabilities related to data lakes, these are just a few of the areas where we at Isilon are helping folks to successfully realize the possibilities that exist.last_img read more

Rethinking Database Infrastructure Investments

first_imgCIOs are rethinking their database investments. They want to utilize the benefits of cloud computing and understand their company’s data to drive future success. However, databases only perform as well as the systems they run on.“There are three key challenges that CIOs need to address to reduce their total cost of ownership and risks without compromising availability and database performance: simplified infrastructure, aggregation of data and deployment agility.ShareSimplifying and Optimizing Infrastructure – Designing a system to power a true high performance database requires a solution that offers extreme performance, seamless interoperability and fine-tuning parameters to help streamline operations. The engineering resources and expertise required to design such a system are generally unavailable to all organizations.The requirements start with the need to exploit integrated compute, network, storage and virtualization capabilities. These capabilities must strike a balance between standardization and customization as well as accommodate for retiring and/or supporting legacy applications – which are both tall orders for enterprise companies. Further, the architecture must be built with enough agility to withstand data consumed by multiple constituents. This requires an architecture that can support continuous operations for mobility, high availability and enterprise-class integrated data protection solutions.Aggregation of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) – Siloed applications and databases that sit on top of cobbled infrastructures are a thing of the past. In its place are interlinks to applications and databases that need to support exponential growth – an operational model that drives customer demand.Today website technology often follows how consumers navigate and make choices based on brand and price. Similar to how Amazon mines shopper patterns to build a consumer profile for featuring relevant products, IT organizations can aggregate data from valuable analytics tools, such as IBM Hyperion and Oracle Exalytics. Commonly called ‘business intelligence,’ organizations demand this technology at their fingertips to perform the real-time analysis required to maintain competitive advantage. This level of business intelligence can be achieved when IT organizations first leverage best-of-breed technologies and support mixed workloads – all of which drive greater consolidation ratios that result in higher utilization of resources.Agility in Leveraging Innovative Technology and Data – Picture a tax application on the Sunday before tax day. Its infrastructure needs to be available 24×7 to process massive volumes of tax filings for its clients – commonly called Online Transaction Processing (OLTP). The characteristics of these mission-critical databases are high performance in the millions of IOPS, high throughput and millisecond response times or latency. Further, the ability to quickly deploy an infrastructure to support business needs or move an infrastructure from QA/test to production are all key to turning a company’s data into an analytical asset.A converged infrastructure system converts these challenges into opportunities by integrating compute, network, storage and virtualization into a single system that is architected, tested and validated for such demanding workloads. It is designed from the ground up to support mixed workloads – databases and applications. VCE’s database solutions deliver best-in-class technology, leading-edge innovation and unparalleled customer experience for massive database environments such as Oracle. The end result is an infrastructure that can be deployed with agility and simplified operations, providing better database performance, higher availability and lower total cost of ownership.“Learn how Molina Healthcare rapidly ramped up its database after claims spikes. Click hereSharelast_img read more

Riding the VxRail Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance to Enhance Patient Care

first_imgWith the arrival of the Affordable Care Act and all the scrutiny healthcare has received, most medical providers have a simple objective: deliver the highest quality patient care at a competitive price.FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. has been at the forefront of this effort. Since 1999, Synapse® has provided innovation in diagnostic imaging, visualization, and medical informatics.Providers can rely on Fujifilm’s Medical Informatics solutions to ensure the highest level of patient care when it comes to the archiving and displaying of medical images for radiologists and other clinicians. We serve a range of customers: small radiology practices and radiology reading groups, rural hospitals, urban hospitals, large hospital groups, and government-supported facilities such as the VA. And we recognize that radiology is about more than images. It includes the efficient management of imaging workflows and the timely sharing of information among the various providers caring for patients—processes that we’re very good at.At Fujifilm, we have a singular focus: improving patient care. We do this by following industry best practices, deploying the latest technology, and allowing customers to use the most advanced tools. Our expertise is in medical IT—not the underlying IT infrastructure. Over the past five to ten years, we’ve seen a drive to virtualization. Modern, virtualized infrastructures are helping companies deploy solutions quicker and more reliably, with greater agility and the scalability to keep pace with growth. So when we were looking for a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance (HCIA) to deploy our software solutions at customer sites, we turned to VCE’s VxRail appliance— the only fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested VMware HCIA on the market.VxRail appliances enable us to quickly deploy solutions that are predictable, repeatable, and built to scale. When the appliance arrives in a customer’s data center, all we have to do is power it on, enter the requested information, and hit the green button. It does all the integration for us. And within 15 minutes, we can be up and deploying VMs— compared to hours if our engineers had to do it by hand.In a healthcare environment, having systems go down—even for a few minutes— seriously impacts care. VxRail appliances offer the continuous availability to keep a hospital’s imaging systems up and running to meet patients’ needs.Once a system is in place, most customers run their entire environment—from Oracle enterprise databases to Microsoft Windows-based applications—on the VxRail. The appliance handles both the relatively random, largely transactional workloads of the application servers and the non-random, high-throughout requirements of the image storage databases with equal ease.Our selection of the VCE VxRail for our HCIA deployments is really an extension of the great strategic relationship we’ve had with EMC that goes back more than 15 years. The deep integration of the VxRail appliance with VMware, EMC Isilon and VNXe storage, and centralized management and orchestration through a single pane of glass has simplified and streamlined our efforts. Our engineers can focus on the medical IT side of the equation—not on dealing with infrastructure issues.Finally, the VxRail’s broad set of configurations and price points is ideal for the customers we work with. In addition, given that our support organization is responsible for monitoring the health of customer systems and applying patches or implementing upgrades as needed, the VxRail’s ability to simplify these tasks is vital. It increases the overall velocity of our business and contributes to a healthy bottom line. And that’s ultimately what we are all looking for.To learn more about why FujiFilm Medical Systems chose to deliver their medical informatics on VxRail:Watch this video interview filmed at EMC World: theCube interview on Youtube: this customer testimonial: read more

