Russell lights up field for Los Molinos homecoming win

first_imgLos Molinos >> It didn’t take long for Friday night’s homecoming game between the visiting Westwood Lumberjacks and host Los Molinos Bulldogs to turn into the Alex Russell show.Coming into the game, the Los Molinos quarterback was ranked No. 3 in the nation for total yards and No. 10 for touchdowns among 8-man players. Russell added 8 touchdowns in a 78-20 romp over Westwood and the shortest was for 40 yards. Russell rushed for scores of 99, 40, 55, 60, 58 and 55, threw for a 57-yard …last_img read more

Ardi Party Is Over

first_imgThe hubbub over Ardipithecus (10/02/2009) may have been premature.  Despite 600 pages of material submitted to Science in October, many doubts and questions remain about the status of this hominin, or hominid, or whatever it was (the nomenclature is confusing and inconsistent even among paleoanthropologists).  In an article by Katherine Harmon in the pro-evolutionary magazine Scientific American, so many doubts are evident that laymen should seriously question whether this fossil suggests anything about human origins.   In brief, here are some key issues:Debate:  Ardi has “sharpened more differences than it has smoothed over.”Manipulation:  William Jungers (Stony Brook U) criticized Tim White’s team for overstating interpretations.  “I think some of the things they said might have been for effect,” he claimed.Negative evidence:  Even White himself does not claim that Ardi demonstrates linkage to humans.  Harmon wrote, “White and his fellow authors do not propose to have a definitive answer, but through painstaking analysis of the fossil data and surroundings, they conclude in the overview paper that, ‘There are no apparent features sufficiently unique to warrant the exclusion of Ar. ramidus as being ancestral to Australopithecus,’ thus proposing she might indeed be an early hominin (the ever-changing nomenclatural group that usually includes living humans and our close extinct relatives, also referred to by White et al. as hominids—although the latter title now often includes the great apes, as well).”Rotation:  Key to the claim that Ardi walked upright is the position of the ilium.  Rotating the ilium can lead to mistaken interpretations.  Jungers said, “It’s very difficult not to make them look like something you have in your mind if there’s any chance of play.” Harmon mentioned that “Despite the numerous images and descriptions put forth by the researchers, others are reluctant to take the reconstructions without a grain of salt.”Faculty:  Humans are obligate bipeds, but facultative tree climbers.  If Ardi was a facultative biped and obligate tree climber, as her divergent big toe indicates, she may have been no different in her transport habits than chimpanzees.  No knee joint was found in the Ardipithecus specimens.  This also confuses the interpretation.Social studies:  White and the supporters of Ardi argue that the teeth show little sexual dimorphism.  What does this mean?  They take it to mean that males were not larger and more aggressive, which means that they might have helped care for the young, which seems kind of human-like.  This reasoning is very subjective.Face book:  So what if Ardi’s face was not as protruding as that of apes?  Harmon explained, “outside researchers focus on the similarity in size to other nonhuman primates, such as extinct Miocene epoch apes.”Combination plate:  Tim White prefers to look at the combination of features that make Ardi unique, instead of focusing on piecemeal analysis of each part.  This raises questions, however, about the value of his own painstaking descriptions of those parts.  David Begun (U of Toronto) also opined that it could mean Ar. ramidus had nothing to do with human evolutionary history.  In Ardi he finds “very little in the anatomy of this specimen that leads directly to Australopithecus, then to Homo sapiens.  This could very easily be a side branch.”About the only thing they agree on is the amount of detail White’s team put into the description of the fossil is commendable.  Jungers considers the work a “new standard” that is “truly extraordinary.”  That aspect, however, affirms nothing about the interpretation of its place in human evolution.  It might only serve to elucidate the sophistication of their subjectivity.*Sigh.*  The Darwin Party song and dance is getting so tiring.  Lots of old apes and monkeys went extinct.  Who cares about another?  Considering the rivalries and ambitions among the paleoanthropologists, and the ever-changing stories, and the leeway for fudging that exists, why do we even pay these guys any attention?  Here at CEH we have to, in order to forestall the misguidance of the public that results from one-party rule in Science.    In support of that criticism, let us remind you of Tim White’s own cautions about how distorted bones can mislead even the experts (see 03/28/2003).  Let us remind you that Nature accused Tim White’s storytelling proclivities as “more philosophy than fossils” (04/27/2006).  Let us remind you that variability within humans can swamp interpretations of putative ancestral traits (07/22/2007).  And to reinforce the subjectivity of their art, let us remind you of Leslie Hlusko’s debunking of three common presumptions anthropologists use when interpreting alleged hominid bones (02/19/2004).  If you follow this stuff, consider it sport or entertainment – not science.(Visited 24 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Tourists watch as buffalo burst tyre to chase lions away

