Actor Danny Masterson Charged with Raping Three Women

first_imgActor Danny Masterson was charged Wednesday with forcibly raping three women during separate incidents between 2001 and 2003.Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey announced that Masterson is being charged with three counts of rape by force or fear.The 44-year-0ld actor from “That ’70s Show” is accused of raping a 23-year-old woman between January and December of 2001, according to the district attorney’s office.In April 2003, he allegedly raped a 28-year-old woman.Masterson is also accused of raping a 23-year-old woman he had invited to his Hollywood Hills home sometime between October and December 2003. Deputy District Attorney Reinhold Mueller of the Sex Crimes Division, who is prosecuting the case, says all of the alleged crimes took place at the actor’s home.Masterson’s arraignment is scheduled for September 18.If he is convicted as charged, Masterson faces a possible maximum sentence of 45 years to life in state prison.The district attorney’s office adds that it declined to file sexual assault charges against Masterson in two other cases, one due to insufficient evidence, and the other based upon the statute of limitations for the alleged crime.last_img read more

Ichiro gets send off, A’s overpowered by Mariners in Opening Day loss

first_imgClick here if you are unable to view this gallery on a mobile device.TOKYO — Starting pitching was the only real weakness the A’s were considered to have entering the regular season. One game in, that weakness has been exposed.Mike Fiers stated his desire to set the tone for the regular season in the days leading up to the first Opening Day start of his career. The A’s will need to change that tone after Wednesday’s 9-7 loss to the Seattle Mariners.After cruising through two innings with a …last_img read more

Warriors will offer Klay Thompson max contract Sunday, report says

first_imgIn nothing of a surprise, the Warriors will present Klay Thompson a max contract offer of $190 million when NBA free agency begins on Sunday, ESPN reported Friday afternoon.Sources told Adrian Wojnarowski the Warriors are expected to quickly sign Thompson to a five-year deal right after 3 p.m. Sunday to finish the easy part of their two-part plan to retain their two All-Star free agents.Both Thompson and the Warriors have long talked about their desire to reach a deal and both sides will …last_img read more

SA on growth, investment path: Zuma

first_img24 January 2013 No one can say they are uncertain about the direction that South Africa is taking, President Jacob Zuma said in Switzerland on Wednesday.“Together as business, government, labour and the community sector, we must tackle our three fierce enemies – poverty, unemployment and inequality,” he said during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s) annual meeting in Davos.He said the ruling African National Congress’s (ANC’s) 53rd national conference had adopted the National Development Plan, which would play a key role in determining the country’s policy direction.“The conference has thus set the tone and provided the line of march, not only for the next five years, but until 2030.”South Africa was a country of many opportunities, and was a destination of choice for investors, Zuma said, adding that the country had “achieved a comprehensive political freedom and stability and consolidated our constitutional democracy.”Speaking on one of the findings of the Census 2011 report, Zuma said income distribution and growth was still racially skewed in favour of “white compatriots”.“This is a cause for concern for all of us. It compels us to work together with all our social partners to attack head-on the triple challenges,” he said.“All these challenges will be easier to tackle now under a climate of policy certainty. They are easier to tackle if there is unity in action.”Zuma said infrastructure development was a flagship project, given its capacity to create jobs.“Domestically there are roads, dams, power stations, schools, hospitals and more that are being built or refurbished. All these provide enormous opportunities for the business sector.”He told delegates that South Africa was stable, friendly, resilient and able to solve its problems.“That is the type of country and society that we are presenting to the world,” he said.“We are presenting a South Africa that is open for business and which is open to provide entry into the African continent, a fast-growing region which is proving many Afro-pessimists wrong.”Sapalast_img read more

Brand South Africa at ‘Summer Davos’

first_img12 September 2013Brand South Africa is flying the country’s flag at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the Champions, or “Summer Davos”, in Dalian, China from Wednesday to Friday.The country’s official marketing agency is leading a high-powered delegation to the meeting to network with government, business and civil society leaders as it seeks to position South Africa as a competitive, developed economy that offers good returns on investment.Earlier this month, the World Economic Forum released its 2013 Global Competitiveness Index, which found that South Africa had improved on four of 12 “pillars” of competitiveness, namely: institutions, goods and market efficiency, business sophistication, and innovation.“Economists recognise that innovation is a product of entrepreneurial activity and injects dynamism into an economy,” Brand South Africa CEO Miller Matola said in a statement on Wednesday. “It is also the factor that has been shown to drive social and economic development in other developing countries.”South Africa’s improved innovation ranking “reflects very positively on the South African economy and opportunities for growth,” Matola said. “South Africa is open for business, and we invite investors to look at what we have to offer.”Among the 20-person delegation accompanying Matola at this year’s Summer Davos are African Rainbow Minerals chairman Patrice Motsepe, Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) board chairperson Monhla Hlahla, Eskom chairman Zola Tsotsi, Frontier Advisory CEO Martyn Davies, Sekunjalo Investments executive chairman Iqbal Surve, and Standard Bank head for China Africa business development Bruce Hart.SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Executive Summary: Linkbuilding and SEO for the Internet Marketing Neophyte

