first_imgThe launch of the iPad 2 has been nothing short of a major success. Over 500,000 units sold in the first day, with roughly 70% going to new customers rather than iPad upgraders. And good luck sourcing an iPad 2 at the moment as the shipping time seems to be 4 to 5 weeks.Even so, there will always be returns, and Apple is keen to monitor how many iPad 2s are coming back and more importantly discovering out why. If there was a major issue, like light leakage beyond a few units, then action would have to be taken.AdChoices广告While we’re sure Apple has seen its fair share of faulty units, one return in particular captured the interest of staff and upper management at the company. A fully-functioning iPad 2 was returned by a gentleman with a Post-it note attached to the display. The note simply said, “Wife said no”.Clearly the man had spent his money without getting the wife’s permission and must have returned to the store with his heart broken. Two Apple vice presidents learned of the return, found it amusing, and decided to do something about it.The man got his iPad 2 back with a new note attached to the screen. It said, “Apple said yes.”We’re sure this method of getting a free iPad 2 will only work once, but we love the fact that Apple decided to solve this guy’s problem. I bet they have managed to make his wife an Apple fan too, and there will be no such problem when the iPad 3 arrives next year.Read more at MacRumors.comlast_img read more