first_imgIt is not unusual for different animal species like lions and buffalo to be seen fighting. Tourists in the Kruger National Park area recently got a fright when a buffalo surprised them by turning towards their cars to get lions off his back. A group of tourists visiting Kruger National Park was recently heard on a video saying they are trapped while these lions and buffalo were fighting with each other. (Image: Screengrab via Latest Sightings)• When on an African safari, lock your doors • So this giraffe walks into a restaurant … and the video goes viral • Gallery: South Africa’s rich and colourful heritage • Watch: The Life Project – South Africa in 11 minutes • Rare elephant twins born at Pongola Game Reserve Melissa JavanA video by Latest Sightings showing two male lions fighting with a buffalo already has 45,500 views on YouTube since it was posted on Monday, 20 April 2015.The video that was taken by tourists in the Kruger National Park, films the lions eating the back of the buffalo’s body. The buffalo then bursts a car’s tyre to chase the lions away.Latest Sightings announced early in April that they have a program where contributors can earn money for their videos. For more information, go to Latest Sightings’ blog.Watch the video of the buffalo bursting a car’s tyre to get lions off his back:last_img read more

What is a podcast and how do I use it?

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Alas, we live in a digital world these days. Be it the smartphones in our pockets, the vehicles we drive, or the computers we depend on daily — digital is here and here to stay. Along with that are some exciting new forms of media.We here at Ohio Ag Net recently started a podcast ourselves talking the latest issues in agriculture, featuring those from all corners of the industry.Podcasts really are great ways to deliver information to more people across the internet, in addition to the more traditional form of broadcast communication. However, we realize not everyone is familiar with the world of podcasts. This blog will look to give a quick introduction on how to best utilize them.What is a podcast?A podcast is a piece of digital audio that’s distributed across the internet, available for downloading to a computer or mobile device. They can range in topic and length depending on the creator.Where can I find a podcast and how do I tune in?The foremost resource for listening to podcast is iTunes from Apple. In fact, the name ‘podcast’ comes from the fact that the media type was coined by Apple for its extremely popular iPods in the early 2000s.There are multiple ways to listen to various podcasts, but we recommend venturing to iTunes and their podcasting app. From there, search for Ohio Ag Net and find our podcast channel. Hitting the subscribe option will make sure you follow the podcast for each update in the future. A download feature is also available so they can be easily listened to when the phone or computer is not connected to the internet. With podcasts being on-demand forms of media, this means old episodes are always up for listening. If you’re late to the podcast scene, no worries — you can jump in from episode one or just start listening to the latest addition.For those without iPhones or Apple products on hand, popular smartphone apps for listening include Pocket Casts, Stitcher Radio, or Google Play Music. In addition to these apps, the Ohio Ag Net Podcast can easily be listened to on our website as well, posted every Wednesday evening.When do I listen?Easy answer — any time! Podcasts are made for flexibility and enjoyment for everyone everywhere. Listen in the cab of a tractor, the drive to work, or when you’re sitting at home. They’re on demand and, if downloaded to your listening device, ready at anytime, no matter the internet connection.But why?Podcasts range in size and scope from quick news updates that last five minutes, to longer, more in-depth audio documentaries that last a couple hours. It’s a big world and will take some time to find the best podcasts for your listening habits. Each podcast episode, no matter the “station” has its own typed out description so the searching listener can get a quick idea of what’s in store. Don’t like the description? No need to listen. Get out there and start looking!Keep in mind that some podcasts have an “E” beside their name. This means they are explicit in nature, containing adult language/content.Why should I listen to the Ohio Ag Net Podcast?Ohio Ag Net and Ohio’s Country Journal focuses much of our work on the broadcasting and writing of news stories, with opinion pieces from time to time. The format of podcasting allows the team to take a more relaxed approach to telling the story of agriculture, looking at the latest happenings across ag and the world in general. It’s a more informal look at the industry, and gives an in-depth look at a number of issues we cover throughout the year. The length usually varies from half an hour to an entire 60 minutes, depending on the topics covered each week. It’s a bit more personality mixed with fun and adventure, all wrapped around the stories in agriculture that matter.Overall, we continue to provide the same news coverage that we’re known for with the addition of our podcast. We hope you tune in and enjoy!last_img read more