first_img Topics: Link Building Links to your website are very important for Internet marketing and getting ranked higher in search engines for keywords related to your business.Benefits of links to your website:1) The right links can drive traffic to your site which can convert into leads.2) Links help search engines find all of the content on your site to index that content.3) The number and quality of links to your site help determine your Page Rank (basically a measure of how important Google thinks your website is) and your Page Rank helps determine your rank for many search terms.Tips on how to get links:1) Submit your site to web directories. Focus on the directories with the best brand and traffic. We have found the Yahoo! Directory and (both require an annual fee) to be effective, and also try to give the free open directory a shot. You can also try other, smaller and free or lower cost directories, but avoid any that seem really small or just don’t look valuable – remember that the quality of the site linking to you matters. A couple ideas are:,, and Communicate with others in your industry. Search around and find people who have useful sites related to your industry. Don’t start your conversation with “will you link to my website?”, but engage them in a business and intellectual conversation about something they recently wrote. Once you have established a relationship with them, then send them something you have published on your site and ask for their opinion. You’ll be surprised how many will link to your site.3) Create compelling tools and content. We have never promoted Website Grader very much. But because it is a really useful tool that people like, lots of people link to it. In fact, in under 3 months, we already had 800 links, and over 20,000 URLs had been graded on the website. Originally published May 9, 2007 12:36:00 PM, updated March 21 2013 Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

How @garyvee Builds Business Leverage Out of Passion

first_imgIf you’ve seen any  . He works in a family-owned wine store. He knows and loves wine. Gary doesn’t worry about polishing or positioning. He just communicates. Gary Vaynerchuk — How many other people drink their wine with Captain Crunch — or bacon? Gary is a departure from typical wine experts, and that makes him stand out. Today, small and large businesses use essentially the same tools, so businesses must differentiate themselves in the way they use their tools, and that means passion. Charlie King eats, sleeps and breathes golf. Duncan Page runs a business that has been in his family for more than a 100 years. Learn From Gary V Himself 1. He knows his subject  is dominated by the companies with the most creativity and passion. That means small business owners — guys like  Originally published Oct 20, 2009 8:14:00 AM, updated March 21 2013  and  leverage  — can compete with giant corporations, and win. Where, exactly, does this leverage come from? Charlie King HubSpot webinars It’s very popular around here because it captures one of the most important results businesses get from inbound marketing: Topics: 3. He tells a story.center_img inbound marketing 4. He’s a well-rounded inbound marketer. recent Today Show appearance A single theme ties together Gary’s various rants and raves: He’s trying to bring wine to the masses. So how can we learn from Gary’s success? I think four things are most important: . Duncan Page  is another great example of the way passion can change a business. The New Jersey video blogger and wine store owner has used the web and passion to generate over $60 million in revenue. If you’ve never seen Gary speak, this  He’s not just a video blogger. He’s on Twitter. He’s on Facebook. He blogs. And his site is optimized for search engines.  or presentations, chances are you’ve seen the image below. 5. He’s Unique Simple: Passion.  is a good place to start.  If you’d like to hear Gary V explain how he uses passion to create leverage, sign up for the  free webinar he’s offering as part of Inbound University next week. Traditional marketing was dominated by the companies with the biggest wallets;  2. He’s 110% authentic. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Is it Time for Marketing Automation OR Marketing Transformation?

center_img teaches customers how to create and optimize remarkable content that draws in visitors. this type of integrated marketing analysis out of the box The old adage in computing was ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’.  The same is true for the automation of virtually any process. If your marketing strategies and tactics today are not Be Sure That Your Automation Software Can Close the Loop.  ,  David Raab’s and marketing automation.  . Once you transform the way you think about marketing, maybe now, you are ready to automate. integrate with Choose an Automation Software That Can Help You Deliver Qualified Leads delivering the desired results, then automating them is not going to improve the situation.  Automation may just make it easier, and possibly more expensive, to achieve the same lackluster results. wendalicious Only then Start by measuring what is working for your company and automate the best of your marketing tactics. Instead of trying to fix an old and broken machine with automation, you’ve created a new streamlined marketing machine that photo by Originally published Dec 2, 2009 8:30:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 Choosing a Demand Generation System Though I love the concepts that many of the marketing automation players bring to the table, I worry that marketing automation may be coming too early for many small companies that still need to transform the way they do business. . With our easy to use, integrated lead capturing tools, businesses can then Convert prospects into leads and finally, into customers. . HubSpot has implemented a number of core marketing automation tools to help SMBs engage with their prospects, developing their knowlege until they are ‘sales-ready’.  Since we Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack . You’ll soon have enough data to determine which types of content lead to more customers – a nugget of information which is utterly priceless and hard to come by without transforming your marketing strategy, first. Inbound Marketing techniques that can deliver more leads at lower costs.   We help customers evaluate the whole process from the first touch through to close. Performing analysis across every touch-point in the funnel is something that most traditional marketing automation vendors have to recreate by integrating disparate software tools. HubSpot’s software can provide and Jep Castelein’s post Marketing Automation If you’re not satisfied with your current marketing results, then you must reinvent your marketing before you consider automating anything. Move away from traditional tactics, like cold-calling and trade shows. Buy less advertising and invest more time perfectinglast_img read more