SolVe Desktop Overview & Installation

first_imgFor additional details on how to install and use SolVe Desktop, the Dell EMC Community Network provides excellent references here:SolVe Desktop Community ForumSolVe Desktop Information and DetailsSolVe Desktop Overview and Training (PPT)SolVe Desktop Release Notes (PPT) SolVe Desktop is an interactive, standalone application that generates specific, step-by-step procedures for servicing your Dell EMC products. SolVe Desktop gives you access to trusted best-practice instructions on how to resolve common service tasks for your products, including warnings for known issues, troubleshooting advice from product support engineers, and a wide array of services and resources for many Dell EMC products, including NetWorker, VPLEX, Connectrix, VNX, Data Domain, Isilon, and more. Click here to view a complete list of SolVe Desktop products available to customers and partners. The SolVe Desktop application can be downloaded from Dell EMC’s Online Support Site. It’s easy to install and automatically prompts you to update, so you’re always sure you have the latest version of the application. SolVe Desktop provides Knowledge Base articles, expert support advice and user resources relevant to your products, as well as how-to videos, top-trending support solutions for your products, and more. To install SolVe Desktop and begin using it today, watch this quick video on Downloading, Installing and Authenticating SolVe Desktop.Download SolVe DesktopPrior to downloading the application, know that SolVe Desktop requires Microsoft .NET 4.5.1. If you don’t already have it (or aren’t prompted automatically to install it before downloading SolVe Desktop) you can manually install Microsoft here. Installing SolVe Desktop is easy and fast. Using Google Chrome as a preferred browser, simply visit and:Click “SolVe” on the home pageSelect “Executable” and “Download”Follow the prompts to complete the installationAuthenticate by accepting the End User License Agreement Our SolVe Engagement Team is focused on providing our customers, partners and internal users with tools and processes to ensure the successful implementation and continued support of your Dell EMC products. Have questions about how to best optimize the SolVe Desktop application and gain greater insights on support procedures for your Dell EMC products? Please reach out to us at [email protected] If you encounter any issues installing SolVe Desktop, please contact the Customer Service Help Desk.Holly AndersonDell EMC, Social SupportFollow us @DellEMCSupportlast_img read more