Ebooks Hit the Big Time With Amazon Singles and TEDBooks

first_img Content Marketing Originally published Jan 26, 2011 1:15:00 PM, updated July 03 2013 Marketing TakeawayAs a marketer, it is important to understand the role of ebooks in your inbound marketing strategy. If part of your strategy is to gain credibility and thought leadership on a topic, then consider publishing your ebooks in Amazon’s Kindle Singles store for added distribution and reach. The bigger takeaway here is that the category of 5,000 to 30,000-word books has been given a boost in credibility. As consumers begin to read these mid-length books, their expectations will be that they can consume this type of content from organizations with which they are planning to do business, regardless of whether they are B2B or B2C. Along with the announcement of Amazon Singles came news about a new type of content from TED. Famous for conferences that feature short presentations from some of the brightest minds on the planet, TED has announced it will begin selling TEDBooksas Kindle Singles for $2.99 each. According to TED curator Chris Anderson, “The success of TEDTalks has demonstrated that millions of people around the world are hungry to absorb new ideas. But not everyone has the time to go out and read an entire book on an interesting subject. TEDBooks fill that gap. Their shorter format allows someone to see an idea fleshed out in a satisfying way — without having to set aside a week of reading time.” Today’s announcement is a sign that digital publishing is slowly changing the publishing world. The flexibility of digital formats and distribution means that it is possible to share and monetize ideas regardless of their length. For a long time, there have been two types of ebooks. The first is the electronic version of traditional, novel length written works, spanning hundreds of pages. The second type are the 20-40 page digital documents offered by marketers and industry experts that are typically free to download or can be download in exchange for registration information. Today, these two worlds of ebooks are colliding and becoming one. Today Amazon, a company that has been pioneering the ebook market with its Kindle device and store, announced a new format of ebook that would now be sold in its store. Amazon is calling this new ebook format Kindle Singles, which are books typically between 5,000 and 30,000 words (fewer than 50 pages). According to Amazon, “each Kindle Single is intended to allow a single idea — well researched, well argued, and well illustrated — to be expressed at its natural length.”center_img Topics: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack How do you think these announcements will impact the perception of ebooks? Ebooks Are Now Prime TimePrior to this announcement, businesses, marketers, and authors have been able to submit their own ebooks to the Kindle store. However, Amazon’s Kindle Singles create a category and a market for a length and type of content that has long been relegated to the dregs of written content. Ebooks, as most of us marketers know them, have lived in a strange in-between world, too long to be read quickly like a blog post, but too short to command the thought and attention of readers looking for more in-depth content.  last_img read more

10 Signs Your SEO Firm Isn’t Worth the Money [Free Ebook]

first_imgSearch engines are a powerful driver of inbound marketing traffic and leads. While all marketers should have a Too many companies spend money on SEO agencies that over-promise and under-deliver. In Promising to List Your Site in Hundreds of Online Directories ! Sign #8. Photo Credit: Focusing on Metadata Instead of On-Page SEO Redesigning Your Site or Creating New Pages Without 301 Redirects Using “Black Hat” SEO Techniques Sign #1. Sign #10. Originally published Jul 11, 2011 1:02:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 Sign #6. Sign #9. Search Agency Sign #7. Employing Shoddy Linking Schemes Sign #5. , they also need to be careful about who they partner with to execute this strategy. SEO isn’t easy. It takes a significant amount of time dedicated to content creation and link building. Driving Irrelevant Trafficcenter_img waste time and money working with a bad partner Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Creating Bad Content Wesley Fryer 10 Signs Your SEO Firm Isn’t Worth the Money Topics: Making Promises That Are Too Good to Be True Sign #3. Offering a One-Time Fix With No Ongoing Maintenance , we examine the common signs of poor SEO agencies and consultants. SEO is too important to inbound marketing success to . Sign #2. Be sure to download our new ebook for the full explanation of these 10 signs Sign #4. Targeting the Wrong Keywords search engine optimization (SEO) strategy HubSpot’s newest ebooklast_img read more