6 Qualifications for an eCommerce Click and Mortar Business

first_img Originally published Jan 7, 2011 8:30:00 AM, updated August 09 2019 Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Topics: Ecommerce Marketing Transforming your brick and mortar store into a click and mortar business could be a very profitable and wise decision for your business in 2011.  The introduction of the internet and eCommerce has drastically affected the way our society shops, and thus the way businesses need to operate.  An online store can open up without ever having a physical location and pose a real threat to many traditional brick and mortar stores.  Should you turn your brick and mortar business into a click and mortar store to compete?A click and mortar is defined as “A type of business model that includes both online and offline operations, which typically include a website and a physical store.  A click-and-mortar company can offer customers the benefits of fast, online transactions or traditional, face-to-face service.”  Additional benefits of click and mortar stores are seen in increased distribution channels and a checkout clerk that never sleeps.  You can sell your products 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without ever paying a sales clerk to man the cash register.Download Now: Ecommerce Conversion Rate CalculatorYou should consider several qualifications before rushing into the online world of eCommerce: 1.  Have a Website / Willing to Pay Marketplace Fees   The most basic qualification of operating a click and mortar business is the presence of a website and a shopping cart.  If you do not have a website or a shopping cart, you should consider getting started selling online by selling through marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.  The only problem with marketplaces like eBay and Amazon are the fees associated with product listings and after purchase sales.  These fees can reach astronomical levels, leaving your ROI slaughtered.  You can avoid these fees by operating your own online store by establishing a website and shopping cart.  Make your online store found via organic search engine traffic through keyword strategies for eCommerce search engine optimization . 2.  Inventory / Willing to Drop Ship at Higher Rates   A valid concern for many businesses interested in getting into the eCommerce business is available inventory.  Selling online creates a potential problem of having your products unavailable offline.   The simple answer to this concern is to set limits to the number of items you allow to be sold online.  Almost all eCommerce solutions allow you to control the inventory of your products.  An alternate solution to controlling your product distribution is to find a drop shipper that ships products related to the ones you sale in your store.  The downside to drop shipping is the increase in price you will pay for both their inventory and shipping systems. 3.  Shipping Department / Willing to Drive to Post Office  Logistics of shipping and managing product distribution will be the first hurdle you will face when becoming a legit eCommerce business.  It is easy to handle 2 -3 orders a day, but what will you do when you get to 75 – 200 orders a day?  Shipping and logistics comes much more of a concern.  Thankfully, the increase in revenue created from 75 – 200 new orders every day will leave you with some extra money to hire a shipping manager to help process, pack and ship online orders. Most business just getting started will be fine without a shipping department and can either drive to the Post Office to ship online orders or schedule a shipping company to come and pickup packages from your place of business. 4.  Technology Resource / Willing to Learn.  An often overlooked piece to a successful online business is an employee that is technologically efficient.  This employee doesn’t have to be an eCommerce guru, but should be knowledgeable enough tell you the difference between Google Web and Google Product Search and how to get your website to show up on each.  Your technological resource should preferably have some background with eCommerce, know how to setup and operate an online shopping cart and understand how to send data feeds to marketplaces.  If you either do not have the capitol or availability of a technology efficient employee, then you need to have an eagerness to learn.  There are abundant resources available online and shopping carts such as Shopify that make it extremely easy to get started. 5.  Marketing Resource / Willing to Engage.   Online marketing for your eCommerce store and products should be a high priority for establishing a successful click and mortar store.  Just like your brick and mortar store, your online store needs advertisement in order to survive.  Thankfully inbound marketing for eCommerce is a very good solution for increasing both your store and products visibility online.  You should consider hiring an employee or intern that qualifies for what HubSpot Founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah refer to as a “Digital Native”.   These types of employees can have dramatic effects on your business and can really propel your profit growth.  If you do not have the capital or availability of a marketing resource, then you need have a willingness to engage in online marketing.  HubSpot offers a wide breadth of knowledge and resources to help you market your online and offline stores very effectively. 6.  Tenacity / Willing to Set Long Term Vision of Business Growth vs. Store Growth.  Launching a new online business is similar to opening a new brick and mortar business.  You will not achieve overnight success with your new online store.  You will not sell 100 products the first day of your store being live.  You may not sell 100 products within the first month of opening your online store.  But you will be successful if you have the tenacity to see the online business grow and succeed.  Like starting a new business, it takes time and effort to grow an online store to prosperity.  However, the prosperity of selling 100 products online a day in addition to your brick and mortar sales can be very lucrative and worthwhile.  Set a long-term vision for your business growth, not your store growth.  Selling just 1 product online a day, week or even month is helping your business grow.  Don’t forget that.last_img read more