5 Easy Tips to Becoming an Ally

first_imgEvery June for as long as I can remember I have participated in Pride Festivals across the United States. From Minneapolis, to Nashville, to San Francisco, to Winston Salem, the message is ALWAYS the same: LOVE is LOVE. It’s really a simple thought. Love is Love. A man and a woman, and man and a man, a woman and a woman. Sometimes the turnout varies in size at these events, but the message is always the same: Love is Love. So in order to help learn how to be a better Ally, here are just a few tips I’ve picked up along the way.1.) Be willing to listen. Not just hear words, but really listen. This one took me a long time to learn, but it has made a tremendous difference. My wife tells me all the time that I would try to offer solutions to problems that I’ve created. Meaning, when she is venting to me about her day, instead of listening, I would offer solutions. She wasn’t looking for solutions, she was looking for someone to listen. Be ready to just listen.2.) Be prepared to have your sense of what is right and what is wrong challenged.I was lucky in that I grew up in a home that supported and encouraged my siblings and me to be ourselves. My aunt to this day, tells us to “be and become the best of whom we are meant to be”. It’s not easy, but growing up and learning to unlearn discrimination is possible.3.) Educate yourself on issues the community is facing.A question I hear a lot from my friends is WHY do we need a whole month dedicated to a sexual orientation? The answer is to remind ourselves that not everyone has it has easy as we do. There are issues big and small that the LGBTQ community faces daily. Issues that include worrying about what pictures you display on your desk (there are still 28 states in which you can be fired just for being gay – not to mention many countries where being gay is illegal and punishable by death), to being limited to which bakeries you can buy your wedding cakes at.4.) Be prepared to defend against discrimination.As an Ally, you may face SOME of the same bigotry and hatred that the LGBTQ community faces. Be ready to speak up. No one can change the world alone, but we can all do our part to make a difference. People face racism, bigotry, and sexism everyday. An Ally should not just be an Ally for LGBTQ rights, but should be an Ally for HUMAN rights.5.) Treat others as you would want to be treated. The golden rule. So simple, and yet, so often forgotten.I shouldn’t be on this planet. No, really. I shouldn’t be here. Let me explain. My grandmother was a Holocaust survivor. I say survivor and truly mean survivor. At the age of 11, her family was put on a train to the Treblinka death camp and exterminated. She, along with her brother, was able to escape and survive the remaining years of the war due to the kindness, love, and bravery of others. If others didn’t step up to fight against what they believed was wrong, my grandma wouldn’t have survived. Which means my mother wouldn’t be alive, which means I wouldn’t be here. So even though the fight for equality is not being waged by any one group, there are still serious risks involved. LGBTQ persons have suicide rates that are much higher than average. Homelessness and shame are rampant among the LGBTQ youth. It’s too important of an issue to do nothing. So do something. #BeYourselflast_img read more

#DestinationDellEMC Embarks Across North America

first_imgOne of my favorite parts of my job, is hosting customers here in our hometown of Austin, Texas. But with everyone’s busy schedule, we realize you might not all have the chance to make it here.  That’s why last year, we took our products on the road in our Destination Dell RV.This RV traveled across the country visiting our customers and showcasing our client portfolio, including the latest XPS and Latitude systems, and our industry-leading displays and Precision Workstations. It was exciting to bring our portfolio on the road and showcase products that could transform the way people work.With over 20K attendees visiting the RV last year, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. But what we heard most was customers wanted more; more hands-on experiences with enterprise offerings, more products, more space, more engagement and more…tacos (last year we consumed over 2,000 tacos across the US and Canada!) Tacos aside, I’m happy to say we heard the feedback loud and clear. That’s why this year we launched the new and improved #DestinationDellEMC vehicle, which features our best-in-class, end-to-end solutions in one place.Launched at Dell Technologies World 2018, this new vehicle was reimagined into a ‘big-rig’ trailer with more products and more space, including a rooftop deck! During the launch over 2,000 attendees visited the trailer to see what all the buzz was about and to check out the expo floor from the rooftop deck. There was a continuous stream of people through the vehicle expressing curiosity and excitement! The best part is – that was only the beginning of the incredible tour we have planned for this year. In our schedule, we plan to bring the breadth of the Dell EMC solutions; from the edge to the core, to the cloud, to more cities. And, we’ll also have fun doing it with games, virtual reality, food trucks and more.“Destination Dell EMC brings our transformational and ‘better together’ story to life all in a single unforgettable experience.Share“Destination Dell EMC brings our transformational and ‘better together’ story to life all in a single unforgettable experience. Our customers love seeing how our Client and Infrastructure products work together end-to-end.” – Susan Hass, VP of North America Field Marketing.Since leaving Vegas we have visited Denver, Colorado; Cheyenne, Wyoming; and Montreal, Canada, and now we’re cruising to the east coast! We look forward to bringing #DestinationDellEMC to your city.If you want us to visit your office, reach out to your account executive. If not, we invite you to join us in one of our many cities we’ll be visiting – chances are we are coming soon to a local brewery or ballpark near you!Check out the evolution of #Destination Dell EMC for yourself!For specific information on routes, visits, and events please reach out to Mona Singh.last_img read more