How Do You Leverage Paid Media? [Marketing Cast]

first_img Where Paid Media Makes Sense Earned media is the content you create to get others to share it. “So, you are earning the attention of your buyers,” says David. This can take the form of blog posts, webinars, reports, videos and other compelling content. In other words, this is all inbound marketing is about. What Is Paid Media? Originally published Jul 25, 2011 9:00:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 Public Relations The Biggest Mistake You Can Make Paid media, on the other hand, is when you are spending money for somebody else’s media property. An example of that would be Google AdWords: you pay for ads that show up next to specific search results. Paid media encompasses a range of formats, including banner ads, GroupOn emails and even press releases. Press release circulation is actually one form of paid media that makes a lot of sense for marketers. When services like Marketwire and PR Newswire distribute your press releases, you can earn great inbound links and increase your SEO authority and ability to get found online. Spending too much effort on paid media is a mistake, says David. “Your primary should be the earned form,” he says. Maintaining a healthy balance between earned and paid media results in a great marketing combination. So revisit your paid marketing initiatives and if you are spedning too much money or effort on them, think about ways to cut back and invest more in earned media. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlackcenter_img How do you leverage paid media? In marketing circles, the discussion around earned media vs paid media is often heated. Yet, this conversation doesn’t have to be black and white and, as David Meerman Scott points out, this is not an either/or proposition. Topics: Inbound Marketing In some cases, paid media in combination with your inbound marketing efforts can make a lot of sense. In this episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast, we are taking a closer look at this discussion: What Is Earned Media?last_img read more

What Letters to Santa Can Teach You About Email Marketing

first_imgIt’s funny how much in common writing a letter to Santa has with email marketing. If you deconstruct the ideas within the letter, you can’t help but spot the similarities. They remind us of the most basic principles of sending marketing emails.1. It’s Always Personal All letters to Santa are personal. Children have to introduce themselves quickly so the jolly old man knows whose letter he’s reading.Personalization is certainly a must-have in email marketing, too. A 2011 study showed that 1/3 of marketers consider personalization in email marketing to be highly effective. Your “From Name” and signature should be personal or suggestive of how the recipient initially subscribed to receive your email communication. Check out our guide with ways to personalize your marketing emails.2. Show That You CareOne best practice for writing effective letters to Santa is asking how he’s doing. This simple gesture shows that the child cares about Santa before he ask for gifts. In this way, the child is distinguishing himself from the rest of the youngsters who just can’t wait to mention all the toys they hope to receive for Christmas. In email marketing, you should be also showing your recipients that you care about them. You can do that by asking a question, offering an industry insight they might not be aware of, or suggesting a practical tip. In other words, provide your subscribers with some value rather than jumping straight to your pitch.3. Explain Why You’ve Been GoodIf you have ever written a letter to Santa, you know the importance of mentioning how good you’ve been all year. You need to be as specific as possible and mention certain examples of how you’ve been good.Similarly, in email marketing, you need to use the right superlatives to describe your resources or products. Be as specific as possible: for instance, mention that the whitepaper you offer is “the most comprehensive” whitepaper in your industry, and list its number of pages or chapters. 4. Make Your RequestNow it’s time to ask Santa for your gift. What is it that you want to see under the Christmas tree?In email marketing, this equates to including a call-to-action and asking readers to click through and complete a specific action. Do you want them to see a video, download a whitepaper, or request a demo of your product? Pick something from your marketing wish list, and make sure it’s consistent with the rest of your email.5. Send it at the Right Time Writing a letter to Santa might be the majority of the hard work a kid needs to do to get a Christmas gift. However, all kids know that you need to send the letter well ahead of Christmas Eve in order to receive their gift on time. In email marketing, timing also plays an essential role. You don’t want to send emails when your recipients’ inboxes are overflowing with messages from everyone else. However, you don’t want to be too late and risk not hitting your monthly marketing goal. Experiment with counter-competitive timing on the weekends or at night, and see how it performs for your company.Do you find other similarities between writing a letter to Santa and email marketing? Share them in the comments below! And Merry Christmas! Photo credit: Great Beyond Email Marketing Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Topics: Originally published Dec 25, 2011 9:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017last_img read more