first_imgThere are many questions that one should not ask a woman, covering a broad range of topics. Queries like “How much do you weigh?” and “How many boyfriends have you had?’ usually do not go over very well. Those questions pale in comparison to the ultimate no-no in relationships with humans of the female persuasion, though.That question is “How old are you?”Amazon and IMDb (Internet Movie Database) are finding out first hand just how upset a woman can get when you talk about her age, especially in public.In one of the more odd cases that has been reported, an unnamed actress has filed suit against IMDb and its parent company Amazon for listing her date of birth publicly on the internet back in 2008. The suit claims that her career had been damaged due to the fact that studios do not want to hire an older woman for movie roles. The suit accuses Amazon and IMDb of breach of contract, fraud, and violation of privacy and consumer protection laws.The complaint actually includes the words “over-the-hill,” which in a lawsuit is certainly a humorous addition, adding to the mirth surrounding this story.Of course, the internet is on fire trying to figure out exactly which actress the “Jane Doe” listed in the suit could be. The only info that is to be had is that she is of Asian descent, and lives in Texas. If you are a friend of this actress, we do not recommend throwing her an over-the-hill party!More at BBC Newslast_img read more