Delivering on our Promise: Simple. Predictable. Profitable.™

first_imgPartners, you roared through the first half of the year – shattering expectations, raising the bar, and winning on a whole new level and at a whole new pace. In Q2, you drove 22% channel revenue growth Y/Y and a trifecta of share gains in storage[i], servers[ii] and PCs[iii]. In the first half of the year, you brought in over 30,000 new customers. For all of this, we thank you.While the wind is at our backs, we know we still have much more work to do. We’re continuing to listen to your feedback and every day we’re striving to further deliver on our promise of Simple. Predictable. Profitable.™ Recently we introduced a number of updates that are designed to make it easier for you to deliver remarkable results for your customers. Partners can watch the full broadcast replay here, and below we’ve highlighted a few of the key announcements.Expanded Partner Preferred ProgramIn August we launched the Partner Preferred Program in the enterprise segment. Now we’re extending this program into approximately 20,000 commercial whitespace accounts where we’ve identified tremendous upside. We want you to take the lead in these accounts, hunt for new business and show these customers the power of Dell Technologies.To enable your success in these applicable accounts, we are offering more competitive pricing, investing in a compensation true-up for the Dell EMC sales teams and offering partners formal protection via our new partner of record designation. This program is designed to provide predictability of engagement and greater opportunities for you to win new business. You can find more information on our Partner Preferred Program here.DP4400 Accelerate Channel ProgramAnother way we’re driving storage and data protection with partners is through the DP4400 Accelerate Channel Program. You’ve been asking for higher front-end margins and enablement techniques for a long time, and we’re excited to be delivering on your requests.In order to aggressively take the DP4400 to market, we have added additional coverage with dedicated Data Protection Solutions sales and presales ambassadors. We’re offering training activities, including funded seed units for targeted partners to help drive demos, enablement, and ultimately, pipeline, plus a new DP4400 Virtual Instructor-led course that counts towards program complianceStorage, Converged & Hyper Converged Revenue Tier MultipliersWe have extraordinary momentum in the storage, data protection, converged and hyperconverged markets, and we’re not letting up . In Q3 and Q4, Partners will earn a 3X multiplier towards Partner Program Revenue Tier Attainment for selling storage and data protection, and a 1.5X multiplier for Converged Infrastructure or Hyper Converged Infrastructure solutions. Continue to leverage your Benefits & Requirements document for more details.Dell Technologies Advantage for PartnersFirst introduced at Global Partner Summit, the Dell Technologies Advantage for Partners will fast-track your ability to deliver transformational solutions across the full Dell Technologies family of brands.We’re about to kick off the pilot phase, where select partners will help us test new agreements, resources and processes.  Next year we will release this to an expanded set of partners, and in FY21, we plan to be fully operational.Clearly this framework is a multi-year plan, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to sell the full Dell Technologies portfolio. We are already selling integrated solutions like VxRail, VxRack, Ready Stack and Pivotal Ready Architecture; and we’re enabling select partners to earn VMware rebates while purchasing VMware licenses through Dell EMC. We’ve also aligned sales rep incentives across Dell EMC and VMware to better your field engagement experience around DPS and VXrail. We’ve enabled MDF usage across the family of brands; and we are well on our way to delivering on our new Dell Technologies certification badges.Last week we introduced our first co-skilled partner badges, bringing together Dell EMC Proven Professional and VMware Certified Professional certifications. Today these badges are for individual Administration and Design capabilities across converged and hybrid cloud, and in the future we will launch services implementation and deployment badges across the portfolio.If you’re one of the 10,000 partners that are enrolled in both the Dell EMC Proven Professional and VMware Certified Professional training programs, contact your account team to determine your qualification for these new badges. Wear your badge with pride!President’s Circle LeaderboardThe Dell EMC President’s Circle Leaderboard is now live! If you’re listed here, keep up the great work… you won’t want to miss a phenomenal trip to South Africa. If you’re not yet listed here, it’s not too late. Concentrate on storage, services and growth to secure your spot between now and February.A Fierce Second HalfIn the Dell EMC Partner Program our mission is to be the best, in the eyes of our partners. Today we’re one step closer to that goal, but we are not done yet! All of these initiatives – plus our announcements around new tools, training and enablement, IoT and services – were built based on your feedback and guidance. Thank you for your guidance, partnership and extraordinary drive. You absolutely crushed it in the first half of the year and we are honored to work with you and earn your business every day.Let’s seize the momentum and continue the outstanding work, together. [i] External Storage Revenue Source: 2Q CY18 IDC External Storage data as of Sep 6[ii] Mainstream Server Revenue Source: 2Q CY18 IDC Mainstream Server data as of Sep 5[iii] PC Unit Source: 2Q CY18 IDC PC data as of Aug 10; starting in 2Q CY18.last_img read more

Romania: Protesters want reprisals for fatal hospital fire

first_imgBUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Hundreds of people have protested outside Romania’s Health Ministry the day after a fatal fire at one of the country’s main hospitals for COVID-19 patients. The protest on Saturday was organized by a right-wing political party. Protesters called for the resignations of the president, the health minister and the emergencies chief. At least five people died in the fire that broke out Friday on the ground floor of the Matei Bals hospital in Bucharest. It was the third hospital fire in Romania in as many months. The health minister says the cause is not yet known and an investigation is ongoing, He agreed Romania needs new hospitals.last_img read more